6 Şubat 2021



I’m in bed. I went to bed early last night, so I managed to wake up unaided just a few minutes before my alarm, which meets silent death before it can scream into life in my ear. The house is quiet, and my thoughts turn to you.

I remember the last time you touched me, how you lit my body with such intense passion. Everything, your voice, your eyes, your hands, even the smell of your skin is like an intoxicant to me. I am addicted to you.

The warmth in your smile blooms heat in my belly, and as I remember you, my hands slide down the curves of my body lightly. That soft tease, fueled by memories of you is enough to awaken me from the inside. Just before I touch the most sensitive parts of myself…


I wake with a jolt and glare in the general direction of the alarm clock. One arm flings out and beats the plastic annoyance into submission, while the other vainly seeks to block out the day’s sun light from my face.

“Meow!” cries one of my three feline Masters.

“Alright, alright. Give me a minute, fur-face,” I grumble in reply.

“MEOW!” Now the command is unmistakable, and like the well-trained pet that I am, I slog casino oyna off to check food, water, cat box, and then stumble into the shower. I am followed. I am used to it, too. I have not been alone in my house’s bathroom in nearly four years.

Warm water, one of life’s truest and most glorious pleasures, stirs an echo of the dream-heat I felt. I angle my body so that the near stinging droplets can hit the tender skin between my legs, and think of you. Once again, my hands begin their dance, nails dragging just sharply enough from the tops of my breasts downward in slow, lazy spirals. I am just starting to tease apart the delicate lips of my sex when my roommate pounds on the door.

“That was my alarm you shut off, you are late!”

I sigh, wash quickly and try to ignore the insistent demands of release from my body. Oh, the joys of sharing a one-bedroom condo with someone whom you are not intimately involved.

Traffic is horrible, as expected, but I manage to make it to work without mishap. I have also managed to shut down that clamoring part of me that would have been the most distracting. I am calm again.

Today is the day we review our monthly canlı casino finances and budget. Oh goodie. The three-hour meeting promises to be as excruciatingly boring this month as it was last month, and the time before that, and the time before that as well. I am overcome with joy as I take my seat, sipping old, too-strong coffee.

My department head drones on, blathering about the rising cost of… paperclips, for all I know. I’ve been with this company for ten years. I’ve gotten good at tuning people out. Another person stands, a woman I don’t know who sits three cubicles down from me. She’s been here at least as long as I have. If I cared, I might wonder at her name.

The guy sitting next to me from A.R. nudges me and gives me a look that says I look too asleep. I sit up and attempt more perkiness, listening to this unknown woman speak.

She discusses the riveting world of finance as if we are not all well versed in our decade plus jobs. I tune her out again, and debate slipping out of work early to beat the traffic. It is only ten am, and I don’t think that excuse will work. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait until quitting time like a good salaried employee. kaçak casino My attention sharpens on the discussion at hand, as I continue to sip the scalding, bitter-burnt coffee. If I am going to be here, I might as well pay attention.

… your hand, fisted deep into my hair, the thick coil of it wrapped around your fingers to give you power… you pull back with that reign, hips thrusting forward… your skin merges with mine and I scream… the sensation of you sliding in so forcefully sends me into helpless spasms but you do not stop… your thrusts, your demands on my body grow more forceful, driving the breath from me with each motion… I silently beg you not to stop as my peak rushes up again and again… I am mindless, unable and unwilling to remember a world not suffused with pleasure so intense it leaves me bleeding… your hands settle now on my hips, yanking me back faster… your own climax approaches and I am greedy to feel that sweet liquid heat pouring into my deepest flesh…

The vision releases me and I am only just able to suppress a shudder. My skin tingles distractingly, demanding attention. The meeting is just wrapping up, and I manage to keep a neutral expression as I locate my boss in the crowd. I’d worry about how long I had been lost in my daydream later.

“Frank, I’ve got a small emergency I need to take care of. I’ll be working from home today.”

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