30 Eylül 2021

The Passage of Lydia Part 2


The Passage of Lydia Part 2Let me continue my tale ……..I sat in front of the mirror and saw my pale face as a blank canvas but the array of lip sticks, foundation, eye shadow etc. filled me with dread, I’d watch my mum getting ready and the way her hands would wave our her face and then presto she was all glammed up.I have to admit it was a disaster and my attempts made me look as if I had been beaten up. Dismayed I thought I would checkout the hat boxes on top of the wardrobe. Eureka! I giggled like a little girl when I found no hats but 6 wigs, and by the soft feel they were good ones. I was drawn to the shoulder length auburn one and after a few attempts got it sitting as good as I could atop my head. I gave it as good a brush as I could manage without tearing it to shreds, having never had to brush long hair before.I stood at the full length mirror drunk on the vision before me. OK, I wasn’t going to pass as anything but a gangly teenage boy in drag but I felt ….ALIVE.I spent some time walking around the house trying to behave as a girl would, the swaying of hips and one foot in front of the other when walking. I tried to do everything from making a coffee to having a pee just like a girl. IT FELT bloodY MARVELOUS.I loved the feeling as my inner thighs rubbed together and the soft rasp of the material sent tingles like electricity through my head. I took on this role like a budding actress.I took this female me back to Aunty Bev’s room and lay on the bed, positioning the mirror so I could view myself as though I were watching a movie of ….me. My hands were all over my legs and my cock was straining against the tight fabric and I was as horny as I had ever been. I felt slightly detached watching this awkward girl release her hot hard cock from panties and tights and one hand stroking slowly as the other caressed nylon and found a bra clad nipple to tweak. I removed the blouse and slowly and as sensually as I could I slipped the skirt down to my ankles. I wanted to cum so much but I wanted this moment to last as if it was never going to happen again. I lay there swimming in desires and hormones colliding, breathing hard and in time to my stroking and then that tingle starting to build and then that groan as I felt the hot stickiness rush up through my cock and explode on my belly, bra and over my hand. It was even better than before. I lay there looking at my reflection and thinking this was as natural as anything.I tidied myself up and hopefully retraced steps etc. and put things back as it should be.I got on with regular stuff for the remains of the day but my mind wasn’t that far from earlier activities. Bev came home and although I tried to behave ‘normal’ I got the impression she knew, but I told myself to stop being paranoid.Over the next few days every spare moment went into practicing, make up, hair and clothes combinations. I fully shaved what little hair I had and that feeling of rolling a stocking on a shaved leg was NIRVANA! Aunt Bev seemed oblivious.My mum came round for dinner and broke the news that I was dreading…. We were moving back into the house in ten days. I left mum and Bev in the kitchen reliving old tales over some a bottle of wine and went up to my room. I sobbed like a baby at the thought of leaving all this behind. I must have drifted off to sleep and before I knew it I was wakened by the feeling of a presence in the room. As I came to I saw Aunty Bev sat on the end of the bed.“Are you ok Neil?” I struggled to reply and just nodded. “Neil, you have been crying, what’s wrong?” she moved up the bed to get closer, I could smell the wine and see her slightly unsteady.“My mum?” I stammered.“Oh she left a wee while ago, had to pour her into a taxi” Bev giggled. “But tell me, whatever is the matter with you?”I just bahis siteleri stared at Bev, a pit in my stomach and I just wanted to tell her everything then she reached out, touched my cheek and then took my hand. I began to feel stronger. She looked at me with those twinkle wine washed eyes and then she knocked me for six.“Aunty Bev knows you have been rummaging around her room.” She was smiling I was struggling to put excuses together.“Have you been doing naughty things with Aunty Bev’s lingerie?” I just stared at her lost for words and she took hold of my other hand in a gesture of trust ……..she drew breath and ….” It’s ok I understand”.She moved closer and her arms cloaked my shoulders and she hugged me. I found the mix of perfume and wine an intoxicating cocktail. She held me for a little while and I asked her how she knew.“Oh we women are an organised lot, can spot when something is out of place” she laughed“I am sorry Aunty Bev; I don’t know why I did it.”“What exactly did you do?” she asked knowinglyI just let it all out like the bullets from a gun and told her everything.Stopping for breath I caught sight of a puzzled look on her face.“I knew you were going through my clothes and I suspected maybe you were trying things on and I was actually planning to catch you out, but now it’s in the open I would really like to see how you look, what do you say?”This was the first and only time I blushed. I looked everywhere around the room not wanting to catch her gaze.“Ok Neil, here’s what I suggest we do. Please go and shower and shave, chin as well as legs then come into my room ok?”I just nodded as she left for her room.I showered, shaved and towelled myself down. I was in a kind of limbo, where would this go?I knocked on her door, she laughed and told me to come in so head round the door first I shuffled in to her room.“Don’t be coy, come in”Quite simply I was breathless at the sight of Aunty Bev. She stood at her dresser wearing a white combination of bra, panties and suspenders with cream shiny stockings and cream sling back heels and wrapped around her was a diaphanous kaftan like robe. Despite having a towel wrapped around me it was plain the effect it had on me.“Oh my!” Aunty Bev stifled a giggle. “Did I cause that? “I just stood in awe.“Now I am going to ask you firstly that you trust me” I nodded“Now I need you to agree that what happens between us will always stay between us”“Of course Aunty Bev I promise”“Well it is hardly the kind of thing you will go shouting about is it? Wearing woman’s’ clothes, is it?”“No I giggled guess not” I answered in a confident manner.She motioned for me to sit on the edge of the bed and she sat opposite me on her dresser stool.“I am going to change your life and I am going to introduce to a world of wonder. You are going to find out things about your Aunty Bev, but more importantly you will find out lots about yourself.”I gulped for air, I knew I was about to embark on a journey, clichéd I know but this was 100s of times more exciting than the days leading to this.“Are you a virgin?” That came out of nowhere and I could see the serious look on her face. “Well are you?”“Yes I am, but I have done things, you know” I stammered like a confused adolescent.Aunty Bev grinned“Ok firstly we will resolve that then we will explore this other side to you, do you understand?” I nodded. She stood up and came to sit beside me her legs rubbed against mine the feeling of nylon made me gasp a little. She took my face in her hands and pulled me close and kissed me in the most sensual way only a mature woman can. My hands found themselves moving around her body, enjoying the sensations of lace, silk and satin. Her kisses were more purposeful now, her tongue fencing with mine and soft nibbles of my lips.She canlı bahis lay back and I was stuck in that limbo of what to do next. She parted her legs a little and smiled.“Have you ever gone down on a girl?” I confessed I hadn’t but I had seen it in a mucky movie.“A mucky movie?” Aunty Bev laughed “Ok here is lesson number one”She pulled me down and my face was level with her breasts.Instinct kicked in and I began planting soft kisses around her cleavage whilst one hand cupped a breast. I was surprised at how heavy it felt. |My thumb found a nipple and as I rubbed it through the lace I felt it stiffen and Aunty Bev shifted slightly and let out a small whimper.“MMMMMM that’s right, don’t rush, you’re doing great, and Aunty Bev’s getting nice and wet.”My cock was as hard and as big as I had ever felt, and as it rubbed against her stockinged leg waves of pleasure rushed through me.“Now, Aunty Bev wants you to make her cum, and the way Aunty Bev LOVES to cum is having her clitty licked.” Aunty Bev declared in a playful way, and with a wicked grin she asked, “Can you find Aunty Bev’s clitty?”I had seen porn films and magazines so I roughly knew where I was headed. I stood up as Aunty Bev moved herself into a comfortable position, as she did she planted a delicate kiss on the tip of my cock, FUCK, I blurted out “ I love you Aunty Bev!”She smiled and her eyes glistened, softly she replied “I love you too Neil”.I stood looking for what seemed ages but then I saw Aunty Bev part her legs slightly and I could see how wet her delicate lace panties were.“Take them off me please Neil, Nice and slow”I put my fingers in the waistband of each side and as she raised her hips I slowly and carefully slid them down her nylon dressed legs. There before me, a sight forever to imprint in my memory was Aunty Bev’s pussy, trimmed dark hairs formed a triangle pointing to prize.“Now take your time and if you get stuck Aunty Bev will put you right”.As my face got near she opened her legs further and I now caught sight of those beautiful pink lips curled like a flower’s petals before the daylight and its perfume filled my nostrils and sent my senses swimming to higher plains.Carefully I drew apart her lips with my forefingers and I traced my tongue around her labia Aunty Bev groaned and her body went limp. Pulling her apart a bit further I drew my tongue across where I guessed her clit was to be found and BINGO that seemed to be it as she shuddered and pulled my head down hard at her pussy.I was taken aback at how sweet she tasted.I worked my tongue around her clit, lips and every now and then pushing it inside her. Aunty Bev was moaning and mumbling ,my head her plaything as she kept it locked on the places she wanted it to be.Aunty Bev began to stiffen, her breathing faster and louder, I looked up and her eyes tight shut and her bottom lip in her teeth. She briefly opened her eyes and caught my gaze, she smiled then as if she had been shot she arched her back, pulling my face full into her, my nose now pressed hard against her clit. For what seemed like an age, Aunty Bev gasped, groaned whimpered and swore as her climax took over. Then ……relax, She lost her grip of my head and whispered “c’mere”.I drew myself beside her and she buried her face in my chest and held me close and tight.“ Oh Neil, thank you, thank you, thank you.I haven’t felt that good in years.” Awkwardly I k** of patted her head and said your welcome or something and she laughed, we both laughed at that awkwardness. Still giggling she playfully kissed me then asked if I was ready. Ready! Damn right I was.Aunty Bev began kissing my chest and running her hands over my torso. My cock swayed and twitched as her hair brushed it. As Aunty Bev reached it she glanced up at me and winked saucily then I güvenilir bahis felt breath on my glands and the softness of her lips as they slid down my cock, I was reminded of a stocking being put on a leg.I had never experienced sensations like this before as Aunty Bev slowly worked her magic lips and tongue all over my cock. I so wanted to cum but something held me back, nerves?Aunty Bev stopped as if she had read my mind.” Now let’s not be having you cum too soon, You have to be losing that cherry she smiled. Aunty Bev shifted to the centre top of the bed and sorted a few pillows then lay back and reached out a hand which I replied with mine.She pulled me to her and I tried not to appear clumsy. I knelt between her legs my cock ready.She pulled my head to her so our lips met in a warm and moist kiss which in turn made my cock stiffen even harder. Aunty Bev took a hold of me and as as she pulled me closer she guided me inside her.To this day I have no words to properly describe the sensation as I slid deep into her and as it reached it’s snug fit Aunty Bev tensed then relaxed. “Now take your time.” She whispered as I began to move in that aged old primal rhythm. We locked eyes I saw my reflection in those blue/green jewels. Our love making began to intensify and she rolled me over so she was in charge and on top, this gave me free reign to get my hands on her, I pulled her breasts free from their cups and rolled her nipples between my finger and thumb she threw her head back and ground into me. I could feel waves of certainty flow over me, I knew I was about to cum, she knew it too and quickly rolled off me and took me in her mouth again, sucking stroking me, a free hand pulled mine to her pussy and I began to rub her soaking mound. Moans, groans twisting and turning, it became a frenzy as that unique sound began to take shape in the back of my throat and get louder as it travels to my mouth and before I could do another thing I groaned as I felt the wash of my hot spunk rush through me and empty into Aunty Bev’s willing mouth, she clung on as I jerked the final drops. Aunty Bev held my cock in her mouth as she looked deep into my eyes. A small amount that leaked from the side of her mouth was wiped with a finger then licked. She pulled herself up towards me and as she went to kiss me I t was clear she still had my juices in her mouth. She pulled me towards her and our lips locked as she shared my bountiful cum. The taste of her still on my tongue mixed with my saltiness was amazing.Way lay in each other’s arms without speaking, enjoying the sound of each other’s breathing, stealing little kisses.After about half an hour Aunty Bev made a move to stand up.“Do you drink?” she asked“I have had beers and the odd wine before but not much of a drinker” I replied“ Ok,I have a treat for you, 5 minutes” She playfully swatted my head and made off down the stairs.Pretty soon she reappeared with 2 crystal tumblers, ice clinking in golden liquid.“Whisky” she announced and passed one tome as she returned to my side.I sipped it gently, not wanting to cough or snort at hard liquor, but hey I liked it. Aunty Bev noticed and smiled.“Now then, we have made you a man” she smiled” Now I am going to make you MY woman”Throughout our lovemaking I had never gave dressing a second thought but now it was back on the table the rush I felt was as heady as the drink in my hands.She took my freehand and held it tight “Now we need to give you a new name, any thoughts?”I looked around the bedroom as if that was going to inspire me, screwed my eyes as if to exaggerate my thinking, Aunty Bev laughed“Would you mind if I called you after my favourite Aunt? Would you mind the name ….. Lydia?”I t struck a chord with me somehow and I nodded the looking deep into her eyes I made that commitment “Yes I love the name Aunty Bev, thank you.” I leaned over and kissed her gently.“Ok then Lydia here is where your adventure really begins and girl, are you in for a time” she laughed……….Part 3 to follow soon x

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