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THE CREATURE WITHIN 9: A NEW DYNAMICCHAPTER 9: A NEW DYNAMICAs I walked the extended ramp of the cargo bay of Agency’s plane, Wolf and Preta joining me on either side, I spotted Adrian leaning against the driver’s side hood of the SUV. I waved to him and he started to me. I turned and waved my thanks to the crew of the plane and returned my attention back to Adrian. Then I saw the back door open and Sylvia exiting. I bent over and pointed to her, the two a****ls running from my side on a bee-line for Sylvia. Adrian chuckled as they ran past him, barely offering him a glance.I smiled at him and opened my arms to him, which he accepted, pulling me into a warm embrace, taking me off my feet for a moment. He took my roller case from me and we walked to the car. Sylvia was crouch between the two a****ls, giving pets and receiving licks.As we got closer, Sylvia stood and walked towards me, her arms open. I duplicated her greeting and we hugged deeply. She gave me one of her warm smiles, “How was the visit? Anything interesting?”“Yes, very interesting. We can talk about it later.”She looked at Adrian and smiled, then back to me. “Good … let’s go home, then.”“Home?”“Yes, dear … home. We need to talk to you about some things …”“We? I’ve only been gone a few days and I come back to find there is a ‘we’?” She laughed and directed me into the back seat while Adrian opened the back and the a****ls bounded in. None of us were prepared to discuss any news in the car, all preferring to be face-to-face comfortably. The drive in non-rush hour wasn’t long, it just seemed that way.Adrian took my case up to my suite while Sylvia led me out to the patio. We were seated at the patio table when Adrian came out with a pitcher of ice tea and glasses.Sylvia patted my hand, “Okay, tell us about your visit. You said you learned some new things. Tell us.”I looked across at them. When Adrian had pulled his chair out to sit down, he pulled it back into the table but closer to Sylvia. A small thing, maybe. But, an obvious thing to me watching. He was not directly across from me, but to the side nearer Sylvia. Not only that, they were purposefully not looking at each other, but intently at me. They were trying too hard.“No … no, I want to hear from you two, first. What’s going on?”Adrian laughed. “You … you’re the one who pushed me to talk to her. You started this … you pushed this to become open.”Sylvia took his hand, the first overt public sign of affection between them. “Thank you, Annie.”I smiled and reach across the table, touching both of their hands. “Tell me. All of it.”I raised my left leg up, my foot on the seat of the wrought iron chair. I tucked my skirt between my legs, allowing the skirt to fall at the side exposing my hip. I got comfortable for the story I was anticipating with a joyfulness that surprised me. A joyfulness I hadn’t felt for any other two people since Jake and Bobbi. The source and context for the feeling now flooding over me. Two people coming into relationship by way of me.They talked and laughed about Adrian’s admission of love. They shared their talk, their mutual relief that it was open to them, finally. They talked about their plans, a future, decisions that needed to be made. When, how would they start bringing this new part of themselves out to others. Sylvia, with her wealth, companies, and connections in the power and social circles was well known. Adrian, with his military service and sacrifice, was lesser known but in those circles he was very well known. They agreed they would take it slowly in public. Adrian would continue driving and protecting Sylvia in public. At home, however, their life together was forever changed. For the time being, Adrian would maintain his large apartment over the garage for appearances sake, but he was moving bit by bit into Sylvia’s suite, already.But, there was more. Apparently, Adrian only knew about the resort that Sylvia owned and managed. It turned out that Sylvia’s ownership was hidden through a series of holding companies. Only the most skilled investigation, or a tip, would possibly link her to the resort. He didn’t know that Sylvia was an active participant. That surprised me, but maybe it shouldn’t have. The resort was her fantasy and desire, not something she might likely be sharing loosely. I watched Adrian while Sylvia explained this and his expression was unchanged. He watched her. She blushed some, but he never wavered.She stopped and smiled at him. “He has no problem with anything we were doing or I was doing at the resort. In fact, that brings up another point we decided needs to be discussed.” I looked at her wondering if this was going to be a change in the tone of the discussion, but it wasn’t, it just continued. “I told him about your affinity for nudity and he agrees that is a terrible thing to interfere with.” She gave him a playful jab with her elbow.“Hey, I’m just thinking about Annie.”Sylvia continued, “And, we agreed, if it was okay for you istanbul escort to be naked around the patio, pool, and yard, it should be acceptable for you to enjoy your boys without having to sneak up to your room or run off into the preserve beyond our fence.”I looked at her, “Only me?”This time he gave her a light jab and they laughed. Her participating in the open was also discussed, clearly. * * * * *I crawled out of the pool after my laps workout. I was now up to 30 minutes of comfortable lap swimming, a rest to rehydrate, then 4 lengths at a sprint, and a cool down swim for 5 minutes. Smart phones with timers are wonderful! Sylvia mentioned mp3 players that can be used in the pool. It seemed tempting only because the scenery in the pool is virtually unchanging. But, when I run in the preserve with the a****ls, I don’t use music, preferring to enjoy the sounds of nature around me. The sounds aren’t quite the same in the pool, but my smart phone provides some music … at least as I get closer to it in the center of the pool’s length.I stood in the sun, the water dripping off my naked body. I was convinced that swimming was meant to be done while totally naked. I was so thankful that Sylvia and Adrian decided it was okay for me. I would have been happy with just this part. Not to say I wasn’t taking advantage of being naked as much as I could, though. There were days when I could and days when I couldn’t. Sylvia was unique in the area. She had all the money she should could dream of, but she only had help at the estate on certain days. Typically, she had help present three days of the week. Wages are so low that even if people didn’t really have enough to do, most wealthy had daily help just to be able to assist in menial tasks. Sylvia believed in doing things for herself, though. But, it was nice to have someone to give a good cleaning to the house, cook a couple meals, and take care of maintenance and yard work. I remember asking her how she found and kept good people if she only paid them a few days a week. She laughed. It was true that they only were needed at the estate a few days out of the week, but she paid them for the full week and paid them well on top of that. Getting serious, she said, “You get and keep good people by being more than fair to them.” This woman was a constant source of surprise.As I stood at the edge of the patio, the sun warming and drying my skin, water pooling on the patio blocks I was standing on, the boys came to me. Each started by licking the moisture from my legs: shins, calves, and thighs. It was them getting to my thighs that, of course, got us going toward the inevitable. Preta had edged to my front, which moved Wolf to my back. While Preta started swiping with his raspy tongue on my mound, I spread my legs. That also opened better access to Wolf as his smoother tongue sought my ass. I leaned slightly forward, tilting my pelvis slightly to Wolf in back. This focused Preta’s rough tongue on my clit, causing me to bite my lip in protest at the intensity of the feelings it produced. At the same time, Wolf’s long, wide tongue lapped at the bottom of my pussy and along my asshole. In no time, his tongue was finding its way just inside my pussy hole, my body readily opening and accepting of everything they were doing to me.I broke their contact with me by twisting to the side. I crouched down and took both of their heads into my arms, hugging them to me. I stood up quickly and walked deliberately to the grassy, gentle slope leading to the back of the property. I didn’t look at the house as I walked. They assured me that it was okay to be in the open when it was just us at the house. It had taken me a couple days to accept it as fact, but those days spent intermittently naked, assured me they were serious.So, here I was, a hundred feet off the pool patio near a large flower garden, but in full view of the house, if anyone was watching.I knelt down to my boys, hugging and stroking them. I slipped a hand underneath both of the them and smiled knowingly. I could feel the tips of each cock already poking from their sheaths. I patted the grass in front of me and they both lay before me. Wolf was raising his rear leg as I approached him. I licked his cock tip. I moved over to Preta, but quickly went back to Wolf. He was going to be inside me, first; it just worked better that way.I nudged Wolf and turned my full attention to Preta, taking his prickly cock head into my mouth while patting my ass. Wolf responded knowingly, jumping up and moving to my ass. He was quickly on my back, his cock sliding over my extended palm between my legs and finding my hole and plunging deeply into me. I opened my mouth wide around the cock in my mouth, not removing my mouth, only opening it to gasp out at the deep penetration. Wolf repositioned himself or me as he pulled me further onto his cock, then re-gripped around my waist, and avcılar escort resumed plowing his cock into my welcoming pussy.By the time I felt his knot forming and bumping me on the outside, I was eager to take him fully inside me. I was also eager to take Preta outside, too. It felt new and rewarding. Another of my life-cycles coming into full bloom, but still wondering what all this would truly mean for me.I was whimpering as the knot stretched my hole, pressing insistently and demandingly to gain entrance into my body. I sucked in air, held it in concentration and determination, equally applied to become tied to this wonderful male, once again. I sighed deeply, groaning out a measure of relief and pleasure at the same time as the knot made the final stretch of my pussy and plunged into me, filling me even more than before. Cock and knot. Both inside me, both now swelling more as he approached his climax.I heard a sound from the direction of the house, but I was too far gone to worry, even if I was inclined to. I wasn’t. I only focused on the cock and knot inside me giving me such joy and pleasure, but also trying vainly to also attended to the barbed cock at my mouth. As I felt the barbs lightly pulling at the inside of my mouth, the sound from the house, and the pulsing of the cock and knot inside me, I came. My orgasm coming strongly and overpowering. This time my mouth did come off Preta’s cock. My head pulled back, my mouth open, my lungs aching for air as it occurred to my fuzzy mind that I was holding my breath. As I exhaled the stale air and sucked in fresh, the sound coming from my throat was nearly a guttural howl.I collapsed to the grass as my orgasm ebbed and the last of his semen was sent into my pussy, mixing it with my own orgasmic juices. I regained awareness in moments to attend to Preta, again. And, not surprisingly, he was still hard, extended well outside his sheath. I licked the length of it, feeling the barbs near the base and again at the head. He raised his head and I looked up at him, thinking he was looking at me, but he wasn’t. Instead, he seemed to looking past me at Wolf. I smiled as I felt wolf test the tie. It almost seemed to me that Preta was giving Wolf a playful evil-eye, telling him to hurry-the-hell-up. I held Wolf’s hind leg after his climax, encouraging him to stay on me this time. The feeling of him d****d over me, his furry body covering mine like a warm, alive coat.I reached out to muss Preta’s head just as the knot pulled out of my pussy. I glanced back between my legs, catching the sight … such an obscene, deliciously obscene, sight. Cum running out of my pussy.I quickly turned my ass to Preta, scampering around on all fours. I wiggled my ass at him and looking over my shoulder. The past memory of hearing a sound by the house had been long since forgotten as I waited to be mounted by my feline lover. My pussy gaping from Wolf’s fucking and knot, my pussy swimming in cum, I was relaxed and comfortable in taking Preta and his barbed cock. I grunted as Preta landed on my back. I assisted him into me and I was again being fucked …* * * * *“She’s quite a girl …”“Woman, you mean?”“You know what I mean and so would she. I don’t mean ‘girl’ as demeaning, but I will try harder, if you think it wise.”She patted the arms around her, “Don’t. She knows exactly how you mean it. She’s strong and independent. She wasn’t always that way, though. And, yes, she is quite a girl.”The sound Annie heard was the patio door opening and a iron chair being sc****d over the patio pavers. Sylvia was sitting on Adrian’s lap in the chair. The chair was moved to allow them to directly watch the action unfolding on the grass just in front of the flower garden.They heard her cry out suddenly and sharply. Preta was on her back and pumping his hips into hers hard and fast.Adrian, “Is she alright? That didn’t exactly sound like pleasure.”Sylvia chuckled, “Have you ever seen a feline cock? Probably not. Google it sometime. The feline cock, whether a small cat or large like a panther or larger like a lion, has barbs on it. Annie says that going in isn’t so bad, being pulled out … she says it isn’t awful and in a strange way it heightens the experience. Maybe because she has deep feelings for the a****l with the jungle experience. I don’t know.”He kissed her neck, “You’ve had dogs, right?” She nodded shyly. They had talked about it briefly, enough for him to understand that she did enjoy it. “What about Preta? Ever tried him?” She shook her head vigorously. He turned her face to him. “You don’t want to … or, you just haven’t?”She looked out over the lawn and watched the a****l fucking her young friend. She murmured, “Just haven’t.”He turned her more to him, kissing her on the lips. She clung to him, taking the kiss and adding her own passion to it. She squirmed on his lap and smiled down at him.“Is this what I feel pressing into my hip because of watching her and şirinevler escort the a****ls, or talking about me with the a****ls?”He smiled back to her, giving her another kiss. “Both, to be honest. You can’t deny how completely erotic that scene is, especially a female body like that; but, you my dear … the image building in my mind of you under one of those a****ls, mating with it willingly and eagerly, that is even more erotic. So, I guess you are the major reason for my current condition you are feeling pressed into that sweet ass of yours.”She laughed. Sweet ass, she thought. What a sweet man … And a man certainly warranting not to be in discomfort. She rose from his lap, him protesting as she did it. But, she took his hand to encourage him up and he had the common sense to realize that this was to become far better than he could have anticipated.Without hesitation or doubt, she led him by the hand to grass, not quite half way to where Annie was in the midst of being fucked by the panther. She stopped, looked around the yard, assuring herself that they were in fact isolated from any neighbor eyes despite the fact that she had assured Annie of the privacy of the estate yard. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. She pulled her mouth from his after a long moment, hugged him harder, her breast pressing flat against his wide, hard chest. She put her face alongside his and gasped, “I want you, Adrian. I want you out here, outside in the open. I want you to love me with the same openness and comfort as Annie is with her a****ls.”He only smiled, putting his hands on either side of her face, kissing her lips. But, his hands immediately went to the buttons on her blouse, undoing them until he had to pull the tails out of her skirt to finish the unbuttoning. His hands slipped inside her blouse, roaming over her skin and fondling her bra encased breasts. As his hands went around her to unclasp her bra, her hands were unbuttoning his shirt. In a blur, they were both naked above the waist and again pressed together.Sylvia held him tight, “Oh, Adrian … Oh, yes … I love doing this. Promise me, this won’t be the last time we make love outside. Promise me we can be as free about ourselves as Annie so obviously is …”He held her face inches from his, staring into her eyes with a softness and tenderness that overwhelmed her. “My dear, lovely lady. As openly, carefree, and naturally as Annie handles herself in nature with her lovers is a tall expectation.” He smiled at her, though, “But, one I will eagerly try to duplicate with you.”They stripped off the rest of their clothes without seduction or delay. She took his hand, her eyes fixed onto his as she slowly moved to the ground, bringing him with her as she settled onto her back on the grass, her knees bent and opening before him. He looked at her from the kneeling position she put him in, gazing along her body to her eyes from between her legs. His gaze moved from her inviting face down to her breasts, which were heaving in excitement and anticipation. His eyes then wandered over her softer, mature stomach to her pussy openly inviting by her splayed legs. When his eyes returned to hers, he found them smiling and relaxed.She put out her hands to him, inviting him to her, inviting him to join her, him on top of her. When he did, he kissed her breasts as he made his way to her lips. As they kissed he felt his hard cock against her mound. He raised up slightly, moving his pelvis down, then lowering his body as he moved back up on her, his cock now bumping alongside her pussy. Bump, bump, bump … as he probed with his cock.She smiled and he felt it. He pulled back slightly, his face inquiring …She giggled, “Your cock bumping me, probing for my pussy …” She kissed him. “It is like a dog blindly probing to mate. Shall I assist the way Annie taught me to assist a dog?” She was looking at him teasingly. He didn’t respond one way or the other so she reached between them and he raised slightly to allow her hand to move down to their crotches. She found his cock and guided it into her wet and eager pussy. She smiled at him, “There, just like she taught me …” He drove into her and they both laughed. His driving his cock into her pussy and their mutual reaction perhaps driven by the analogy of an a****listic mating.* * * * *When the fog cleared from my head following my second orgasm, this one with Preta, I was initially confused by the sounds of passion wafting to me from somewhere in the direction of the house, but seemingly much closer. I raised myself from the ground where I had happily and contentedly collapsed. I looked around to find Wolf gazing beyond me, Preta cleaning his cock nearby. Following Wolf’s eyes, though, I was delighted by the sight of Adrian and Sylvia in the midst of making love on the grass, missionary position.I rose and walked the short distance to be near them. I stopped while still about 20 feet away and sat down on the grass cross-legged. The a****ls joined me, sitting on either side of me. We didn’t interrupt by intruding too close, but we did watch. Both of them looked my way, but continued without embarrassment. There was no question left in my mind. They were eager to share their lives with me.* * * CHAPTER 10: GUARD will follow * * * Thanks for reading

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