7 Nisan 2021

Taking Mom and Dad


Hi I’m a 22 year old college graduate. I had to move back home after college until I found a job. I live with my mom, dad and little sister. My dad is 54 my mom is 52 and my sister is 18. My dad and me are built the same medium build nothing special. My mom has put on some weight since I went off to college she is about 5’4” and I would say she weighs about 280.
When I was younger I used to spy on my mom she was always kinda plump but now I cannot take my eyes off of her fat tits and ass. So many times I would jerk off while I spied on her when I was a teenager but now looking at her makes me just want to fuck her.
A couple of months ago I came home from the bar feeling really good. I sat down on the computer to check up on my fantasy football team. When I hit the mouse to wake up the computer there was some gay porn on. I turned it off and thought it was my little sister and didn’t think much about it. I checked on my team and went to bed.
The next day I got up and was just hanging around the house. I started to think of why my sister would be watching gay porn and thought if I caught her I could blackmail her into showing me her tits and maybe a blowjob. My sister looks like a younger version of my mom. So I decided that next weekend I would pretend to leave the house and then spy though the window and catch her.
Saturday night came and told my family I was going out and probably won’t be home until Sunday morning. I left the house and drove around the block and parked and walked back to the house. I snuck up to the window near the computer and just waited. Around 9 my mom comes in the room and played on the computer for a while and then went to bed. About around midnight my dad came in and got on the computer and much to my surprise he was the one looking at gay porn. I was watching him rub is crotch and then he unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He started to jerk off and I watched him cum on his stomach. I was shocked and didn’t no what to think. About an hour later I came into the house and went to my room.
Sunday morning I got up and jumped in the shower and went to the family room and watched some football. I couldn’t help think about how I watched my dad getting off on gay porn. Then I started to think that I’m probably the only one that knows that my dad likes young men and I started to think how can I use this to my advantage. I thought about it and came up with a plan. I would have to wait until Friday night to put it in motion. I figured if I want to rape my mom I was going to have to get dad onboard with it. And that means I have to have something on him. I thought about taping him jerking off to the gay porn but then I thought about and came up with the perfect plan.
Friday night came and I left the house and again parked around the block and came back to the house. Sure enough around midnight he went to the computer and started to look at porn. When I saw that he was really into I snuck into the house and went to the computer room and as he was playing with himself I came up behind him and put my hand on his shoulder. He jumped up and tried to cover himself up but I stopped him. I told him it was ok and just sit back down. He didn’t know what to do so I pushed him back down on the chair I then turned the chair so he was facing me. I took his hand and rubbed in on my crotch. I then smiled and said let me take care of you dad. I then got on my knees and spread his legs and said dad I want your cock in my mouth. He tried to say no but after I said dad I want to taste your cum. I then took my hand and started to stroke his shaft. I heard him say that I shouldn’t be doing this and I said dad you didn’t have a choice I am going to suck you off and you are going to cum in my mouth and I’m going to swallow all of your jizz. I then started to lick the head of his cock. I watched him close his eyes and then I took his 8 inch cock in my mouth and started to go up and on him. He slowly started to thrust his meat in deeper and I took it. I loved feeling his dick get harder and larger in my mouth and as he was about to cum he grabbed my head and pushed me all the way down on his meat. I gagged as he unloaded his juice down my throat. I pulled my mouth off of his cock while I jerked the rest off his cum out of his cock. He just sat there and moaned as I licked the cum off of his shaft. When I was done I got up and walked out of the room never saying a word.
The next morning he came into my room and sat on the side of my bed and started to play with my ass. I let him play for a while and as his finger was about to go in my hole I rolled over and said dad do you want to fuck my ass. Do you want to cum in me dad. He looked at me and said I have such a smooth bottom and yes I want to find out how tight your asshole is. I started to stroke his meat though his pajama bottoms and said if you want to fuck my ass I want something in return. He said you name it and you got it. I leaned down and pulled his cock out and started to suck him off again. I said first I want some more of your cum and then we will talk afterwards. I went down on him licking his shaft and then taking his cock in my mouth again He was playing with my ass and I said bostancı escort bayan yes dad finger my ass. That was all he needed to hear as he blew his nut in my mouth again. And as the same as last night I swallowed all of his cum. I then sat up and asked him if he liked me sucking him. He shook his head and said yes. I said well here is the deal, I will let you fuck my ass if you let me fuck mom and I want you to help me.
He sat there shocked, he didn’t know what to say. I looked at him and said are you good with that dad. I fuck mom and you get my ass. He looked at me and said kind of boy wants to have sex with his mom. I said what kind of dad wants to fuck his sons ass. I then stood up and walked up to him and put my cock in his face and told him to taste it. He couldn’t do anything he just sat there. I said dad open your mouth. He slowly opened his mouth and I stuck my cock in and told him to taste it. He licked it and I pulled it out. I then said remember that taste because after I fuck mom I want you to taste it again and tell what taste you like the best. He asked me how are we going to get her to fuck me and I told him of my plan. First part of my plan was for my dad to start spending a lot of time away from her and I will spend more time with her.
We put the plan into effect on Monday. My dad started to work doubles at work and my sister was in her first year of college so it was just me and my mom home all the time. I started to pay more attention to her and being more playful with her. If she wanted to go shopping I would go with her. If she went to the movies I would go with her. If she wanted some wine I would get it for her.
She started to complain about dad working all the time. I told her that I was here for her and if it’s helps at all you can pinch my butt like you do to dad. We laughed and she gave me a hug and said I was just a great son. She reached down and pinched my butt and laugh. I told her we should go out and have a few drinks. She thought that was a great idea. She wanted to go change her clothes and I told her I needed to hop in the shower first. After I took my shower I came out with the towel around my waist and went into the bathroom. My parents bedroom was across from mine and my mom was getting dressed with the door half opened. So I figured if I get to see her half naked I should let her see me. I went into my room but I didn’t shut the door when I went to drop the towel. She came out of her room and saw me standing next to my dresser. She looked at me and said oh my you have grown up on me. I turned to face her so she could see all I had to offer. She was staring at my dick and just smiled and said you are going to make some girl very happy with that. We laughed and got dressed.
We got to the bar and sat in a booth near the back of the bar and ordered a couple of beers. A couple of hours later I had her doing shots one after another. We decided to go back to the house since it was getting late. I helped her into the truck and made sure to cop a feel of her ass. She smacked my hand and laughed, she said now not in public. I laughed and said well I guess I can wait until we get home. She said now that’s a good boy as she reached and pinch my butt.
We got to the house and she went to change her clothes. She told my to grab a bottle of wine and meet her in the family room. She came downstairs in her nightgown. I had are wine pored, she said dad was sound asleep. I gave her her glass and we sat on the couch and just talked for awhile. I could tell she was getting lonely with dad working all those hours. I kept feeding her the wine. She got up and stumbled over to the radio and turned it on. She asked me to dance with her since dad was to busy to. I got up and walked to her and put my arms around her and started to dance with her. As we were dancing she started to hold me tight against her I slowly moved my hand down her back right to crack of her ass. She looked at me and smiled. I told her she had a beautiful smile and she giggled and gave me a kiss. She looked at me and said I hope this is going to far. I said of course it’s not. As we were dancing I slowly worked her nightgown up to her waist. She looked at me and said I think this is going to far now. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she kissed me and said no. I pulled her nightgown over her head and let it drop to the floor. My mom unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and went down to her knees. She pulled down my pants and underwear. My cock was rock solid when my mom wrapped her hand around it and looked up at me and said Chris I want you to fuck my face and with that she wrapped her lips around my dick and started to suck me off. As I was about to blow my nut I said mom I’m gonna cum. She yelled cum baby cum. I busted my nut in her mouth she started to gag as I was shoving my 9” down her throat. I pulled my cock out of her mouth while she was licking my shaft. I told mom lay down and she said anything for you Chris. She laid down and I was in amazement while looking at her body. She had incredible large tits and such a fat hairy pussy. My dick got hard again. My mom saw this and said please fuck me, please come fuck your mom. ümraniye escort I got down on the floor pushed her legs up to her chest and slowly slid my meat into to hers. All I heard was my mom moaning and begging me to fuck her hard. She was thrusting her hips against mine. She started to orgasm as I buried my nine inches inside of her. She was begging me not to stop as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down on her. I pulled out before I came and said mom I want to eat your hairy pussy. She smiled and please do. As I was eating her fat pussy I looked up and she was pinching her nipples and begging me not to stop. After she had a couple of more orgasms I put her on all fours and started to pump her pussy from behind. All the sudden I looked over at the stairs and there was my dad watching and stroking his own meat. I was about to bust another nut when I told my mom she moaned oh god cum in my pussy cum in your mom cum for me. I unloaded everything I had in her. Pump after pump I shot all my cum into my moms pussy. As I did my dad walked back up the stairs. After I pulled out my mom who at this was face down on the floor rolled over and asked me to help her up. When she got up there was cum dripping down her leg. As she was walking up the stairs she turned and said I looked forward to our time tomorrow after your dad leaves for work.
The next morning I woke up and looked outside my bedroom window and saw my dad has already left for work. I heard my mom downstairs in the kitchen so I put my underwear on and went to get some coffee. When I walked into the kitchen there was my mom doing dishes with just her robe on. I came up behind and grabbed her hips and pulled her close to me. She jumped and turned around. As she turned her robe came open. She quickly covered back up. I asked her what’s wrong and she looked at me and said we shouldn’t have done that last night. You are my son, I am your mom. Before she could say anything else I stopped her and said mom you enjoyed it didn’t you. She said yes but that’s not the point. We are family and family shouldn’t be having sex. I don’t know why but my dick started to get hard. I walk up to her while pulling my underwear down and said mom I’m going to fuck you again and you will like. She said no, no more we are not doing that. I looked at her and said if you don’t I’m going to tell dad about last night. She started to cry and pleaded with me not to force her. I reached over and opened her robe and started to fondle her tits. As I was pinching her nipples she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. I pulled her robe off of her and started to kiss her neck. My cock was rock solid and pressed up against her stomach. She started to moan as she grabbed my dick. I said mom I want to taste you all of you, lets go to your bed. I grabbed her hand and turned to leave the kitchen. I put her in front of me and followed her upstairs to her room. As we walked down the hallway I pulled her robe off of her and let I’d drop to the floor.
We got to her bed she turned and sat down. I pushed her down on her back and dropped to my knees and spread her legs. There I was with her hairy pussy in my face. I started to suck on her clit while I was fingering her wet hole. Her hips started to move up and down she grabbed my head and pushed me down on her and wouldn’t let go. After she had gotten off several times she asked me to fuck her. I told her I wanted her to ride me. I laid on the bed and climbed on top of me and rode me to another couple of orgasms. I then rolled her over and got on top of her and pinned her legs to her head and inserted my dick into her wet pussy and started to pump. All she was saying please cum in me. As I started to cum she held me tight to her until she drained everything out of me. I laid down next to her so I could recover from one of the best nut I have ever had.
She asked me what if dad ever found out about us. I asked if there is anything that he doesn’t want anybody to know about. She asked me why and I told her. If I know something about him that he doesn’t want anybody to know then I can hold that against him in case he found out about us. She said, if I tell you, you cannot tell anyone unless he finds out about us and he is about to try to stop us. I said ok mom but what is it. She looked at me and said your dad is bi-sexual. I acted shocked and said are you sure. She said yes I’m sure. When we were dating back in college he had a thing going on with his roommate. I walked in on him while he was giving his roommate a blowjob. I said what did you do mom. She said I stood there and watched. I said to him afterwards that I was ok with as long as he would keep it private and safe.
Saturday morning came and My mom came into my bedroom and said she is going out with a friend and won’t be home until tomorrow evening. She said dad is in bed sleeping. I got up and watched out the window for her to leave. I waited about half hour I then went to my dad’s bedroom slowly opening up his door and peaked in at him. Seeing that he was asleep I walked up to him and pulled the blanket off of him and there he was naked. I crawled in bed and laid down next to him and started to stroke his cock. escort kartal I whispered to him dad I want to suck your dick, can I suck you daddy. He shook his head up and down. I position myself so I could suck him with my ass up by his face. I couldn’t help but to devour is dick. It wasn’t quite as big as mine but I couldn’t wait until he fucked me. As I was going down on him I felt is hand playing with my ass. First he stuck one finger in my ass slowly pumping me then I felt the second finger go in. He told me to get on him and I did. Now I been with a few men before but this was the first time I 69 another dude and it was with my dad. We were sucking each other while fingering each other’s asshole. Then my dad reached over to the draw and pulled out some lube and a large dildo. I felt him lube my ass next thing I know is he taking this dildo and starts to go to town on my asshole. At first it hurt but then I started to enjoy it. Every time he shoved it in I would go deeper down on his cock. I started to pump my dick farther down his mouth. I took my mouth off of his meat long enough to tell him I’m about to cum. Next thing I know is I’m unloading everything I had in his mouth. After I was done I rolled of of him and got on all fours and said my asshole is yours dad, fuck me hard. And with I took my dads 8 inch swollen man meat in my ass. Pump after pump he was pounding my ass. I was getting so turned on by hearing my dad grunt. I was rock solid again when my dad said he was about to cum. I said cum in me daddy cum in me. And he did , feeling all that cum explode inside of me was incredible. When he was done he pulled out and I rolled over. He saw my harden cock and started to stroke me. While he was doing that he went down and started to lick the cum dripping out of my asshole. We spent the rest of the day fucking and sucking.
Sunday morning I was awoken by my dad fingering my asshole. I naturally spread and pulled up my legs as he moved closer to me with his hard cock about to penetrate me I was so excited to have him in me again. He started to fuck my asshole while he was jerking me off. I was in heaven. Having my dad do this to me was incredible. We both came together, him in my asshole and I shot my load on his chest.
After we were done we got up and took a shower together. We got dressed and went down stairs. About an hour later my mom came through the front door and into the kitchen where me and my dad was at drinking some coffee. I poured my mom a cup of coffee as my dad gave her a kiss and left the kitchen. I heard him say that he is going to work on his truck as he was going into the garage. My mom was washing a couple of dishes when I came up behind her and started to rub her ass. She giggled turned her head and whispered to about how horny she was. I slipped my hand down the front of her yoga pants and her pussy was soaking wet. I was fingering her and she was humping my hand. Right before she got off I stopped and told her she will be taken care of later.
The next day after my dad went to work I spent the day teasing my mom I would play with her all day. I would go up to her and pull down her pants and play with her pussy until she was about to cum and stop. Around 4pm, before my dad got home I told her when dad gets home take him into the bedroom and give him a blowjob. I told her to leave the door open so I could watch. She at first said no but I started to play with her and she finally relented. I told her to have him sit on the bed and pull his pants down and suck him off. She agreed. I then called my dad and told him what mom is going to do and to let it happen and to make sure she doesn’t close the bedroom door.
A little after 5 my dad came in the house and I told my mom to take care of him. She went over to my dad and whispered in his ear and they both went upstairs to their bedroom. A couple of minutes later I went up the stairs and there was my moms mouth wrapped around his cock. She was wearing those black yoga pants and I could see the wet spot between her legs. My dad saw me and smiled, I came up behind her pulled my dick out and started to stroke myself. Dads eyes lit up as I went to pull her pants down she started to stand up and stop me but I pushed her back down and said keep sucking dad off mom. She looked back at me as I was about to enter her hole. Dad grabbed her head and pushed her back on his dick. I parted her legs and slowly put my 9 inches in her. I went from slowly stroking her pussy to outright pounding it. Dad grabbed onto her and started to relentlessly face fucking her. All of the suddenly my dad started to grunt, my mom started hips started to push back on me. And then it happened. My dad started to cum my mom started to gag a bunch of cum came out of her mouth onto my dads stomach. She laid her head down in the cum and started to yell god I’m going to cum. Don’t stop Chris fuck mommy fuck me hard. I was slamming my 9 inches all the way in while she all she could do is wrap her arms around my dad while her face was sliding up and down on my dads cum. As soon as I was about to cum I pulled out rolled my on over and stood on the bed and told them both to suck me off. My dad and my mom immediately sat up and looked at each other. I pushed their heads together and shoved my dick in between. When I was about to cum I asked who wants my jizz and both of them raised their hand.as I was shooting my load I kept taking turns on their mouth until they drained me of all I had.

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