2 Haziran 2021

The Lake


A hot, sunny afternoon at the lake. Early summer, so the mountain lake water is still very cool. You and I were not brave enough to splash around in the chilly water but we walk along the sandy shallows, our shoes back at the blanket along with our picnic lunch. We decide to explore the area with a walk around the lake. Aside from a few other people at the small semi-private beach there is nobody around this secluded mountain lake.

We are almost 1/2way around the lake walking hand in hand when we see a path leading into the woods. Having little else to do this lazy afternoon we wander down the path. It turns out to be a very pleasant walk. Birds chirping overhead, small animals scamper across the path ahead of us, peering at us as we walk by. Sunlight filters in overhead through the trees. You notice a pair of deer off to our left and stop. I notice you stop and look in the same direction and see them too, a doe and her fawn grazing just off the path.

Cautiously and quietly we step off the path for a better look. The doe notes our approach but makes no move yet to run off. As we get closer the pair begins to move off stopping and looking back at us, almost as if inviting us to follow. Intrigued, we follow. Quickly we lose sight of the beautiful creatures but pushing through a few branches opens up to a most beautiful scene.

A field of the greenest grass and the most beautiful flowers stands before us. The cloudless blue sky above the surrounding trees is a solid crystal blue contrast to the myriad of colors of the field. Every color in the rainbow is found in the flowers dotting the long green grasses. Still hand in hand we walk to the center of the field. Taken with the moment I turn to look into your most beautiful eyes. They are the one thing that could outshine the beauty of this place. I delight in the sunlight on your face, the peaceful easy way about your eyes and the colors of this place reflected there. I lean into you and kiss you.

Softly at first I kiss your lips each one in turn. Your lips are cool in contrast to the warm sun on our faces. I reach my hands up to your face and gently cup it as I continue to kiss you. You part your lips slightly as you feel the passion of the moment build a bit. Your tongue and mine mix eagerly. My hands begin to run through your hair while you wrap your arms around me. Soft moans from each of us, we continue illegal bahis our kiss in that beautiful field.

I run my hands down your back pressing myself against you, feeling your body against mine. Your hands have run from my back to my arms and chest. I am kissing you passionately now. I begin to kiss your neck and your ear. Gently nibbling on your earlobes and licking your neck, my hands reach down to your ass over your soft cotton shorts. I press you toward me. You feel me through my khaki shorts. And know I am ready for you.

You run a hand down my chest and over my stomach to feel me over my shorts. Now you can truly feel how hard I am. You feel my erection and gently squeeze. You are not surprised when I moan a bit at your touch. You reach down a bit lower and take the bulge of my balls in your hand. I am pressing against the cloth of my shorts as you hold me in your hand. I am kissing all along your neck as I reach under the t shirt you are wearing and run my hands up your back to unhook the top of the bathing suit you are wearing under your shirt. Easily the top comes off and I remove it and your shirt. It falls to the ground next to us as you respond by reaching your hands under my shirt and lift it over my head as well. It joins your shirt on the grass next to us.

You pause a moment to look into my eyes as we both feel the sun on our bodies. I gaze into your eyes and smile as I see you are smiling at me. I begin to look at your beautiful breasts in the sunlight and smile a bit broader. Mischievously you look up at me and wink as you know I love to look at you. Standing a step away from me you reach out and put your hands on my shoulders as I look at you. You run your hands down over my arms, back and forth over my chest and down to my waist. You reach out to my pants and unbutton them. Again you look up at me and smile after you unbutton my pants. Eyes locked into mine you grin as you slowly unzip my pants.

Fully erect I nearly burst out of my shorts. My hard cock is already poking out through the front of my boxer shorts. Again you take me into your hand. You reach under my boxers and slip then down to join my shorts. Holding my big hard cock in your hand you look up and down my now completely nude body and smile up at me.

You can see the pleasure clearly on my face as you run your hands over my hips and kneel down on the soft grass. As illegal bahis siteleri you lower yourself you feel me brush against your large breasts. Your hands wandering around my thighs you touch the inside and outside of my thighs as you stop to look at me up close. I watch you and delight as you look at me enjoying what you see.

Slowly you reach out a tongue and touch the tip of it to the head of my cock. You notice that it jumps a bit at your touch. You also hear me moan softly again. You take just the tip of my erection into your mouth now, one hand on my hip, the other reaching up to take my balls in your hand. Again I moan in ecstasy at the feel of your tongue and your fingers. You look up at me again as you reach a hand up from my balls to raise my cock a bit as you slide your tongue around the head of dick once more and then begin licking your way from the tip to the base of my cock. Keeping eye contact with me I am so turned on seeing you smile up at me. The thought of seeing the genuine smile on your beautiful face as you lick my very hard cock is driving me crazy and you know it. You obviously enjoy pleasuring me and that is making me enjoy it even more.

You begin to lick my smooth balls. Slowly back and forth your tongue is slipping over them. You begin to softly suck one of my balls into your mouth as your hand softly moves up and down my cock, slowly jerking me off. I cant help but moan loudly now as you suck on my balls. You take you time and move very slowly as you know that this is what I love best. You begin to lick again. Your tongue making long wet passes across my balls. I am moaning constantly, my legs shaking with pleasure as you take my other ball into your mouth and roll your tongue around it. Your hand has begun to pump my cock at a medium pace.

“Oh God!” I gasp in pleasure. You open your mouth again. Saliva dripping from your mouth and covering my balls drips to your chest. You begin to lick up and down the sides of my cock again. Moving to the tip of my dick you look up at me again as you rub the tip of my penis around your tongue while you look at me. Again I can barely contain my pleasure seeing your beautiful face. Your beautiful mouth with my cock in it drives me wild with excitement. You know the sight is making me crazy as you look up at me.

My pleasure is making you wet as you slowly start to take me into your canlı bahis siteleri mouth again. You reach down and slip off your shorts as you gently begin to take me into your mouth and suck on my cock. You slip your fingers into your wet pussy as you fill your mouth with me. Running your fingers over your clitoris I cry out with pleasure. I look down at you and see you fingering yourself and cry out again.

Unable to wait any longer I kneel down on the grass next to you and lay you down. I kiss You passionately, my tongue feverishly dancing with yours as I move myself between your legs. Caught up in the primal urges of the moment I rise up again and quickly position myself at the wet lips of your pussy. With only a moment’s hesitation I plunge myself into you with a loud moan. You cry out as well at the movement.

Our voices lost among the flowers, the grasses and the trees, I make powerful love to you under the sun. I am pushing myself deeply inside you fast and hard. I am grunting with each thrust. My passion nearly out of control my pace is fast and furious. We moan and cry out our pleasure in that field as I make love to you.

I hold out as long as I can as I want nothing more than to feel you cum on my thick hard cock pressed deep inside your pussy. Soon I begin to sense the change in your breathing as you near orgasm. “Oh, Baby!” I gasp. “Cum on my cock! Cum for me! Cum all over me!” I yell.

In the next moment you cry out in ecstasy. Your fingers clawing my back as you begin to cum. My own passion is beyond control as I, too, begin to cum. You scream out and I feel your pussy grasp my cock and begin to twitch slightly. A second later I cry out as I shoot a load of my hot cum deep inside you. I am in another world of pleasure as I cum inside you. I can barely see as I feel our cum work its way and mingle around my cock and begin to drip out of your pussy alongside my dick.

I nearly collapse on top of you as I lean down and kiss you. Our sweaty bodies are slick as we kiss. I feel the oozing of our cum between our legs and love the warm wet mess. I gaze into your tired eyes and wish to remember the moment forever. We kiss for long moments holding each other before finally I pull myself out of you with a warm wet coating of our cum on my soft cock.

We put our clothes on and make our way back to the lake and jump in the icy water for the first time. The chill of the water on our hot sweaty bodies is exhilarating as we cleanse ourselves. Wordlessly we collect our things and make our way back to our cabin where we begin again a long perfect weekend of lovemaking at our cabin by the lake.

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