6 Şubat 2021



As I lay naked on the bed, staring at my new collection of toys, I feel my cell phone beside me buzz. It’s you. You tell me to start with the plug which is my favourite and most anticipated purchase. As I lay on my right side, I reach over to get the silicone lube; the one that makes you think we aren’t using a condom because it’s that good. I dribble some on my first two fingers of my left hand and rub them together, coating them with the slippery liquid. Moving my hand down to my ass, I slowly drag one finger around my puckered hole. Once it’s lubed enough on the outside, I slowly insert my first finger into my ass.

I can feel the tight ring of muscles not quite yielding to my finger, so I take a deep breath and relax a little more, which allows my finger to slip through. I am on my side with my finger in my ass because you asked me to Master. After a few seconds, I add a little more lube and try to insert two fingers. This doesn’t really work because I’m so turned on by now that I can’t properly relax to put both fingers in at the same time. So I settle for sticking my middle finger into my ass, all the way up to the knuckle. I want to cum on the spot, but I know that you’ve got more in store for me.

I take my finger out of my ass and I grab my new plug. It’s from the njoy line, my first butt plug and I chose the medium one. Thinking on it now, I don’t know why I didn’t start with the small… but I thought that if I could handle your cock up my ass, Master, then really what’s a butt plug got that I can’t take? The answer Sir, is the weight. I pick up the plug and put a few drops of the silky smooth lube on my newest toy. I then put it up against my asshole and start slowly pushing in. At first it doesn’t seem like I’m going anywhere, and then I can feel it: my ass is expanding, being stretched and moved in such a degrading manner; but I love it so much. Due to the shape of the toy, casino oyna the head pops past the muscles and they immediately grab the stem and hold it in place tightly in my ass.

At this point I take a break and lean back, just feeling what my body is saying to me after this new insertion. It’s saying “whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa…” in such a good way that I can feel my PC and ass muscles throb with pleasure. I look, and your next text tells me that I can’t put my new ben wa balls in right away, but that I have to wait until my body gets used to the plug. Well guess what? I’m used to it… let me stuff my cunt with new toys! But no… you insist that I clamp my nipples first, which isn’t a horrible idea I suppose. Especially because I was craving a bit of pain at that point. So I kneel up on the bed to reach over to grab my nipple clamps, and I feel the oddest sensation: it’s like my ass is closed like normal, but that am being opened and weighted down from the inside. What a wicked sensation that is… I think about how I can’t wait until you order me to wear it to class.

After a bit of daydreaming about wearing the plug in public by your orders, I grab my clamps and clamp them as tight as possible on each nipple… it’s not so bad now, but I know that will change very soon when I lean back over and my tits dangle to the sheet. I also grab my dildo, which plays with your next command: If I’m to stuff my ass and my cunt, you want me to stuff my mouth at the same time so that I can feel what it’s like to be filled in every hole.

I position the dildo between my pillows so that when I bend over, it’s like I’m really sucking your cock and I can actually get leverage and suck my big dildo like I know you want me to. Before bending over I plead with you one more time to please let me put in my ben wa balls. By now everything is filled except for my sopping, gaping cunt and it’s screaming at me that canlı casino it’s unfair and that it wants your dick filling me up. I then bend over and start sucking the fake cock in front of me, pretending it was yours trying to stuff it down my throat. My nipples are dragging on the sheets, pulling and creating an interesting sensation of pleasure and pain all together. I imagine your fingers viciously twisting my nipples, just to get me to cry out and make a sound.

I rock back and forth, sucking and licking and deep throating this dildo, as if that will assuage my only unfilled hole. It only serves for my muscles to contract against the foreign plug in my ass in a deliciously lovely way and my nipples to start burning from the movement of the clamps. However, I did find out that I think the sound of a cock being sucked really turns me on more than I already was.

My phone buzzes again and it’s you! You say that I can go ahead and put the balls in and I almost faint from pleasure just at the thought of it! I rise up on my knees again, saving my tits from more abuse than just the hanging clamps and reach over to grab another of my new toys: ben wa balls! I still have the dildo in my mouth as I do all of this, pretending that you’d punish me if I dropped it or stopped sucking while inserting the new stuff.

I slide the first of the two balls up into my cunt… This feeling is different. I can feel that first ball push against the plug in my ass, it’s a little bit of an uncomfortable process, but once I get the second ball in and the plug is nested between the two globes, everything is in balance. Back on my hands and knees I go, rocking back and forth while I suck the dildo. I can feel the little vibrations of the ben wa balls in my cunt and when I squeeze, I feel like I’m going to burst with both my ass and my cunt stuffed.

I send one final, pleading message to you asking if kaçak casino I can start to use my new vibrator. After a few minutes you finally agree and still while on my hands and knees, I grab it from my nightstand and stick it directly on the metal handle sticking out of my ass like you ordered me to. This vibration almost makes me cum right then and there. After I slowly tease myself and bring it upwards towards my dirty clit, I slide the vibrator between my legs as if it’s a mini cock, and I start rocking up and down on it. I make it hit my clit every so often. Repeating this, I start to feel my orgasm build. This is going to be a big one, I can feel it.

Quickly, I flip over onto my back, really realizing just how heavy everything my body is stuffed with is and put the vibrator directly on my clit. I leave it there for a few seconds of agonizing over-stimulation… it almost hurts, but the intense vibrations feel so good… and I turn on the vibrations of the nipple clamps. Repositioning the vibrator between my legs, I grab it and put it over my finger that’s circling my clit, which is how i like it, an indirect vibration. My head is turned to the side, still sucking away at that cock with as much hunger and need as I feel for your cock, my muscles are clamped down, throbbing, on the plug and the balls, and my hand is working circles into my clit furiously. I keep thinking what a dirty whore I am to be doing this, and what an exhibitionist I am to be telling you all about it and taking orders from you… I thought about how you are going to use me when I see you next; like a sex doll with no say in the who, what, when, where and why of fucking my body. When it comes, my orgasm crashes around me and I pull the nipple clamps off which make my nipples ache intensely all of a sudden and heightens my orgasm. My spasming muscles contract around the plus and the balls, and I can feel each one move in response to my orgasm.

I lay there for a good ten minutes, recovering from the intense sensations, and then I get to work taking out the plug and the balls from my ass and cunt.

Master, I hope you liked it.

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