24 Haziran 2021

The motherfuckers Part 2


The motherfuckers Part 2Carole put on a t-bone steak for her 18 year old son and made herself a piece of halibut. As she sat across from her son, she watched the teenager devour the large piece of red meat. Yes, he is certainly a red blooded young man…Look at that boy tear into that piece of meat! I hope he tears into his horny mommy like that! Her mind started to wander. “MMMM!! Eat all that protein, darling! Make lots and lots of tiny little sperm for your horny mommy!!!”Carole was getting so turned on watching her son finish his dinner she couldn’t stand it any longer.”Darling, will you be a sweetheart and finish cleaning up? Just wipe the table off and put the dishes in the dishwasher, okay?””Sure mom, no prob.” “Your mother is going to take a shower. I’ve had a busy day and I need to get cleaned up. Like I said I just bought some new…well…sexy stuff. I got some new things I want to start wearing around the house. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had any male companionship for a long time, but your mom needs someone to tell her she’s pretty. And I want you to think your old mom is pretty. Tonight I want to look…smoking hot…for our big date!””Okay mom. I will get cleaned up and put on those gray shorts. They fit nice and loose.””Meet you on the couch in half an hour.”The horny blonde mother bounded up the stairs carrying the bag from Jojolove’s. She laid two of the half dozen outfits on the bed and decided to go with the black one. The red outfit was hot but she decided to save that one for the Motherfucker’s club party in three days. The smoking hot blonde mom quickly got out of her clothes and jumped into the shower. She ran her hands over her body fantasizing it was her 18 year old boy Ricky running the bar of soap across her tits and over her tiny little ass. Finally she put her fingers inside her little cunt, the horny mommy hole finally getting a little bit of action after a long day of teasing. She let out a tiny squeal of excitement as her fingers made love to her throbbing clit.”OOOOHHHH SHIT!!! YESSS!!!! CUMMMINNN FOR YOU!!! RICKKKYYY!!”There! At least her orgasm had partly quenched her horniness, at least for a couple of minutes. She stepped out of the shower, almost losing her balance from her excitement. As she toweled off her luscious mature body dry, the friction from the terry cloth towel across her tiny nipples was making her hot again. Shit!! Part of her wished she could just lay in bed and dildo herself all night, but Carole Baker knew she had something more important waiting downstairs. Her 18 year old boy seemed to be just as excited as she was!Jojo had told the gorgeous blonde mother to start with some lotion. She ran the lotion all over her body, the slippery fluid making her hotter than ever! Thank god she had that tiny orgasm in the shower. At least it helped a little! She rubbed the lotion up and down her long tanned silky legs, and as she looked in the mirror she saw what Jojo was talking about. The sweet smelling lotion made her body actually glow in the semi darkness! God she looked good!She put on the tiny black g-string, the little crotch covering her tiny cunt hole, but seemed to show off the swollen lips of her mommy cunt. Turning around, her tight little round ass cheeks were going to be on full display while the little string could not hide the tiny brown ring of her asshole. Next Carole put on the semi transparent black teddy. Her young son was going to get his first view of her big mommy tits. Seeing just a slight hint of sag, she wondered what it would be like if she ever got implants. Maybe, someday, if my boy wants his mother to get implants, I’ll do it for him….The five inch black patent stilettos finished her outfit. Shit, she has never worn anything like these heels before! She could easily see how they were called fuck me heels! The shiny black spikes just screamed fuck me. I’ve worn all kinds of heels for years but never 5 inch spikes like these beauties. I hope I don’t fall over! The blonde mother looks in the mirror and smiles. God she looks good! Just hope her teenage boy thinks so! Carole carefully walks down the stairs making sure not to fall in those stilettos. How do women wear these things, she wonders.Carol walks over and sits on the couch, her heart pounding a hundred miles an hour. She arranges herself so that her legs are on full display for her teenage boy. She turns on the television and starts flipping channels. She pretends to try and find something to watch before the new comedy comes on. The tiny g-string is already wet! In a minute the horny blonde mother can hear her young son coming down the stairs. He comes into the room to the hottest thing he has ever seen in his life!”Uhhhhh..hi mom!””MMMMMM!! HI darling, you ready for our date night?”The boy is so excited he cannot possibly make eye contact with his gorgeous mother sitting on the couch.”Ummmm, yes. Sure.””Darling, it’s okay to look at me. You told me an hour ago…that you thought I was…smoking hot.””Mom…yes…I did…””I told you I was going to wear something tonight, just for our special date night. What do you think of your mother? Why don’t I stand up so you can see what I’m talking about?”Carole stands up. Her big tits actually shine in the semi darkness, just like Jojo said they would! The 18 year old boy can’t take his eyes off her gorgeous ripe melons. Shit, her nipples are sticking out through the sheer material! Her slim smooth tanned legs look a mile long! And…SHIT! Her son could even see his mother’s pussy lips! They look all swollen, like they are begging to be free of the tiny g-string.”You like what you see, baby?””Uhhhhh….yes…””You know your mother is a middle age woman. Its been a long long time since I’ve worn anything like this. To be honest I really haven’t felt pretty in years. And I’ve decided that I want to look pretty for you, darling! Is that okay? I mean you are a young man now, and I think it’s okay for me to wear some more…revealing things around the house. Unless, you don’t want me to…”Shit, did the teenager just hear right? His drop dead gorgeous mother who is a definite milf wants to wear g-strings and see thru things just for me? I mean…SHIT!!!…I can almost see her pussy! The guys think my mom is a milf. They all want to fuck her! Jeez, I have to be the luckiest guy in the whole school!” “Mom….its okay…with me! I mean…I really do like what I see and all…I mean..you can wear…anything you want. Mom, I know that you haven’t dated in a couple years. I’m happy to see you…like this.”Carole turns around so the teenager can see her tiny ass. The 18 year old boy can see the brown ring of…her asshole!”I think it’s okay for you…to see canlı bahis my ass too….is that okay with you…?””Jeez mom yes. I mean…your ass…it’s….””Whats the matter baby? Your mother’s ass…are you speechless?””Uhhhh….yes…I guess so…””Okay, it looks like that program is coming on in a minute. Lets get situated on the couch. Let’s get comfy. I want to cuddle with my baby boy. And I can see you are already hard!”Ricky sits on the couch and his horny blonde mother lays so that her head is in his lap. Her head is about 6 inches away from laying on his now hard 18 year old cock.”MMMM!!! This is my favorite position. Nice and comfy, and I have a great view of my baby boy’s hard-on.””Sorry about that mom. It just happens, when you are near me.””MMMM!! You know that hard-on of yours looks yummy to me! Now aren’t you glad you wore these loose fitting shorts?””Yes definitely mom, you were right about that.””Okay, the program is starting, we have to pay attention to the first few minutes, otherwise we miss the whole story line.”As the program starts the hot blonde mother grabs her boy’s hand and starts guiding his nervous hand over her right tit. “MMMM!!! That’s okay baby…go ahead…feel mommy’s tits if you want.”The youngster’s hands are shaking as he works his nervous hand across her nipples. There’s no way he can concentrate on the stupid program!”Go ahead baby….squeeze my nipples…yes!!! Go ahead and play with them…you can’t hurt them! You know its been a couple of years since anyone has played with my titties like that…”Carole adjusts her position on the couch and pretends to accidentally run her hand over his hard cock. “MMMM!!! Something down there…is really hard! My boy is…naughty! Are you….hard…for your mommy?”The blonde mother starts feeling her son’s hardness, trying to feel how large her boy’s cock is. It seems like her boy is very well hung!!!”MMMM!! Yes… You ARE hard for your mommy, aren’t you?””Yes….mom…I mean…you are so fucking hot…!””Baby, what do you think of this program? I think the whole story line is stupid. We don’t have to watch it, unless you are more interested in it than you are interested in me…””No mom, lets turn the damn thing off.”Now Carole has her opening! It’s time to finally get things out in the open! She pushes her son’s hand away and sits up straight facing the confused youngster.”Baby, we have to stop before we go any farther. Its time we had a talk, about a few important things.”My God! Her teenage son had his hands on his mom’s tits. And she was massaging his cock and she was LIKING it! Maybe tonight was she was going to let her son…even…FUCK her! And now, she just stops like this…!”Okay mom….””Darling…I’m not sure you are aware, but I can hear you….every night.””Hear me?””Yes, I can hear you in your room, playing with your cock. I hear the bed shaking and I can tell you are beating your meat.””Oh mom….sorry about that…I mean I will stop doing it…””No baby! There’s no way I want you to stop doing it. Masturbating is 100 percent normal. Everyone does it!””Okay, I’ll try to be quiet from now on…””No, I want you to be yourself in there. You don’t have to be quiet. In fact I like to listen to you. Sometimes I wish I could burst into your room, and watch you.””You want to watch me? Beat my meat?””But there’s one thing we have to talk about. When I hear you, in your room, and you are really going at it…I can hear the bed shaking…and I can hear you…when you start to cum…you are calling for your mother…I can hear you….I can tell that you want to fuck me….and that you want…to cum in me.”Jeez!! His mother…can hear that? How is he ever going to live that down? Maybe he just has to move out of the house…!”Mom…I’m sorry! I mean I’m really really sorry. You are probably mad at me…””Mad at you? No baby, your mom is not mad at you. Like I just said, it’s 100 percent normal. In fact a lot of boys your age have fantasies about their mothers. I’m not mad at all, darling.””Not mad?””No, in fact I am actually thrilled…that you find me attractive! I’m glad that you think of me when…you do your business.””You mean…you really LIKE it, when I call for my mom when I cum?””Yes, I really love hearing you in there. But I have to ask a question. When you are in there, you are thinking of me, right?””Uhhhh….yes..mom.””So, when you think of me…what are we doing? Are you…fucking me? Are you on top of me? Am I sucking your cock?”Her teenage son is embarrassed. Shit! His gorgeous milf mom..wants to know his most inner secrets! “Well, mom…sometimes you are sucking me off….but lately, I am on my back and you are on top of me…riding me…until I shoot it in you…”It was the toughest thing he has ever done in his life, but YES!! He said it! He told his mother his fantasy! What’s his mother going to think? Now his mom will think that her son is a pervert!”MMMMM!!! Shooting it…inside me? MMMMM! You know, that actually sounds really nice! I know it was probably hard for you to tell me that.””Yes…it was….””You know I have almost the same fantasy. In my fantasy you are on top of me and you…cum in me, just like your fantasy.”Wow! His MOTHER? She thinks about me? Shooting his jizz? INSIDE HER?”Baby, are you…a virgin?””Mom…technically…yes. Remember Barb Cronin from last year?””Yes, the girl you went to the junior prom with, right?””Yes. Mom, after the prom we went to North Bluff and she let me feel her up. And she did give me a hand job. So does that mean, that I am still a virgin?””Yes, you are still a virgin baby. Well, you were so sweet for being so open with me, I should tell you that I have a few secrets too.””You do…?”I don’t think you know this but I actually stand outside your bedroom and listen to you. I stand outside you bedroom door, just waiting to hear you, stroke your cock! I love to hear the thumping of the bed. I try to picture what your cock looks like when you are ready to explode. I love it when you are in there going at it really hard…and when I hear you, call for mom…I just have to…stand out there, pull my panties down and play with my cunt at the same time.””You mean…you masturbate too?””Yes, your mom masturbates too, all the time! I KNOW that you have seen my dildo. What do you think I do with that thing?””Well, I tried to imagine what it would be like…maybe sometime watching you…dildo yourself.””I’ll tell you what happens in there. I get into bed and pull my panties off, imagining it was you that was pulling my panties off….then spread my legs, and try to imagine that you are on top of me…fucking me…””Wow….shit mom…I never…””I start slow then I end up fucking myself bahis siteleri hard with that rubber cock, wishing it was YOUR cock inside me instead of that rubber thing.””Mom…I never knew. But I did hear you outside my door calling my name a couple of times. I had no idea though…what was going on.””So darling, I have to ask you something. And I want you to tell your mother the truth. I knew that you think about fucking me all the time. So I have to ask…do you REALLY want to fuck your mother? Or just in your mind?””Mom…yes…I have thought about it for a long time. Mom…I really really want…to have sex…with you.””So, here’s how I see it. We have a choice. You are constantly horny every minute of the day. You are just a normal healthy teenage boy. And your mother is in her sexual prime. I haven’t been with a man in over two years and to be honest I am starting to go crazy! You want to fuck your smoking hot mother and I want to fuck my gorgeous hunk of a son! We can just go on like we are doing and masturbate every night by ourselves…or…we..can…start having sex together… unless you aren’t interested in me.”He looks at his mother savoring the beautiful sight facing him on the couch. “Before you answer me, just look at me…look at your mommy! If you want you can have all of this…whenever you want….”His gorgeous milf mother is looking deep into his eyes. She seems nervous, like her breathing isn’t quite normal. The short breaths make her tits rise up and down. Her amazing body is obviously sweating. The sheen of the oil and the nervousness of the moment make her body shine in the semi darkness. And she smells amazing! Her tiny nipples are swollen and it looks like her little pussy lips are throbbing, just waiting to be let out of the confinement of the tiny black g-string.”I have another secret baby. Your horny mother is a great cocksucker! I love to suck cock. When your dad and were married I used to suck your dad’s friends off once in awhile. Sometimes I would suck all four of them off at halftime of Monday night football.””Wow…you mean…his golf buddies?”Yes, his golf buddies. You know your mother can actually take a cock down her throat! And I really have missed sucking cock lately. Maybe you know where I can find a cock to suck…and swallow…all of your jizz…” “Mom…I want you…to suck my cock…I want to fuck you too…..I mean…I REALLY want to…fuck you…””MMMM!!! There you said it! That wasn’t so bad, was it? My baby boy…wants to fuck his mommy!! YUMMY!!! Now there’s one more thing we have to talk about. I just went to see this ther****t, Dr Stella. She says her son is on the football team with you. Do you know who he is?””Yes, Tommy Hughes. I know him.””Well, I had lunch with Stella and also a couple ladies Michelle and Andrea. They are Peter’s and Jason’s mothers.””Yes, I’ve been over to their house and met both of their moms.””Do you think they are good looking? Are…they milfs too??””Yes they are. really good looking, especially Mrs Cook. Mom…yes they are both definite milfs! But to be honest not in your league.””So…we know that you and I want to fuck each other. Would you ever like to fuck…Michelle and Andrea too?””You mean…??””I heard you’ve been talking to Peter and Jason….about a secret club at school.””Yes, they told me there is a secret club.””So you know about the club. I know that you know all about it. Jason and Peter told their moms they told you all about it and you wanted to join.””Yes, they told me about this club…where the sons fuck their mothers. A lot of the guys on the football team are in this club. They told me that even little Billy Smith, our field goal kicker, is in it.””Ricky, at lunch today I heard all about it. There’s 9 boys and their mothers in the club. They meet every couple weeks. I have only met three of the mothers so far, but from what I hear, all of the mothers are….milfs.””Ricky, I know they told you all about it. What do you think? Would you like to fuck Michelle…and Andrea?””Mom…yes! I want to have sex with you…but I want to fuck them…too. I mean Mrs Cook has long legs and her ass is smoking hot. I think she was even trying to flirt with me the other day. ” “And…Dr Stella. She’s the leader of the group. I can tell you…she is definitely hot. I think you’d like to have sex with her too.””Mom…if she is hot like you say…then yes…definitely.””MMMM! It looks like my baby boy is horny for milf mommies!””Yes…mom…I have always had thoughts…about older women…””Ricky darling…I have to ask you. And again be honest. Would you be okay…if I ended up fucking Jason? Or Peter? Or all the other boys in the club? Would you…be jealous?””Mom…yes…I would be jealous. At least at first. But I guess I’d get over it.””Would you…even like to watch…the other boys fuck me? Just imagine…your friend Jason fucking me…and I am screaming and begging for it. And my baby boy…knowing that at the end of the day its YOU that I end up going home with…and it’s YOU that gets to fuck me…all the time whenever you want.””Wow mom…! I never thought about it that way. That…would be so cool….knowing that I have the hottest mom of all…and I get you…whenever I want.”Carole stands up and sits on her son’s lap straddling her 18 year old boy. She puts her arms around him. Young Ricky’s teenage cock is ready to burst, dripping precum. The front of his shorts are soaking wet. All of the excitement and the sexual tension is almost too much for the horny teenager! The horny blonde mother grabs the back of her son’s head and kisses him. “MMMM!!! Give mommy some nice kisses baby.”Soon the two lovers to be are making out on the couch. Carole, still wearing the tiny black g-string, grinds her soaking wet crotch against the front of her son’s shorts. She can feel the length of her boy’s stiff 18 year old cock. One kiss leads to another….but the horny blond mother has one more thing to tell her boy.”Baby…have Peter and Jason…told you..what we have to do…if we want to join this sex club?””Mom….they told me…if we want to join…that you and I have to have sex…in front of everyone.””Baby…are you…okay…with fucking your mother…in front of 10 other boys…and their moms?””Mom…I guess if you are okay with it…then I am too.”The horny blonde mother starts kissing her boy again. Soon they are making out again. Carole grabs her boy’s nervous hands and guides them to her tits, which have been neglected for the past few minutes.”MMMMM!!! My baby boy…you’re gonna fuck your mommy..while all the other boys and their mommies watch us! MMMM!! I’m gonna want you baby.. to fuck me good so that all the other mommies bahis şirketleri are jealous of me!! And…your mommy is going to scream and beg you for your big cock! You are going to explode….a big load inside me….so that everyone can watch your cum…ooze out of your mommy’s cunt! I want all the other boys to know it’s YOUR mother…who is the hottest mommy around!”The horny blonde mother grinds her g-string against the front of her boy’s shorts. Still straddling the teenager, kissing him, their arms around each other. “Let’s get those shorts off…”She moves down…and her son lifts up his hips. The blonde mother grips the waistband and pulls down her son’s shorts. Carole is startled by the beautiful sight in front of her! She hasn’t seen a cock for over two years. She hasn’t seen her baby boy’s cock since he was a little boy! She feasts her eyes on her son’s big throbbing dick.”OOOOHHH!!! My god!! It’s….it’s amazing!”The 18 year old boy’s virgin cock is sticking straight up, literally jumping up and down from the excited young boy’s lap. The red helmet of his teenage cock head is swollen and the piss hole is open, leaking a river of precious precum. Carole thinks for a minute about taking her boy’s cock inside her hungry mouth, but she wants more than that right now!”Baby….in your fantasy, your mommy is on top of you…riding your big dick….and you shoot…inside me. MMM!!!…would you like your mommy…to make your dream…come true…?”Carole climbs up and again straddles her now naked teenage son. Now realizing that something is in the way, she pulls the tiny crotch of the black g-string to the side, totally exposing her hungry hole. Her tiny cunt is now open, throbbing for her son’s big teenage dick.”Just lay there…and enjoy it baby…mommy’s gonna ride that big dick…”The horny mother lifts her hips and slowly lowers herself, impaling her horny mommy hole on her boy’s cock. Her son’s 18 year old dick is enveloped in a warm tight welcoming wetness.”MMM!!! MY God!!! Baby…RICKY!!!! You are inside mommy!!! It’s been so long…..and your dick…it feels so BIG!! So BIG!!! Inside mommy!””Ohhh mom!!!! “”Baby….go ahead and suck on my titties while mommy fucks you…”The horny youngster opens his mouth and Carole offers a big titty to the hungry teenager. She is still wearing the sheer see thru top. The boy’s mouth feels wonderful through the thin material. She starts moving her pelvis up and down very slowly, loving the intensity of her first fuck with her teenage son.”Mom!! You feel…so…tight! It’s like you…are squeezing my cock…””Baby…your mommy’s cunt…you’re gonna find out…has a mind of it’s own…..but give mommy’s little cunt a couple of minutes to get used to it. Your dick…it’s so fucking BIG!”The two new lovers lock lips as the horny blonde milf slowly rides her teenage son. Slowly the two horny fuckers increase their rhythm…”Go ahead baby….go ahead and thrust your dick up at me…while mommy rides you…now…FUCK YOUR MOMMY!!! FUCK MOMMY!!!”Soon the boy is thrusting his virgin cock desperately trying to bury that teenage cock as far inside his horny mother as possible. Mother and son finally find the perfect rhythm…”OHHHH RICKY!!! FUCK MEEE!!!! FUCK YOUR MOMMMMYYYYY!!!! HARDER!!!!!”Carole can feel her first orgasm…”AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE YES!!! MOMMY”S CUMMIN!!! CUMMIN ON THAT BIG DICKKKK!!!””Ohhhh! Mom!!! It’s gonna…it’s gonna…shoot!!….. Real soon…!”Carole looks down at her teenage son and can see that her son will soon be filling her horny mommy hole with a big load of virgin sperm. Suddenly she realizes something….she can’t have it…. SHE…has to…stop…! Carole suddenly…”NO RICKY!!! NO!!! CAN’T CUM IN ME!!!! CAN’T CUM IN MEEEE!”The teenager is almost over the edge. Soon the teenager is enveloped in the familiar feel of his teenage sperm ready to explode…”Mom!!! I can’t help it!! Gonna cummmmmm!”The gorgeous blonde mother suddenly jumps off her son just in time. She looks down and sees that the red piss hole is starting to open up. In a second the entire bed will be flooded with fresh teenage cock cream. She lowers her mouth over his young cock head trapping the angry piss hole just in time.”In the mouth!!! In mommy’s mouth!!! Go ahead!! let it go!”The teenager groans and the first spurt of virgin cock cream hits the back of her throat. The blonde mother knows from experience that its gonna be a big one! She squeezes her lips, making an airtight seal around the boys shooting cock head….”MMMMMM!!!!!!”Carole moans as spurt after spurt of sweet virgin cream floods her mouth. She greedily swallows, trying desperately to keep up with the seemingly endless stream of her baby boy’s semen.”Ohhh MOM!!!! Ohhhhhh MOMMMM!!!”After a minute her boy is done unloading his virgin cum inside his mother’s mouth…”OH BABY!! RICKY DARLING!!! I’M SORRY!!! I’M REALLY SORRY!!!!”Sorry? Shit! The virgin boy just fucked his hot milf mom and even came in her mouth! And she swallowed it all! What is she sorry about?”Baby, mommy’s sorry! Baby, you were fucking me…so good…and I know how much you wanted…to cum…inside me. I’m sorry that I ruined your first time.””Mom? You didn’t ruin anything. It was…a dream come true.””Baby I wanted your first time with me… to be extra special. I wanted you to cum in your mother…more than anything in the world! But right now we can’t. I haven’t been taking any birth control pills the last couple months.””Mom…I totally understand. But…I mean…in your mouth like that? I mean it was pretty special. I’ll never forget tonight as long as I live.””Baby I promise. I will go to the d**g store tomorrow and get the pills. When you fuck me…at the party…in front of everyone…you can cum deep in my belly….okay?””Sure mom.””Then from now on you can cum inside me as much as you want. That sound good to you?””Hell yes…mom.” Carole looks down at her son and can see that his 18 year old cock is starting to stir. The girls at lunch were right! Obviously these 18 year old boys can get it up again in a couple of minutes!”Baby, are you okay…with kissing your mommy…after she just swallowed all your sperm?””Sure mom!”She looks at her boys lap and sees he’s already semi hard.”Baby, I told you that your mother is a really good cocksucker. May I have permission? To suck your big dick? And then…when it’s time…you shoot another load…in my mouth?””You want to suck me off? Hell yes mom!””Baby, I know there is a big football game on the tube tonight. Maybe you want to sit here and watch the game, while your mommy sucks your dick. Would you like that, darling?””Mom, that sounds really cool, but to he honest, I’m not interested in that game anymore. I’d just like to concentrate on you…!””Baby, I feel bad, you better not put it inside me, at least until I get my birth control pills. Are you okay with that?””Sure mom.””Look! Your cock is hard again for mommy….”

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