19 Haziran 2021

Tales of a Hustler—In the Blue Corner

Adult Funnies

Tales of a Hustler—In the Blue CornerTales of a Hustler—-In the Blue CornerThe lines were pretty long—it was morning weigh in. Fortunately, for the Silver Gloves, you can weigh twice. Joey had been hanging right on the line, so I was kinda worried. “Gallager—South Coral Jr Hgh—125 and ¼. Sorry k I d, your gonna be 4 ounces over. Unless you can drop it by noon, you’ll have to step up to Featherweight.”Joey stepped off the scale and just looked at me. As if that weren’t bad enough, we noticed in the other line was the punk from school that was beating him up all the time. He weighed in at Batamweight—and although Joey was nervous about fighting him, he desperately wanted to. “Aight—aight–it’s doable. Come on dawgs—back to the crib. We got three hours to get ¼ lb off this punk” I looked at Joey with a loving grin after calling him punk. As we started walking out the exit, Johnny Truelove himself walked up and gave Joey a shove. “What’s up Gallager—come to get ur pussy ass stomped in public”?Joey reared back to take a swing, but the twins caught him by his arm, and chest, and pushed him on out to the parking lot. Joey was jumping up and down, and shouting back like a rabid dog. I taught him that—the point is to intimidate, and work the crowd. Back at the crib I ordered Dustin to get some coffee on. “Finally” he responded out of caffeine withdrawals. “Aight Joey—get you about 4 cups in ya—black, then wait about 30 minutes, then go see what you can shit out. You gotta empty ur guts” “Oh fun dude” was all Joey had to say. We all just hung around, mostly quite, just waiting for Joey to go take a dump, lol. Joey was doing some light work outs on the weights—nothing to heavy I told him, just get your muscles warmed up. Joey was miserable cause we wouldn’t let him have anything to eat or drink. I just told him to ‘dawg up’, it would only be a little while now. Finally Joey headed for the bathroom. It was kinda funny—bunch of guys waiting around for one of them to shit. The twins followed him in, and went into their monkey act—running up to him and sniffing at his crotch. He laughed a couple of times—which of corse was the idea—keep his spirits up. . Again—kinda weird—but, ahh fuck it’s a boxing thing. I hollared out be sure not to flush—I wanted to check it out. Joey finally announced he had done all he could. I went in to check it out. “Looks like about 2, maybe 3 ounces—that’s not enough”. The scales at the house were simple retail bathroom scales—not high precision medical scales like at the gym. “Cody—we gotta get more dawg—you know what to do”. “Ahh Matt, please don’t make me do that—he’ll fuckin hate me” “Ya, but just for a minute—he’ll love you again by this evening”. Cody shook his head back and forth, and ordered everybody else out of the bathroom. As we all walked out, Cody put his arm around Joey like he was gonna tell him something. Standing about 45 degrees next to Joey, Cody rears back and delivers a blow to Joey’s stomach. Joey let out a yell, but with no time to react, canlı bahis Cody delivers three more blows to Joey’s guts. Tommy and Hunter jumped up to head to the bathroom, but I snapped them off and told them to sit. The look of horror on their faces showed that they didn’t understand what was happening. Cody hollars from the bathroom “it aint happening Matt” I hollar back at him “do it again, don’t stop till he pukes” Cody lit into Joey like they were in the ring, as I just held my head down between my hands. It was the last result—gotta make him puke up the liquids still in his guts. You see the finger choke wasn’t enough—it would produce some results, but not the v I o l e n t eruption from ‘down deep’ that we needed. The boi had to get empty.Finally Cody exited the bathroom, also holding his face into his hands. Practically crying himself, just as he announced ‘he’s doing it’ you could already hear the v I o l e n t eruptions coming from Joey’s guts. It was a horrible scene, but I was really proud at Joey doing what he had to do to remain in the bantam class. So—finally back at the gym. Only 90 minutes till bantamweight finals. Joey gets in line in the locker room for final weigh. Turns out that Truelove was right across from him in the other line. As they both approach their respective scales, Joey holds back a sec to see Johnny Trueloves final official weight. “Johnny Truelove—South Coral Jr High—124 lbs even. 124. Truelove will fight Bantam.” Next up—I grabbed Cody and told him to run up the line and tell Joey to drop his boxers. Cody jerked around wide eyed , and looking at me “what the fuck”? “Go dawg—go. Drop the drawers—now–DO IT”Cody did as I told him, and Joey flashed a look of horror at me from across the room. I motioned with my arms to pull off his boxers. Tommy and Cole followed suite, and demonstrated as well. About that time the official asked Joey was he going to weigh. Joey snapped back with a ‘yes sir’ and as he stepped to the scale, bent down and shucked his boxers off, then stood up and threw them to the side of the line. You could hear the breaths of ‘oh fuck’ up and down the two lines. Looking steely faced, Joey stood up on the scales, and held his arms out to his sides like he was being booked into jail, then locked his hands together at the back of his head, exposing his sweaty bushy pits. The dude had packed on some muscle, as well as body hair in just two months. At just 14, he was quite a stud. “Gallager—also South Coral Jr High—”—The official paused, and the whole locker room went dead silent. He looked over at me, and gave me a wink. I almost shit my pants. “124 lbs, and 12 ounces—124 12. You fight Bantam.” The room erupted in a frenzy. As it turned out—the Bantamweight was one of the most anticipated fights of the tournament. We didn’t know—but Johnny Truelove was returning for the third year in a row—still in Bantamweight. All eyes had been on Joey for some time—and we didn’t even know. As Joey lit up like a Christmas tree and spun around bahis siteleri to step off the scales—still buck naked, he point his finger at Johnny Truelove like fuckin Babe Ruth or something, lol. “Im coming for you mother-fucker” Cheers went up from the boys still in line, and as we all started to walk out of the locker room. Moms and dads faces dropped open, exclaiming ‘such language from a 14 year old’, as if the 6” of hairy dick hanging between his legs wasn’t enough. All of the boys still in line dropped their boxers. I guess it was a tribute to Joey, lol. It was meant to be intimidating—not to set a trend. As it turned out—that ‘trend’ continued for several years—just in the Bantamweight. There was no rules against it, and the officials voted to leave it alone—it gave the boys something to ‘prove they weren’t chicken’. LOL—whatever.SO—hours pass slowly now as we go trough the various rounds, to finally get to the championship round, for the Silver Gloves. Word had spread of Joey dropping his drawers at weigh in, so nearly double the number of people were showing up for the Bantam bought. As expected, it came down to Joey, and Johnny Truelove. Whispers were already circulating calling Joey ‘cock of the walk’ I could’nt help but be proud as fuck—he was already famous, and hadn’t even fought yet.Anyways—on with the show.“Ladies and gentlemen—may I have your attention. I have received word from the Cooper twins—Cole, and Cody, that they will be withdrawing from final competition for the Welterweight title. (Crowd goes up in expressions of disbelief. In a statement given by the twins—”we have been overjoyed at winning the Silver Gloves—and to especially have fought each other as the results of a true genuine tie—which is extremly rare in amateur boxing—that we have decided to leave it where it is, and give the chances to other young men to fulfill their dreams at the gloves” “And now !! In the red corner—at 15 years, 2 months, from South Coral Jr High—weighing in at 125 pounds, A 3 time Silver Glove winner—Johnny ‘Spartacus’ Truelove. Crowd cheers. And, in the blue corner—(crowd is already cheering), at 14 years, 10 months, also from South Coral Jr High—weighing in at at 124 pounds, 12 ounces—Joey ‘the intimidator’ Gallager !! Gallager !!” The crowd erupts in an unbelievable shouting and cheering usually reserved for the heavier classes. Never had Bantams ever received such attention. With only seconds to go, as I roughly rub up Joey’s shoulders, I rattle into his ears–”You come off that bell like a rabid dog. Start hard, and start fast. Punch, punch, punch—don’t let up. Hit hard, and hit fast—I wanna see b l o o d. If you let up, Joey—he’s gonna beat you. Joey nodded his head, and I placed his mouthpiece into his mouth. The judge called for center ring, and both b o y s met in the middle. They did hit gloves—where I had been afraid that Truelove was going to back up, and not do it. The bell rang, and then—-Joey comes out of his corner like a fuckin rocket. Before bahis şirketleri Truelove could even get his gloves up to his face—Joey attacked with the combination—bamm, bamm, bamm—3 shots to the head, then two to the left eye—causing b l o o d to spurt up into the sky. As Johnny raises up to protect his head—Joey delivers the same combinaton to his belly—1-2-3-4-5, in less than two seconds. DAMM that b o y was fast. As Truelove bows up, Joey delivers an uppercut to his chin, causing him to stand straight up, and crying out in pain, Joey delivers one final blow to the side of his head, and then—PLOP. Truelove hits the mat. The crowd goes silent—the ref starts slamming his hand down on the mat—ONE——–TWO——-THREE——-FOUR——FIVE UR OUT ! And grabbing Joey by the arm, and throwing it up in the air—-”WINNER” !! Truelove never got a shot off. The crowd explodes—you would have thought Elvis himself had just walked out into that ring. Joey goes down to his knees on the mat, holding his face in his gloves, trying to hide the tears that were now flowing from his face. It took nearly 30 minutes for the crowd to chill down, and for Joey to compose himself. Johnny Truelove come ‘back to life’ with no serious injury. It was truly amazing—not many 13-15 year olds can hit hard enough to knock someone out. Finally—everyone was back at center ring. “Ladies and gentlemen—by unanimous decision—by knockout—and his first Silver Gloves win–(again the crowd erupts) in the blue corner—JOOOEEEY INTIMDATER GALLLLAA GER “ The eruption of cheers and yells was beyond description—-flashes from newspaper reporters were everywhere—TV crews from three stations were all on Joey. The tears started again, as Truelove took his corner in defeat. Joey held his trophey high in the air, as an official hung the ceremonial gloves over his shoulders. As he spun around, for all the crowd to see—they started chanting in rapid succession—cock o the walk—cock o the walk–—finally it clicked what they wanted, and right there—in center ring, Joey sat his trophey on the floor—and dropped his boxing shorts to the mat. The crowd went absofucking lutely crazy. And just as Elvis would do, he bent down, and picking up his shorts, threw them into the crowd—giving not the first thought as to how he was getting out of here buck ass naked. (Fortunately there was a robe near by from one of the other boys in the tournament). As he jumped from the ring, and wrapped the robe around him—all he wanted was to get to his mom, and a younger dude standing with her, that I had just noticed. Turns out Joey had a older brother—more on that later :)We all began to walk towards the exit of the ring, and almost out the door when screaming over the mic came—-”You got balls Gallager” ! It was Johnny. Joey turned to look at him, and hollered back—-yo dawg—pizza—come on” So, to finally cut it off, this tear jerker ends exactly as you thought it was going to—Joey and Johnny become best friends for life, and Johnny never bullied anyone again. In fact—they campaigned before the school district, and got boxing added as a sport, not just to South Coral jr High, but to five surrounding high schools as well. Now—let’s go check out Joey’s big brother 🙂

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