11 Kasım 2021

Summer of 93’ Nothing Compares To You Part VII


Summer of 93’ Nothing Compares To You Part VIISummer of 93’Nothing Compares To YouPart VIIAfter I carried Natalie into the house we went to the kitchen to get some more ice tea. Nat and I drank quite a bit to replenish ourselves. Nat said, Pete would you do me a favor, I said anything. Nat said, “Pete you go out of your way to pleasure me again and again, now that were alone, just you and me, let me give you a blow job, I want you to just relax and enjoy it. Don’t worry about holding back or trying to impress anybody.”I said, “Natalie of course, lead I’ll follow.”Natalie put her arms around me and hugged me and said, “First I have to pee, you too?”“Actually I do”, I answered.We went to the bathroom together, being the gentleman that I am, ladies first, then myself.Natalie pulled me over to the recliner in our master bedroom, the room was still dark with the black out shades down. I sat down and Nat sat on me, I was holding her in my arms, she said, “Let’s kiss a while because after you cum in my mouth you’re not going to want to kiss me.”We both enjoyed kissing one another, we took a great deal of pleasure from it. We kissed and told each other I love you just like two teenagers. We wound down the kissing and Natalie stood in front of me, she said, “let me know when your comfortable.” “I’m good now.” I said.Natalie turned on a couple of the light bars in the ceiling and said, “Is it too bright?” I replied, “No it’s perfect, I can see you.” Nat said, “Good I want you to watch.”Nat put a towel on the floor and sat down, she had her legs spread and her knees bent. She started rubbing her beautiful body as she closed her eyes, moving her hands from her thighs up to her tits. She rubbed them and pushed them up and together and she let them fall and bounce. She pulled one up to her mouth and licked her own nipple, then the other one. She slid her hand to her pussy leaned back and put her first two fingers in as deep as they would go and pulled bursa escort them out and licked her fingers, then sucked them as she slid them in and out of her mouth. She looked at me and saw my dick was hard and my head swollen. She moved towards me slowly staring at my cock and licking her lips. She took my cock in her hand and slowly slid my foreskin up and down as she took one ball in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, then she did the other. She licked up my shaft following with her thumb and index finger siding behind. Once she got to the head she licked the underside on the ridge of my helmet. Slowly she engulfed my head, pulling up keeping just the helmet in her mouth. Working down now she took my cock deeper and deeper until her lips were at the very base pushing down, all 7 and 1/4” were in her mouth and throat, her tongue licked down the bottom of my shaft to my balls. She slid up, and again put her thumb and index finger around the base and followed the up and down rhythm she was establishing. She went a little faster with each bob of her head. She took her other hand and rest it on my stomach right below my belly button and spread her fingers as she lightly scratched me with her manicured nails. Her scratching followed the rhythm of her head bobbing. I could feel my load building and said, “Oh Nat, I’m gonna….”“Shhhhhhhh…, Don’t say a word, don’t hold back.”She continued and I did as she asked, I leaned back and relaxed as pelvic muscles shot the first stream of cum into her mouth and throat. The next one, I could feel the head of my cock in her throat, the stream of cum was swallowed immediately, she pulled up as she sucked and another strong pulse of cum shot into her mouth, she swallowed it straight down her throat. I held my hips up as several smaller pulses and orgasm contractions pushed out the last bit of cum. Natalie used just her lips squeezing from the base to the tip, milking my cock. She squeezed the head bursa escort bayan between her tongue and upper pallet causing me to shiver with orgasmic tingles through out my entire body. She slurped the tip several times after milking me. She sucked off any extra saliva as she completely exhausted me.I just laid there, my arms flopped over the armrests and my head resting back motionless. Natalie took her mouth off my cock once it was half the size it was hard, wilted and spent. She rubbed the top of my thighs as she sat back on the floor and laid down on her back.I looked up and she was smiling with the happiest smile a woman could have, she rubbed her breasts and breathed deeply in and out.Finally she said, “Peter, I love you more than I can ever tell you in words.” She sat up and hugged me, I went to kiss her, she laughed, “Remember, Cock-Breath.” I laughed laid back and savored the moment. Nat went into the bathroom.I got up, went to the kitchen to get some water and see what we had for lunch. Natalie came bouncing in with a beautiful smile and said, “No More Cock-Breath!” And kissed me. She laughed and said, “Open your mouth, it’s all gone.” And kissed me again, we opened our mouths and shared each other’s tongues. Her mouth was very minty tasting. We kissed and the doorbell rang.I ran looking for my shorts and put them on, “I’ll be right there!”, I yelled.I opened the door and Nat showed up right next to me wearing one of my tee shirts inside out, it was long enough to cover down to her thighs.It was Becky, Dave’s wife. “Hi Pete”, she said. “Becky this is Natalie my…”. Natalie finished, “I’m his Girlfriend, well Lover might be a better description, no Girlfriend, Well, I’m Natalie, nice to meet you Becky?” “Yes, I’m Becky”.Becky caught her breath and said, “We’re cooking burgers and dogs and would love it if you came over.”“Are you k**ding, we were just trying to figure out what to do for lunch, we didn’t want to get dressed up escort bursa or anything.” I said.“We’ll be swimming so it’s real informal, you can come as you are,,, well maybe not as you are right now, a swim suit would be appropriate”, Becky said staring at Natalie.I said, “We’ll be right over.” Becky said, “We’ll have fun”, as she tapped my forearm.I held her hand and said, “I know we’ll have a fantastic time Becky.”Becky turned around and ran through the yard in the wrong direction to get to her house.Natalie started laughing as she pulled my tee shirt off and said, “She was staring at my face, I thought I had cum dripping off me or something.”Nat continued, “Pete be careful, if she got the chance she would fuck you behind Dave’s back and then if she got caught she’d blame it all on you.”I said, “You got all that so quick”, “Pete, women know other women, believe me, I knew so many girls like her when I was in college, you have got to trust my instincts.”I said, “Nat, I’m in debt to you, you probably saved us all a lot of grief and pain.”Natalie replied, “Peter, (Peter is what Nat and Maggi call me when they are really serious) I’m not big and strong but I will do whatever I can to make sure no one hurts you.”We kissed and got ready to leave. I’ll get a clean swim suite, what are you going to wear?” I asked.Natalie yelled from the guest suite, “I have a surprise, Maggi bought me a new suit.”I had on a clean pair of board shorts with new flip flops and Natalie came out in her new suit… “It’s wonderful Natalie, you’re drop dead gorgeous.” I said staring at her new swim suit. It was the new T-back style and T-front style too. “See, this is why I had Donna wax off my little bush, are you surprised?” Nat asked.“It’s amazing Nat, you will turn heads.” I said.Nat said, “Maggi said this is the best color suit for my skin tone, pink, do you think it’s too much?”“No, you belong in a suit like that”, I replied.“Pete, I’m so excited, make sure they’re are no tags or threads hanging anywhere.” Nat said.Nat brushed her long blond hair, double checking there’s no cum in it. We checked and double checked for that, both of us.We headed over to the party…End of part VII

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