9 Ekim 2021

The Oinment – BBBBTS


The Oinment – BBBBTSBuck’s Big Boob Bed Time Stories….I was pretty much drunk, as I passed out in the hotel lobby. I remember some of my friends taking me to my suite. I woke up a day later, behind some trash cans, in a alley way. I could hear some people cheering behind me. I rolled over. Some beer cans fell of my chest. I turned to see a big crowd cheering and waving there hands. I walked over and squinted my eyes. They were cheering for a cock fight. Two big rooster were going at it. I reached into my pocket to pull out a twenty. I then get knocked over the head by a policeman.I woke up 3 days later in a jail cell. I was set free, for a lack of evidence. There were no charges. I went to pick up my stuff. I had to sign for the money in my pocket. My passport, wallet and some clothes. I was just about ready to leave…when I heard my name.. “Mr Kelly! You forgot this.” said a voice. I turned to see a jar of white ointment and a jar of red ointment. I looked around. What the fuck was it. I walked back to the counter. I leaned in to get both jars. I tossed them with the rest of my stuff. I had no idea what the ointment was for or how I got it. I was still a little foggy, on what happened since I got to Tijuana Mexico.I took a taxi back to my hotel. I found my bags at the front desk. I then took a taxi back to the USA. I had to sign a release form, that the two jars, were not hazardous. I told them it was for my lower back. There were no labels on either jar. I got back to my house about 6 hours later. I went right inside and fell asleep on my big water bed.The next day, I took a long shower. I shaved some small hairs on my chest. I then shaved around my cock, making it nice and clean. I combed my short hair. I just shook my head as I saw my bags on the floor of the bathroom. I put a towel around my waist. I then leaned down to pull out the two jars of ointment. I opened the white jar first. I looked under the metal cap. There were small instruction in Spanish. I then opened the red jar. There were tiny instructions in Spanish under that cap. I smelled the ointment before I tighten both jars. There was no smell or odor. What the fuck was up with these jars of cream. I then walked back into my room. I put both jars on my night stand.I went to my boring job making burgers. I put on the brown uniform and stood behind the counter. All day young k**s kept coming in ordering burgers and fries and bitching about the heat. The only thing that made my day any brighter, was the manager of the place. “Milka” She was half Mexican and half Italian. She was all Latina, as she liked to call herself. She had the perfect olive dark skin. Almost light mocha. She always wore the sexist perfume. I usually could smell her before I saw her. She was almost like my ideal woman. She was not very voluptuous. She was only 5ft 4. But she a big personality. She just need a little bit more curves around her body. She had below average breast and a below average size butt. She would walk around and talk to the other workers about getting implants for both her breast, and ass. She always wanted to be bigger but she did not have the money for plastic surgery. I always told her she looked great. But secretly I wish she had bigger curves.I went home that night, thinking about Milka. It was close to midnight, that I finally went to bed. I closed my eyes. I could feel my cock get hard. I pushed off my silk sheets. I reached into my night stand. I pulled out a small bottle of baby oil. Fuck it was empty. The cap fell off and leaked out in my night stand. I then rolled back and stared at the ceiling. My cock was semi hard. I wanted to stoke it, make all 9 3/4 inch’s rock hard. I started to think. What could I use for some lubrication on my cock?A second later. I reached on too of my night stand. I pulled one of the jars of ointment off the night stand. The one I got from Tijuana. I loosen the metal cap. I smelled the ointment again. I put some of the white ointment on my pinkie. It felt Ok. Nothing bad had happened. I rubbed a tiny drop between my fingers. It felt good, rubbing my two fingers together. I could feel how soft the ointment was making my fingers. My fingers were well lubricated with a small amount of the ointment. I laughed out loud. What could happen. It was just a weird jar of ointment from Tijuana. I was near a hospital. I then closed my eyes. I picture Milka naked, with big breast and a huge ass. I took a small amount, maybe a half teaspoon, in my left palm. I put the jar back on the night stand.A minute later. I closed my eyes as I started to rub my cock. The ointment felt really good on my cock. The hairs on my skin started to move. I felt a tingling sensation up my spine. My mouth got wet. I licked my lips as I stroked my cock. I put some of the ointment on my big naked balls. The started to get really warm and began to get hotter. I was really enjoying the ointment. My mind was racing with thoughts of big breasted Milka and what I love to do to her voluptuous body.My eyes opened. I could feel my cock getting hotter. Oh fuck!! I thought. I quickly rolled over to grab the other jar of ointment. I opened the red jar. I took out the same amount of ointment as the first jar. I started to rub the red ointment on my cock and balls. It immediately started to cool down my cock and balls. The hair on my whole body flexed. My skin was alive. I started to think about Milka again. It only took me a few minutes before I exploded all over my bed. Big thick streams of my white cum, erupted out my cock, into the air. It kept going. I had never ejaculated that much before and for so long. My cock was hard again in a matter of seconds. I jacked off again, and again. Each time it felt better than before. Each time my cock ejaculated more cum than before. I had cum so many times. I lost track (Dozen Times) and fell asleep. With my cock in my left hand.”Beep!! Beep!!” My alarm clock was going off. I quickly rolled out of bed. I looked down to see my sheets covered in cum stains. There was pink ointment on my chest, hands, and ass. Some on my sheets. I hurried to get in the shower and clean myself up. I had about an hour to get to work. I felt the hot water on my face. I could feel the ointment on my body wash off. I took a bar soap to clean, my chest, abs and face. I then dropped the soap down to clean my cock. I opened my eyes. What the fuck, I thought. I looked down…….My cock was huge. My balls were huge. What the fuck had happened. I was stunned. I kept looking between my legs. I could not think. I just washed my cock and balls with soap. I then quickly dried off as I stood in front of my mirror.My cock was big. Now I was huge. I was as big as before when I was hard. I ran into my room. I pulled out a ruler from my desk. I grabbed my cock and held it up. I slipped the ruler underneath. I was 12inch long, soft. How big could I get hard? What the fuck? I thought. I then looked at the two jars of cream on my night stand. I ran over to open the jars again. I tried to rub my finger on the bottom, around the side. I then rub the Spanish lettering under the metal jars. There was some glue keeping up the small label. It fell off into my hand. I looked down to see the bottom of the label had very small writing.I quickly looked in my desk. I finally reached all the way in the back. I pulled out my magnifying glass. I brought the small label up, to take a look. The words were in English. The letters were so small. “Warning. This ointment is to be used in very small amounts. The ointment will cause a warm feeling on the skin. Over time this will pass. Then your skin will feel very smooth and vibrant. Fixes all blemishes, wrinkles and skin conditions. DO NOT RUB on your most private area. This may cause extreme sexual urges. DO NOT MIX with re…………” The last part had rubbed off.I opened the red jar. Ripped off the warning label. Then I flipped it over. I held it under the magnifying glass. “Warning. This ointment is to be used in very small amounts. The ointment will cause a cool feeling on the skin. Over time this will pass. Then your skin will feel very smooth and vibrant. Fixes all blemishes, wrinkles and skin conditions. DO NOT RUB on your most private area. This may cause extreme sexual urges. WARNING …. DO NOT MIX with the White Ointment. This will cause affected area, to have a large growth rate. Good luck to you! Thank you for shopping Tijuana Big Dong Store.”I put both jars back on my night stand. I ran over to get some under wear on. I tried to stuff my huge cock in a pair of white boxers. I could not get them on. I put on my work shirt. I then pulled up my brown work pants. I looked down to the front of my pants, where huge. My fucking huge cock was bulging canlı bahis out the front. I could barely breath as I got my hat from my closet. I ran out the door and jumped into my car. I got to work in a flash. I kept looking down at my cock, in my work pants. What the fuck? I kept thinking.It was about an hour into my shift. I could hear some of the female employee giggle when they passed me. Was my uniform that tight. Was my big cock giving me away. I was a good looking guy. But was never a ladies man. I was a little shy. I used to get picked on for being tall and thin. I then worked out and got bigger muscles. Now my cock caught up with the new me. “Buck! Come to my office.” I heard a voice say behind me. I turned to see Milka. She put her finger up, to motion for me to follow her, to her office. She was sipping on a straw. She had just made herself a big vanilla shake. All the employees started to talk. I guess, I was in trouble.”Shut the door.” said Milka in her sexy Latina accent. I closed the small door behind me. I had to go down a long hallway. Next to the freezer, was her small office. There was enough room for a small desk. One chair on either side of her desk. There were two metal filing cabinets behind her. I smiled as she motion for me to sit down. Her milk shake was on the edge of the table, near her left side. She put her elbows down on the desk. “How are you today?” she said. “Good! How are you?” I said. “Good! I have to ask you a question. Did you shrink your work clothes? Did you wash them in hot water?” she said. “No! I washed them a few days ago, in cold water. Why?” I said. “Well some of the employees have been whispering today about your uniform. I came to look at you. I took one look and was astonished how tight your uniform was on you. It was not this tight yesterday.” said Milka.I smiled. “Something happened. I can’t explain it.” I said. She smiled. “Buck! You can tell me. I am the boss here. You like working here? Everyone likes you. Your a very hard worker. Is it a medical problem? A rare condition? Did you get hurt on your vacation?” she said. “Thanks.. I do like working here. Everyone very nice. Your a great boss. It’s hard to explain.” I said. “Buck! Stand up… Walk over here. Stand next to my desk. Now tell me. What is up with you tight uniform?” she demanded.My mouth dropped open as I finally got a big whiff of her perfume. It hit just in the perfect place. I looked down to see the front of my uniform move. Milka eyes moved to the front of my work pants. Her eyes got big. She was sitting there in her manger’s uniform. A super tight golf shirt and tight green pants. I could see her left nipple get hard. My cock twitched. Just then…”POP!!!” I looked down to see a big plastic button fly off the front of my work pants. It flew bye Milka face and hit the filing cabinet. She gasped. “What was that?” she said. Just then….”Bam!!! I looked down to see my zipper come open. I then felt cold air on my cock, as it fell out and hung down for her.”OMG Buck! I never you knew you were this big. I have been checking you out all the time. From the front and back. I never thought you were packing this much prime beef.” she said. Her eyes got big as my cock stuck straight out. I slipped my hands inside my work pants. I moved them down just under my hard ass. I heard her shriek when my huge balls fell out, for her to see. Her mouth was just wide open. “I bought some ointment down in Tijuana..These two jars of ointment..” I tried to say. “Does it hurt?” she interrupted. She then fell out her chair, onto her knees in front of me. She ran her tongue down the length of my cock. She had to use two hands to get a hold of it. She used two hands to jack my cock at her mouth. She could only get the tip of my cock in her mouth. She was trying to swallow more than just an inch.Her tongue was licking all over the tip of my cock. She was running her hands all over my cock. I moved my hips forward shoving more of my cock in her mouth. She would just gag and try to spit me out. Her mouth was so far open, her eyes were getting wet as she gagged. She was quite good at sucking cock. I felt her hands move on my hard abs, she then dropped both her hands to fondle my large balls. Both were bigger than her small hands. She then dropped her head under my cock, to lick each one of my full balls. I put my cock on her big head of hair. She giggled as she dropped her head back and my cock blocked out her face. She went back to jacking my cock faster. I felt a big rush of excitement go through my body. I usually could hold out longer. But not after applying the ointment to my cock. My mouth dropped open.”Ummmm!!!!” I said. Milka looked up. She then looked at the large vein on my cock. It moved, she quickly grabbed her milk shake on the desk. She dumped out her full vanilla shake in the garbage can, next to her desk. She then aimed my cock at the 44oz cup. I just smiled. I then erupted a huge load into the cup. She kept jacking my cock. I watched her eyes get bigger as I filled up the cup. She then squeezed my balls and spit on my cock head. I looked down to see one last drop fall out the tip of my cock head, into the cup. She held up the cup, next to her face. “God Damn Buck! You filled that shit up. I never seen that much cum in all my life. God are you hard again?” she said. She put the lid on her cup of cum. She sucked on her straw and licked her lips.”Knock! Knock! Hello Milka! Big Boss Stephanie is here to see you.” said a voice outside her small office door. “Be right there. Tell her to look at Station 2 before she comes in. Thank you.” said Milka. I reached down to pull up my tight work pants. I looked at Milka, who was cleaning herself off with some napkins. “How do I look?” she said. “Good! Should I go out and buy a new uniform?” I said. “No! I will order you a new one. Buck! You can’t tell anyone about this. It’s not right. I’m the manager. Your an employee. I had fun, but this was a one time thing honey.” she said in a very sexy Latina accent.I shut her office door as I walked out into the kitchen. My cock was still hard as I went to punch out. I went straight home to take a shower. My cock was getting hard under the hot water. I was just about ready to stroke it again, when my cell phone rang. I got out of the shower and look down at the screen. It was Milka, from work. “Hello! This is Buck…” I said. “Hi! Buck! I just want to see how you were doing.” said Milka. “I’m good. How are you?” I said. There was a short pause. “I’m good. I have been thinking about what just happened in my office. I can’t get your huge cock out of my mind. I never felt anything like that before.” she said. “Same here.” I said. “It got my thinking. Do you still have some of that cream? You said it made you bigger. From Tijuana. Do you think it might make me bigger? I mean there might be a chance.” she said.Was she really asking about the cream. My mouth fell open. “I’m not sure it will work on you, like it did with me. There are warning labels on the jars. I’m not sure if it will work on a woman, like it has done with my me. I guess there a possibility.” I said. “Like you said…Maybe it would work on me. I love to find out Buck. It’s all I can think about. Of course!! I would need your experience, with the cream. On how it works. I would need you to apply it to my body. What are you doing now sweetie?” she said. “Just getting out of the shower.” I said. “Well if your up for it. I will text you over directions to my house.” said Milka. “Ok!” I said. I was more than up for it. I could barely squeeze my cock in my tan cargo shorts.About an hour later, I pulled into Milka driveway. There were two mini vans parked out front. I pulled my car behind Milka’s mini van. I knew Milka was not married. But was she seeing anyone. I kept thinking about rubbing ointment all over her body. I knocked on the front door. “Knock! Knock!” A few seconds later the door opened. “Hey sweetie Buck!” said Milka I almost fell over in front of her door. She had a pair of tight black spandex pants on. She had them pulled over her calves, just below the knee. She had 4inch black wooden heels, that were huge on her small feet. They looked like something out of the 70’s. Big platform heels. My cock moved in my shorts from her heels.I moved my eyes above her waist. She was wearing a super tight white spandex tube top, that clung to her below average breast. She was wearing no bra or thong under her spandex pants. I could see her camel toe from a mile away. She had big gold hoop earrings on and matching gold bracelets on her wrist. She had a white flower above her left ear. Her long curly black hair hung down to her shoulders. She stopped to get a pedicure and manicure. She had matching bahis siteleri fiery red nails on her toes and fingers. I could see the same white flower in her hair, drawn on her nails. She licked her fiery red lips with her tongue. She looked me up and down, in her doorway, as she invited me in.I was wearing a black Kiss shirt, and a pair of cargo shorts. I just had on a pair of white low cut sneakers. She smiled as she shut her front door. “You look nice.” I said. “Thank you sweetie. Any trouble finding the place? I’m glad my directions were good then. Did you bring it?” she said. I smiled. “Its in my shorts.” I said. “No! The cream silly.” she giggled. She reached up to squeeze my ass, as we walked into her living room. I then stopped. “Buck! This is Macy. She is me best friend. My Chica for life” said Milka. Both girls laughed.I smiled. Milka friend was very tiny. Maybe 4ft 10. She had the same color skin and big brunette hair. She had the same fiery red finger and toe nails as Milka. She was wearing a super tight pair of dark denim Capri jeans. They hung just below her knee. She had long legs and the perfect little ass. She was wearing a red spaghetti strap top that barely contained her nice firm breast. She was well proportion for her size. She smiled as her eye when directly to the front of my cargo shorts. I knew Milka had told her about my cock. But had she told her about the ointment. I caught my breath as each girl sat together on Milka leather couch. They were drinking some white wine in these huge ass glasses. I could only watch them sip from these big glasses, and try not to laugh.”Nice to meet you Macy.” I said. “Oh! Nice to meet you Buck. I’ve heard nothing but big things about you.” said Macy with a southern accent. Both girls giggled as they sipped there wine. Macy then leaned into Milka’s right ear. She whispered something. Then Milka smiled. I looked around the room. They had been drinking for awhile. I was now in front of them. As they each fold there leg over there left leg. Macy licked her lips. “Buck! It looks like your cargo shorts are having the same problem as your uniform. From this afternoon. That was close today. My boss kept watching me drink my big white milk shake. I hope you don’t mind. But I told Macy about what happen. She is my Chica. Did you tell anyone?” said Milka. I shook my head “No!””That a good boy. Now I want you to show Macy your big fat cock. Don’t be shy. Let her see. She doesn’t believe me. I did not even tell her how you got that big. Come her baby. Let me help.” said Milka. I smiled as Milka leaned up to take off my belt. She then pulled on the button keeping my shorts up. She struggled as Macy leaned up to help. She had tiny hands as they ripped off the button holding up my shorts. Then they pulled down my zipper. They each grabbed the sides of my cargo shorts. They pulled them around my ankles. “Fuck! Damn!! Look at the size of him Milka” said Macy. “Oh! God! Yes! He is already hard. Just like today. Buck! I drained your big cock today. Got anymore for me? We better help you, then I will tell Macy how you got this big. Fuck that ointment is the bomb. Baby!” said Milka. “What ointment Milka. God! Look at the size of that fuck stick. Damn! Our two hands can’t get around it.” said Macy.I felt both of there tongues on the tip of my cock. I felt Milka’s hands on my big naked balls. She rolled them around in her hands as Macy used both her small hands to jack my cock in her mouth. She could barely get any of my cock in her mouth. She struggled to open her mouth wide enough. I smiled as I watched both girls suck my cock. They took turns trying to see who could swallow the most. I just moved my hips, helping them suck harder. I reached down to play with both girls average size breast. Milka moaned as I squeezed her breast. Macy started to fondle my hard ass. Then Milka started to spank my hard ass. Both girls were running there mouths down the side of my cock. I could see them kiss, as they let go of my cock. Milka looked up. She had big fake eyes lashes and dark blue mascare on. She grabbed my cock and beat her friends face with it. Both girls giggled.A second later Milka pulled her tube top down. Her saggy breast fell out and onto her chest. Macy pulled out her tiny firm breast. She had little dark purple nipples, that were erect. Each girl took turns rubbing my cock on there breast. Each girl had a hard time tit fucking my huge cock. They both tried hard to push there breast together. I was gripping there nipples and pulling on them as my cock slapped between there small cleavage. I watched as the both ran there tongues around the tip of my cock. They both used there hands to jack my cock quite fast. I moved in with my hips. I started to get excited. “Oh Fuck! He going to blow…” screamed Milka. Macy and Milka moved there heads. They aimed my cock at the leather couch. I leaned back and erupted. “What the fuck? It’s so much.” yelled Macy. “There he blows…” yelled Milka. They kept pumping cock, until nothing came out. They both licked me clean. I had unloaded almost the same size load in Milka’s office, this afternoon. Her couch had turned from brown to white.Macy went back to taking a sip of her wine. Milka got up and got some towels, to clean her couch. Both girls kept looking at my semi hard cock. In 5 minutes, I was rock hard again. “That is just not right. My old boyfriend would go right to bed.” said Macy. “Mine would take a week to get hard again.” giggled Milka. Milka tossed the towels in toher laundry room. She then came back with a tape measure. “What were you before?” said Milka. “9 3/4inches!” I said. She held my cock up and pulled out the tape measure. “20 1/2inches now !!! 4 hands round!!” she giggled. “Fuck! I had no idea. All in one night.” I said.”Wait! How did you get this big? In one night?? You got to be joking.” said Macy. “No! Macy! It’s true. I asked some of the girls at work. All of them said he had a nice package. But today, he was huge in his uniform. Also that two of the biggest cum shots, I have ever seen.” said Milka. “Ok! What up with all the cum? How did you get so big, in one night?” said Macy. “I was in Tijuana . Some how I bought this ointment. I used some of it. It made all this happen.” I said. I pointed to my huge cock. Milka smiled. “Damn! That must be some kinda of ointment.” said Macy. “It also tighten all my muscles. I feel bigger in my arms and legs. Not to mention I have all this stamina. I used to take about 10-15 minutes to get hard. Now its just minutes. Sometimes seconds. The next load his bigger and feels better. I jerked my cock about a dozen times last night. Before I fell asleep.” I said.”Can I see the ointment now?” said Milka. “Wait, you brought it with you. You want to get bigger?” said Macy. “No!” I said. “Macy! He brought it for me…silly.” said Milka. I smiled as I walked toward my cargo shorts. Both girls quickly sat back on the clean couch. I reached into my big pockets. I pulled out the white jar and the red jar. I walked back to the couch. “Let me see.” said Milka. She opened the white jar. They both smelled the ointment. “There no smell.” said Macy. “What’s in the red jar?” said Milka. “I used some of the white ointment, then I applied some of the red ointment. I went from feeling hot, hot, hot,—to feeling cool, cool. Then I got super horny. Jerked my cock all night. Then woke up with this huge cock.” I pointed to the girls.They both looked at each other. “I’m not k**ding. You will get really horny. Never enough sex…” I said. Both girls smiled. “I have to see this.” said Macy. “I’ve been so horny thinking about it all day. Give me some Buck. Be gentle.” said Milka. “Go easy.” said Macy. I smiled. I opened the white jar. “Let me read you the warning label. I don’t want you to say, I did not warn you.—“Warning. This ointment is to be used in very small amounts. The ointment will cause a warm feeling on the skin. Over time this will pass. Then your skin will feel very smooth and vibrant. Fixes all blemishes, wrinkles and skin conditions. DO NOT RUB on your most private area. This may cause extreme sexual urges. DO NOT MIX with re…… The last part rubbed off. Are you Ok with me applying this to your body?” I said. “Yes! Go right ahead. Buck!” said Milka.Milka stood up. She started to undress in front of me and her best friend, Macy. I smiled as she was now naked. She was only wearing her small wooden heels. I could smell her sexy perfume. I could not smell her wet pussy. I could tell her small g-string was wet. It made a loud noise, as she pulled it off between her legs. A second later, I started to rub some of the white ointment on Milka saggy breast. She followed my hands and fingers as I played with her güvenilir bahis average size breast. I then moved her around by her hips. My big hands on her waist. I started to rub some of the ointment on her average size ass. She giggled. Macy starred at her friend.”How do you feel?” I said. Milka looked around. “Good! Am I growing yet?” she said. “No not yet. But you look super hot, all wet.” I said. “Rub some on my thighs, make sure you get all over these boobs and my ass.” said Milka. I smiled as I rubbed some more ointment on her. I saw Macy looking at my cock. She leaned forward to scoop up my hard cock. Milka looked down at her friend fondling my cock. Both girls started to stroke my cock. “MMMMmmm. My body starting to get warm, Buck. Should you put on some of the red ointment?” said Milka. “In due time. Let me do this, and this first.” I said. I twisted both her juicy small nipples. She screamed with pleasure. I watched Macy start to lick my cock from sitting on the couch.A second later Milka pushed her friend off my cock. “He all mine. Give me some of the big cock. I’m so warm. My body is tingling. My skin!!!” screamed Milka. I watched as she bent over to suck my cock. I reached down to play with her ass. I put one finger near her pussy. I could now smell her wet pussy. She was sucking my cock faster than before. She looked up into my eyes. I could tell it was time for the red ointment. Her skin was on fire. She was now turning a dark red. I smiled as she let go of my cock. Macy went back to sucking my cock as I rubbed some red ointment all over Milka, warm body. “Oh! God! It feel so cold on my skin. I feel so perfect. My skin feels so wonderful. Give me that cock back.” she grunted at Macy.I watched as Milka started to get more of my cock in her mouth, than before. She now deep throat a few inches. She gagged and spit me out. She looked down at Macy. She pointed to have Macy get off the couch. Which, she did. I then watched Milka sit on her ass. She put her legs up over her head. As far back as she could go. I watched as she licked her fingers. Than she stuck one in her pussy. She orgasm very quick. I watched as she squirted out her pussy onto her carpet. “I never done that before. That was such an intense orgasm. Buck! Stick that big cock in me. NOW!!!” she shouted. I spit on my cock and then rubbed it on Milka’s small pussy lips. She grunted as I slapped her juicy pussy with my cock. Macy looked down at her friend. She then stood next to me as we both watched the tip of my cock enter her friends pussy.”Yes! Yes! Squeeze that big cock in my pussy baby. Macy spit on his cock. Help him baby..” screamed Milka. Macy spit on my cock, as she reached down to help me put my cock in her friends pussy. I moved my hips forward pushing the tip of my cock inside her tight pussy. Her pussy open up, slowly at first. I was not sure how much she could take. I just had the first inch in before she pushed me out. Then I pushed it back in. Another inch inside her before she pushed me out. I wiped my cock on her wet pussy lips. I then pushed three inches inside her. She screamed. I thought I was going to split her in half. Milka screamed. She then started to orgasm very hard on my cock. It felt like boiling hot water, as it rushed down the side of my hard cock.I leaned down to start to suck on Milka’s left breast. I got her tiny nipple in my mouth. She was moaning. I felt Macy hands around my cock as I fucked her friend faster. I then stopped moving, as Macy used my cock to fuck Milka’s tight pussy. I then moaned from Milka’s tight pussy. Both girls moaned in my ear. I felt Macy suck the back of my neck as I fucked Milka faster. I was close to cumming. Milka’s pussy was so tight. A few minutes later I arched my back. Macy stopped sucking my neck as she fell onto the couch. I felt Milka’s hands on my ass. “Don’t stop Buck! Keep fucking me. Fuck me with that big cock. Fuck!!!!!” she screamed. I looked down as the head of my cock, and three inches was inside her. I then felt a huge explosion. I watched as her pussy filled up. I then felt her pussy exploded and jets of hot cum spurted out into the air. Both girls screamed as I kept filling Milka’s pussy with cum. A few minutes later I fell back onto the floor.Milka put her fingers in her pussy, then licked her fingers of my juices. Macy put her fingers in her friend cum filled pussy. “Fuck! Another huge ass load. Milka…Are you Ok?” said Macy. “God! He taste so good. Are you alive Buck?” said Milka. I mumbled something. Both girls giggled. “Mmmm…I’m so horny. Are you ready again?” shouted Milka. I smiled. Then Macy got up. She looked down at me. “Buck!” she said in a real cute way. “You want some of the ointment to.” I said. She giggled and bounced up and down.Milka and I applied a small amount of the ointment, from both jars on Macy small body parts. I then unloaded a huge load inside Macy very tight pussy. Milka leaned down to clean out her friends pussy. Macy had a huge orgasm in her friends greedy mouth. Then both girls started to kiss. I looked down to see my cock was rock hard. Both girls eyes opened at the same time. They both took turns fucking me on the floor. Later I picked up both girls and carried them upstairs to Milka’s, big king size bed. I laid in the middle as they took turns using my cock. A few hours passed before we all fell asleep…..I opened my eyes. What time was it? I moved my head to the right. Milka had her back to me. I moved my head to the left. Macy had her back to me. I looked down. My body was covered in dry cum, and pussy juices. It had been less than 48 hours. I now had a huge giant cock. I was super horny, and I had two older women who wanted me all the time. “Eeeekkkk!!!! Oh my god!!!! ” said Macy…”Fuck!!!! Oh God!!!” yelled Milka. Just then both girls flipped over, hitting me with there super hue breast. I screamed. “Fuck!!!!” Both girls looked at me. Then at themselves. “Looks like the ointment worked. Your both huge. Get off the bed and stand in front of me. Fuck!! Your both so hot…” I said.Macy rolled off her side of the bed. Milka strutted over next to her best friend. They both looked at each other. Both girls were almost the same. Milka was slightly bigger. She no longer had average size breast, or tiny nipples. Her breast were huge and sat high on her chest. Both her huge breast scooped down and stopped below her waist. Her nipples were purple, and the size of my thumb. She had two large dark 4inch aerlos on both breast. She now had wide hips, big thick thighs, and super tight calves. Her whole body was in proportion to her large breast. She turned to show off her huge, perfect round shape ass. She had the size of two J Lo booties in the back. My mouth was dripping. Her pussy was still small, but covered in thick dark hair.I then checked out Macy. She was slightly smaller than Milka, in the breast department. Her breast cascaded down just under her belly button. Her nipples were bigger and looked wet. She turned to show off her quite large thick ass. The did not use the cream on her thighs, and legs. She had grown some in her legs, to balance out the rest of her body. Macy pussy looked just like Milka’s. Both girls giggled again as they looked at each other. I was sitting on the edge of the bed facing them. My cock was sticking straight out.Milka was first. She tossed me on the bed. She then sat her tight pussy on my cock. Her huge breast rested on my face. She got half of my cock in her wet pussy. She orgasm fast. She put her hands on the wooden head board, behind my head. She was pulling hard on the wood, as she slammed her pussy on my cock. Macy watched her friend. She started to rub her pussy. She then pinched her big nipples and screamed. Milka rubbed her breast on my mouth. She then orgasm again, after I dumped another huge load in her pussy. Macy sucked my cock clean. She licked Milka pussy clean, before she fucked my big cock. I fucked her for over an hour, unloading two huge loads in her pussy.A few weeks later:I can hear Macy, and Milka walking toward the pool. There high heels clicking on the wet cement. I’m floating in the deep end. I see they brought are sexy new nanny from Sweden. She doesn’t speak a word of English. She blonde, with little boobs and a small ass. She wrote us asking for a boob job, and implants for her ass. She saw Milka, and Macy on a chat line. She wanted to meet them in person. Turns out both girls are pregnant. There have the same due date. Milka and I won two big lawsuits from the fast food place. They got some of the female managers to have sex with me. Some of the male managers with her and Macy.I also started a sex clinic for woman with out curves and small butts. My goal to give them bigger assets. My cock been getting a good work out from all the women, who want some of my special ointment. I checked the two jars yesterday. Both are half full. I might have to make another trip down to the ..Tijuana Big Dong Store.LoveBuckxoox

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