15 Kasım 2021

The Bus Ride


The Bus RideBeing that I lived 20 miles from work i live on campus with the other Freshmen. My name is Dorrie, i’m 19 and I was a virgin until my second week of school. I knew my body was sexy but men..have a way with making me feel really special. I would catch them looking at me when I walk down the street, to work or at school. This one Tuesday morning I was standing at the bus stop off campus. I saw this black guy tall upper body nice, shoulders wide, his chest looks like he works out a little. When he saw me standing waiting for my bus he stood behind me looking at my assests. He asked me do I smoke, then he said weed. I told him yes sometimes. I asked him why. He told me he was home from being locked up for 2 years and he wanted to smoke and laugh and enjoy being home for his 2nd day home. And with a beautiful woman. He made me smile. I told him I had to be somewhere maybe another time. The Bus pulled up, Yes my breast are a nice size 38d and yes my butt is a nice size and round and juicy. anadolu yakası escort When we got on he sat one seat from me leaving space in between us. He told me how it was in jail. I told him how it was to be the last person in my entire school to have never been to a club and the last virgin in the entire school. His mouth dropped. I think he got hard from that point on. He grabbed his cock thru his pants, and told me he could help me with both of those problems. I told him It’s not a problem, I lived this long without going to a club. He smiled the entire time looking at my boobs and wondering how to get me home with him. He told he how he just want to watch a couple of movies cook some food and smoke some weed at home with the opposite sex. I’m not stupid but I knew if he could come from jail and fuck a virgin when he get out he would be a very happy man.I didn’t feel like going to work anyway so I told him I would love to watch a ataşehir escort couple of movies with him. He grabbed his cock I guess to make it behave. So we got off the bus 3 stops later. We walked and smoked and laughed and next thing I knew I was in his house blouse open breast out being sucked and he was grinding his cock against me. I had on a skirt so my vagina was wet he started fingering me. His cock was out because of his sweat pants was loose and easy assesst. My pussy was begging for it. He blew some smoke in my mouth while I stroked him. Amazed by how nice it grow within seconds. It was thick and 9inches. I couldn’t stop wanting to look at it. He whisperd in my ear he would cum inside me that made my toes curl, how he was going to keep going after he cum and I drooled staring at his enormous thick cock with a wide head. I wanted to loose my virginity right then but he teased me, He couldn’t take much more teasing me. He told me he didn’t wear condoms ümraniye escort they all hurt him and he doesn’t cum as good with it on. I didn’t want to get pregnant nor get a disease. He pulled out a condom and told me to put it on. I struggled to put it on him. He enjoyed every moment. He pulled the condom off and snatched my panties off and he fucked me so hard I know his neihbors hate me. I made so much noice, he tried to do it slow but he kept losing his control. He told me he would pull out right before he cum. He hit a spot inside me…I peed well I thought it was pee, he told me I squirted. My first time with a man and I squirted I asked him to slow down but he told me ok, but wait a minute. He was fucking so hard I could talk. His thrust stopped me from speaking. He bust a hot load inside me I could feel it every squirt he shot in me. He kept saying i’m sorry but he wouldn’t stop. It felt like I was enjoying a hot bath. But better. I stayed over his house for 3 days we had sex day in and out. Yes i was a dick ted. I was a virgin no more. And as he say he got his Dick out the sand. I was happy to ablige. We still see each other 2 times a week. By the way the other 2 guys I had sex with was his friends from lock up. I have a thing for men just out of jail. It’s the passion they put behind it. YES.

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