2 Kasım 2021

The Girl next door


The Girl next doorWhen I was going into the tenth grade, no one wanted to be my friend. I was different. So we moved to a nice neighbor hood in Los Angeles, California. I noticed a girl staring out her window and stared at me. She seemed nice to me at first. All the guys at school never even looked at me so fiercely. My mom told me I should at least try and be friends with her, so I went over to bring her a pie mom baked. She smiled when bakırköy escort she opened the door. Her nice long brunette hair and blue eyes grabbed my attention. She told me she was in the 12th grade and we talked she an hour. I told her I should get going and she begged me to stay…I must have been the nicest girl she ever met. I decided to stay and she wanted me to see her bedroom and it beşiktaş escort was a nice purple and pink color. I blushed when she told me to sit on her bed. We were quiet then told me to look into her eyes and I didn’t wanna be rude, so I did. She leaned towards my face and kissed me. I put my hand in her hair and we laid in the bed and she removed my shirt! I never did anything like this, but beylikdüzü escort I loved to masturbate so I thought I’d manage. I took off my pants and panties and she moaned. I stopped. I was scared. She told me not to be scared and that its ok to be shy and told me spread my legs. She licked my pussy so good! I moaned and screamed. She got up and went into her second drawer and I was rubbing my pussy so hard and with my other hand I grabbed my blonde hair. She turned on a vibrator and put it on my pussy.I screamed and she said nasty words and smirked. I chummed all over her covers and was so embarrassed. She told me to keep going and there was puddles of cum everywhere. I will never forget her, she gave me the best fucking pussy rub EVER!

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