30 Haziran 2021

Surprising Summer Discovery (part two)


Surprising Summer Discovery (part two)I rang the doorbell and a few seconds later I heard Trent running down the stairs. I kinda half expected to see him wearing nothing but a G string when he open the door but to my surprise he was fully dressed wearing a RHCP T-shirt and cargo shorts.“Yo what’s up dude! “Trent said as he gave me a bro hand shake.“What’s up, bro. I try to call Danny but no one answered. Hope it’s cool I came over by myself.”“No big deal. Come on in.”“You want to beer or something stronger?”“Sure. I’ll have a beer.I brought some ganja, bro”“Sweet. I think my mom still has a little bit too. I’ll go check. I’m gonna put on my swim shorts. Don’t worry I have regular shorts too.” He laughed.Trent took off upstairs to change I rolled a few joints cracked a beer and let myself out to the back patio to stretch out on a lounge chair.Trent came down a few minutes later with an already let joint, plopped down in the lounge next to me and passed the joint.We smoked, drank and listened to Snoop and Dre for a few hours till Trent suddenly sat up and said “Dude I’m starving. I’m gonna make some burgers. Do you want one?”“Hell yeah! The munchies are here and they’re hungry” Trent laugh “Totally. Let’s do this.“Trent dove into the pool swam to the other end and disappeared into the house. I followed his exact path a few seconds later.The sudden change of temperature from blazing sun to blazing air conditioning was shocking and relaxing. I dried myself off and plop down on his parents huge leather couch. Trent clinked around in the kitchen for a few minutes, brought me a beer and set it on the coffee table next to me. As he walked back to the kitchen he said “I think my dad has a few old porn tapes behind the TV.”I immediately jumped to my feet and ran across the living room to the television.“Where are they?”“He stashes them behind the TV, dude. He thinks that’s a good hiding spot “we both laughed and I position my arm around the large screen TV, finally running my hand across three VHS tapes. “Found ‘em!” I said with excitement.“Put in Filthy Rich!”I slid the tape in to the player, waited for it to rewind. Press play and slid back onto the couch as my buddy sang along to the opening theme song as if he’d heard it a million times while frying up the hamburger is in the kitchen.A few minutes later, Trent came into the living room holding two plates with two cheeseburgers each. I sat up lazily and peeling my shirtless back off of the leather couch I had molded into.We devoured the burgers, drink our beers smoke some pot and talked about how bad we want it to be one of the stars in the movie.Trent started telling me about some of his sexual exploits with girls we both knew from high school and girls he knew from Jr. College. I tried to impress him with my stories of getting to third base but he was definitely more experienced and had cooler stories. Somewhere about halfway through the movie I was laying back down on the couch and looked over at Trent who was zombie staring at the TV, shirtless, sitting on his dad’s La-Z-Boy a few feet away. The arm of the chair obscured my view but I could tell by the constant movement of his right arm that he was definitely touching his dick. My heart began to pound. I try to focus my attention on the movie and the more I watched the harder my dick got. I tried to position my legs to hide the fact that I was getting hard but my swim trunks just kept rising. I grab my shirt off the floor and tried to disguise my hard on. This just brought attention to my host that something was going on.What’s the matter, bro? Your pecker getting stiff too? Trent said very canlı bahis directly smiling at me.The directness of his question with the easy calming smile shock to me. I lied to him. “No man. It’s just getting cold in here. Going to put on my shirt.”I sat up on the couch and put on my shirt. As soon as one arm went through the shirt sleeve the masquerade was over. My cock was pitching a perfect tent. I pulled my head through the T-shirt to see Trent looking and laughing at my evident erection. “Dude! you totally have a hard on right now!”“Bro… I’m so sorry. This is embarrassing. It’s just the movie is real fucking hot…”Trent kept laughing. I watched his face getting redder as he assured me it was fine. Then suddenly I remember he gripped both arms on the Lazy boy and raised his hips up to reveal his swim-trunks half undone and his half hard expose cock. “Look at THAT thing!” he said with a self impress way. I looked up to see his full meat laying on his flat stomach with a forest of wiry brown hair sprouting out of his swim shorts. I remember half expecting to see blonde hair. His dick was a lot bigger than I expected. Definitely bigger than mine even half hard. He began to rock his hips back-and-forth making his dick bounce around. Laughing maniacally. “Look at it, dude! Look at my cock” he continued to taught me. “Oh man… Don’t show me that thing.” I turned away laughing with panic and excitement. My heart began to race faster making my dick even harder. When I look back up Trent was standing and sliding his swim-trunks completely off.He smiled and said “Fuck it bro. I’m horny I’m gonna jack it”I couldn’t fight my curious stare. There he was naked and getting sexually aroused. I had never been naked alone with anyone before in my life and here’s this guy who fucks lots of girls naked and stroking his fat cock standing less than 2 feet away from my face.I was beside myself with excitement.To my surprise my first words were “you’re not even that hard yet dude” I said with a nervous laugh. And without skipping a beat Trent said with a now familiar sinister grin “well let’s see what YOU got, big man!”I paused for a second but couldn’t resist the urge to show him my dick since I was looking at his.With a quick pull, my hard little dick spring right out of my trunks. “Boing” I said jokingly as my dick danced.“Wow, man you really are hard.” Nice! Mine is way bigger though. He sat back down and d****d one leg over the couch and held his fat cock up to display his hot pink and veiny 6 inch semi. Feeling challenged I peeled off my shirt and began to stroke my cock sitting on his parents couch trying to impress my buddy with my size.I look over to see Trent softly stroking and petting his cock like a puppy. By this point I had committed to this moment. Now I just wanted to see him hard.“Your size does it mean anything if it’s not hard, dude. You can’t fuck with spaghetti. Get it hard.” I laughed. “Dude… I don’t fuck guys. But I’ll get hard So you can see a real man’s dick.We both kind of giggled and continued to watch each other stroke our dicks Half watching and listening to the ‘fuck movie’ going on in the background. After a few seconds, I looked up to see just how beautiful a naked man could be. Trent stood up from the lounge chair and slowly turned his body revealing his throbbing in veiny, upwardly pointed cock. I can only imagine what my eyes were telegraphing but Trent knew how much I liked what I was seeing. He even bust into the Adonis pose for a second. I think about that moment almost once a month. It is by far the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. That firm muscular bahis siteleri body that small frame and his big fat hard cock made me horny or than I ever thought I could be for another guy.“Bro… Not in a gay way but you have a pretty awesome body” I said partially mumbled stroking a little faster. I couldn’t stop stroking my cock. I couldn’t stop checking his muscular shoulders and arms and the thickness of his chest and the thick pubic hairs that sprouted out from his thick meaty dick. “I really need to start hitting the weights. I want shoulders like yours” “Thanks, dude. You have a nice body too, dude. its just, everything about you is so damn skinny.” He said sweetly but teasingly. And then it happened… Before I knew what was happening, Trent leaned forward, reached out his hand and grab my cock giving it a few tugs while gripping his own hard dick in the other. At the moment I knew how much I enjoyed feeling his hand on my dick and for some reason, the masculinity challenges didn’t make it seem gay. It almost felt like sports. And with Trent being older, more experienced and obviously not a virgin, I gladly let him lead the way through this strange an exciting experience. “I mean… Dude fucks chicks a lot. He couldn’t be gay. And feels too good to stop.“ I thought to myself as I look down at another man holding my dick. “So what is this little thing?” He teased as he gave my hard little cock a shake as it to say “get bigger”I couldn’t believe it. He was really touching my dick. And I liked it. My ass cheeks clenched, my heart pounded in my chest. I couldn’t believe it. Someone was really touching my hard dick. The feeling was so amazing that I didn’t even consider the fact that my first sexual experience was with a man. I just didn’t want him to stop touching me. Seconds later the compulsion to feel his dick overcame me. Without a word, I reached up and took his hard cock in my hand and begin to slowly stroke him back. It must’ve been two minutes in that position. Me sitting on the couch, legs wide and arm out stretched stroking his dick and him standing with one hand on my knee and the other on my dick Giving me delicious firm tugs.His dick felt amazing the moment I touched it. I could feel it getting thicker and harder the second I touched it.The booze and the pot strip me of any inhibitions. I was feeling my way around his shaft and down to his balls. He moaned and positioned his body for me to stroke him longer and deeper. “You couldn’t wait to touch it, huh. What’s it like to touch a real dick for the first time?”He laughed and fucked my hand a little more. “Fuck you dude. It’s not that much bigger than mine.”I stood up and placed our cocks side by side in my hand. He moaned the moment our dicks touched. I got a tingle throughout my body like I was going to cum. It took a few seconds to get me shit together passed, then I saw just how much thicker his dick was in mine. Only a few inches longer but significantly fatter.He looked up at me and smiled. “See! I told you!” He begin to fuck my hand and rub his fat cock on my cock.I struggle to keep both of our dicks in my hand as we both continue to rub our dick‘s more frantically together. He pulled his cock away from my hand for a second and begin to slap my dick with his big dick. It felt like the ultimate domination move. This little guy was most certainly in charge. I felt his hand touch my ass and he put his other hand on my shoulder. I had of been my knees a little for our cocks to line up it felt so amazing. I could have shot my load then but I didn’t want this to end. I sat back down onto the couch. He put his hand back bahis şirketleri on my knee and begin to stroke my cock without a word or a second loss.. And like a magnet to steal my hand was back on his dick and stroking moments later.We wordlessly worked on each other‘s cocks. Periodically making eye contact. I saw the pleasure and lust in his eyes as I felt my hand glide down his shaft and back up to his hot to the touch cock head. I felt his breath on my neck and shoulders. I wanted him secretly to kiss my neck. I’ve never been this far with the girl. It felt like I should be kissing his mouth but that felt less masculine then just stroking each other off.I fucked his hand like a prom date while he just moaned and granted his hips around.Soon both of our cocks were slick with pre-cum. Trent plopped down on the couch next to me stretching his left leg over my right leg we resumed touching each other‘s cocks and watching the last few minutes of dad’s porn. “Dude, your dick is really hard.” Trent says looking over at me with concentrated seriousness in his eyes.“I know. Man, I get really horny! “Me too! I would love to get my cock sucked right now.”Something about those words crashed me into reality. I was hooking up with the guy but neither one of us were gay. What was I doing!!!I begin to feel nervous and ashamed and a little bit scared that if I continued touching this guys dick I might end up doing more.“Dude… I’m not gay! I’m not into that. I gotta go.”I scrambled around with my dick hard as nails picking up my clothes and looking for my car keys. I got dressed in the kitchen is Trent apologized for getting naked first.“Dude I was just k**ding. Just playing around. I’m drunk. I wasn’t asking you to suck my dick. I’m sorry. Don’t tell anyone about this.”I said, “it’s cool. We just got carried away…. I’m pretty drunk too man… There’s no fucking way I’m telling anyone about this. You’re cool … I just have to go.”And a few minutes later I was in my car hauling ass through the neighborhoods to get to my house. Once I got home still very drunk and high, I immediately jumped in the shower and blew my load almost immediately thinking about what could’ve happened if I would’ve stayed. I remember feeling weird and confused and nervous for several days after that experience. ‘How could I enjoy playing with another man’s dick and still want to go out and hook up with checks?’ It felt weird but I couldn’t deny that Trent’s body was spectacular. And seeing another excited human being touching my body felt better than amazing. I couldn’t stop thinking about that day at Trent’s for days. And strangely, it didn’t all feel gay. It just felt sexual and exciting. I started to think that sucking his cock might not be the worst trade off for getting my cock sucked in return for the first time. I wondered if Trent really wanted me to suck his dick. And the more I thought about it the more I know I kind a wanted to suck his dick. He had impressed me with his size and his muscular body and the commanding way he took charge. I really couldn’t wait to be naked with him in that living room. He was an alpha and I knew my place and some how it felt right. Days later I realized I couldn’t get the thought of seeing his hard hot meat in my hand out of my head. I wanted to see what another man’s cock looks like ejaculating. I wanted to see our hard dicks together again and maybe see what kissing a man felt like. It felt dirty. I felt bad for having homosexual thoughts but I knew Trent would do more than any of my female classmate would. A few weeks later I was back at Trent’s house without Danny fully aware of what was possible if we were left alone.Let’s just say I spent a lot of time at Trent’s house that summer. Things got much more interesting when we both admitted how much we secretly enjoyed the experience of exploring.

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