27 Nisan 2021

The Blue Life Ch. 23: Dr. Piggie


The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. All character is 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 22 left off. Thanks to John and Jake for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated. Suggestions are often worked into the plot in future chapters.


Sondra and I followed Nurse Nancy down the hall. She walked backwards in front of us chattering. “I’ve never been part of a scene like that. That wasn’t like, Group Sex-Group Sex, but Red Puppy just came in my panties because I told him to! That was such a rush. Like, it’s an adrenaline thing. That’s a feeling of power. Wow! I’ve never done anything like that before. And you all were so…so…” At this point, Nancy paused in the hall and started to tear up.

Sunny and I were following arm in arm. Both of us were naked. Except Sunny had on black pumps with three inch heels. It made her 5’10” frame almost as tall as me. I’m 6’2″. Anyway, Sunny and I walked up to Nancy and gave her a two-way hug. I held my stiff, leaking cock in my hand, not because I needed to jack-off, but because I was self-conscious of my dick bumping into the curvy, platinum blonde Nurse, Mrs. Stockton. I didn’t really know much about her, except that she was lovely, and looked far younger than her real age of fifty-two. But she had bonded with my youngest submissive, Terri Whitehall. And Terri had “adopted” Nancy as her “Sister.” I didn’t know what that would make me, since Terri also calls me, “Daddy.”

I’m not her Daddy. I’m only twenty-two years old, and Terri is eighteen. But all my sexual submissives, including (ironically) my own mother and father often call me, “Daddy.” I take this as a sign of respect. But, I also think there’s an element of “Age Play” there. Submissives often want to feel like they are younger and looking up to a parental figure, a figure of mythic Dominance and Power. So, they sometimes call me, “Daddy.” And I will sometimes refer to them as “Baby Girl,” or “Little Girl” for a diminutive. I don’t have a thing for actual little girls. But, sometimes when my mother adopts a little girl voice and says, “What do you want your Little Girl to do to please you, Daddy?” Well, that sort of play can make my body temperature rise by a few degrees.

So, we stood in the Hallway, just hugging Nancy for the moment. “I’m sorry,” Nancy said, “I’m working. I should be professional. But, that was amazing. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, dear,” Sondra said.

“Should I call you Master and Mistress? Is that how this works now?” Nancy asked.

Sunny said, “I would prefer if you didn’t yet, Nancy. You’ve taken Terri as a Mistress. But you and I don’t have a formalized relationship like that, yet. Please, I would like to start out as friends first. Call me, Sondra.”

“And you can just call me, Robert,” I said, “We’ll take things slowly. One step at a time. There’s no pressure and nothing needs to be rushed.”

Nancy breathed a sigh of relief and kissed both our cheeks. “Thank you. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into here. I mean, I love it. I love Terri. She’s amazing! I’ve never met anybody like her. But…there are things I don’t think I can do.”

Sunny asked her, “Do you know about Safe Words?” Nancy nodded. “OK, ours are ‘Yellow Card,’ which means, ‘I’m uncomfortable now, and you need to slow down or change direction,’ and ‘Red Card,’ which means, ‘Stop!’ The scene stops. All ropes or handcuffs or any sort of bondage comes off. Any discipline stops. Any sexual activity that included you ends right there. Do you understand? You will never be forced to do anything that you don’t want to do. Never. And if ANYONE tries to pull any bullshit with you after you say a Safe Word, they will get some sensitivity training, and severely disciplined by me.”

Nancy visibly relaxed. “Thank you.”

I said, “This is serious. Repeat the Safe Words.”

“Yellow Card and Red Card. Yellow, slow down. Red, stop,” Nancy confirmed, “I won’t forget. Thank you, Robert.”

Nancy let go of us and turned. When we came to the first door, she entered it and we followed. Dr. Shapiro was sitting on a rolling stool by a white Desk and Cabinet in the corner. He was making a few notes on a computer.

Nancy said, “Dr. Shapiro, the next two patients are here to see you.”

Sondra corrected her, “Nurse Stockton, I’m not a patient. I had this physical just two months ago, and I have not had any risky, unprotected sexual encounters since then.”

I needled Sunny, “Two months seems a long streak of celibacy for you.” I grinned.

“I wasn’t entirely celibate, Robbie. I just hadn’t had intercourse with a MAN in a LONG time. And you and I have had protected sex.”

Dr. Shapiro spun on his chair and noticed that we were both naked. And that I was sporting a six and a half inch erection I made no effort to cover. I saw Dr. canlı bahis Shapiro’s eyes dart up and down Sunny’s beautiful body a few times. Then he did the same with me. Dr. Shapiro is a thin, short man. He is in decent shape for his age. And I figure he is in his upper sixties, maybe even his early seventies. He’s had major work done on his face. And by comparing how he looks to how Nurse Nancy looks, Dr. Shapiro’s doctor isn’t anywhere near as talented. Dr. Shapiro has that Barry Manilow/Kenny Rogers/Liberace look about his face. Pinched, pulled, and plastic. Sort of alien. Like a caricature of himself. Dr. Shapiro’s eyes lit up when he saw Sunny. But, I honestly could not read the expression on his face. It could have been joy. It could have been annoyance. Too much plastic surgery.

He said, “Welcome. Shall we begin?”

Sondra shook her head. “No, Eugene. Nope. Let’s do this right. Stand up.” Dr. Shapiro stood.

Sondra walked over to him and gave him a big hug. Dr. Shapiro is not a tall man, so that put his head right at her chest level. He turned his head and smiled broadly, hugging her back. “There! That’s better,” Sondra said.

“I’m sorry, Sondra.” Dr. Shapiro broke the hug. “I’m not really myself. I haven’t done a Twilight Special in months. And now, you bring in a whole party! I thought you were done with Clifton and the party scene.”

“Eugene! Clifton and I are never getting back together.” Then Sunny emphasized it, “Never! I should have made that more clear on the phone, when I spoke with Mrs. Stockton, I’m sorry, I should say, Nancy. This is Robbie. He’s my Primary and my Master now. We’re in love. Robbie, this is Eugene. Eugene has been there for me like no other man in my life. He has actually saved my life, more than once.”

Eugene blushed. “I was just being your doctor.”

Sondra looked at him. “OK, Eugene. You heard what I told Nancy. We are leaving unless you get naked too.”

Dr. Shapiro blushed. “Mistress Sondra, I’m down to my boxers.” He called her Mistress. I caught that.

“And you told us all that we had to get naked.” Sunny sounded really irritated. “What the hell was that about, Eugene?”

“I’m sorry. I thought you were back with Clifton. And I was angry. I was…well, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Sunny put her hands on her hips. She cast an imposing figure. “I’ll tell you what were thinking: ‘There are six, good looking, hot Sex Party people in my waiting room. I want to see them naked on my security camera!’ You couldn’t wait until the exams?”

“I don’t know what I was thinking, Sondra. I can have Nancy tell them they can get dressed.”

“It’s a little too late for that, Eugene. Switch over to the Security Camera on the computer. Let’s see what they are up to in the waiting room.”

“I really wasn’t peeping-” Eugene began to protest.

“Don’t lie to your Mistress, Pig! Switch it on now, or you can have Nancy watch me spank your old-man ass right here, right now! I will take you over my knee.”

Dr. Shapiro looked quickly to Nancy and then me. He clicked an icon on his computer screen and the screen switched to a camera view of the waiting room. Sally was gone. I guess she left to go back to work. but my father was on his knees in the middle of the room. My mother was down on all fours, cleaning his cock with her tongue, but not really giving him head. And Terri had straddled my mother, her legs spread wide. And it looked like my father was busy licking her pussy. Then my mother stopped cleaning my Dad. Maybe she was done. She sat back on her heels. There was tension in her back. Terri said something to her. My father looked around Terri and he also said something to my mother. And then my Mom spread Terri’s beautiful butts cheeks and started to lick down the crack of her ass toward her anal pucker! It looked like my Mom and Dad were double-teaming their goddaughter Terri. But it didn’t look like Mom was that excited about the prospect.

Dr. Shapiro and Nurse Nancy’s eyes went wide with surprise and excitement! But Sondra said, “OK. Eugene. Shut if off again. We’ve seen enough. Those three are not about to get dressed any time soon.”

He turned off the video. “No, Mistress. I mean, yes, Mistress.”

“Now, drop your drawers, Eugene,” Sunny commanded. But Dr. Shapiro didn’t move. Sunny’s voice got even more stern, “Look at my face, Piggie. Does it look like I’m kidding? You could have done this the professional way, Mister. But you had to get snippy, and tell everybody to get naked.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” Eugene stood and pulled down his underwear. Nancy gasped. I wasn’t shocked. But I was a little taken aback. Eugene Shapiro is a short, thin man. He’s maybe 5’4″ tall, and he wears a pretty expensive gray toupee on his head. But his pubes are shaved bare, or he’s had all his public hair removed. His penis is short and thin too. Even though he was erect, it was only, maybe three inches long and not very big around. It would not have been that impressive, but there is a large steel bar going straight through bahis siteleri his cock, just under his cock head! It’s a barbell, like what pierced Terri’s nipples and clitoral hood. Only this was much, much larger, much thicker and heavier. The ball ends on the sides were at least four times as large, the size of large marbles. And if the bar going straight through his cock was four times as large…well the thought of that made me a little woozy. Dr. Shapiro notice our reaction. “It’s called an ampallang,” Dr. Shapiro said.

“I know what it’s called, Eugene. It’s perfectly lovely. But don’t you think you should have asked your Mistress if it was all right to modify your cock before you did it?”

“Mistress. It’s been a long time since we’ve acted formally or sexually in any way. Since before your surgery. I thought you had given up on Clifton and given up on BDSM.”

“Yes, but I’ve seen you many times since then. We see each other at least once every month, for lunch, no more than once every two months. How long have you had that thing?”

“About eighteen months, Mistress. And I’ve been training up to larger sizes. It’s supposed to make…well, it’s supposed to enhance the pleasure…I wanted…”

“You wanted your cock to be more impressive. Is that right, Pig.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Sunny turned toward Nancy. “Do you think it’s impressive, Nancy?”

“It’s lovely, Miss Gutierrez, I mean, Sondra. It looks very nice, Doctor,” Nancy said smiling.

“Would you like to fuck that cock, Nancy?” Sunny asked.

Nancy put her hands together, and her face got pinched. She obviously didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t know why Sunny had put her on the spot like that. There was palpable tension in the room. Nancy said, “While Dr. Shapiro has a very unique and sexy cock, I’m going to have to use my Yellow Card right now.”

“Ha!” The sound came out of me with a burst! “Fair enough, Nancy!”

Sunny reached out and began to stroke Dr. Shapiro’s cock. “Do the ladies like that?”

“I’m waiting for the right lady to try it out. You know me, Mistress. I’m very choosy,” Eugene boasted.

“Don’t wait too long, Old Man. I can set you up,” Sunny offered.

“When that becomes necessary. I will let you know. Now.” Dr. Shapiro coughed, and Sunny let go of his cock. “Can we get on with this exam?”

I said, “Doctor, there’s one more patient I would like you to wedge in today. One more Twilight Special, Sir.”

Dr. Shapiro said, “I don’t think I really have the time today.”

“Sir. It’s Nurse Stockton. She’s part of our…Gio calls it a stable. I think of it as my Family. She’s part of our Clan now. Because she’s my submissive’s submissive, if that makes sense, Doctor. I guess that makes you part of our family too, Eugene, if you’ll have us?”

Eugene looked at me skeptically. “Who is the Dominant of your stable? Your clan?”

“That is me, Doctor. Sondra is my girlfriend. My Primary. We aren’t engaged yet. But we’re engaged to be engaged. She is the Mistress to my whole stable. She’s in charge of Discipline and Sexual Training. And, I’m guessing we will get married some time next year.”

“But-but-Sondra just had my cock in her hands. She was offering to FUCK me! Now, I knew that she was joking. But you couldn’t know that,” Eugene stammered.

“I wasn’t joking either, Eugene,” Sondra interjected. Dr. Shapiro shook his head like he just didn’t believe her.

“I’m new at BDSM,” I explained, “I’m not coming out of any formal training or scene. I was never part of the Party Subculture that this town and especially Sondra is famous for. So I sometimes confuse formal protocols. But Nancy is Family now. And you seem to be Family too, Eugene. I just want you to know, you are always welcome in our home, at our table, or…at our orgies, if we ever get around to having any.”

Dr. Shapiro blinked and then sat back down on his stool. He looked at Sunny. “He’s serious.” Then he looked at me. “You’re serious? Just like that? You don’t even know me, Master. I’m just a Little Pig, Sir.”

“You’re a Little Pig who has saved my Lover’s life more than once, so I hear. You appear to be an Artist and Physician of the highest caliber. And I’m honored to be in your presence, Pig.”

Dr. Shapiro laughed, but there were tears in his eyes. “You have a very strange way of establishing Dominance, Master.” He looked to Sondra. “He’s really the Anti-Clifton, isn’t he? He’s nothing like that jack-ass!”

Sunny stood close to me and hugged me to her side. She kissed my cheek, reached and stroked my cock back to full mast. “Nope. He’s a catch. Handsome. Kind. Brilliant. And look at this cock. Have you ever seen a nicer cock, Eugene?”

Eugene licked his lips. “This is not a trick question…” He paused. “You have a very handsome cock, Sir.”

“Thank you, Piggie. Will you join my Family? Will you be our Family Physician? Will you serve me with everything your are, Eugene Shapiro.”

“I’m an old man, Sir. You don’t want an old fart like me,” Dr. Shapiro argued.

“It bahis şirketleri looks like you are a vibrant man, Eugene. I don’t expect you will die anytime soon.”

“Were both those women I examined in your stable, Sir?”


“Your mother is a lovely woman,” Eugene guessed. We had not put down last names on our forms. But there was an obvious family resemblance between me and my parents.

“She is a lovely woman, Piggie,” I said, but I wasn’t going to let him play that game with me. “Where do you think you have met my mother?” I pointedly asked him.

Dr. Shapiro looked up at me like he was going to explain or argue his point. Then he thought better of it. “Master, if you will have me, I will be your submissive,” he said seriously.

“Then roll your chair forward. And as a sign of your loyalty, faithfulness and submission, Piggie, I want you to take my cock in your mouth.”

Nurse Nancy gasped, “Oh my!” She hadn’t expected me to say anything like that.

I don’t know if Dr. Shapiro expected that or not. But I sort of caught on by the way he looked at my cock that he was bi-sexual. He didn’t hesitate to come forward and begin to kiss and lick my cock.

Sunny kissed my cheek. I saw the look in her eyes, she was proud of me. She said, “Master, if you will have me, I will be your submissive too.”

I kissed her passionately. When the kiss broke, I said, “As a sign of your faithfulness and submission, Sunny, you may assist our Pig in pleasuring my cock.”

Sondra knelt next to Eugene, and they started sharing my cock, back and forth. I realized I felt an extra sensation when Eugene took me into his mouth, and that was because his tongue had a stud through it too, and he was using that to tease the head of my cock.

Nurse Nancy said, “Oh my god, that’s so beautiful.”

I gestured toward her, beckoning her to come closer. “You are beautiful, Nancy,” I told her. She hugged me from the right side, the way Sondra had hugged me from the left. “None of this was planned. I didn’t expect any of this when we made our appointments.” Nancy’s nipples were hard. Her breathing was shallow, like if she moved too fast or did the wrong thing, the whole scene might shatter or come down like a House of Cards. I could see the age in her eyes. She wasn’t in her thirties. And I could feel the fragility inside her, and her raw vulnerability. It made me want to hold her and protect her, from what, I didn’t know. “You’re beautiful, Mrs. Stockton,” I reiterated as I pulled her even closer, “And I really want to kiss you.”

She whispered, “I hope you do, Master Robbie.” So I kissed her, and our tongues explored each other’s teeth and lips as our kiss grew more passionate. Then she said, “Master…if you will have me…I want to serve you and be your submissive too.”

I chuckled. “You just want to suck my cock too, eh Nancy?”

“I enjoy sucking cock, Sir. But I don’t get much practice. I don’t think I would be as good as Eugene and Sondra.” Nancy looked down then back up at me. “I don’t get enough practice kissing either, Master.” And she kissed me deeply again, like someone who has missed being kissed deeply for a long time. I reached and caressed her left breast and the barbell there. She moaned into my mouth, and that did it. That sent me over the edge. I could feel my balls tighten, and I knew there was no turning back from my orgasm.

I said, “Who wants my load, because it’s coming. Take it deep, Pig! Back into your throat. Choke on it if you have to, Doctor Slut! Because you’re taking it. OH FUCK! That’s good! Good boy! Nice piggie! Fuck you’ve got a talented mouth!” I jetted five or six thick ropes of cum into the back of Eugene’s mouth. He swallowed every bit. Then remembering what Dad had done with me and Sunny yesterday, I pinched off the last bit of cum, pulled out of my piggie’s mouth, and finished in Sunny’s beautiful mouth. She had tears in her eyes, but she wasn’t sad. She finished cleaning my cock, and pulled it out of her sucking lips with an audible POP!

Sondra said, “That was wonderful, Master. Eugene and I haven’t shared a cock like that in years. Not since Master Rodney died.”

Eugene wiped tears from his eyes. “Rodney was my Lover, Sir. He was my live-in-boyfriend and my Master for more than two decades. We sort of adopted Mistress Sondra when she ran away from home. I have not had a Master since he died, Master Robert.”

Sondra said, “I didn’t run away. I left. I was eighteen. And I had graduated out of the Foster System. Eugene and I would sometimes share Rodney’s cock like that. Rodney was my first Master. A brilliant man. A Librarian.”

“What happened?” I asked, knowing pretty much exactly what happened.

Eugene said, “Brain cancer. Rodney was older than I am now. First there was dementia. And then there was a very painful, but very quick death. It took just weeks.”

“You did everything to make him comfortable, Eugene,” Sunny said, “He could not have asked for a better Doctor, Lover, Friend, or submissive slave.”

I butted in, “And that was in California. And so the house and State were too painful to live in, so you decided to move out here, Eugene. And then, Mistress Sunny followed you. Was she your Mistress then?”

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