4 Nisan 2021

Something in the Water Pt. 10


This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don’t worry, they’re fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Enjoy.


“Grab the car keys, Mom.” Roy pulled on his jacket and stood by the front door. “I need a ride.”

“It’s a school night.” Amanda put down her magazine and walked into the hall. Sure enough, Roy looked ready to head out. “Where are you going?”

“I’d rather not say.” Roy smiled at his mom.

“I’m not taking you anywhere at this hour, young man.” Amanda crossed her arms and planted her feet.

“Where’s Dad?” Roy lowered his voice to a whisper.

“He’s in his study, working.” Amanda raised her eyebrows and cocked her head at Roy.

“Come here,” Roy whispered.

Amanda moved down the hall toward her son. “Yes?”

Roy leaned in to whisper in her ear, “Do you want my dick again?”

After a long pause, Amanda nodded her head.

“Well, then.” Roy leaned away from her and gave her a good-natured smack on the ass. “Please go grab those keys and put on a coat.”

Amanda avoided Roy’s smug gaze and hustled to do as he asked. She stopped in and told Nathaniel that she needed to take Roy to a function at school. It was a flimsy excuse, but her husband grunted an affirmative and didn’t look up from his work.

Mother and son got into the car and she drove. Roy directed her across town to a dark, quiet street with charming bungalows. She parked outside a blue and white house with the lights on inside.

Roy pulled his sweater down over his fat belly and tucked it into the front of his pants. He took a deep breath. Amanda watched him closely, fingers fidgeting on the steering wheel. The car popped and whined a little as the engine cooled.

“I’m nervous, Mom.” Roy looked at his beautiful, pale mother in the dim light. Her dark eyes and black hair blended into the evening.

“Well, if you told me what this was about, maybe I could help you.” She patted Roy’s thigh. “Is this about a girl.” She was hopeful Roy might be turning his colossal gadget on women his own age.

“Yeah, it’s about a girl.” Roy’s shoulders relaxed a little. “I could use your help. Could you blow me, please?” Roy untucked his sweater and lowered his pants and underwear. His hard dick stood at attention.

“What?” Amanda looked around at the empty street with wide eyes. “Now?”

Roy nodded. He watched the cross on her necklace slip out of her dress and hang down as she lowered her mouth to his dick. “Oh, yeah, Mom.” He put his hands on the back of her head and gripped her silky hair. “If I cum, it’ll really calm me down.”

“Mmmmmpppphhhhh.” Amanda allowed his massive cudgel down her throat. She’d become so good at pleasing Roy orally. But she really wanted this to be over quickly, before someone walked by with their dog, or got home late from work. She took long gurgling strokes, massaging Roy’s overripe balls with her left hand.

“I’m not usually nervous … these days … with women.” Roy was about ready to blast. “It’s just … I think her husband’s home … and I’m not sure about the sweat … aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” He gripped her hair tighter and pushed her head all the way down on his dick as he came.

Amanda had only a second to try to make sense of Roy’s words. Then she was a slave to ecstasy as she choked on and swallowed Roy’s massive load.

By the time Amanda regained her senses, Roy had already opened the door. “Wait for me. I shouldn’t be too long.”

Amanda looked up at him as she lay on her stomach in the front seat.

“Also, you’ll probably want to clean that up before it stains.” Roy pointed to the cum that dribbled out of the side of her mouth and pooled on the seat below. “Bye, Mom.” Roy slammed the door and jogged circles over the front lawn.

“My, gosh,” Amanda whispered to herself as she wiped her chin with the back of her hand. She sat up and watched Roy jog around for a few minutes. He then tucked in his sweater again, combed his dark hair back with his fingers, and went to ring the doorbell. Amanda recognized the blonde that answered the door. It was one of Roy’s teachers. The woman shook her head several times and Roy nodded back at her. Amanda couldn’t hear what they were saying. After a minute of back and forth, the blonde woman let Roy into the house and closed the door after them.

“Poor woman,” Amanda whispered. She leaned over the seat and reached into the back where Roy had left one of his sweaters. But before she could mop up the cooling semen, she found herself with her face back down in it, licking up every last drop. She trembled as the salty protein dissolved on her tongue. When she was done, Amanda sat back up, wiped her spit off the seat with Roy’s old sweater, and waited for him to finish with his teacher.


“I’m happy he socked that fat boy, Susy.” Fred looked approvingly around the dinner table. Susy had a worried and almost anxious expression female agent porno on her face. His eldest daughter, Sally, had come home for a surprise visit that afternoon, and she looked more bemused than anything else. Patrick avoided his father’s gaze, but Fred could see blossoming confidence in his son. “And if Pat was late for dinner because he was with some girl, great. Patrick needs more women, and fights, in his life.”

“But …” Susy didn’t know how much she dared say to her husband and daughter.

“Yes?” Fred looked at his wife with an eyebrow raised. “But what? You don’t want our kid to grow into a man?”

“I just …” Susy sighed. “I thought you’d be harder on him.”

“Well, I think my little brother looks good after a fight.” Sally smiled and pushed her red hair behind her shoulders. “You’re one cool cat, dummy.”

“Shut up.” Patrick’s cheeks flushed and he pushed his peas around on his plate. “What are you doing here, anyway?” He adjusted his glasses and looked at Sally out of the corner of his eyes. Was she really over their awkwardness after that one early morning in the hall?

“Jack had a business trip, so I thought I’d spend a few days at home.” Sally pressed her pink lips into a line. “I thought you’d be happy to see me.”

“We are, sugar.” Susy gave Patrick a reproachful look and nudged his leg with her foot under the table. “Patrick, try to be nicer to your big sister. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with you two.”

“Okay.” Patrick ate in silence as his father regaled the table with stories of fights from his own youth.


Roy was surprised when his teacher’s husband seemed unaffected by Roy’s presence. Caroline Rodgers squirmed and fidgeted, rubbing her legs together. So, something was working. But Roy thought the man was supposed to go comatose. That’s what experience had taught him. The couple had been in the living room watching television when Roy paid them a call. Roy and Caroline now stood in the doorway as Mr. Rodgers watched Dragnet from the couch to their left.

“Roy, this is my husband Bernard.” Caroline stood with her hands clasped in front of her blue skirt. Her white blouse barely contained her expanded breasts. “Bernard, Roy stopped by to ask a question about homework. His mother is waiting in the car outside and Roy will be going soon.”

“Okay.” Bernard looked over, registered the pudgy teenager standing next to his wife and then looked back at the television. He didn’t want to miss anything interesting.

“You have a lovely home.” Roy reached his left hand behind Caroline and slipped it under her skirt and panties, just above her butt. Even if Bernard wasn’t going to zone out, Roy could maybe salvage this trip.

“Thanks.” Bernard thought Detective Joe Friday was about to solve the case.

“Oh, my.” Caroline squirmed as Roy wiggled a finger into her vagina from behind. She was standing feet away from her husband, and she was letting this deplorable student inside her. Why didn’t she stop him?

“What, honey?” Bernard didn’t take his eyes of the television screen.

“Nothing.” Caroline was now breathing hard as the finger moved around inside her. Her knees trembled and sweat broke out on her forehead. “Enjoy your … show, dear. I’ll be right … back.” Her chest heaved, but her feet wouldn’t move.

Bernard said nothing and stared at the screen.

“Dear?” She was about to orgasm on Roy’s finger and couldn’t run from the room. “Bernard?” The only sound in the room was the television and the faint squelching of her wet vagina. She looked down into Roy’s fat face. “What did you … do to him?”

“Me?” Roy smiled up at her. “I think you did it. It’s your sweat that makes men go all twilight zone. That makes sense.” He sped up his finger, feeling her soft butt wobble around his arm. “I’m the only one figuring this shit out.”

“Ooooohhhhhh.” Caroline orgasmed standing in front of Joe Friday, Bernard, and this teenager. As she shuddered, she felt the boy pulling off her clothes. Soon she was naked, standing in her living room, and so was Roy. “Oh no. Oh gosh. Oh my.” She looked down at Roy’s penis which was clearly a gift from Satan. How had she ever fit that thing inside her.

“Normally, I’d have you start me off with a blowjob, but that’s already taken care of.” Roy pushed her down to her knees and watched her boobs bounce as she landed on the carpet. The areolae were so large and the nipples fat. Her blue eyes looked up at him, pleading. “We can move right to the main course.” Roy put pressure on her shoulders with both hands and dropped her to her hands and knees. The pretty teacher was quite the stunner naked on the living room floor. Her trim waist flared out dramatically to her wide hips and perfectly round ass. Her boobs hung below her, large nipples just kissing the wool of the carpet below. She held her head up, looking at the television.

“What are you going to do?” Caroline hadn’t had sex like female fake taxi porno a dog before, but she had heard about it. Even though she asked this wretched boy his intent, the situation made itself clear. She sucked in her breath, waiting for that monster to pierce her again. Her eyes watched the black and white images of Dragnet, but took none of it in.

“Hold on a sec, I’m going to get you some better entertainment.” Roy looked around the room, and then moved over to the fireplace. His dick swayed and his belly jiggled as he moved. He pulled the framed wedding photograph off the hook above the mantel and returned to his teacher. “Good girl, you didn’t move.” He put the framed picture down on the carpet, just in front of her splayed fingers. “You can watch this instead of that stupid show.”

“Please …” Caroline didn’t know if she was pleading for him to stop or mount her. She looked down at the photograph. Back all those years ago on her wedding day, she had on her gorgeous white wedding gown, with her new diamond ring sparking in the sunlight. Bernard laughed at something off camera, looking so handsome in his tuxedo. She thought about her past self, this beautiful couple before her, and how they had no idea she’d one day be despoiled on her living room floor while her husband sat by and did nothing.

Roy stepped behind her and lowered himself to his knees. He lightly ran his fingers over the perfect curve of her ass and watched her shiver at his touch. “Get ready, Mrs. Rodgers.” Roy lined himself up with her pussy and pushed in. The knobby dickhead popped inside her snug entrance. “This is gonna become a habit for you, just you wait.” He slid another few inches inside her.

“Bernard … I’m sorry.” Caroline looked down at her wedding photograph and let this boy destroy her wedding vows. She flinched as more and more penis slipped into her. She let out a long, low sigh as her vagina stretched to accommodate him. Pretty soon, she was pushing her butt back against his feral thrusts. The high-pitched sounds of her orgasmic shrieks drowned out Dragnet and resounded around her little bungalow.

Once he came in her pussy, Roy pushed the spasming wife down onto her stomach, pushed her legs together, and mounted her that way. The wedding picture was now right under her nose. He wanted her to look at that unsuspecting couple every time she came. And she came a whole bunch more on his bloated dick.

“Sorry … I’m … oooohhhhhhhh … oh, my gosh … so … sorry,” she babbled as Roy punished her from behind with long powerful thrusts. Her boobs pressed out from her sides as they compacted against the carpet. Sweat dripped off her nose and onto the framed glass. “Please … ooohhhhh …”

“We’re gonna … ah … ah … ah … do this a whole lot more.” Roy placed his hands on the small of her back for better leverage. His belly flopped on her ass every time he bottomed out. “At school … I’m gonna want … some relief … at school … aaaahhhhhhh.” He unloaded inside her and watched the muscles in her back tense as she came on his mighty dick again.

Three times that evening Roy deposited cum in his teacher’s pussy. By the end of it, she was begging for another load. He left her lying naked on the floor, with her husband stupidly sitting by on the sofa a few feet to her left. When Roy got outside, his mom started up the car engine.

“What did you do, Roy?” Amanda asked when Roy got into the car.

“Babies, Mom.” Roy patted his mom’s curvy thigh. “I’m going to have lots of babies.”

Amanda shuddered and drove the automobile away from the curb. He was right. Deep down, she knew her son was right.


The book was open on Patrick’s chest as he lay on his bed. He kept turning pages at the pace he normally would, but the words he read floated right by his busy mind. All he could think about was that Donna was back with her husband at the hotel while Patrick was stuck in his room trying to study. He didn’t know how he was going to wait to see her again. The lamp in his room gave off a warm glow. He tried to focus.

Patrick turned his head as a soft knock sounded on his door. “Come in.” Patrick watched his big sister Sally open the door, softly close it behind her, and walk over to the bed. She looked down at him with her pale blue eyes. Her gaze flitted down to the soft bulge that Patrick’s pajama bottoms couldn’t quite hide, and then back up to his face. Patrick quickly put his hand up to his forehead. Not that he expected any, but no sweat at all, thank goodness.

“Hey, dummy.” Sally sat down on the edge of his bed near Patrick’s feet and clasped her hands in her lap. “I want talk to you about the other night in the hall.”

“What?” Patrick adjusted his thick glasses and looked back at the open book sitting on his chest. “Oh, that was nothing.”

“No, you’re right.” Sally nodded with solemnity. “I was groggy and hungry and I thought you were Jack.” This was a stupid glory hole secrets porno lie, Sally had said things that made it very clear she knew he wasn’t Jack, but it was the sort of lie Sally needed.

“Oh …” Patrick’s impulse was to contradict his sister, but he thought better of it. “That makes sense,” Patrick lied.

“And we didn’t even do anything anyway.” Sally nodded a hopeful smile on her face. “Right, Pat?”


“Okay, that’s settled.” Sally stood and smoothed out her dress. Her boobs strained at the material. “I really came home today just to make sure everything was cool with us.”

“It’s cool, daddio.” Patrick looked up into her eyes and saw the doubt there. “Everything’s fine.”

“Right.” Sally turned and walked to the door. She wondered if Patrick’s eyes were glued to her shapely behind. If so, he was such a pervert. For some reason, that thought sent a little thrill through her. “I’m going to get a snack. Good night.” Without looking back, she opened the door, exited, and closed it behind her.

Patrick let out a long sigh. Well, that was one less woman to think about. He reached over and switched off the lamp. The room fell into darkness. The sooner he went to bed, the sooner tomorrow would come. And that brought Donna closer to him.


A notification sounded indicating that the transformation was complete. Axcix turned her eyes away from the pregnancy tallies to the blinking lights in her display. The outsider had turned completely and now it was ready for release back into the local habitat. Once there, it would stymie and hunt down anyone that tried to interfere with the experiment. A powerful tool.

Maybe she should name it? Any good pet deserved a name. She turned the thought over in her brain, but no ideas presented themselves. Its name had been Smith, and so that’s what Axcix would call it now. She had no time to come up with anything more elaborate.

With the pop of a bubble, Smith was free to return to Portsmith. Groggy, but with a mission clearly in mind, it put one arm in front of the other and pulled itself to the surface of the lake. It sucked in air and then swam for the shore.


“Agent Reynolds? Agent Smith? Dr. Cobb?” Helen Bales walked into the dark hotel room. Where was everyone? “Wendy?” She walked over to the bedside lamp and reached for the switch when a hand darted from the open closet door and grabbed her wrist. Helen shrieked and tried to jump back but the hand held firm. Out of the shadows stepped Agent Reynolds. “Jesus, Agent Reynolds, you scared me.” Helen’s heart slowed down. She blew a puff of air to get her brown hair out of her face.

“Quiet.” Ed Reynolds dropped Helen’s wrist and put a finger to his lips. “Something’s happened and I’m guessing you don’t have the foggiest.”

Helen shook her head slowly, her shoulders rising with tension.

“Right. Okay, time to call this in.” Ed stepped over to the phone and lifted the receiver. He held it to his ear, but his finger never dialed the number for headquarters. There was no dial tone.

“What is it?” Helen watched him, hugging her slim frame tight.

“It’s probably worse than we thought.” Ed opened the bureau drawer and pulled out a pen, paper, and an envelope. He scribbled a note, folded it, and stuffed it in the envelope. He wrote an address on the envelope, sealed it, and stuffed it in his suit pocket. “Where’s your auto?”

“I left it at the library. It had a flat.” Helen let him grab her elbow and move her out of the hotel room. “I walked back here.”

“My tires were flat too.” Ed walked briskly, head on a swivel, looking for any threats. “We need to find a phone that works. Then we need to get out of this town.”

“Okay.” They descended the exterior stairs and walked quickly out through the small parking lot.

“But first we need to find a mailbox,” Ed said.

“There’s one two blocks to the right.” Helen had been the group’s secretary, and as such, she knew where the most convenient mailboxes were located.

“Take me there.” Ed’s face was tight and withdrawn. They left the parking lot and turned right. Find the mailbox, find a phone, and then find a car. With any luck, they’d do all three.


“This won’t do, Linda, I don’t like this one bit.” William walked out of the bedroom he shared with his wife and almost ran into his tall son.

“It’ll only be for a little while.” Linda called after him. “Have a little heart.”

“What’s wrong, Dad?” David put a hand on his father’s shoulder.

“Apparently, we’re now running a boarding house for young women.” William passed his son in the hall and grumbled his way down the stairs.

“Mom?” David walked into his parent’s bedroom. He found his mom in a lovely pink dress, sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. “What’s Dad talking about?”

“I didn’t plan any of this.” Linda looked up at her handsome son with wet eyes. “I hate to see your father upset, but it couldn’t be helped.” She took a deep breath and put her hands on her knees. “We have another woman staying in your brother’s room. At least for a little while. Ms. Wendy Gonzalez.”

“You’re the best, Mom.” David walked over to her, bent down, and kissed her on the cheek. “Is she a doll?” He kissed her again, a little closer to the lips.

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