13 Eylül 2021

The Bath


The BathLying back in the tub soaking my tired body steam rising from the bath water with the sent of lavender lingering in the air. My hair is piled up to the top of my head leaving the column of my tender neck completely exposed. The bathroom door is cracked slightly, just enough for you to see me in the mirror without being detected. The water level is right up to my breasts. At this moment my nipples are formed into tight pink buds of arousal. I take a deep breath drawing your attention to those sinfully hard nips, and sink further down into the tub. It’s been a long day, all those meetings and never-ending conference calls. I need a stiff drink and a stiff cock to help me relax. My long silky leg partially covered in bubbles hangs over one side of the tub. I run my hand over the delicate skin of my thick thigh and moan. I didn’t realize how frustrated I had been. It’s been months without any sexual attention. I reach for my glass of wine and take a long lingering sip. Your eyes catch my pink lips pressing on the glass and you take a steadying breath. I place the glass back on the side of the tub and slowly lick the droplet of dark red wine from my lips. You groan inwardly imagining what that soft velvety tongue and those supple lips would feel like around your hard throbbing cock. You brace your body on the wall and settle in for the fantasy to run wild in your head. Of course you never take your eyes off the stunning beauty lounging so haphazardly in the bubble filled tub. I prop myself back up a little and my already hard nipples emerge from the steamy water. They pucker even tighter as the cool air from the room hits them and I moan out in delightful agony. They’re so tender and sensitive. My hands immediately move to cup them, hoping to subside some of the aching I feel. However, I have an opposing sensation. The ridges of my palms sc****d across the tender buds causing goose bumps to appear on my flesh and a flood of moisture in my center. I moan again because I can’t fight how good it feels to be touched even if it is only by myself. Your breath hitches as you hear me moan. You groan softly again and fix your eyes to my hands. izmir escort Soft subtle squeezes are applied to my tender breasts each squeeze is a practice in self-torture. My entire body aches as my core becomes increasingly moist. In an interest of self-exploration I squeeze a little firmer on one breast and slightly pinch the hard bud of the nipple on the other. The sheer excitement of feeling this sensation causes a girlish giggle to escape my lips. Which are now rosy from the flood of arousal. My cheeks are also flushed and the contrast against my pale skin is mesmerizing. You take a moment you study my face in the mirror. A mental checklist begins as you take in the sight of the high cheekbones and straight nose. The pale grayness of my eyes set in their almond shape. There’s a sparkle of mischief you’ve missed when darting glances at me previously. Your eyes dip down to those rosy lips. They are free of all stain and gloss, yet something draws you to them. Is it the plumpness, the softness, or the simple fact that they are mine, which brings you to your knees with need to kiss them? Your eyes continue the journey across my porcelain skin. With my copper blonde hair piled on top of my head you longingly glance at the column of my neck. Smooth and strong much like the woman herself you drift off in thought of how it would feel to have your lips caress that skin and inhale the scent attached to it. We’ve been in such a close quarters before you know the scent by heart a combination of sandalwood, vanilla, and lily. You silently chuckle to yourself and smile as you remember the scent. It’s a bouquet so uniquely her, subtle yet fierce in its womanly beauty. It’s a perfect blend of earth and sweetness. As you continue to gaze my hands are becoming more adventurous. Is the wine that has emboldened me, or just the pure need of physical release? I don’t even care what caused me to do it I just don’t want the feeling to end, at least not anytime soon. My long fingers pluck at my ripe nipples. My breathing has become shallower as the arousal blooms within me. My hand sets course down my chest. My face reddens as I feel like I’ll be caught escort izmir in the act. I stroke the length of my leg. Little moans escape my lips as I go. I follow a trail up my inner thigh. I quickly run my fingernails back down the same pathway. Taking another sip from my wine I continue. Starting back at the top of my thigh, I slowly stroke down to my calf taking a moment to appreciate the structure of these sturdy limbs. On the trail back to the top I drag my fingernails up the never-ending length. I groan in misery and pleasure. It’s been far too long without any intimate touch in my life, and the constant dreams of your hands taking this exact journey are more than I can bear. I wonder briefly to myself if you have these same thoughts about me. I scoff and shake my head telling myself there is no way you see me that way. With wine pumping through my veins I shake off the discouraging thoughts and run my hands up my torso to tweak those luscious pink nipples one more time. My moans are no longer quiet. The pleasure is too much to take in silence. With one hand still cupping my breast I graze my torso with my nails as i begin a slow journey to my now trembling center.I dip one fingertip into the cleft of my pussy. I’m startled by how wet I am. This wetness has nothing to do with the bath I’m currently soaking in. No baby this is a wetness I am very familiar with. It’s a silky warm wetness that I get whenever I think about you and those plump lips. I’ve spent days, weeks, and months imaging what it would be like to feel them on me. Thoughts run wild in my head to be free to nibble and suck on those gorgeous creations, but not today. Probably never, and that’s ok. A girl can dream. My fingertip is stroking the length of my engorged pussy dipping occasionally into the tight opening. Your head hits the wall in frustration. Your eyes are still fixed to the mirror watching my every move. When you see my hand come up to my mouth and watch my finger gently paint my juices on my lips you gasp. My tongue takes a slow journey around my lips soaking in the musky, sweet and salty flavor. I extend that same finger and suck on it. Swirling my tongue izmir escort bayan all around the length and giving long lingering sucks. I moan from the taste and the image of my finger actually being your cock. I inwardly cuss at myself for letting my thoughts run to you once again. As your frustration builds you run a hand over the crotch of your paints. You are rock hard and there’s a little moisture gathered on your pants as well. You ask yourself do I leave now or go in there and tell her how bad I want her? I need release so bad my entire pussy is clenching and achy. I abandon my breast and slip down in the tub a little more. My erect nipples are poking up from the warm water. I spread my legs wider and drag my hands down from breast to pelvis. My left hand grabs the inside of my thigh while the right hand heads for that delicious slick center. Starting in a slow circular movement I begin stroking my hard throbbing clit. Pinching it between my fingers occasionally and continuing my motion moaning in sinful delight. My left hand drifts down to my tight hole. Before my finger enters a few thoughts pop into my head. What would he think if he knew it was his perfect face I pictured while doing this? What would he do if he were here? From the hallway I hear the faint sound of a zipper. That can’t be right, I live alone and no one was expected this evening. You are leaning on the wall slowly stroking your hard cock silently pleading with me to continue. Knowing I’ll never get to sleep if I don’t finish myself off I daringly push one finger into my soaking core. Still rubbing and pinching my clit I need more. I slide a second finger in and moan loudly. It’s a tight fit even for my fingers. My hips are moving with wild abandon. I need you so badly, yet you don’t know. I’m at the verge of going over when you hear me moan out, “ Oh yes, Mike, yes!” You stop and look straight at me. My eyes are closed, my mouth is open, checks flushed, nipples harder than ever, and my breathing is in shallow pants as I cum all over my hand. I say quietly. “Fuck Mike, that was good.” Followed by a little chuckle. I open my eyes to find my glass of wine. As I tilt my head back to drink I realize I’m staring into the most beautiful pools of chocolate. I’m completely speechless and embarrassed when you give a soft laugh and say, “yes it was, but it could be so much better baby”.

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