30 Mayıs 2021

Tanya and Deanna Ch. 02


Tony, with his hands still on Deanna’s buttocks as he hovered over her in a post-orgasm doggie-style, leaned back and allowed his softening cock to pull out of her asshole with a barely discernible “plop”. Droplets of seminal fluid followed, spurting out of Deanna’s anus and dribbling onto the bed.

Deanna, her face still coated with Tony’s drying sperm and her cunt still throbbing, collapsed flat onto her belly as soon as Tony let her go. As her face hit the pillow, she smelled the stench of sperm from Tony’s first load, which had soaked into the linen.

For that instant, they had both forgotten about Tanya, who had filmed them both doing porno and had been inundated with sensual stimulation all afternoon. Tanya… who had orgasmed right inside her jeans as she had filmed her friends fucking, and was now so hot and bothered that she was ready to fuck Tony right then and there, completely ignoring her own marital status!

‘Whew” said Deanna, as she flopped herself onto her back and lay prone on the bed, staring at them both. “What a fucking mess! There’s jizz everywhere!” She could feel the stickiness of Tony’s drying seed all over her face.

Tony was already off the bed and heading into the bathroom. He shut the door behind him.

“Whew! What a fucking cum!” Deanna sat up and moved herself to the foot of the bed, closer to Tanya. “Do I still have jizz all over my face?”

“Oh yeah, Dee…this room reeks of cum and pleasure!”

“God, Ton” Deanna said as she raised herself off the bed and reached for her clothes, “you just watched me and Tony fuck, and there’s sperm all over the place… you must be dripping yourself right now!”

“I’m pretty fucking damp right now!” Tanya didn’t let on that she had cum three times while filming them.

Tony came out of the bathroom and re-entered the bedroom. He was still nude, and had exited the bathroom with his hand on his sperm-slimy dick, masturbating, hoping that both girls might want to forsake the camera and have a little more fun. He was a little disappointed to see Tanya gathering her things off the floor and Deanna already half-dressed.

“So when can we see this, Tony?” Deanna reached over and hugged her still naked lover. “When can I send this to Kevin?”

Tanya stood silently by, awaiting the answer as her porno-stimulated cunt was threatening to burn a hole right through the crotch of her pants!

‘Oh shit, that’s nothing” replied Tony.” I’ll put it on a video tape tonight, we can watch it and edit out the crap tomorrow.”

Deanna interjected, “like when I farted?”

Tanya laughed…”you fucking did, you pig!” They both giggled.

“Yeah, the farting, everything” Tony replied. “Wanna meet tomorrow?”

“Yeah, baby”, answered Deanna, as she finished tying her sneaker and grabbed her bag. Tanya was standing at the door. “Ton? What time you working tomorrow?”

“Shit, I’ll be out by two, Dee. What’s good for you, Tony?”

“Why don’t you guys just head over here about four? We’ll watch the video, edit it, and then it’ll be ready to pop in the mail on Friday!”

Tony walked them to the door, still naked. Deanna playfully grabbed his dick. “You’ve been wanting to do fuck my asshole for a long time, baby! How was it?”

“Mmmmm” grunted Tony, and as Tanya looked on they embraced and

tongue-kissed passionately. Tanya was starting to drip herself again. The girls left, and Tony hurried back to his room and masturbated furiously, cumming twice in a matter of minutes!

No sooner had they closed the car doors and Deanna started the engine, that the two girls were talking the way they always did.

“Jesus, Tanya!!! I fucked him! bahis firmaları I let him fuck me up the ass right on camera! Uggghhhh”, Deanna moaned as she sped up the highway, “what a fucking cum!!!!”

“It was fucking awesome!” Tanya replied, as the searing heat deep inside her cunt burned into her belly. “I am so fucking horny!”

“Your hubby better watch out girl…whooo! You’re gonna ball his brains out tonight, baby!”

“Deanna, I’m so fucking horny I’ll have masturbated at least twice before he even gets home tonight! Jesus, Tony shot such a fucking load of jizm on your face! I’ve never seen that much cum!”

“Well, I knew he’d do it…he’s been trying to get into my pants forever!”

“God, I’d let him cum on my face anytime!”

“Tanya”, Deanna said coyly, “do you want to fuck Tony?” Deanna knew that her best friend was not above flirting with guys other than her own husband, and had actually given blow jobs to guys in the parking lot after a night of dancing at a club. Tanya was a slut at heart, Deanna knew.

“Fuck, yeah!!!!”

“Would you fuck him tomorrow?”

Tanya reached across the seat and grabbed Deanna’s arm, “I’d have stayed and fucked Tony right now! Damn, Deanna, I watched him splurb your face with jizz and then fuck you up the ass and you both kept fucking cumming…shit, baby, my cunt is fucking dripping!!!” Tanya was rubbing her cunt through her jeans right in the car.

“Jesus, Ton!” Deanna yelled as she pulled the car off the Interstate and headed toward Tanya’s apartment. “Fucking go, girl! Masturbate that cunt!”

Tanya was rubbing her cunt as Deanna drove her car into the apartment complex…the long friendship between the two of them had left no subject or act taboo.

“Jesus baby…I’m starting to wet myself, too.” Deanna said as she pulled up in front of Tanya’s building. Tanya looked over at her best friend, and their eyes locked.

They both were feeling it…pure lust, the desire to feel another person pleasuring them, the overwhelming urge to cum! Two girls with cunts on fire, yet unable to pleasure each other except in fantasy! They both knew that they were not lesbians, or even bi-sexual…they had addressed this many times before.

They would have to part with fire in their loins, each to do her own pleasuring!

“So”, asked Deanna as Tanya opened the car door to leave, “would you let Tony cum on your face?”

“Shit, Deanna, if he’d shoot a wad on my face like he did to you today, yes!”

“Well, baby, call him!! He told you he had jerked off for hours to splatter my face like that! He’ll do it for you, too!”

“Deanna, I am so fucking horny…I gotta go masturbate!” Tanya reached over and pecked her friend on the cheek….”bye, baby! See ya tomorrow!”

“I’ll pick you up at 3:30!” Deanna drove off.

Tanya ran into her apartment, peeled off her clothes, and started to masturbate. As her fingers squishily fucked her sopping hot cunt, she replayed the cumshot in her mind over and over and over…

…Tony ejaculating all over Deanna’s face…thick globs of sperm just splattering all over Deanna’s cute blonde face, jizz splattering in her hair, the smell of cum in the room as she filmed the porno video…

Tanya wanted a cumshot like that! All over her face!


Deanna was lying in bed, freshly showered, ready for sleep. She hadn’t washed her face, to leave the awesome residue of Tony’s jizz mess still on her cheeks and face! “Today was awesome, Tony! Thank you, baby!” She spoke into the phone

“Oh shit, baby! You’re welcome, Deanna…but I’ve fuckin’ masturbated so many times about cumming on your face like that, kaçak iddaa it was…really..fucking great for me!”

“Tony” asked Deanna, “how do you like Tanya?””

“She awesome…I can see why she’s your best friend…to do what she did today, filming us doing porno…shit, she must be so fucking hot tonight her husband won’t know what hit him!”

“Well, baby, that’s what we need to talk about.”

Tony’s sat up in bed at the other end of the line.. “Why, baby?”

“Tanya wants you to cum on her face like that! You think she’s pretty, don’t you?”

“Oh, fuck, yes, Deanna! She is awesome! I’ve fucking masturbated about her twice already!”

“Oh, baby! That’s awesome… tomorrow, can you do the same thing?” Deanna continued, “When we come over to watch the video, can you have a load of jizz like that for Tanya?”

“Shit, baby, yes!”

“Mmmmmm…see you tomorrow. baby!”

Deanna went to sleep with billions of dried sperms in her hair and plastered all over her cute little face…and Tanya dreamed of the same!


Comfortably ensconced in Tony’s living room with beers in hand, Deanna and Tanya were anxious to see the video. Deanna wanted to see the heartbreak she was bringing to her ex, by making him watch her blow a guy, let him cum all over her face, and then fuck her up the ass! Tanya, on the other hand, had a dripping wet cunt full of anticipatory juice, because she knew that Tony was gonna cum all over her face later!

Tony sat between them on the couch, as the video started. There was Deanna, telling her ex “Kevin” to go fuck himself and explaining to him that, had he done her right, these are the pleasures she would have afforded him.

Deanna laughed out loud! “Fucking A! Asshole!”

Tony reached over and started to stroke Tanya’s leg through her jeans…Tanya felt the heat rising from her bowels into her cunt….she knew what she wanted. Tanya needed to orgasm!

The video only took a few minutes to complete…Tony splattering Deanna’s face with cum, and then the ass fuck scene.

As the video ran out, Tanya asked Tony, “How the fuck do you cum like that?”

“I watch porn and jerk off… I bring myself to the point of cumming and I don’t cum….easy as that…”

“Tanya”, Deanna asked coyly as she looked at her friend, “does your husband ever cum like that?”

“Fuck no!….” and now Tanya eased herself into a position where both girls were literally sandwiching Tony…rubbing against him, licking his ears and neck.

“Tony”, muttered Deanna as she began to stroke the bulge hidden by his jeans, “Tanya wants you to cum all over her face…”

Tony turned to Tanya, who was also caressing his dick through his pants. Jesus, not only was she was beautiful, she was asking him to sperm on her face!

They made out… tonguing, caressing, hands on tits and ass and cock…Tanya whispered into Tony’s ear…

“Tell me you’ve been masturbating all day, baby..”

“Oh yeah, baby…I’ve been fuckin’ jerking off for you…”

“Deanna”, Tanya interrupted, “wanna see a mess?”

Deanna had already peeled down her shorts and was eagerly masturbating her own shaved cunt…”Oh’ shit, I’m gonna cum! You guys just keep going at it!”

Tanya unzipped Tony’s jeans and eased them down to his knees, as Deanna looked on and masturbated from the other side of the couch. “Tony, cum on her face!”

“Yeah, baby,” echoed Tanya, “just jism all over my face! I want a fucking mess like you gave Deanna yesterday!”

The three of them continued to grope, kiss, and lick in sexual frenzy…Tony squeezed their tits and groped at their cunts….Tanya French-kissed Tony and jerked kaçak bahis off his penis…and Deanna masturbated herself!

“Oh God, Tanya, I’m gonna cum!” Tony felt his jism starting to boil over in his balls…it was just a matter of seconds!

“Ton” yelled Deanna as she leaned forward and positioned her friend, “lay right there” and she had Tony jerking off right into Tanya’s beautiful face.


Three voices grunting and moaning…

“Oh, baby, tell me I can sperm all over your beautiful face!” Tony to Tanya

“Jizz my face, baby! Cum all over my face!” Tanya to Tony

“Cum on her face, Tony! I wanna watch that gooey mess while I cum!” Deanna as she masturbates

Tony was masturbating furiously, straddled over this gorgeous 35-year old woman…as she begged him, “cum on my face, baby!!!”

Tony leaned back, watching Deanna masturbate as she watched the scene of pure porno and orgy satisfaction, and, squeezing Tanya’s boobs, Tony had to let go!

Tanya reached up and grabbed Tony’s cock and began to pleasure him

“Cum, baby!!! Cum on my face!” Tanya was jerking him off furiously!!!

Tanya was masturbating Tony’s dick right in her face! Pre-cum was oozing out , and he had masturbated so much that it was just spewing out of his pisshole! .She massaged his sperm-bloated balls while she jerked his dick, waiting for the cumshot!

“Uggghhhh, baby, I’m cumming!!!!”

Tanya jerked faster, and stuck Tony’s dick right into her face…smelling pre-cum, seminal excitement, and male lust! She masturbated furiously as she found herself enraptured in pre-cum heat!!!!

Suddenly, the scene that Tanya had filmed yesterday became reality! Tony grunted, heaved, and hours worth of a sperm build-up shot out of his dick!

The fist splurt splattered right into Tanya’s face! Two streams of semen ejaculating at a force meant to send millions of sperms up her cunt and into her ovaries just plastered Tanya’s face! Deanna heard the droplets of jizm which weren’t interrupted in flight by Tanya’s face splatter like raindrops against the sofa and pillows!

Tony grunted, heaved, and spewed forth a second spurt! As Deanna looked on, two ropes of gooey, stringy jizz spurted out of Tony’s dick, arced in midair, and splaterred onto Tanya’s face! One glop of jizm shot all over her forehead and into her auburn hair, while the second jizz glob involuntarily hit her in her right eye and began to settle down in a puddle of goo that started to dribble down her cheek.

“Ahhhhhhhh” was all that Tanya could muster in a contented moan as she felt the mess of warm semen splatter all over her face while she masturbated herself to another orgasm!

Tony ejaculated again! His jism was more watery now as his seminal fluid took over, but his cumshot was no less intensel! Two more jets of sperm shot into Tanya’s face, one right up her nostril! As Tanya sniffed the jism up her nose she could only

masturbate more furiously, enraptured by the smell of semen, the scent of a man’s excitement and pleasure!

At this point, Tony collapsed onto Tanya. He felt her boobs against his chest, and was instantly excited! As he pulled himself off of her, Deanna heard a sticky “schlurp” as their cum sticky bodies separated. Jism was everywhere! Tanya reached back behind her head only to find puddles of jism all over the pillows!

“Guys”, added Deanna…”I gotta fucking get off and cum!”As Deanna masturbated in front of them, Tony and Tanya contemplated the mess of their combined cums glistening on their bellies…

They started to play with each other, rubbing messes into each other’s bellies as Deanna masturbated…

They could hear the slosh of Deanna’s fingers as she masturbated. Tanya looked at Deanna with an inquiring eye…Deanna nodded “no”. Tony and Tanya pleasured each other, and Deanna orgasmed herself to her own wet climax.

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