30 Mayıs 2021

The Flood


You know how most gorgeous girls have a not so gorgeous friend….

Well usually I ended up with the ugly one. Except this time, I pulled the beauty, and left her friend in the wake.

Jessica is my girlfriend, I am proud of her; I like the look on other guy’s faces when they see us out together. The jealousy and envy. It’s the first time this has happened to me; usually get the munter (English word for not so nice).

I don’t know what’s different this time, but for 6 months Jessica cant get enough of me. I am in heaven…

Just one slight problem. We live 211 miles apart. I live in London, she lives in Liverpool.

For those of you that know the UK… London to Liverpool is normally a 4-hour drive. Not to bad you say especially if it means that you get to bed a sex goddess.

But… London to Liverpool on a Friday night after work is 6-7 hours drive. So I arrive at 1.00am Saturday morning, Jessica is waiting up for me, Nice you say… MMM very nice, apart from her father is also sitting there.

She lives with her parents, not that they don’t like me, they do. What they don’t like is the thought of their little girl being seduced by an alien from London. So I get to sleep on the couch… Somewhat restrictive don’t you think.

It is still worth the journey; even spending time with Jessica with her parents there is nice, (it would be nicer without them there.) But they do make me feel welcome.

Usually we are left alone at some point, when they go shopping or out in the evening.

Whoosh off come the clothes and we fuck like rabbits, it always seems a bit hurried just in case, but still nice.

We have been trying to engineer a weekend away together somewhere we could be alone. Somewhere we can make love, slowly, sink into each other’s bodies without looking over our shoulder. Without the fear of being caught.

Anyway, remember the Ugly one… Well in all reality she is not that ugly, she is a country girl, big tits, farmers daughter and likes the country life. Jessica met Julia at university. I cant see what they have in common, but friends they are, and solidly so. They chat on the phone for hours, about what I don’t know. I must admit I don’t really like Julia; she is not my type of woman or person for that matter. Julia, I get the impression is not that keen on me either.

Julia though does have her good points. She has offered us her cottage for a weekend. The cottage is a two up two down, a small farm labourer’s cottage that she inherited from her grandfather. Two rooms downstairs, kitchen and living room, two rooms upstairs, bedroom and bathroom.

The bedroom is very small and totally dominated with a large brass bedstead that must have been built in the room.

Julia has three Bull Mastiff dogs, her passion, she shows them on the summer circuit and they often win prizes. A dog show is the reason why the cottage is available for the weekend.

The English summer this year has been wet, the wettest summer on record. It was a Friday afternoon in July that I left work early to catch the train to Evesham in the rain. Julia’s cottage is about three miles outside the town in a tiny hamlet near the river. Quite an idyllic spot when the sun shines.

Jessica was driving down from Liverpool later in the afternoon and would arrive about 7.00, I was arriving hopefully at around 5.00, time for me to put the Champagne on ice, And make something nice for Dinner.

Julia said that the key would be on the bird table, as she would be gone by lunchtime.

Hi Im Julia… I don’t know what Tom has been saying about me so I thought that you should hear my side of the story as well. To begin with, I don’t think Tom likes me, I get the impression that he thinks I am an on the shelf country bumpkin, without a life, let alone a sex life. I do have a life, and a sex life, ask the man in Evesham that I have been seeing for almost a year… Perhaps you had better not… he is married! His wife might find out.

In my opinion, Tom is too full of himself, too confident; he spends too much time at the gym working on his near perfect body. I bet he waxes his body hair… Yuck…. Mind you he does have a nice arse.

Jessica is my friend, a good friend, a friend I value above all else, so if Tom comes with the package, so be it, I will be pleasant with him for Jessica’s benefit.

The Friday that this story is about started out OK. Until the rain started. My business, which runs from the outbuildings at the back of the house. I sell paper products on the Internet. Mainly to businesses that use a lot of disposable paper goods.

My plan was to work in the morning, just to send out some orders, then to leave at lunchtime, taking the dogs to the West of England Dog Show. I got a call at lunchtime telling me that the show had been cancelled due to the abnormal weather.

What do I do nowhere to go? My friend and her boyfriend have planned non-stop sex in my bedroom…

I phoned Jessica and explained about the canlı bahis show being cancelled, we agreed that the weekend would still go ahead, they could have my room; I would sleep on the couch with some earplugs.

The day became disastrous at about 4.00. The banks of the river collapsed, thousands of gallons of water where rising up to my outbuildings. I had thousands of pounds worth of paper goods sitting on the floor on pallets. I had to start moving quickly, I moved as many boxes as I could up to higher racking, but I was fighting a loosing battle.

Fortunately Tom turned up…. He was somewhat surprised to see me, not expecting me to be there. But I will give him due praise for the way hey just got stuck in and helped…. By 6.00 we had cleared the floor just as the water started to seep in.

“What about the house?” Tom asked, “Will the water level rise that high?”

“The cottage has been here for 180 years, and as far as I know it has never flooded.”

We retreated to the house, but made sure to keep an eye on water levels.

Within half an hour the outbuilding where under a foot of water, at this stage I did start to worry.

“We had better put some sand bags at the doors to be on the safe side”

We filled bag after bag in the rain. We where soaked to the skin, but we managed to seal the doors.

As we got back inside, Jessica phoned, Evesham and the surrounding area had been cut off by the flood, she couldn’t get through and had been turned back by the police.

So here was I stuck in my little cottage with three dogs (who normally live outside in a pen) and a morose, sulking wet man, who I couldn’t help but feel sorry for.

Julia went to have a bath. I stood there soaking wet, not knowing what to do, could I get back to London Tonight? Not much hope of that till the water recedes.

Then just to make the day perfect… The fucking power went off….

Candles on the mantelpiece. Lit those, Lit the log fire. Stripped out of my wet clothes, put on some clean dry boxer shorts, and stood in front of the fire to get dry and warm up.

Julia Shouted from Upstairs. “Tom can you bring me a candle, I can’t see a thing”

I took one of the candles of the side and took it upstairs; Julia was waiting wrapped in a big towel. “The shower is electric, so you cant use that, the bath water is heated by electricity, so the only water available is mine, take it or leave it”

I took it. First time I have shared bathwater since my sister and I where little… Apart from a joint bath that Jessica and I shared.

I went back downstairs, just rapped in a towel, as my bag was downstairs, Julia was sitting there in a knee length lacy cotton nightgown, with buttons down the front.

She was drinking my Champagne…

“Was a shame to see it go to waste, do you want a glass? Have you bought any pyjamas?” she said with a laugh. “Do you want a T shirt or something?”

Whilst she was getting the T shirt, I dried of and put my boxer shorts back on, She came down with a big white T shirt, bit big for me but comfortable.

So that was the evening, we sat not saying much, eating toast cooked over the fire, drinking Champagne at first then we downed a bottle of left over port.

“Well Im off to bed, the couch is all yours, I will throw you a quilt down”

And off she went.

The couch was acctually comfortable, and I had no trouble going to sleep, I just wasn’t expecting to be sharing a room with three dogs.

I woke at around 1.00am, a wet Bull Mastiff jumped on to me…. The water had got through the sand bags; there was around two inches of water sloshing around the flagstones…. I had to wake Julia….

We spent the next half hour moving stuff that wasn’t ruined off the floor; problem was in such a small cottage finding places to put stuff was difficult. Apart from the couch that was soaking and beyond saving the only other large thing was the TV and stand, this we decided was best put on top of the small kitchen table.

As we bent to lift it, I had one of those moments, you look up and in front of me was Julia, bent at the waist, nightgown gaping open. In the candle light that we had I could see her large breasts swinging forward, and between the gap of her cleavage I could see right through to the floor… Just visible was a dark triangle of hair…

It only lasted for a second, but the picture was there….

I am sure that Tom was looking at me, and for some strange reason I didn’t mind. I wasn’t doing it on purpose; at that time the important thing was to salvage what we could, the rest I could sort out tomorrow. Right now I just needed some painkillers to stave off the hangover from the Port and to go back to sleep.

“Tom you have two choices, No three choices, sleep down here on the wet couch, sleep upstairs on the floor with the dogs, or share my bed with me. That is not an invitation!!!…”

Tom said “well as I see it I only have one choice if you do not mind? And please do bahis siteleri you have any paracetamol? That Port was a mistake.

I think I had only slept for about two or three hours, dawn was just breaking and it was hot in the small room with the body heat of two people and three dogs, the cover had been cast aside. Tom lay to my left, just wearing white cotton boxer shorts sleeping like a baby, literally, on his back, arms above his head, his feet where together but his knees where apart, he looked like an upside down frog. He was breathing deeply but quietly….

In the dim light I studied his physique, he really was well built, not an ounce of fat and he really did have pronounces stomach muscles, he must have spent a lot of time working out. His cock was visable as an outline through his shorts; it looked quite big, big and soft, curling away from me.

I don’t know why I did it but I did, it was one of those things you do without thinking, and I was curious to see how he would react. I undid the top button of my night gown, and feigning movement in my sleep, I closed my eyes turned close towards him, lifted my leg over his knee, let my arm fall over his stomach with my hand on his short waist band. The result of my turning pushed my right breast out of my nightgown and fell onto his chest. I moaned gently as in sleep.

It felt nice being close to him, and it was nice being safe, I couldn’t get into trouble for my actions. Hi knee was under my thigh, his chest felt warm under my breast, my hand was only an inch from his cock… My pelvic muscles felt warm…. I just lay still and pretended to sleep.

At first I though I was dreaming, but no I was awake. Julias top button on her nightgown had come undone and in her sleep she had turned over and spread herself over me. Her right breast was resting on my chest, I was sandwiched under her thigh, my knee had pushed up her nightdress and this time I really could see her pubic mound. Her hand was resting gently on my stomach, it felt nice. I was taken by the urge to touch her breast and to squeeze her erect nipple.

Having these thought and seeing what I was seeing was having an effect on me, my cock was starting to get hard, it was creeping up to where Julia’s hand was… I knew I should move away, but I didn’t want to loose the moment. Risk was she would wake and find me looking at her with an erection that was almost in her hand.

I decided that the best ploy was to pretend to be asleep, if asleep I couldn’t be accused of attacking her in bed. I couldn’t turn away as my knee was trapped, so the only option was to turn towards her, that way her hand would move away from my cock and on to my hip.

In his sleep Tom turned slightly to face me, his knee pushed so I eased up my leg slightly so that his thigh moved up and pressed up against my vagina, which was slowly swelling and getting wet, I had an urge to press myself on to him, I wanted my clitoris to feel the pressure of his skin. I resisted the urge, I just lay there for a while, still pretending to be asleep. As he moved my hand slid over his body to his hip, his cock seemed to fall forward and was pointing at me, looking somewhat bigger. Perhaps morning glory was starting to happen.

My breasts where almost touching his chest, one inside my nightgown, one outside. My erect nipple pointing at him, begging to be touched.

I was getting a little breathless, had butterflies in my tummy. I had to resist the urge to make something happen I needed to turn away, control myself.

As I turned towards Julia, her hand slid across to my hip, away from my growing cock, hopefully I could relax now, and control myself. As my leg moved under Julia, the weight of her lifted slightly and my leg moved up under her thigh, my thigh ended up pressed between her legs, I could feel her bush, I dare not move for fear of waking her up…

God this was hard, I wasn’t sure what to do… Sleep on, that is the best course of action…. Just apologise if caught, it happened in my sleep, surely I can’t be blamed for that.

What was making matters worse my cock was taking over; there was an absence of sex over the last few weeks I had even forgone masturbation saving myself for Jessica.

Keep your eyes closed pretend to sleep, breath deeply…………

I awoke sometime later, it was light. Julia was standing in front of the window, looking out. The light was shining through her nightgown, I could see the silhouette of her body she turned and said.

“Sorry did I wake you?”

She turned and looked back out.

“we are in the middle of a lake, nothing but water, the only dry land is a little hummock by the lane. I am going to have to take the dogs out”

With that she left and went downstairs with the dogs in tow.

I got up and looked out of the window, sure enough, water everywhere. Within a few seconds, Julia came out of the front door, wearing a raincoat, she was wearing Wellington boots, but already the water was at the top bahis şirketleri of them, and seeping inside, she set of towards the small hill. The dogs where running and jumping through the water, they didn’t seem to mind at all.

At the time that Julia reached the hill, a farm tractor came down the lane, or stream as it looked, he stopped about 20 yards away from Julia, they seemed deep in conversation. At that point my phone rang, it was Jessica…

“Where are you, what has happened?”

“I am still at Julia’s, stranded. We have all camped in the bedroom, Julia her three dogs and me, she is out letting them take a leak. Where are you? I miss you.”

“I am back in Liverpool, it was hell, the traffic was a nightmare, I was only about 4 miles away from you when I was turned back by the police. Is it really bad, it looks it on the news, miles of land is under water. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, I am not sure if I can get anywhere, Julia is talking to a farmer outside, he may have some news. Listen I am going to have to go, my battery is about to fade, we have no power so I cant re-charge it… Take care I love you.”

“I love you too… be nice to Julia….”

Then she was gone.

I went downstairs, just still wearing my boxer shorts, hoping to find my bag…. Oh shit. It was under water, about a foot of dirty river water was sloshing around the floor. Even dried out my clothes would be ruined, worst part was that I had only what I stood in. As I stood there Julia returned.

“If you are quick, the farmer from down the lane will give you a lift to the village community centre, they have opened it up as a temporary relief shelter, they have a generator and electricity, you will be better off there. I am not going, I can’t leave the dogs, and I am staying.”

“I don’t think I can go dressed just like this…. This is all I have. If it is ok with you can I stay here, stick it out until the water recedes.?”

“According to the farmer, although it has stopped raining, it will still get worse before it gets better. We still have water, but we are not sure for how long, one of the water treatment works has been flooded, we could loose the supply at any time.”

“I am still staying if you don’t mind, we can fill some buckets and things whilst we still have some water.”

“Ok wait here.”

Julia went back outside to speak to the farmer, she came back a few minutes later.

“he is going to bring us a camping stove and some fresh milk and bread, he will be back soon. Can you help me get these boots off?”

I was glad Tom wanted to stay, after last night I liked having him around. Apart from that being here alone, even with the dogs, trapped and unable to do anything wouldn’t be nice on my own.

I took of my raincoat, and sat on the stairs.

“Tom you will have to stand in the water, the boots are full and I can’t get them off.”

Tom stood on the floor, I sat about 3 steps up, and when he bent his head was level with my waist. I lifted my leg up and said “hold the heel and pull” He obliged, but the boot was firmly stuck as it created a vacuum.

” You have to lift your leg higher, drain some of the water out.” He said.

I bunched my nightdress up and pushed it between my legs, held my thigh and lifted higher, nice all the water ran down my thigh and soaked me to the waist….

Tom Laughed. “Ok let’s try again

I lowered my leg, Tom grabbed the heel and this time with a plop it came off…. One down one to go….

“OK same again.”

I lifted my right leg this time, same scenario, water everywhere… But the boot came off…

“Thank you, its good that you stayed or I would have been wearing these damn boots all week. Next time it’s barefoot…. Now I got to go and change, and have a wash.

As Julia spoke to me from three steps up, I was directly in line with her waist, I couldn’t help but look at her bush… The bottom of her nightdress was soaking, and clinging to her body, I could see straight through, I was so close to her. I could see all the detail as if she was naked. She had a short but neatly trimmed bush, dark and curly, it tapered to a v between her legs, around the clitoral area it stopped, I wasn’t sure if it naturally stopped or if she had shaved…

I don’t think I hid my indiscretion well, I think she saw me looking, it was the way she just looked at me before running up the stairs.. Not a disgusted look but not a look that said take me i’m yours.

I saw Tom looking at me, My nightdress was wet and clinging in all the wrong places, I felt embarrassed, I am not at ease with my body, I am big boned, and would like to have Jessica’s figure, but that was never going to happen….

I was worried, was he looking in disgust, or out of interest. Anyway I found it a turn on.

The water in the bathroom was so cold, I put of the wash until we could boil some water, and I just stripped of my nightdress and put on my dressing gown… At least I had something to wear, Tom had nothing, I couldn’t think what he could have of mine that would (a) fit him, or (b) he wouldn’t look ridiculous in.

Tom was back in the bedroom, he had a towel and was drying his feet off…

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