30 Kasım 2021

Stud student


Stud studentHi I’m Samuel a university student from Uganda in the first year of studying law, I came to this country because my country, does not have a great education system, arriving in England I set about getting lodgings close to my study area, applying for a room with a white family I went and viewed the room, Sandra was married with 4 c***dren Sam a fireman, Pat a postman, Carol a manageress at the large clothes store in town and Frances who lived in Australia, yer I know postman Pat and fireman Sam before anyone points it out. Sandra was married to Jake who had his own construction business; their 6 bed house was set in its own grounds and Sandra was renting the room of Frances’s for a bit of spending money, her husband’s business had been going through a rough patch and money, was a bit on the tight side.Arriving at the house I was greeted by a real sexy blonde this was Sandra, her body was amazing shapely and tall, her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and right down her back, and her blue eyes sparkled topped with a stunning smile. Sandra showed me the room and I paid the deposit, she smiled and said “I’ll tuck that there and get that later, unless you want to come and get it” she burst out laughing “it ok Samuel I’m only joking” I smiled and got un packed little did Sandra know I would of searched her panties for that deposit, even if it was in her cleavage. I was introduced to the family as we sat having dinner, Carol was like her mum except a bit shorter, going upstairs I rested for the evening laying on my bed I heard a knock on the door and Carol walked in, “hey I bet your lonely so far from home” Carol sat on the bed “yes I am it is a strange country, so different and I miss my family and girlfriend” Carol smiled “oh right what’s her name” “Emboza” in my village it means dark princess” “wow that is fantastic” as Samuel pulled a picture out of his wallet and showed her.”Wow she beautiful” “thank you but I feel we will only get married when I graduate and that is 4 years away” “do you miss anything” Carol asked “anything at all” “yes I do but sadly that is something I will have to miss” Carol looked and smiled “well what is it no harm in telling me”.Carol waited for his answer, “I miss the sexual side of my relationship, us men of my village have to prove our sexuality, and make love 3 or 4 times a night” Carol coughed “3 or 4 times bloody hell wow, I wish I could do it once a night” they both laughed. Carol looked well I will give you a hand job if that helps always wanted to see a black cock” Samuel smiled and stood up “ok if you would like too”, Carol unzipped his trousers and pulled Samuels cock out, the thick big black cock hung down, Carol gasped “holy hell that’s massive” it must of been 12” long and that was limp, Carol rubbed it slowly massaging the head making, Samuel groan as it started to go stiff, Carole’s eyes were glued to the ever hardening cock. Carol undid her top and took it off, undoing her bra her tits moved as she, wanked Samuels cock “you have beautiful breasts Carol, your skin so silky white” reaching down he played with her hard nipples, making her moan “cum over my tits Samuel” as she cupped his huge balls, and rubbed his cock hard and fast, Samuel’s breath grew rapid as Carol squeezed his balls softly, he groaned and huge thick streams of cum shot from his cock, she was covered Carol had never seen so much cum in her life, it just pumped making his cock look like a éclair. Carol let go as his cock just hung down “oh my god Samuel you are very big” “yes the men of my village are well hung , our women love big cocks” “your women are not the only ones, that love big dicks most of us women love something big in our pussy’s, do your women shave their pussy’s”? Samuel tucked his cock away and sat down as Carol cleaned herself up and got dressed. “Our women believe in having a very hairy virginal area, but I have always wondered what a smooth one looked and felt like”.Carol stood up and pulled her panties off sitting on the bed, she lifted her skirt and opened her legs, Samuel looked “well what do you think” “it is truly beautiful, may I touch you please” Carol laughed of cause you can, as Samuel touched her pussy softly gently stroking the lips “mmmmm god that feels good, your making me so wet Samuel” as he stroked her pussy Carol groaned softly laying back so he got full view, if only he had a hard cock she would want to fuck him, Samuel massaged her swollen clit as her juices dribbled from her pussy, Carol groaned breathing became rapid and she cum, “wow that was amazing so quiet Carol, the women of my village would scream if that was done to them” “I would of yelled but mum would of come up and seen what we was doing, maybe next time I might show you how I appreciate my pleasure” Carol got up and picked her panties up and left the room, saying goodnight Samuel went to bed.The following day Samuel was up early registration day he wasn’t going to be long and everyone was out except Sandra, getting back about lunch time Samuel sat chatting to Sandra, helping her with a bit of housework they started to chat, about Samuel’s home and lifestyle, he spoke about Emboza his girlfriend and what they plan to do once he qualifies from university, they got onto family and how many c***dren Samuel would want, “in my village a man’s status is by how many c***dren he has, more boys means better prospects when he gets married, the women’s family has to give a****ls, as payment also by how good they halkalı escort are in bed” Sandra laughed “why do you laugh” Samuel asked, “oh no reason just sex is not everything in a marriage I know I have 4 c***dren but I wouldn’t call Jake a stud, maybe the odd occasion we make love but it’s not essential” Samuel looked “if you was in my village men would fight for the honour to make love, to such a beautiful women like you” Sandra smiled “hmmmmm that sounds very interesting but, it would be young men and long time since I made love to a young man” and laughed “so Samuel how many times a night does a women want to make love a night in your village”? “If it is a married couple’s first night only once but after that 3 or 4 times a night every night until she is pregnant” Sandra coughed “3 or 4 times a night every night blimey I only dream of that” she giggled and smiled.“Also” Samuel said “a man’s status is by length of penis, the longer and thicker it is the more women he has a choice from” again Sandra smiled “but size is not everything Samuel a small penis can be better than a long one” “yes this is true but us men pride ourselves on a big penis and pray it is long for when we get older” “and are you happy with yours Samuel”? Sandra asked “yes very proud indeed” Samuel replied. Sandra could feel her pussy getting damp the thought of a big cock slipping into her pussy was making her horny, but would it scare him if she made a move, he already said she was beautiful, “would it be bold to ask to see your penis Samuel” “but you are a married women and are you not happy with Jake’s penis”! “Well yes I am but just curious on how big it is and what’s the fantasy about a black man’s cock that’s all, and I’m not going to tell anyone now am I”? As Samuel stood up and undid his trousers Sandra could feel her nipples going hard and her pussy getting wetter, as his trousers fell to the floor he pulled his boxers down, there hung this huge black lump of meat “holy hell” Sandra gasped “that is huge never seen anything like it” as Sandra stared at how thick and long it was, all veins and 2 huge balls behind, Samuel was shaved as well, “can I hold it please” Samuel nodded his head as Sandra softly held it in her hand.As it laid in her hand one hand wasn’t enough she wrapped her fingers around the shaft it was so thick, she stared in amazement “I have never seen anything so big in my life, are all the men in your village this big”? “Some are bigger but not many” “wow well I have to say I’m impressed your making me feel very naughty Samuel, I would love to feel that inside me” as she stroked his cock it was getting harder and harder, “I would make love to a beautiful women with pleasure” as Sandra let go she stood up and pulled her panties off, and lifted her skirt to reveal a silky smooth pussy, that was clearly longing for a huge black cock laying back Samuel got in between her legs and slowly fed his cock into her pussy, Sandra gasped as it pushed her lips apart she groaned as it slipped in and out, her juices coating his shaft , he kissed her softly as he felt her tits, Sandra undid her blouse and bra letting Samuel suck her hard nipples, Sandra orgasmed begging for more and harder, Samuel drive his hips up and down his huge balls slapping her arse, making her moan louder and louder “oh god I’m Cumming fuck me harder I need to have your cum in me” Samuel groaned as Sandra grabbed his tight bum pulling him deep into her pussy, with a shuddering orgasm, she cried out with pleasure, making him pump his thick load deep in her.Samuel pulled out as his cock started to go soft, Sandra lay with her legs open, he could see some of his cum dribbling from her pussy, her nipples still as hard as stone as she breathed heavily she sat up slowly “oh my god that was amazing, your cock felt so good in me, have you ever had your cock sucked Samuel”? He shook his head “come here then you’re in for a treat and so am I” as Samuel stood in front of her she took his limp cock and started to suck it slowly, her mouth stretched to make sure she got it in her mouth “mmmmmmm” as she held his balls in her hands, Samuel moaned as he watched this women suck his cock with pleasure. Sandra was in heaven she was sucking a huge young man’s cock and had been fucked like never before, she played with her nipples having small orgasms as she did this, her jaws started to ache and had to stop, but she had sucked his cock completely clean, Samuel put his cock away and gave Sandra a soft kiss, before going to his room, Sandra got dressed her head still spinning from what was amazing sex. Samuel had a few days before he started university and took every opportunity to be alone with Sandra so he could please her again.Friday had arrived and Samuel was getting ready for the Monday, making sure he had all his books and papers he went downstairs, seeing Sandra at the sink doing the morning dishes he knew they were alone, he walked up behind her and cupped her breasts making her gasp her nipples went rock solid as he gently squeezed them making her moan, slowly undoing her top he undid her bra letting her tits fall free, Sandra could feel his cock going hard and started to push her arse against it “mmmmm I think you need to give me that Samuel” as he put his hand up her skirt to find she had no panties on and her pussy was wet, turning her around he lifted her onto the counter beside the sink and undid his trousers, his magnificent tool stood taksim escort rigid and pointed at her pussy, he lifted Sandra up and gently lowered her onto his cock making her groan with pleasure.Carrying her over to the couch he lay her down and started to fuck her slowly, Sandra wrapped her legs around his waist and started to grind her hips, both moaning Samuel sucked on her nipples driving her crazy with pleasure “lick my pussy taste my juices, Samuel pulled out and knelt down his long fat tongue slowly slid up and down her slit, making her bite her bottom lip and moan softly, was there anything this boy didn’t have that was big, his tongue, cock, balls and load seemed huge compared to who she had slept with in the past, Sandra had been with a few guys when Jake was so busy to think of her, and she enjoyed some fun with men her own age, Samuel teased her clit making her groan loud “holy shit I’m Cumminggggggggggggggg” as she shook with pleasure. Samuel lifted his head and moved back up her body, slipping his cock deep in her pussy Sandra could feel his huge rod push her lips wide apart.Rhythmically his hips pumped up and down as Sandra moaned and groaned louder and louder, she was in no hurry for him to cum in her again and knew it was wrong, but the pleasure of this black cock was too much to refuse, he pulled out again and got Sandra to get on her knees, as she did as she was asked, he pushed his cock deep in her again, she gasped as it felt like it was coming up her throat, Samuel thrust forward making her tits sway, groaning like mad she begged for more and harder, Samuel spanked her bum as he fucked her harder and harder “oh yes god fuck my pussy with your big fat cock, you know us white women love black cock” as he spanked her again and again making her arse cheek glow red, “mmmmmmm that’s it fuck my pussy hard oh god yes mmmmmm so fucking big”, Samuel gripped her hips tight and fucked her like a machine, her eyes widened and started to yell as her orgasms started to build, this was going to be a huge orgasm, her head was spinning with emotions, Sandra couldn’t hold on any longer and shook with a almighty orgasm, she went weak unable to control herself, she soaked Samuel with her juices, and collapsed with excursion Samuel carried on pounding her pussy, she wanted him to stop but couldn’t the pleasure was too much, she could feel his cock started to throb as she slowed his stroke down, with a final thrust she felt his warm load fill her pussy, Sandra buried her head deep in the sofa to quieten the noise but that was totally useless, as her cries of pleasure filled the house.Samuel pulled out as his cock hung down, as Sandra turned around and lay naked on the sofa, unable to speak she looked at his limp cock and smiled, standing up slowly, she took him by the hand and climbed the stairs and went, into her bedroom, laying Samuel on the bed she dropped to her knees and started to suck his cock, he groaned at the sensation of her warm mouth on his dick, her tongue wrapped around the huge cock head, as she felt his balls, gently rubbing them as her head bobbed up and down. Sandra carried on sucking his cock as she worked the shaft as well, it wasn’t long before Samuel started to recover and his cock started to get hard again, nibbling the underneath of his cock, Samuel groaned with pleasure, Sandra started to wank his cock slowly making it hard again, she wanted a second fucking as she stood up and straddled Samuel lowering her pussy onto his cock again.Sandra groaned and started to work her hips he reached up and fondled her tits, playing with her nipples Sandra moaned, placing her hands on his muscular chest she smiled, his cock felt so good in her pussy, not feeling any guilt that she was cheating on Jake, her hand reached back and fondled his balls, they felt amazing so smooth and big as she was in control. “Would you like me to suck you off Samuel” he nodded as she stood up his cock shinning in her pussy juices, she was driving herself crazy over this fantastic sex, as she bent over and started to suck it again, rubbing it hard the huge head slipped in and out of the foreskin, sinking her mouth deep on it she took it down her throat, nearly choking and then slowly back up and repeating it again, his cock started to get thicker and Sandra knew she was either going to have to swallow his load or get covered in cum, it had been some time since she had swallowed cum, but she had made the decision with a furious rub, Samuel groaned and Sandra sunk her mouth onto it and he cum, pumping his cream deep down her throat, she squeezed his balls making sure she got the full amount, before she held her head up and his cock slumped between his legs. She smiled as she licked her lips and sat on the bed next to him, “well how do you feel Samuel” he smiled and sat up kissing her “you are amazing I have never cum in a mouth and never fucked a married women, until I come to this country.Sandra got up and had a shower, and then got dressed still unable to feel her pussy properly she slowly went down stairs and started making the evening meal, they had made love nearly all day and all the family would be home soon from work. That evening Carol suggested she would take Samuel to a play at the university, arriving early to make sure they got good seats they enjoyed the play and slowly walked home, Carol was fascinated by Samuels cock when she held it, this was making her so horny and wet, she took him by the hand şişli escort and led him into the park near the house, she kissed him and suggested that tomorrow, they would have the house to themselves for a few hours, and Jake and Sandra had to go shopping, and she wanted to show Samuel how appreciative she could be when his cock was in her, she could feel his hand rubbing her pussy, really making her very horny, his hand slipped up her skirt and in her panties, massaging her clit and making her groan, his long fingers slipped deep in her pussy making her gasp with pleasure as he massaged her G spot she was unable to hold back and cum, her panties were soaked as he pulled his finger out, Carol breathed heavily as she pulled her panties off and threw them away, before they walked home.The following morning Carol waited to everyone was out before knocking on Samuels door and going in, there lay Samuel he smiled as Carol walked up to him and dropped her gown, he feasted on her pure naked body, drawing back the quilt Carol could see his huge cock laying on his stomach, it nearly touched his belly button, she slipped into bed as they started to kiss, Carol run her hand up and down his cock, she was so horny already fingered herself twice making her dripping wet, she climbed on top and slowly fed his cock into her pussy, she felt her lips spread, she gasped and groaned as it slowly slipped in her, she slowly sat up letting it slide deep in her, she felt like it was splitting her in 2 but it felt awesome, she had never felt anything so big before her last boyfriend wasn’t small but nothing as big or as thick, she gyrated her hips as Samuel played with her tits and pulled her nipples, Carol loved her tits played with and it was as he knew she was mad for her nipples to be pulled, Carol moaned as the pleasure flowed through her body like a running river, she rubbed her clit making herself even wetter, she knew if he suggested doggy she would blow a fuse, her favourite position and having her hair pulled would be the ultimate sexual feeling.His cock felt amazing so deep in her and small orgasms where building into a huge one, that would either blow her head clear off her shoulders or be a total disappointment, another small orgasm flowed as she moved her hips faster, Samuel held her thighs as he thrust up and down, Carol moaned louder and louder as she knew if she shouted the neighbours would hear her cry out, “oh god this is amazing Samuel” she said as he nodded his head “would you get on your knees Carol I want to fuck you from behind” it was a dream come true her favourite position and a cock that was amazingly huge. As she knelt on the bed Samuel got behind her and slipped his cock into her pussy, Carol moaned as the feeling was fantastic, he held her hips and moved back and forth, her tits swayed “mmmmm fuck my pussy, with your fat cock make me scream your name” as Samuel started to fuck her faster spanking her arse carol moaned it was though he was reading her mind, “grab my hair Samuel” as he reached forward and grabbed it pulling her head back he fucked her pussy harder still, Carol’s tits bounced about as she groaned louder than ever.She could feel his huge balls swinging as he fucked her harder and harder, “oh god fucking amazing your cock is making my pussy happy, fuck me harder come on ram that cock deep in me” as he fucked her as hard as he was physically possible, her pussy stretch as wide as it had ever been, Carol groaned like never before, the headboard was hitting the wall like a hammer, he pulled her hair making her beg for more, “fuck me with your black cock I’m a dirty white slut oh god fuck yes fuck me until I scream” that wasn’t going to be too long as Carol could feel a huge orgasm building in her loins, as he fucked her he gripped her hips feeling his cock pulse, she shuddered with a huge orgasm, unable to control any of her actions she squirted like a fountain, she bucked and squirmed as though she was having a fit, begging him not to stop she yelled out his name as she felt him erupt deep in her, again she screamed as his cum filled her pussy, Samuel wasn’t going to stop as another huge orgasm, ripped through her body his cock still rock solid as she felt another load explode in her, she collapsed in a heap finally unable to hold herself anymore, Samuels cock slipped out of her cum filled pussy, it was pumping thick cum over her naked body, Carol turned onto her back unable to close her legs, Samuel stood up and wanked his slowly softening cock that still spewed a small amount of cum, that went onto her face and tits, he let go as his cock hung down.He looked at Carol covered in his cum as she breathed heavily, unable to talk properly Samuel went and had a shower returning to see Carol still laying on the bed, she slowly got up and went to the shower, seeing Samuel downstairs a while later, “that was amazing I’m speechless never had that before, never had such amazing sex”, as Carol sat next to Samuel for a while she bent over and undid his trousers, to her amazement he was rock solid again, she slowly sucked his cock teasing the head with her tongue, she wanked him until he was ready to cum pointing it at her mouth, huge streams of cum shot down her throat swallowing every last drop and then sucked it clean, Samuel tucked his cock away just in time as Jake and Sandra came back from shopping, Sandra looked knowing Carol had been fucked by Samuel it was the same look she had, when it happened.Samuel passed all his exams and returned to marry Emboza in the 4 years he was living in boarding he slept with Carol and Sandra as well as fucking both in one bed, Sandra now has a student every 4 years and it is usually a foreign student that has a huge cock………………………………………………..

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