11 Ekim 2021

stepdaughter fantasies


stepdaughter fantasiesIt was a beautiful August afternoon, warm but not too hot, only an occasional breeze stirring over the garden as Sam woke from his lazy slumber. He got up slowly from the deck chair and turned to see the cottage bathed in the bright afternoon light. He rubbed his hand lightly over his naked bronzed body. It had been a good summer, and here in the privacy of his garden, both Caroline and he had enjoyed the rays of the summer sun completely uninhibited. Just the thought of Caroline stirred something within him. They had been together for many years now, but even now in their more mature years, they had maintained their bodies well. His mind drifted remembering her in the garden just yesterday, laying just opposite him, having taken off her bikini. From behind his sunglasses he’d feasted on her body, her figure now fuller of course than when they first met, but her legs smooth leading up to her freshly shaved cunt. He remembered the first time he’d seen it, with a neatly trimmed bright red bush. Her tits were still as firm as they had always been, defying gravity. Of course, she exercised, kept herself in shape. Her cunt could still grip him tight, so tight, and coax the very essence of him into her. He felt his loins stirring and reached down cupping his balls, hanging low and heavy in the warmth of the afternoon. He was alone for the rest of the day. Charlie, his stepdaughter, was visiting from the UK with her new man. She had been seeing him for a couple of months now and had taken the opportunity of a couple of weeks of holiday to visit and also to introduce him to the family. They were keen to have a day on the beach, so Caroline had offered to drive them and also have some time at the beach and take advantage of a dip in the sea. Sam smiled at the memories of the adventures he and Caroline had had over the years at that little nudist beach. It was only about an hour’s drive away, not far from Bordeaux. He’d fancied a quiet day, so made some excuses about jobs that needed doing and waved them on their way in the morning. A nice relaxing morning it had been too, sunbathing and pottering about in the garden until he fell asleep jut after lunch. Now he was feeling a little thirsty and got up to go into the house. Something felt different as he was walking and then he smiled realising. All those memories of Caroline yesterday and on their years past had woken his loins up and his cock had started to swell.He went to the kitchen first, retrieving a cold beer from the fridge and drank thirstily, a drop escaping him and landing on his naked flesh and meandering all the way down to his groin in a manner that was most pleasant. He looked down to see that his cock had not subsided, if anything it was being very insistent. Not to worry, it had all the room it needed he thought as he wandered inside the cottage. The images of Caroline’s naked canlı bahis body in the sun would not leave his head, sometimes mixed in with images from her younger days, when her fiery red curls had first intoxicated him. He needed her now, he needed to breathe her scent. He squeezed his cock hard and felt how it had grown in such a short time. Then he remembered, of course, he could have her scent and with that rushed towards the stairs up to the guest bedroom. It was busier than usual, the four poster bed, clean sheets left slightly ruffled by Charlie and her new man, their suitcases still out, towels laid out to dry in the sun on the bed. He should have come up before they had arrived to move things but it looked like they had hardly unpacked yet. He went straight to the chest of drawers. As he bent down he felt his stiff cock on his tummy, which made it twitch. Slowly opening the bottom drawer, which was hardly used as it was known to stick, he reached to the back and retrieved a black cloth bag. Carefully shutting the drawer, he took a seat on the bed, the sheets warm on his bare flesh due to the sun streaming through the window. Slowly he opened the bag and inhaled as more images flashed through his mind. Just as he opened his eyes, he saw on the bedside table a picture within a silver frame that was not usually there. Clearly it was one Charlie had brought with her. She was standing on a beach with her new boyfriend, Rick. He was standing, smiling and relaxed, with his arm round her waist wearing just loose swimming shorts. She was wearing a very skimpy bikini indeed, one arm round his waist and the other with its hand resting on his hairy chest. Sam was transfixed, it was almost like seeing a ghost. Her resemblance to Caroline in her younger days was so apparent in this photograph. The fiery red hair, the light freckles, the lithe body, the only difference being that Charlie’s breasts were petite whereas Caroline’s had been and still were very much fuller. He could even see her nipples poking through the material of the light coloured bikini. He felt his cock throbbing and looked down to see that, without noticing, he had gripped his shaft and had been slowly but surely moving his hand up and down. His heart raced in his chest at the realisation. He was shocked, not at what he was doing but how good it felt. He turned to the bag and with his free hand reached in and withdrew a pair of yellow knickers and brought them immediately to his face and inhaled deeply as his eyes remained fixed on the picture. His body was flooded with Caroline’s scent, but he was imagining those tiny bikini bottoms in the picture that were so snugly containing what was no doubt Charlie’s smooth and very tight cunt. He felt his hands grip tightly around his shaft, just as he imagined her cunt would, squeezing him from all directions warm but firm. The sounds she might bahis siteleri make as his now hard and throbbing cock rubbed up and down those smooth soft lips before entering her tight moist hole.His cock was now fully erect and he could see precum glistening at the tip, as the heady aroma of Caroline’s cunt mixed with his wild fantasies of Charlie. He then looked at Rick in the picture, strong, youthful. Seeing Rick’s hands around Charlie’s waist, he found himself even more aroused. Aroused in imagining that Rick was watching as he slid into Charlie’s glorious cunt. He looked down and could not believe how hard he was. Caroline always got him hard, but this was different, this was so much more. He could not be much harder, he knew, but it felt at the moment like his cock was a steel rod and one that might explode at any moment. He would not rush things. This was a moment to be savoured. He wanted this to last forever.He reached into the bag again and withdrew another pair of knickers, blue this time. This bag was precious. Within it a supply of Caroline’s used knickers secreted away every now and then, all bearing her scent, some her secretions, his to use whenever he pleased, usually when she was away, and the odd pair that were not hers! Carefully he stepped into the blue knickers and pulled them right up around his hard cock. In this state, his cock protruded out of the top and they were a snug fit indeed. He left them for a moment enjoying the feel of his cock contained within them. Walking over to the mirror briefly to inspect himself, naked aside from the knickers that had now caged his rampant cock like a wild b**st. It would not stay caged for long, that much was certain. The silken material felt good but he walked back to the bed cautiously so as not to excite himself too much at this stage. Sitting on the edge of the bed again in front of the picture, he pulled down the front of the knickers to just below the balls, so cock and balls stood proud supported by them and the tightness of the knickers like this provided extra stimulation at the very base of his cock. The precum had already coated the head of his cock, some running down his shaft. He began to wank it slowly, his hands grasping it firmly but not too tight as he looked at the picture of his Charlie and her man. He imagined what it might be like if they were here right now, standing and watching him. What she would do or say if she saw him standing proud and erect, his slim frame in front of her, so much older but in good shape. The lust he felt was being held in check, caged it seemed by his large and low hanging balls. Caged at the moment, but so in need of release. The yearning for her was now so strong, his mind wild with fantasies. He imagined her staring at him wide eyed, being shocked at first, but then mesmerised by his cock, the way it glistened and throbbed, radiating his güvenilir bahis raw sexual energy. A gasp and then in a low voice, ‘Oh god, daddy! That looks uncomfortable, let me help you with that’. His cock twitching, as she approached him and dropped to her knees, her eyes looking up at him, her red hair free. She held his gaze and neatly released her perfect small breasts from the bikini top. His eyes feasted on them, so long since he had seen them, yet they were perfect. Barely a handful, her pale chest with a s**ttering of light freckles and her nipples, pink, puffy and already erect. He reached down with his right hand and squeezed her breast, applying firm pressure to her nipple. Her breathing quickened and she let out a low moan. He noticed Rick staring at him in wonderment, but what was more surprising was the clear bulge in his shorts. This made Sam even bolder and he knew his face must have been wearing a wicked little smirk as he turned back to look at Charlie. Her head was leaning back, eyes closed as he had been squeezing hard on her pink nipple. Now she looked up at him, her lips parted slightly. There was a hunger in her eyes. Slowly she reached up and pulled down the blue knickers he was wearing. That first contact made his cock twitch. He would have to restrain himself and enjoy this moment. ‘We don’t want to get mummy’s knickers any dirtier now, do we daddy?’ she asked innocently. ‘No, quite right darling’, Sam replied his voice faltering slightly, as she reached out with her right hand and grasped the base of his cock firmly, holding it up and out of the way, so her tongue had access to his engorged balls.Her tongue licked slowly and deliberately round his balls at first, before taking first one and then the other into her mouth, all while looking up at him. It was lucky her hand was round the base of his cock as he knew, if it wandered anywhere near the tip, he would explode there and then. With the other hand, she now moved his balls aside and her tongue started to probe at his tight rim. ‘Oh god!’, he screamed involuntarily. This was going to be too much. No matter what he did to try, the sight of Charlie on her knees doing what she was doing, he knew he would not be able to hold off. With each little flick of her tongue around his rim, bolts of lightning shot up to his shaft and while one hand gripped the base of his cock, the other while holding his balls had also been massaging the very base of his cock. He felt the pressure building deep within him, in his balls, in the very base of his cock, as it started to twitch uncontrollably. He had never felt contractions this strong, even the pressure of her hand around the base of his cock was not going to stop this torrent. His whole body appeared to be shaking as several jets of hot cum flew through the air catching Charlie’s face and hair. ‘Oh fuck!’, he shouted. He was amazed at how raw and bestial his voice sounded. He continued to shudder, as he began to slowly appreciate the vision of Charlie covered in his juices. He reached out to the photo frame and wiped his thick white seed from her face.

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