21 Haziran 2021

The pastor family 16


The pastor family 16Tuesday morning started off as a regular day. I rode to school withLuke, my school day was an average day as well. When study hall came,Phillip was in class. He spent Monday in the library for a book report. Wetalked and all during class, he would whisper my name and when I looked, hewould have a huge bulge in his jeans and shake it at me. He did this formost the class. I was happy that things between us had gotten better. Westill had about thirty minutes in study hall. Phillip whispered my name. Ilooked back and he had his jeans unzipped and his nuts were hanging out theopening and he was holding his hard teenage cock straight at me. Hewhispered the word bathroom. I smiled and got up. I got a hall pass fromthe teacher and went to the bathroom. I went to the last stall and waited.I waited and waited but Phillip never followed.I was about to leave when I heard the door open. I was so happythat Phillip was coming. But instead, I heard two voices talking and Iheard them pissing in a urinal. They talked forever and finally I heard thedoor open as they left. I came out the stall and washed my hands. I openedthe door and started back to my study hall. In the hall coming towards mewas someone I didn’t know. He wasn’t a student because I guess he was inhis thirties. He walked to me and asked to see my hall pass. I pulled itout my pocket and hanged it to him. He asked my name and I told himMattie. He asked what class I was supposed to be in and I said studyhall. He handed it back and said you need to get back to class. I took thepass and put it in my pocket and walked by him. I got to my study hallclassroom door and looked back. The guy was was now standing beside thewall and watching me. I went in the class.I turned in the hall pass and sat down. I looked at Phillip and hesaid the teacher said only one person at a time allowed out of class. Thefinal bell of the day rang and I gathered my book bags and waited onPhillip. We walked down the hall talking and I invited him to the house. Hesaid he might come this weekend, but he had to go home today. I said ok andturned and headed to the bus lot while Phillip went to his car.I jump on the first bus headed to the high school. It is almostfull and the only seat I see is the next to last row at the back. I walkdown the middle of the bus and take my seat. The guy beside me hasheadphones on and looking out the window. The bus starts driving and I justslump in my seat. A few minutes after we started riding, I feel a tap on myarm from the back row. I look back, but I don’t know the guy. I turn backaround. Another tap on my arm, I turn around and look at the guy and saywhat you need. He appears to be older than I am, and I have never seen himat my school. He says I heard you gay. The guy in the seat across from himlaughs at his comment. I didn’t respond, I turned around in my seat.The next tap on my arm was almost immediate. I just sat therewishing we were close to the high school. Another tap. I turned around andstarted to say leave me alone, but when I looked, the guy had his dick outof his jeans and it was already hard. He said come on k**, I need a bj andI heard you like to do that kind of thing. I looked at this perfect cock onthis stranger. The guy sitting across from him said come back here. Idropped my book bag n the floor of my row. I got up and sat next to the guywith his cock out, but he immediately pushed my to the floor. I was nowtrapped between his legs. The guy across the row from him came and sat nextto him so no one could see.From my vantage point on the floor between his knees, I would guesshe was a good seven inches. He started to push his cock down and I justopened my mouth. He said I knew it as I closed my lips and started to suckthe stranger. I was able to take all of his cock without much issuebecause he wasn’t anywhere near as long or thick as my older brotherLuke. I felt his hands on my hand and I heard the guy beside him say hurryup and cum so I can get some head too. They whisper back and forth as Isucked the guy. Finally, I heard the guy say he was about to cum andstarted to pull my head off of his cock. I grabbed his thighs and pushed myhead back on his cock just as the first jet of cum shot out. I sucked untilhe was done and clean.The other guy was rushing him saying swap places, we almost at thehigh school. They swapped places just as we turned into the bus lot at thehigh school. He had a hard six inches and was uncut. I loved to swirl mytongue under his foreskin, but he said just suck me fast and hurry. Isucked as fast as I could, but the bus stopped and everyone started to getoff the bus. The guy was pissed and pulled his cock out my mouth andstuffed it in his jeans. I heard him cuss and say damnit derrick, you tookto long. So now I knew the first guy’s name was Derrick. They pushed measide and started to leave the bus. I grabbed my bags and got off aswell. Derrick and his friend headed towards the front of the high school. Iheaded towards the practice football field.I got to the stands and took my seat. The team was on the fieldrunning drills and stuff. I took out my phone and texted Phillip just tosay I hope to see him this weekend. I texted Luke and asked if he knew aguy named Derrick. Luke was on the field so I knew I wouldn’t get a replyanytime soon. Phillip didn’t reply back fast either. I watched the teenagejocks on the football team go through the plays and I lusted after severalof them as they stood on the side lines. Finally, practice was over. Lukewhistled and motioned for me to Coe to the field. I walked to the fence andhe was so hot in his uniform. He said I got a surprise for you. I looked athim and he said, while we shower and get the equipment put up, you need togo to the car and wait. I will send your surprise over there.He tossed me the keys and laughed. I went back in the stands andgot my book bag and started to walk to the student parking lot. I look atLuke didn’t park near the front like he normally does. He is parked all theway at the end of the lot. I finally get to the car and get in. I wait andwait. I see a car coming towards me and it parks beside Luke’s car. Thewindow rolls down and it’s Scott from the debate team. The guy I told LukeI had the hots for. Scott says your brother said I need to talk to you. Iwas super shy and nervous I say what about. Scott says, your brotherexplained things to me and I know you are into me. I just stare at him. Hehas the cutest face and his smile is heavenly. He said I understand it andI am honored you feel that way. Just understand that I am not gay. I nod myhead as I feel a flood of disappointment come over me.Scott says, your brother has a way of making people do things thatthey might not otherwise do. I looked up at Scott and say yea I know. Scottsays so if you want to suck my dick, I would be ok with that. I said butyou just said you are not gay. Scott says I am not gay, but like I said,your brother convinced me. I just looked at him. He wasn’t built like ajock. He was a skinny guy, but something about him made me horny. He said Iguess we need to get this over with. I watched as he opened the door of hiscar and came and sat in Luke’s car in the drivers seat. We sat in silencefor a minute and he said anytime you ready, you can blow me Mattie. I saidok.Scott reached beside the door and laid the drivers seat back so hewas reclined. Scott pulled the front of his black polo shirt up and I sawhis stomach. He was white like me, but because he was skinny, he had abs,which I didn’t have. He also had a lot of hair on his stomach. He held theshirt up on his chest and looked at me. I reached over and unbuckled hisbelt. I unbuttoned his khaki pants and unzipped them. I pulled them openand saw a pair of grey American Eagle boxers. I reached into he opening ofhis boxers and felt his cock. I grabbed the base and worked it around untilI was able to pull it out of the opening of his boxers. He wasn’t hardyet. I reached back inside and cupped his nuts and pulled them out. I lookup and he has his arm over his eyes.I lean over and lick the head of his cock and it twitches under mytongue. I take the head in my canlı bahis mouth and start to swirl my tongue around thesoft hard and suck lightly. I can feel his dick growing and getting longerand harder. I start to suck a little faster and taking more of the growingshaft in my mouth. I keep sucking and I feel his cock is now hard asrock. I look up and his arm is still covering his eyes. I pull off his cockand I am shocked. He is defiantly a grower and not a shower. He must benear high inches long. He isn’t as thick as Luke, but his is nice andlong. I adjust my angle and take him back in my mouth. I suck and keepgoing down more and more. I feel him trying to get into my throat and Ifinally go all the way down and my nose is smashed into his pubes. I holdthere and work my throat around his cock. I hear Scott moaning and his hipsare now moving in the car seat. I pull off his cock until he is out of mythroat. I look up at him with a mouth full of teenage cock and he is nowlooking directly at me as I suck him. I close my eyes and plunge back downand take him back into my throat. I am loving every minute of this.Scott is using his hips to rotate and move his cock up and down andin and out of my throat. His hands are on my head and my neck. I keeptaking him into my throat and sucking. I feel his body start to get tenseand I pull back until just the head of this magnificent cock is in my mouthand I jerk the shaft. I counted severn jolts of cum in my mouth before Ihad to swallow and lost count. I go all the way down on him and keepsucking. His cock is rigid and throbbing. He finally says I am done. Islowly pull my head back and watch as his cock slides out of my mouth andfalls with a plop onto his hairy belly. Scott says I never expected a guyto be able to suck me like that. I leaned over and licked his nuts andsucked them in my mouth. I let them pop out of my mouth one at a time and Isat back in my seat.Scott started to put his cock away and zip up. I said so what didmy brother say that made you let me do this. He said I can’t say anythingabout the deal with Luke. Scott looked at me and just smiled. He reacheddown and put the seat up like it was. He said maybe I will see you aroundsometime and he got out and went back to his car. He got in and droveoff. I could still taste his cum in my mouth and I was loving it. I lookedat my cell and I had missed texts from Luke. I opened the texts and theysaid are you done and I am on my way since you didn’t reply. I saw lookwalking across the parking lot. He made it to the car and got in. He saidGod damn, I can smell the cum in the car. You could have done that shit inhis car and laughed. He hit me on the arm and said how did you like yoursurprise. I just smiled and Luke said I know you loved that shit. I saidhow did you get hm to do it. Luke said that’s my secret.I was satisfied with the day and just relaxed as we started todrive. We went and sat at McDonalds and ate and then got back in the car. Ilooked and said this isn’t home. Luke said no, we have an errand to run,but I think you will like it. We drove to a subdivision and I knew where wewere. This is the house that Luke brought me to when he made me have sexwith that strange woman. We went in and there was the girl I assumed wasthe one I was made to fuck. Luke said to me, keep your mouth shut. Wewalked in and sat on the couch. Luke started talking to her and was textingon his phone. He finally said let’s get ready.Luke pulled my arm and we walked down the hall and into thebedroom. Luke opened the closet and said to me, Get your ass in there andget situated. But don’t make a sound and do not come out until I come getyou. I sat on the floor and got comfortable. I was able to see through theslats in the door. I watched the girl undress and get on the bed. I heardLuke say it’s time. I waited for Luke to come in the bedroom, but I heardhim taking in the other room. Finally, I heard footsteps coming down thehall. And then I saw the black shirt and the Khaki pants that Scott hadbeen wearing just an hour or so ago. I looked in through the slats of thecloset door and saw Scott and Luke standing there. Luke said there sheis. I hope you enjoy. Luke looked over at the closet and smiled as hewalked out the bedroom and closed the door.The girl called him over to the bed and I watched as she took hisshirt and pants off. She reached n the table next to the bed and handed hima rubber. I watched as he rolled it down the length of his cock. The oak Ihad just sucked off. The next twenty minutes I spent watching the guy Ilusted over, fucking this girl. He was not shy and he wasn’t gentle. Whenhe finally shot off, I watched as his ass cheeks clinched as jolt afterjolt was shot out his cock and into the rubber that was dee inside her.Scott rolled off the girl and stood up. I saw the rubber was fullof his teenage cum and hanging off the end of his cock. I watched the girlreach out and pull it off his cock and tie a knot in it. Scott got dressedand I heard him talking to Luke after he left the room. I hear a smack andI assume it was Luke and Scott with a High Five. Luke came in the bedroomand opened the closet. He said, did you enjoy that show. I said I guess. Iwish it had been me. Luke said don’t be greedy. I stood up and walked outthe closet. Luke reached down and grabbed the rubber and said I know youwant this. Get on your knees. I feel to my knees and watched as my olderbrother untied the knot in the rubber and then urned it and aired Scott’scum into my mouth. He said drink that boys load and I did.Luke said get up and go watch TV. I will be ready in a littlewhile. I left anent to sit on the couch. Before I could get the TV on, Iheard the girl moaning loud. I knew that Luke was fucking her now. I tendthe sound down low on the TV and I could hear Luke. He was so dominating inhis talk to her. All this girl was to him was a way to get off. I listenedand then it got quite. I heard them talking, and then I hear Luke yell myname. I went to the door and say what you need. Luke said to me through thedoor. Look in the other bathroom and see if you see the bottle of lube. Itolled my eyes as I went and found the bottle. I knocked on the door andLuke cracked the door. I saw his cock was hard and there was no rubber. Ilooked at the bed and the girl was ass up, face down. I guess the lube iscause Luke wants to get that ass. Luke grabs the bottle from my hand andwinks at me as he closes the door.I wait and I hear them talking. The last thing I hear is her sayingyou have to go slow. Luke said you got it baby, just relax. I started towalk back to the den and I heard the girl scream. I guess Luke didn’t goslow. The noise went on for just a few minutes more until I heard Lukegrunting as he shot off. I turned the TV volume up and waited. The bedroomdoor opened and Luke came out in just his boxers and socks. He stood by thecouch and put his jeans on and then sat and put his shoes on. The girl cameout the bedroom wrapped in a sheet. She walked by Luke and cussed him for asorry mother fucker. Luke giggled and said, That is the best way to getused to ass fucking. otherwise, you would have never let me go all the wayin. Luke got up and said lets go. He walked over and they kissed and thenme and him left.The ride home was spent with his music blasting. We got home and Iwent upstairs and showered. I put on shorts and a t shirt and laid on mybed. Mom came in and checked on me and I told her I was just tired. I wentto bed around 9:30pm that night.The next few days were very uneventful. I could not find the buswith the derrick guy and his friend. Phillip was acting standoffish again,but I had realized that I was no longer going to go out of my way to bewith him. The only action I got the rest of the week was jerking off in mybed at night.Saturday morning, I wake up and shower and text Phillip. I ask ifwe spending time together. At noon, there was still no reply. I got my bikeand headed to the park. I loved up my bike and walked around the differentareas of the park. To be honest, I was just looking at guys and crotches. Iwent in the building where they sell drinks and food. I got a slushy andwalked bahis siteleri over by the pools. Guys of all ages were out and I checked them allout. I was super horny, but today, I didn’t have an outlet. I found a benchunder a tree and sat down. I played on my iPhone and texted Chase andPhillip and even Luke.Everyone had plans that did not include me. Mom called me and wetalked. She said I need you to come home and help me a little thisafternoon. I didn’t argue, I just said Yes ma’am and got my bike and headedhome.I get home and mom is working in John’s room. I ask her what are wedoing. She said your cousin William is coming to town and he needs a placeto sleep for two nights. I ask what he is coming for and she said he hassome interviews at the local technical college in town. We change thesheets and make sure everything is clean and neat. Mom thanks me and givesme a huge hug. She says she is so happy that I have been brave enough tofollow my heart. She just said I want you to always know you can talk to meabout anything. I smile and say I know.Me and mom go to the grocery store and pick up the weeklygroceries. We get home and get everything put away. She starts spaghettifor dinner and I go to the den and play my game. My dad opens his study andcalls me in. I walk in and sit down. He says we have a great many things towork though yet. I am not your mom and I can’t just turn off my beliefs andmorals. But I love you and together we will get through this. I just nodand dad says you can go play your games. I stretch out not he couch andplay my game. Mom yells out for me to go open the front door. We never usethe front door. Always the door that leads to the garage. I open the frontdoor and there is my cousin, William. Oh my god how he has changed. Ihaven’t seen him in prolly eight years. He is not muscular like Luke, buthe is a solid build. He is a hunk of a guy. His shirt is stretched acrosshis chest and arms. His flat belly leads to a nice bulge inside of hisbasketball shorts. His legs are covered in furry hair on the tanned skin. Iam stunned at how how this guy is.I feel mom push me aside and open the door. She hugs William andsays I am sorry Mattie is just out of it today and they both laugh. Williamgives me a one arm hug and little chest bump. Mom tells me to show Williamto the room he will be staying in. I start ups the stairs and he is behindme. He is talking about how nice the house is and how it is good to seefamily after so long. I open the door to John’s room and say this is it. Ipoint out the bathroom and everything. William drops his duffle bag on thefloor near the bed and says this is awesome. Mom yells up that dinner isready. I say to William, we are having spaghetti. He says I lovespaghetti. He starts talking about how much he loves home cooked meals andhe grabs the bottom of his shirt and pull sit over his head. My eyes areglued to him. His legs are super hairy, but his chest and stomach aresmooth and tanned. He opens his bag and takes out a shirt an pulls iton. He asks about Luke and John and we talk and he grabs a pair of shortsout of his bag. I go to leave and he said stay and talk to me, we are bothguys. I tell him about John joining the marines and he drops his basketballshorts and steps out of them. He is wearing the tightest under armor boxerjocks I have ever seen. His ass is perfect and I see the outline of hiscock head in the front. He pulls on the shorts and looks and me and saysfinish your sentence. I have no idea what I was saying or where Istopped. He laughed and said its cool, we can talk about it later.He walks towards me and we head downstairs. Luke is at the tableand so is dad. They all hug and we finally sit down at the table. Dadstarts to bless the food. I feel Luke beside me poke my arm. I opened myeyes and looked over at him and he pointed at William and the pointed at meand then did the hand motion in front of his face of sucking cock. I closedmy eyes and dad finally finished the prayer. We ate and they all talkedback and forth. After Dinner. I helped mom clear the take and we startedthe dishes. Luke and William tell mom they are headed out for a while butwill be back soon. I look at Like with my sad eyes and he shakes his phoneat me. Me and mom finish the dishes and all the cleaning. I head upstairsand grab my phone.I have several texts from Luke. They all are basically thesame. They all ask me if I am going to fool around with William. I replyback saying I don’t he would like it. Luke send me a pic and its dark, butI can see it is in his car and it William giving me a thumbs up and smilinginto the camera. I don’t know what to say. I go and take a shower and puton some shorts and lay on my bed. I grab my iPhone and start listening tosome music. I look at its 7:30pm. I nap on and off a while laying on mybed. Finally, Luke is in my room and tosses me a brown paper bag not hebed. I take my AirPods out and sit up. Luke sits on the bed beside me.I open the bag and look inside. Its a rubber with a knot tied in itand its full of cum. I whisper to Luke, Is this William’s? And Luke smilesand says yea. This means Luke took out cousin to his girl for a random fucksession. I close the bag and Luke says wait here. He loves my room andlocks the main door behind him. A few minutes later, he comes through thebathroom with William behind him. Luke closes the bathroom door behindthem. They stand beside my bed and I am nervous. Luke looks at William andsays watch this shit. Luke grabs the bag and takes the rubber out. Heunties the knot. He looks at me and says on your knees. I slide off the bedin front of Luke and get on my knees. Luke says open up. I open my mouthand he turns the rubber upside down and William’s cum pours into my mouth.William says fucking hot man, you have trained him right. They talkback and forth as William asks Luke what all he has trained me to do. I amstill on my knees and just stare at the floor as they talk about my dos anddonts. William says most the bitches back at home don’t want anything to dowith swallowing cum or taking it in the ass. You have your own sex slavehere. Luke says and he is learning more and more. He finally has learnedhis place and he knows what I say goes. William said to Luke, I cant ewerto get some time with him later tonight. Luke said just tell him what youwant and he will do it. Luke sys tell him Mattie. I look up at the twojocks towering over me. I look at William and say, just tell me what todo. Even though I sound sad, inside my heart os about to beat out of mychest with excitement.Luke and William walk through the bathroom and leave my room. I getup and lay on my bed. I text Luke and say is he coming in heretonight. Luke replies, I am not sure, but you will do what he wants and noquestions. I reply back ok. I lay on the bed and listen to music somemore. Luke taps me shoulder and I see it is almost midnight.Luke is innothing but boxers. Every-time I see his huge muscles, I just want toworship them and kiss them. Luke says remember, keep it quiet and dowhatever he tells you. I grab my phone and start to walk over to the roomWilliam is in. Luke grabs my cell and says leave this shit here.I walk through Luke’s room and into the hall. I see the roomWilliam is in has the door ajar. I push the door open and walk in. I closethe door behind me. William says get your ass over here. I walk to the bedand he pushes me face first onto the bed. He yanks my boxers does androughly spreads the cheeks of my ass. I hear him say what a nice small pinkhole I have. I feel his tongue as he starts to rim me. He is fast paced andit is like everything he does is rushed. He is rough as he keeps yankingthe ass cheeks apart. He clams his fist around my nuts and squeezes enoughto make me yelp. His hands start to tweak my nipples and tug on my littledick. I feel his face full out my ass and then he grabs my legs and usesthem to force me over onto my back. He pushes my legs up to my chest as hepushes his face back to my little hole.Minutes pass and I am starting to get into the rimming more andmore. He has managed to get two fingers inside my hole. I feel him pull outand I wait. I raise my bahis şirketleri head and I see him pulling his boxer jocks off. Thisis the first time I have seen his cock. And he is super thick even soft. Hestraddles me and pushes into my mouth. I start sucking and his fingerscontinue their assault on my nipples. His cock is really thick , but maybesix inches long. I feel Willaim get fully hard and he says you better getsome spit on that cock Mattie. I do my best to wet his cock and then it ispulled from my mouth.Roughly my legs are grabbed and again pushed to my chest. He tellsme to hold them in place and I do. I feel his thick stub of a cock pushingagainst my hole. He is really thick. I try to relax as much as I can andpush out. A few hard jabs from him and my ass is on fire as he breaks intomy hole. The head is lodged just inside my hole, and all this does isunleash a****l lust in his eyes. He grabs my shoulders and pile drives hiscock into me over and over. My hunk of a cousin is rough fucking me. Overnd over he pumps into my hole and then he goes tense and I can feel hiscock spurting its load inside me. William pumps a few times and then plusout and says get the the bathroom. I let my legs go and try to stand, I amwobbly on my legs as they were held to my chest for a while. I make it tothe bathroom and William is right behind me locking the door. He pushes myshoulders and so I drop down on my knees in front of him. His cock isdripping left over cum. He pushes me back and I crawl backwards until I amagainst the cabinet in the bathroom. The back of my head is resting againstthe cabinet.William says Luke says you guys have done this before so open yourmouth. I open my mouth so I can suck and get he last of the cum out of hiscock. He steps forward and I start sucking his cock and he says hold still.I stop sucking and hold the head of his cock in my mouth. I hear a gent andthen my mouth is filled with his piss. I struggled to pull away, but I cantmove back. I have no choice but to swallow. He continues to fill and Icontinue to swallow. Tears run down my face as I swallow over and over. Hefinishes and pulls out. He says that was hot. I wipe the tears from my faceand he says maybe we can fuck again before I leave.I get up and walk to Luke’s room. Luke jumps up and says whatswrong. I lose it and start crying. Luke hugs me and we sit ont he side ofhis bed. I tell him about what happened in the bathroom. Luke said dude,its nothing worse that cum. We would have eventually got to that on our ownsoon enough. Just quit worrying. I said is it going to make me sick. Lukelaughed and said no. Its sterile. At the time, I didn’t know if I believedLuke or not, but he did make me feel better. He sent me to brush my teethand clean up and he said I could sleep with him tonight.While I brushed my teeth I heard Luke and William talking, butcould make out the words. Finally, they both walked in the bathroom. Onemuscle jock of an older brother and a hunk of a cousin. Both were innothing but boxers. They closed the door and walked up to me. I finishedbrushing and rinsed my mouth . William said, hey man, you wereawesome. Luke said to me, you enjoy pleasing us don’t you. I nodded. Lukesaid here’s the deal. Tomorrow is Sunday. After service William has to havelunch with our folks, but tomorrow night during the evening service, wewill all stay home and it will be your night. Anything that you want to do,we will do to you. You make the rules and you call the shots. I looked upat them and I said really. Luke said of course little buddy. William said Iam game. It was like whatever I was feeling, Luke knew how to make mesmile. Luke said now hurry up and come to bed. William said night guys andleft. Luke and William left me alone in the bathroom.I walked into Lukes room and climbed in bed. The clock says it is1am. Luke said lose those boxers. I lifted the covers and Luke was naked aswell. I pulled them off and dropped them beside the bed. I laid on the bedand Luke hugged me and pulled my back to his chest and cuddled me. Istarted to talk and Luke motioned for me to be quiet. He reached over andgrabbed his iPhone and started music playing. Then he whispered in my earthat this way no one can hear what we say. I tell him how scared I wastonight. Luke says I am prolly to blame. I had told him we done watersports in the shower, I guess he thought I had already let you drink it. Hesaid its hot though. I nodded. Luke said how was the fuck. I said it wasfast and rough, but it didn’t hurt much. I said he had a thick cock but itwasn’t as long as yours. Luke said no one is going to be a better lover toyou than I am. I felt him grind into my ass. I knew what was coming and Ifelt his hand going between us. He grabbed his massive teenage cock andrubbed it between my ass cheeks. He teased the hole that was stilllubricated with William’s cum. Luke hugged me tight and at the same time,his hips pushed his cock into my hole. In that moment, I was in heaven. Iwas in my older brother’s arms and he was inside me.He whispered in my ear as he did slow and easy thrusts intome. Never had Luke been so gentle when he fucked me. His hands roamed mybody as he continued the slow in and out motions with his cock. He kissedthe back of my neck and whispered to me, you enjoying this. I looked backat him and said this is the best feeling I have ever felt. Luke leaned downand kissed me. He whispered in my ear, this is making love. This is whenthe two of us become one. I said I love this better than anything we haveever done. Slow thrusts into me over and over. I felt the sweat on Luke’schest dripping on my back and neck. I was enjoying every movement of hisbody against me and inside me. His hands had settled. One wagon my dickstroking me as slow as he was fucking me. The other under me holding myhead so he could continue kissing me. This went on and on. The world fadedaway. Time stopped. Nothing else mattered. My mind was full of love andpassion and lust for Luke.My body started to spasm and I fought against it, but Luke wasstill doing the slow stokes on my cock and I was about to cum. I tried tofight the feeling. I wanted this to last forever. His hand never sloweddown or sped up. Slow strokes on my cock and then I lost it. My cum startedto shoot and hit me in the face and the majority of it lined on Luke’ssheets. His hand never stopped stroking. My little dick was super sensitiveand Luke finally let me dick go. He pushed his teenage cock all the wayinside me slowly and held it there. Luke whispered in my ear. Do you wantme to stop now. I said no, you need to cum to don’t you. Luke said lovemaking is not about just cumming. It is about meeting your needs andsurpassing the, It is about leaving you totally and completely satisfied. Isaid but I know you kneed to cum so it’s fine.Luke kissed my lips and rolled me over on my stomach. All his weight was onmy body and his hips just continued the slow thrusting up inside myhole. This lasted less than two minutes when I felt Luke push all his cockinside me and hold. I felt his body as his it twice as he was shooting hisseed inside me. He stayed inside me for a minute or so and then rolled offmy back. I was totally drained and covered in our sweat. Luke pulled me andI laid on my back beside him. He smiled and said did you enjoy that. I saidthat was the best Luke said there are many different ways to fuck. I saidiI liked tonight better than any night ever. Luke smiled and I said youwant me to clean that off and posted at his cock. It was mostly hard andcovered in cum. He said that is up to you. I got up and leaned over iscock. I licked the cock as it pointed up towards his belly button. I tookthe head in my mouth and gentle sucked it. There was nothing in this worldI wouldn’t do for Luke at this moment. I let his cock fall out of my mouthas I licked his nuts. For him to be my older brother, his cock and his nutsmade mine feel really small. I licked up the underside of his cock and whenI got to the head, I just flicked my tongue on it and around it. I ended bykissing the head of his cock before I laid back in the bed.Luke pulled me back against his chest and said good night Mattie. Isaid good night Luke. I looked at the table and the clock said 2:15am. Itdawned on me that I had Luke inside me for over an hour and loved everyminute of it. This had turned into the best night of my life.

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