27 Eylül 2021

The Hotel: Part 1


The Hotel: Part 1Having been told I have to attend a conference in London this weekend, I could say I wasn’t happy about it but figured I’d make the most of an all expenses paid hotel room for a couple of nights. Worst case scenario is me pleasuring myself in the room which is like most nights anyway. First night of the conference and there’s a big meet and greet for everyone to meet everyone else from the other regions. No one really my age but then again I’ve always had a thing for older women. I see you across the room having a drink, dressed stunningly and with gorgeous blonde hair. I keep wanting to talk to you but guy after guy keep taking your attention away. One by one they all leave you alone and I notice you wear a wedding ring so I’m guessing you’re not looking for any kind of hook up while away this weekend like most of the men here. The evening almost ends when we happen to bump into each other by a vacant table, we both say hello and exchange the usual pleasantries of which region are you from and are you enjoying the weekend so far. I keep thinking I’m just making an ass of myself but just before you leave you slip a card into my hand. As you leave I look at it and see that it’s your room key with a message on the back that simply reads ‘15 minutes’.Still unsure of if it’s a joke or if I’m actually going to have sex with the one woman that’s had my attention all night I reach your room, the key works and I slowly open the door. There you are stood wearing only a white baby doll nightie, white panties and pair of red heels. All nervousness leaves my body as my cock begins to twitch in my jeans. I close the door and walk towards you, you want to lead me towards the bed but instead I push you back against the wall. Taking your hands in mine I hold them up above your head as we slowly start to kiss. Softly and gently but slowly getting faster, the more we kiss the more our tongues start to slip into each other mouths and we feel each other’s heavy breathing and slight moans. Our bodies press up against one another and I forcible rub the now rock hard bulge in my trousers up against you. I feel your hands try to break free but I tighten my grip and keep them above your head. I place your hands together so it only takes my left hand to keep them there; my right hand slowly runs down your body, over your breasts, down your stomach until it reaches your panties. I slide my hand inside and feel how very wet you already are. I use two fingers to spread your pussy lips before rubbing your pussy up and down, making sure my fingers gather the wetness on the way down and rub it over the clit on the way up. Our kissing continues, more passionate than before, dikmen escort I can feel your body move the more I rub your pussy. Your legs open up a little more for me and I take the opportunity to slide 2 fingers up inside you, knuckle deep pushing hard as you moan harder into my mouth. You barely get out the word “more” as I slide a 3rd finger inside you, now finger fucking you hard as you stand trapped against the wall. I don’t need to hold your hands there anymore as I know you won’t move but I like holding you there. I take my fingers from your pussy and bring them up to your mouth. You greedily suck the juices off and show me exactly the kind of blowjob I could be in for. I resist the temptation to pull my cock out and instead start to kiss down your body. My lips kissing over your big beautiful tits as your nightie comes off, taking your nipples in my mouth sucking hard and flicking my tongue against them. As I squeeze one tit with one hand, I’m biting on your nipple on the other. Your body is trying to grind up against me and I know you want more. I continue to kiss down your stomach until I’m on my knees in front of you. I spread your pussy lips and begin to lick it up and down, my tongue swirling, lapping up your juices. I start to suck on your clit as I look up and see you playing with your tits, pulling on your nipples. I grab you by the hips and spin you around so you’re now facing the wall. I take an ass cheek in either hand and spread them wide; I run the tip of my tongue from your wet pussy, up over your clit and still continue up to your exposed ass. As soon as I touch it you let out a different kind of moan. Now knowing that you like to have your ass played with I continue to lick it up and down, dipping my tongue in every few strokes. Your body is writhing with the pleasure so I smack your ass to keep you still. While my tongue dips inside your ass I push 2 fingers up inside your pussy and feel just how dripping wet you are. I know you’re ready for more.I stand up and unbutton my shirt, letting it fall on the floor. We’re kissing again, you tasting your pussy juices on my lips. Your mouth starts to move south, kissing down my neck to my nipples where you start to lick them. I let out a deep groan to let you know how much I like it. As you continue to work your tongue over my chest and stomach I’ve unbuttoned my jeans and you pull them down as you get onto your knees. You look up at me, such a sweet yet filthy look. You slowly pull down my boxers and my cock springs out almost hitting you in the face. It’s dripping with pre cum and is getting harder by the second. You take it in hand at the base, about to elmadağ escort show me just how good you are at sucking cock but again I take over. I grab hold of the back of your head with a handful of hair in either hand; you let out a little moan but know by the look in my eyes exactly what I want. With nothing said you slowly open your mouth wider and wider, sticking out your tongue. I line up my cock with your open mouth and slowly push it inside, using your tongue as a guide to the back of your throat. Deeper and deeper I push as our eyes never break contact. I feel the first bit of resistance from you and I’m only 2 thirds of the way in. I give you a second before continuing in, pushing firmly past any hesitation from your mouth as I’m almost there. You begin to gag but that doesn’t stop me, I keep pushing, my balls almost at your chin. My cocks now deep down your throat as you start to gag and choke and push against my thighs for air. I hold it there for another couple of seconds to let you know this is how I want it. I pull out and you gasp and heavily inhale, not for long though because I force my cock balls deep back inside your mouth. No hesitation or waiting, the entire shaft disappearing in less than a second. I continue to hold the back of your head and slowly fuck your eager mouth, getting faster and harder with every thrust. I pull my cock out and watch the saliva pour out your mouth down onto your tits. I move forward, standing over you holding my cock so you can start to suck on my balls. Again no words needed as you greedily lick and suck my big heavy balls with me stood over you wanking my big hard cock. Your tongue keeps sliding lower, hitting that sweet spot at the base of my balls and I moan for more. You keep going until you reach my ass. “Fuck yes don’t stop!” I tell you as your tongue starts to roam my ass. You’re giving what I’ve fantasised about having and you’re so good at it. I’m virtually squatted over you wanking my cock while you lick and eat and probe at my ass. Neither can hold off any longer, we both want the same thing. “Get on the bed” I tell you.You climb onto the bed and wait for me. Lay there completely naked with your legs spread nice and wide. You look so sexy and yet a little slutty all at the same time, just how I like it. I slowly climb on top of you kissing your body and sucking your tits as I move up to your mouth. As we kiss even more passionately than before I can feel my cock rubbing up against your bare pussy. It’s begging to be let in; it wants to be inside you. I whisper in your ear that I don’t have any protection and you simply look at me whisper back “good!” I again elvankent escort take your hands in my own and hold them above our heads; I guide the tip of my cock against your sweet entrance and wait. Your hips move up trying to goad my cock inside but I tell you not to move, to stay still and wait. I dip the very tip of my cock inside you and feel your entire body shudder slightly. I put the bulging tip inside and listen to you moan louder. As I pull him back out you beg me not to stop, you beg me to put it back inside. “Fuck me Mike! Fuck me like a dirty bitch!” That’s all I needed to hear, with one hard thrust I drive my entire length balls deep inside your pussy. Your moan turns to a scream and your hands clench so hard, it’s as if you trying to break my own. I wasn’t sure if that was enough to make you cum so I continue to pound your pussy over and over. You become inaudible as you can decide whether to moan or scream or talk dirty to me so I continue to fuck you like the filthy girl you are. I can feel your orgasm coming as you wrap your legs around me. My balls slap hard against your ass as you scream out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Your pussy clenches hard around my shaft as you cum hard all over my cock. It take all my willpower to not cum inside your pussy at the same time but I want you in other way.I pull out and stand up, your pussy juices coating my cock. You’re trying to catch your breath but I need finishing off. I tell you to get up and bend over. You’re moving slowly due to your explosive orgasm and my cock can’t wait. I grab your hip with my left hand and forcibly bend you over by pushing your shoulders with my right. You fall to your knees on the bed and I take hold of my cock. I rub it up against your pussy, occasionally slapping it with my shaft hard. I run my cock up a little further until it reaches your ass and I begin to push. You look back at me and tell me you want it in your pussy but I’ve made up my mind, I want your ass to make me cum. I keep pushing and your moans become louder and deeper. The head of my cock pops into your ass and you let out a long “fuuuuuck!” I keep pushing, watching my cock disappear into your tight hole. I grab hold of your hair and pull your head up asking you, “Do you still want me inside your pussy?”“No….Fuck my ass Mike, fuck my ass!”I force your face down into the pillow and begin to fuck your ass harder than I did your pussy. It’s gripping around my shaft so tightly I won’t be able to go much longer. I am pounding it over and over while your screams are muffled by the pillow. With one final thrust I go balls deep inside your ass and empty both balls inside you! Groaning like an a****l I don’t pull out until my orgasm subsides and I know every drop is inside you. My cock softens and I pull out, both of us collapsed on the bed catching our breath. We begin to kiss as softly as we did when I first entered the room. I get up and head to the bathroom to take a shower, hoping you’ll follow for round 2.

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