17 Haziran 2021

The presentation – just a dream!? (Complete versi


The presentation – just a dream!? (Complete versiAnd suddenly I found myself in a hallway. In a slutty outfit, a nothing of a skirt showing more than it veils. The Sissy Clit in a cage, as it should be. In the ass cunt a plug. And of course, real nylons and high heels. Actually, nothing unusual for me; but wait something was different. A necklace – okay – but a chain was attached to it, the other end of which ended in a hand. More precisely, in the hand of a dominatrix. Suddenly she pulled the chain jerkily and brought me in front of a big wall mirror, I almost stumbled, but I still manage myself. “Well, you still have to learn how to walk with high heels,” I heard her say contemptuously. “Come on, look at yourself in the mirror, you horny bitch. You have chosen the right outfit and your make-up – well – you still have to practice on that, but it’s enough for today.” Enough for what” I asked. I couldn’t say any more, because she immediately ruled me: “What’s that called? And where should you look if you speak to me? She pulled the chain violently, so that I staggered and felt a pain in my neck. “Forgive me, mistress. I meant, enough for what, mistress? I looked at the ground in a decent manner. “Aha, it still goes, you horny bitch. Your head is full of cocks, huh? “Yes, mistress – forgive that I was not obedient,” I stammered.I was still confused. That is not the establishment of the mistress. The corridor is unknown to me and how did I get there? “Mistress, where are we? And why was I allowed to dress so slutty? “Be quiet, you talk too much. About time you get a cock in your mouth cunt” she said in a bossy tone. “That’s why you are here! Your greed for pricks shall be satisfied. When we go through this door,” she pointed to a closed door at the end of the hallway and pulled the chain again so that I would look there, “then you immediately get on your knees and will only move on all fours. Behind this door there are many horny cocks waiting for a dirty Sissy like you. That is what you wish for, isn’t it? You kept telling me how greedy and insatiable you are for cocks, little bitch.”She pulled me to the door. Although somehow scared about what’s behind this door, lust rose in me. “Come on now you have cocks to blow and woe betide you don’t do this properly. I don’t want to hear any complaints, neither from you nor from the customers. Your task is to serve everyone and offer your mouth and asshole willingly. Did you understand that, you little Sissy-Whore?”. At the last sentence, she raised her voice commandingly. “Yes mistress, it is my duty to offer my mouth and asshole to every cock. I will not complain, but do greedily what my mistress demands of me” My heart was in my mouth by growing lust that I breathed this more.I notice you’re already horny, you sod. You seem to be greedy for real cocks and not only for dildos. Then come…”. She pulled me with the chain to herself and opened the door….The room behind the door was dark, the mistress pulled me in. I couldn’t see or recognize anything. With a downward pull on the chain, the mistress indicated to me immediately to kneel. I lowered the look likewise, then I heard the mistress speak: “Gentlemen, this is Erika. She is a horny Sissy bitch with me in training. She claims to be greedy for cocks and hungry for cum. In theory that may be true, but today the test is being put to the test. With dildos, she handles her blowjob skillfully and her ass cunt tolerates a lot.” When she said that my ass cunt twitched. What will come on or better in me?”And now gentlemen”, she continued, “no false shame. I know some are well endowed but she will, no, she must do everything I command her to do. You can use her as you like. She will be at service of every cock.” The mistress made a short break, obviously she looked into the round. And as I know her with a stern look. “But, my horny cocks, treat her with respect. She is a lady who knows what men like”. It seemed to me as if she meant that ironically. “Well then, the pants down gentlemen, I want to see your cocks.” I could hear multiple rustling and coughing. “Very beautiful”, she said and turned to me: “I see many horny tools there”, when I tried to look up, the mistress ruled me loudly and pulled the chain down, “you are a greedy bitch. You will see and feel them soon enough.” “Forgive me, mistress that I was so eager and disobedient”, I replied to her and looked down again. But even what I saw briefly excited me again. I saw 4 or 5 men, some naked, some in sexy lingerie, not farther than 2 m in front of me. Were there more?”You see’, she shouted into the room, sometimes still canlı bahis a bit idiosyncratic but she knows her place and obeys me. But now stop talking, there’s no coffee party here. Your saggy organs have to be brought into shape.” As she continued speaking, she pulled me forward with the chain, so that I was directly in front of one of the men. A flabby penis dangled just in front of my face. “Just the right position for my horny cock whore”, called the mistress, “Let’s see what you have learned! Your first task is to blow each cock with your mouth cunt hard. Your hands stay where they are. You got that?” “Yes, mistress”. Then move on you bitch, how long should the gentlemen still wait?”Somewhat awkwardly I tried to grasp the limp cock with my mouth. And promptly he slipped out again. “Is something else than a dildo. Make an effort and do me no disgrace. Quickly, I put my lips over the glans and sucked it greedily. When I had it in my mouth cunt, I played around with my tongue at the top and at the ribbon. I noticed how the slackness gave way and the cock stretched in my mouth. I chuckled and became so horny. A wonderful feeling to suck the warm penis. This was acknowledged with a quiet moaning, from above. “That is enough”, called the mistress, “there are still enough cocks to blow”. She pulled me away from the hard bar and directed me to the next one, which I got just as hard as the third. I became more and more horny and greedy. I wondered what is going to happen.When I saw the fourth cock, my breath faltered. What a hammer even in a saggy state. A thick glans on a long shaft. Even the balls were mighty. When the mistress saw that I stumbled, she only laughed: “I said that some are well equipped. Wait until the club blows up your ass cunt. And what is in the balls, you will also experience. Go suck this monster hard. I want to see to which stately size it grows up. I could also like it.”I still got that thing in my mouth cunt. But as soon as I had sucked on it, it grew quickly to a size that I could only take up the glans with difficulty. My lust exceeded farther than ever known. My ass cunt throbbed incessantly. The plug moved back and forth. How is that supposed to end? Full of excitement but also a little bit afraid of the hammer that should be in my ass. There were two or three cocks left, I don’t know exactly. The lust robbed me of my mind. I was finally ready for everything. What I still registered was that there were two bigger calibers among them, but none like the monster hammer.”Now”, I heard the mistress speak, “you mastered the first task very well. Bravo, my little whore. Your mouth cunt is now well trained. That takes us to the next task. Suck off hard cocks and break in your ass cunt.” In the round she called: “My gentlemen this bitch is also a greedy cum slut. She will suck off every cock with her mouth or asshole and swallow the sperm. She is not allowed to waste anything.”She pulled me to a shallow couch where three of the men were sitting. They played with their hard sticks. Their legs were slightly spread so that I could also see their balls. One of them had a small cock, but his scrotum was enormous. I hadn’t noticed before; what load could be in these balls? I should experience it. She conducted me to the gentleman completely left. “First you spoil the balls and then you suck them empty. You may use your hands. After he had come, you show me your mouth cunt with the horny juice. You only swallow when I order you to,” she instructed me. “Yes, mistress”, I replied to her with lowered look, “I suck the cock off and swallow only when you command it”. “Well, you are an obedient sissy and now show what you have learned.”With a pull on the chain she towed me between his legs. I played with his balls by bumping them with the tip of my tongue and rolling them back and forth. Then I licked the sack to the shaft with relish. It seemed to please him too, because he jerked his club harder and harder. “Hey, don’t splash before, stop jerking off. It is the job of that bitch”. He took his hand away. While I tried to suck his testicles into my mouth, I grabbed his shaft and drove slowly with my hand up and down, whereby I grasped sometimes harder and sometimes looser. He moaned louder and louder. I therefore took my hand away; he should pour into my mouth and stroked slowly with the tongue along the trunk to the top. Greedily I put my mouth over his hard lance, wanted to taste his hot sperm. When I then enclosed his balls with my hand and kneaded them more violently, I felt a warm liquid poured into my mouth. The cock pulsated and twitched intensively. bahis siteleri What a horny feeling. He gasped and breathed heavily.Fortunately, it was no big load, I could take everything and nothing ran out of my mouth. I felt a strong pull at the necklace, as if one squeezes the neck, so that I do not swallow. I released the slackening thong from my oral cavity and quickly closed my lips so that nothing of the valuable load would be lost. The mistress pulled my head towards her. I looked up to her and opened my mouth cunt filled with cock cream. I smelled the odor of the horny man juice. “I see you are a docile pupil”, praised me the mistress, “now chew with relish and when I order you to SWALLOW, you let the juice slowly run down your throat. After that I will see your open mouth cunt.” I did as told and chewed the hot sperm intensively, the taste became more intense and I felt indescribably horny. Finally, the mistress ordered: “Swallow you slut”. I swallowed the juice immediately and showed with outstretched tongue my open mouth. “Well how tastes the juice of a stranger? So far you only knew your own sperm. But there will be even more for your greedy holes. Carry on.”The second gentleman got the same treatment and he shot his load in several boosts in my throat. I almost choked, but I could suppress the reflex. However, something of the valuable sauce ran out of my mouth and down the corner. Certainly, the mistress recognized that and ordered me after the swallowing procedure to lick cock and balls clean. What I did with joy.When I sucked the third cock full of desire, I noticed how someone pulled the plug out of my ass. With a slight plop it found the way out. The stretched anus caused comforting showers. Something cold and slimy ran down my cleft and something sought inlet into my ass cunt. The glans slowly opened my anus, I moaned horny on as the cock slided deeper into my ass. What a fantastic feeling as it moved rhythmically back and forth. Some precum dripped out of my Sissy-clit as a sign full of horniness. He fucked me faster and faster and I noticed his big balls were bumping against mine. Distracted by the hot ass fuck I have stopped blowing the other cock. This did not remain unnoticed and the mistress barked at me: “Hey you bitch you should work, blow cocks and swallow cum. Take care of him again.” I did as ordered, but I had trouble keeping the cock in my mouth cunt. It was bound to happen, in the moment where he shot his load, he slipped out of my mouth and the hot cream landed in my face and dripped on my blouse. “You clumsy bitch. The whole load wasted. Make an effort”, the mistress dispraised me. With my fingers I pushed what was on my face into my whore mouth.His pushes became more violent. Gasps and moans announced his climax. I felt like something warm flooded my ass cunt. That must be a huge portion I thought. Shortly afterwards the cock slipped with a smacking out of my ass, which was immediately closed with the plug. I turned my face to the mistress and showed her squatting the contents of my mouth cunt “Well, not everything is wasted. Swallow it down before it runs out of your mouth”, said the mistress visibly angry, “and now hold your hand under your ass cunt and pull with the other the butt-plug from your ass. I pulled it out and a thick gush of goo fell on my hand. I pressed carefully and again ran a thick gush of hot sperm from my anus. “Enough”, ordered the mistress energetically, “Push the plug again into your ass cunt and bring the hand to your face”. When I had the well filled hand before my face, she said: “Smell the horny bull cream mixed with the juice of your ass cunt. Inhale the intense smell.” Indeed, my hand gave off an indescribable flavor and I took it deep through my nose. “Lick everything off and keep it in your mouth cunt. There’s more in your ass. Let’s see how much you can put in your mouth,” she ordered. I emptied my hand into my mouth. Twice again I led a handful of horny sperm / ass juice mixture from my ass into my mouth cunt. It was already full, even breathing was difficult for me. The mistress noticed it and said in a command tone: “Let it run slowly down your throat, before you spill again the delicious liquid”. The juice ran down the throat and left an aftertaste that made me greedily lick my hand clean. “Look at that cunt, she’s into special mixes. You are so horny and without taboo. Well there I still remember something,” she said conspiratorially. She pulled me again on all fours. “After your asshole is now well lubricated, it’s time for something big.”The plug was pulled out and a big club pushed bahis şirketleri against my anus. Slowly the glans penetrated and opened my anus wider and wider. It tears me apart, I thought, suddenly accompanied by a stabbing pain, the glans was inside. I snorted and groaned. He paused briefly so that I could get used to his proportions, then he slowly pushed on. What a feeling as he continued to penetrate me. Fortunately, the initial pain subsided and I pressed my Sissy ass against him voluptuously. As a sign that I wanted this monster completely inside me. The mistress registered it too: “Look the little whore is probably on temperature”. “Yes, mistress”, I moaned, “I want to blow another cock, I want to swallow sperm, mistress”.My lust was out of bound. With a finger flick of the mistress, a stately prick pushed itself likewise into my mouth. I was on the boiling point. The monster knob fucked my ass in slow speed, whereby it slid almost completely off and pushed in again using its full length. My Sissy-Clit was soaking wet and dripping. Greedily I sucked on the tool in my mouth cunt, licked the glans and could hardly wait for the sperm explosion. Eventually he poured a considerable amount of hot sperm into my mouth, I could not help knowing that this displeased the mistress but almost instantly I swallowed the delicious sauce. As a consequence, after a finger snap the monster hammer evaded from my asshole and left a gaping hole. “This caliber is still nothing for you”, I heard the mistress say, “if you do not heed my orders, as he fucks you senselessly and if you slut can’t manage your greed any longer. Now, lick him clean and then strain the remaining cocks,” she reigned indignantly.I did as ordered and licked my tart tasting ass juice off the monster organ. Then my eyes were blindfolded and I devoted myself to the other cocks that fucked me in turn in ass and mouth. One after the other discharged their juice. But more in my face and on my body rather in my mouth. Surprisingly I was not blamed. It seemed as if the mistress was not present. After no more cock desired inlet into me, probably all were milked empty, I squatted myself full of cum with lowered view on the ground and waited. From time to time small trickles of sperm ran over my lips. I drove with the tongue over it and enjoyed the taste.After a while my chain was grabbed. The mistress was back. “Lie down on the back and take off the blindfold. How do you look at all? Full of sperm, you horny sod.” I could not say whether she blamed me or even enjoyed it. When I lay on the back, the mistress rose over me and pressed me her wet pussy on the face. I got hardly breath. “As punishment you lick my pussy now. You got it? She raised her ass easily on, so that I could answer, “Yes mistress.” Her pussy had a horny smell and I licked with my tongue over her slit. “Keep your mouth open”, she called and already clapped a thick gush on my face. I moved up a bit before the next gush came. It fell into my greedy whore’s mouth. I tasted the pussy juice of the mistress mixed with sperm. An enormous amount of sperm, still dripping from her cunt. “Lick it nice and clean, you’re craving special mixtures, right?” I pressed the tip of my tongue into her pussy and immediately it ran down my tongue. “I’m sure you can imagine who made this bull cream.” Yes, I could. “You did a good job, my little sissy whore. You’re spoiled and greedy for cocks, no doubt.” It still ran out of her pussy, my mouth overflowed. The horny juice ran in thick trickles of my mouth corner. “You’re not perfect yet,” she continued, “you still have to learn to manage your horniness and stay obedient. She rose, fumbled for my Sissy cage and opened the lock. “Your Sissy-Clit is all wet. You must be about to explode,” she laughed gloatingly. “You may rub it now and chew slowly at same time the juice in your mouth cunt. And when you come – and only then – you swallow everything at once, little cum slut.While chewing this indescribable mixture of the mistress’s pussy juice and bull’s semen, I removed the cage and grabbed my wet Clit, which was immediately highly excited. It didn’t take long, tasting the wonderful nectar, my desire overcooked and my Clit began to twitch wildly. As my sissy cream oozed out, I swallowed, as ordered, the content of my mouth cunt and surrendered to an incredible orgasm that robbed me of all senses.A car door was slammed loudly. I was startled and found myself in my bed. What a horny dream I thought when I was finally awake. When I sat down on the edge of the bed, my eyes fell on my Sissy clothes, which lay untidy before the bed. The nylons and high heels were half under the bed. The blouse was full of spots. When I wanted to reach for it, I spotted a collar with a chain, hanging over the bedpost. There was a writing on it: SISSY CUMSLUT in capital letters.

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