6 Şubat 2021

Teacher’s Pet Ch. 05


Thank you for all the feedback from the previous stories. Hope you enjoy this next chapter in the series.

“I’m waiting Mr Burton. What the hell is going on in here?” Her hands placed on her slender hips. Her rather demure outfit, of which she had many, never really told me any more about her figure. It’s all loose cardigans and conservative skirts. Her long brown hair tied up in a ponytail, the designer black framed glasses on her face the only thing that didn’t scream librarian.

It was then I realised I hadn’t said anything since she stormed in and caught me in my current precarious position. What was I supposed to say? I was giving them a practical sexual education lesson and things got a little out of hand? Thankfully, Emily thinks on her feet extremely well.

“Miss Jones, Mr Burton was just showing me and Nikki a few things.”

“Yes Miss Moore I can see that. Mr Burton, I shouldn’t have to ask this but can you please cover yourselves. I don’t know where to look without sullying my eyes.”

Jesus this woman was a prude. I thought to myself. I felt sorry for her husband. I assume she has one. I mean, she’s what? 32, 33? A woman in her prime, not unattractive. Surely she goes home to someone? Although the lack of a husband would explain a few things, she clearly needs to get laid. Clearly, Emily thought that as well.

“But Miss, what we’re doing feels so good.” She said, slowly stepping towards Miss Jones, her fingers sliding across the fading oak wood of the desks as she sidled past them.

“It may feel good Miss Moore but he is a teacher and you and Miss Sexton are students. I can’t tell you how much trouble the three of you are in.”

By this point in the conversation Nikki and I had managed to put most of our clothes back on. My shirt was still open and Nikki’s panties were still on the floor where they had apparently been discarded by her friend.

Emily was within 5 feet of Jones by now. Still naked as the day she was born. Her large breasts standing proudly from her chest, nipples still hard from the chill of the room, two half dried blobs of semen on the side of her mouth where my aim had let me down.

“I have one question for you Miss Jones?” Emily asked. A genuine, curious tone to her voice.

“Yes Miss Moore?” Miss Jones replied somewhat impatiently.

“When you report casino siteleri this to the principal, how are you going to prove it?” She questioned, grinning from ear to ear.

“What exactly are you implying? Are you saying that the principal of this school would take that reprobate’s word over mine?” She pointed at me when she said reprobate. Like anyone in the room would wonder who she was talking about.

“No, of course not Miss. I’m asking if you think the principal would believe you over the three of us.”

In my life, I’ve never seen looks of bewilderment, confusion, realisation and shock cross someone’s face one after the other so quickly. I’m pretty sure I never will either. Emily has that effect on people.

“Miss Moore are you actually suggesting that you and Miss Sexton would LIE to protect… to protect… HIM?” Again she pointed at me. I think she was just doing it so she had a reason to uncross her arms at this point.

“Of course Miss. I’d do anything for him. Anything so I can feel his meat sliding into me and making me scream his name. Niks will do the same. I’m afraid you’re quite, quite alone.”

“You will regret this Miss Moore. So help me God you will all regret this.” With that, she turned on her heel and stormed out of the classroom.

“Is there a reason Emily that you felt you needed to piss off one of the longest serving teachers in this school, who also happens to be my immediate superior?” I asked her. I had a feeling I already knew the answer.

Miss Laura Jones let herself into her two story house that was thankfully only a 5 minute walk from campus. She could have got a larger property for the same price on campus but didn’t want to be surrounded by students at all times of the week. She needed some space.

She kicked off her conservative flats and removed her coat. She stood then at the bottom of the stairs, a decision on her mind. Did she go upstairs for a bath and relax or sort tea first?

She went for the former. Tea always tasted better when she was in her PJs for some reason. She climbed the stairs, unbuttoning her loose fitting cardigan as she went. She pushed open the door to her room and wandered in, grabbing a coat-hanger from the closet and carefully placing the cardigan on it before hanging it back up. She undid the buttons on her blouse and threw it canlı casino in the wash.

She stood for a moment, admiring the body that she looked after so carefully with diet and a £40 a month gym membership. A gym that was the other side of town to avoid any colleagues or students. She unclasped her bra and admired breasts that, despite being the age of 34 had stood up well to the rigors of time and still stood out pretty proudly from her chest. The image of Emily large breasts suddenly jumped into her mind and she found herself envying the girl’s confidence.

“Ah, to be young again.” She sighed to herself.

That’s not to say she admired the girl’s lax morality. Having sex with a teacher? What is the profession coming to? She internalised.

Sighing once more, her hands slid the zip of her knee length skirt down and let it drop to the floor before stepping out of it. She stepped towards the en suite bathroom adjoining her room, pausing to slide her plain French knickers down her legs.

She turned the taps on and tested the temperature. She grabbed her bubble bath and poured a generous amount into the hot water. The scents of lavender and camomile rising with the steam from the water. She deftly swung her leg over the side of the bath and climbed in, feeling the tension of the day fade from her muscles. She put her head back and enjoyed the moment.

Her eyes started to close and she found herself back in that classroom at the end of the day, Mr Burton’s muscular frame glistening with sweat from the exertion and his large semi erect cock swinging back and forth. She felt a heat start between her legs, heat that couldn’t be blamed on the water she was floating in. Heat that she hadn’t felt since her cheating bastard of her husband had left her, branding her a prude and cold as he walked down the drive of their (now her) home, hand in hand with a woman half his age, not realising how big a cliché it all was.

She groaned as the heat intensified, her mind imagining dropping to her knees in front of her colleague, her hands eagerly grasping at his buttocks as her lips parted to envelope his hardening shaft. Her left hand travelled down her body, her index finger hooking and sliding into her submerged cunt. She stifled a gasp at the shock of high her internal temperature was. Her finger began sliding in and out, kaçak casino the serotonin in her blood stream setting her brain cells going off like fireworks as her libido reawakened from its long slumber. She cried out as her legs started to spasm and her quim began to quiver. A second finger joined the first now, the action of her hand sending water splashing over the edge of the bath drenching her bath mat and splashing on the tiles.

In her mind’s eye, Mr Burton brought her from her knees, his prick slick from her ministrations. With one swift motion she was cradled in his arms and the next she knew she was on his desk on her back, Emily Moore and Nikki Sexton stood in the background, watching as Mr Burton parted her legs and stared into her eyes as he lined his glorious length up with her dripping pussy.

She could feel the approach of her orgasm like a fire tearing through a plywood building, every nerve ending building a charge towards an inevitable and long awaited explosion of pleasure. Her right hand had found her clit at this point, her desperation to bring herself off now palpable. The bath was half empty now, the contents having spilt out onto the floor.

Mr Burton thrust into her and her head dropped back as a scream escaped her lips.

That image tipped her over the edge in the bath and her body locked rigid, every muscle in her body seized as her brain struggled to process the height of pleasure it had just hit, she stayed like that, frozen for what felt like hours and then her muscles relaxed and she was panting and her pulse was in her ears, the bath now virtually empty.

She fidgeted briefly then, unsure what to do next before coming to her senses and climbing out of the bath, pulling the plug as she did, although she needn’t have bothered.

She wrapped herself in a towel and padded through to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, she stared at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a damp tangle and she was flushed in the face like her skirt had just blown up in public. She threw open up her wardrobe and once she’d satisfied her curiosity, that her wardrobe would have better suited a senile librarian, one thought crossed her mind.

“How on Earth am I going to get Mr Burton do that to me in real life?” She asked out loud.

“Time to go shopping I think. I need some new clothes, new underwear, everything. It’s time I got back on the horse.” She chuckled at her own unintentional joke. Mr Burton was certainly hung well enough to pass for one and she was going to ride him to exhaustion if it was the last thing she did.

To be continued…

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