6 Kasım 2021

The dream

Big Cock

The dreamI just finished my shower and stepped in to my bedroom wearing nothing but my boxers. I felt something behind me and turned to find a red headed goddess walking in to my bedroom. I’d never seen this beauty before and had no idea who she was, but she slowly walked toward me, wearing this black silky long dress, her nipples visibly poking through the fabric. Even though confused at who this was and what was happening, my male responses kicked in and I immediately started getting hard. She noticed the rising bulge in my boxers as she got so close to me that the front of her body was touching mine. Her smell was intoxicating. She reached up and gave me a slight kiss on the lips as she placed one hand on my shoulder and the other on my chest, and then she kissed my neck. Slowly she slid one hand down my chest to the opening in my boxers and gripped my erection firmly as she looked me in the eyes. Her hand felt so good while stroking me. She kept her other hand on my chest as she started to crouch down while kissing my chest, then my stomach, finally ending up with her face level with my bulging crotch. She looked up at me as she took me in to her mouth. Her lips felt so good. Her mouth so warm and wet, gently teasing the head, and then slowly sliding all the way down my shaft, and swirling her tongue around and around. I looked up at the ceiling and thought my eyes were going to roll out of my head with pleasure as a shudder ran through my body. It felt so good as she repeated the motions over and over…With one hand on my balls gently caressing them and the other hand free, she started slipping kadıköy escort the straps of her dress off her shoulder. She readjusted and the dress slinked down her lithe shapely body to reveal two small, firm beautiful breasts. She continued to suck me as she did this.While she was crouched, she reached both hands up to my chest and pushed me gently as if to let me know she wanted me to sit on the bed, so I obliged and sat back on the bed, leaning up against the headboard, legs d****d over the edge of the bed and still spread so she could reach me.Again, she leaned up and kissed me on the lips, that short, quick kiss with those lovely full red lips. She placed one hand on each of my thighs and went back to servicing me with her mouth. I felt like my body was going to explode at any time. She slowly came up and looked up at me, and she stood and moved toward me. As she moved toward me, leaning over the bed to me, she pulled the dress the rest of the way down as I looked in to her eyes. She continued to move toward me while standing and she d****d one leg over me and with one hand, she cupped the side of my head and slowly guided her hard cock towards my mouth, her eyes telling me to take her in my mouth. In the back of my mind a voice was screaming “what the hell are you doing, what the hell is going on? She has a dick??” But my body and mind, and other parts, told me to continue. See where this goes. I opened my mouth and took her girth. Back and forth. Sucking while she moaned. At first a slow steady rhythm, then picking up the pace as she moaned harder and üsküdar escort louder while moving back and forth to match my motion. She finally backed up and pulled out of my mouth, and helped move me to where she wanted me which was laying flat on my back. She straddled me and started sliding her ass toward my hard cock. Rubbing her ass back and forth, my cock caught between her firm cheeks I thought I would explode on the spot. She clinched just slightly, putting more pressure on me and stopped rubbing back and forth. “Do you want me?” She asked with an almost amused type purr in her throat. All I could say was “yes, please!” Her smile went even wider as she gently slid down on my stiff member, occasionally bobbing up and down as she went fully down on me. She worked her ass on my cock better than I’d ever felt. It was all I could do to keep myself in check while she rode me with increasing intensity. We moaned together several times. Slowly my climax was building. Just as I was almost peaking she stopped and slid off. Leaving me wondering why she stopped, she moved down to between my legs and moved my legs into an upward bent position. She moved in between my legs and guided her stiff cock towards my ass. I started to tense and she placed a reassuring hand on my stomach and gently smile and told me to relax. Again, part of my mind questioning what the hell I was doing but my body wanted to keep going. Slowly, I felt the pressure of the tip of her cock just entering my ass. I tried to relax as much as possible. Slightly in, then out. Slightly in a little more, tuzla escort then out again. She continued this a few more times, until I felt her slide all the way in to the point that her pelvis met my ass. I felt pressure but it wasn’t something that hurt. It kind of felt good. Slowly she started working back and forth inside me. She leaned forward and locked eyes with me as she gently pumped in and out, working a rhythm. The pressure eased and it felt even better. She leaned in and kissed my neck and gently d**g her teeth across my neck as she kept on going. It was such an exhilarating feeling! Something I never thought I’d find myself doing…After several moments of her gentle back and forth movements she started to thrust fully, a little harder. I felt my erection growing again and knew I was getting ready to cum…I just couldn’t stand it any more! She must have saw it in my eyes and felt my erection growing against her stomach because she leaned back up while still thrusting, and gripped my hard cock. She started jacking me off as she worked my ass. Such a great feeling! Our moans and groans became louder and louder. She began thrusting faster and if possible even longer thrusts…in and out she went as she jerked me off…both motions still becoming faster…finally, as I was getting ready to cum, she pulled out and used her free hand on her cock and jacked us both off to completion. Both of our juices landing all over my stomach. My body tensed so hard and my back arched as I watched this goddess sitting up right and lift her head to the ceiling as we both climaxed! After we both finished, she leaned down and lay her head on my chest, feeling my heart beating so fast. Both of us breathless…she lay there for a few minutes, and then she kissed me again. Slowly she started to get up, and with a smile on her face she said “I’ll see you in your dreams lover”, and disappeared through the door…

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