10 Nisan 2021

The Punishment


As I pulled into the driveway, I couldn’t help but think to myself how very happy and relieved I was that it was finally Friday night. It was going to be a long overdue three-day weekend, and all I planned to do was relax. No work. That thought brought a smile to my face. I took a deep breath, opened my eyes, and got out of the car.

The house seemed quiet as I walked through the deserted kitchen. I wondered where the kids were. My mind pulled me back in time, replaying a scene so many years ago. I walked in that very same door on a Friday night after work, only that night, my beautiful wife was here in the kitchen cooking dinner, wearing one of my dress shirts and a pair of ankle socks. The kids were so young. They were playing and laughing, running around like little bandits.

That was right before my wife left. I guess she just couldn’t handle the family life. She always was a wild one. She totally broke my heart when she decided to leave us. She’s been gone ten years now, and I have been raising our two children alone. It has been hard work, but the sacrifices that I made have more than paid off. I am a single Father with two kids that have made me a very proud man.

My daughter Kristen is now a freshman at the local community college where she is studying to be a teacher. She is very active on campus, not only holding a position on her student government, but she also is the captain of the cheerleading team. Kitten, as I call her, also works part time teaching gymnastic classes to kids and aerobic classes to adults. She and I have always been very close. I do have to admit that while she will always be my little girl, I can’t help but notice that she is developing into a stunning young woman.

My son Eric is still in high school, preparing to graduate this coming spring. He has had quite a social life but somehow he has managed to maintain a 4.0 grade average. Eric is also the starting QB for the second year in a row of his High School Football team. This year he led his team to the state championship game and impressed the college scouts when he threw a 60-yard hail marry pass. With only 5 seconds left on the clock, he was able to really thread the needle, hitting his wide receiver right between the numbers in the back corner of the end zone to win the game. A month later he signed his letter of intent to go to Notre Dame.

I stood there thinking about how very proud my kids have made me, my mind wandering, reliving so many of their accomplishments. Of course these past ten years have not been without a few bumps in the road. My daughter certainly has given me more than a fair share of gray hairs. She is undoubtedly beautiful and has always managed to look older and sexier than any of her friends. I have had to beat off several boys over the years, and even a few men chasing after my not so innocent little girl. And Eric was no saint either. I can easily recall a couple out of control parties he foolishly threw while I was away on business. He even managed to get himself arrested last summer for smoking weed. Thankfully, he was young enough, and I had enough connections, to have him charged as a juvenile, with his record remaining sealed.

Shaking my head at the memory, I took off my jacket, laid it over the chair, and walked over to the frig to get myself a cold bottle of Bud Light. I brought the beer with me as I made my way up the stairs. A few big swallows of the Bud remind me that the weekend is here. Half way up the stairs I had already unbuttoned the top few buttons of my shirt and loosened my tie, removing it as I reached the top of the step. I made my way down the hall and turned the corner toward my room. I looked up from the carpet and was stopped dead in my tracks.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing before me. My son, Eric was standing at Kristen’s door with his pants down around his ankles and his ear pressed against the door. As I got closer, I saw that he was not only listening intently to his sister, but he was actually jacking off!

He was concentrating so intensely that he didn’t even notice me walking up behind him. I grabbed him tightly around the back of the neck. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Dad!” Eric said as he jumped in surprise. “Oh shit!”

“Oh no, don’t you dare try to put your pants on now, you little pervert. Come with me. You stay exactly like you are.” I said to him, as I dragged him by the back of the neck down the hall into my bedroom. “OK, you little shit, just what exactly were you doing out there?”

He looked me right in the eye and told me that he was listening to his sister have sex with her boyfriend. “What?” I jumped up. Surely she’s not having sex in My House! What in the hell is going on here? I told Eric to stay put, and closed the naked pervert in my room.

I quickly escort ataşehir walked back to my daughter’s room. I didn’t bother knocking. I threw the door open. Sure enough, there she was, my Kitten standing there all disheveled, redressing, and kissing on some young fuck.

“Daddy!” She shrieked, as she tried to quickly put her clothes on.

I grabbed the jeans lying on the floor and threw them at this young asshole standing by my little girl. “You have three seconds to get the hell out of my house, or I’ll kill you with my bare hands!” I said looking straight at him. He was gone in two.

“Now, as for you.” I walked over to my little slut of a daughter and grabbed the flimsy little shirt she was holding in front of her. My entire body was filled with an undeniable rage. She sat there in her red lace bra looking up at me, her eyes full of fear.

“You are a little slut, aren’t you?” “I can’t believe that you would actually have sex in MY house like this. Is this what you want? You want to be a little whore, huh?”

The site of her was making me absolutely loose my mind. All rational thought was gone the second I saw her standing there half naked and obviously just fucked. I had never been so pissed at her. The thought of punishing her took complete control of my brain. Then I glanced down at the floor and saw a site that pushed me over the edge. Right there on the white carpet, was a condom filled with her fucker’s cum. I snapped. Without a thought or a care about what I was doing, I stormed up beside her and reached out my arm, grabbing right for her perky firm breast. The more she resisted and pulled away from me, the more roughly I treated her.

“Daddy, please no.”

“What’s wrong baby girl? You let everyone else touch these tits. Now you won’t let your Daddy touch you? You wanted to be treated like a whore, didn’t you?”

“Please, Daddy stop. Daddy, NO!” She kept trying to push my strong hands off of her chest and keep me from removing that red bra.

“It’s time you learn a lesson, Kitten.” I grabbed her by the back of the head and threw her onto the bed. I pulled my hand back and slapped her pretty face. She brought her hands up to her cheek and I instantly reached for the red lace, and ripped her bra off. Her little lesson was apparently starting to work. She began to resign herself to the punishment at hand and stopped pushing me away.

“Stand up slut and take off that skirt,” I instructed.

My baby girl did as she was told and stood there nice and quiet, obviously terrified. I reached out for her little cotton panties, pulling the waistband out away from her body. Her big blue eyes squeezed shut as I reached my hand down, inside the front of her panties. Amazingly, my slutty little daughter had a dripping wet, although, still extremely tight cunt. She squirmed as I fingered her bald, wet pussy.

“OK Kitten, let’s go. That’s right my little whore, you are coming to Daddy’s room.” I picked up her petite body and threw her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and carried her down the hall with her pantied covered ass right next to my cheek. Once I opened the door and put her down, she saw her younger brother, and quickly tried to cover herself.

“Oh no, you little slut, put those hands down and lay down on Daddy’s bed.”

“But Daddy…” she protested.

“Now!” I said, anger apparent in my tone.

“Please Daddy. Please don’t make me do this Daddy.”

So I grabbed her and threw her onto the bed myself. I straddled her waist and once again slapped her hard right across her back talking face. “Now, take those panties off.” I told her. She quickly did as I asked. The site of her bald little pussy made Eric’s eyes open wide, his cock standing at full attention.

“OK, my little slut, let’s see just how much of a whore you have become. Hear Daddy loud and clear Kitten, you are going to feel yourself up.” She looked up at me, eyes wet with tears. “That’s right, your brother and I are going to watch you get yourself off baby. Now, put on a good show for Daddy.”

“But Daddy,” she cried as she motioned toward her brother, “He’s just a kid.”

“Well, so are you little girl, but that hasn’t stopped you from behaving like a common whore, now has it? Get busy Kitten, it’s time for your show.”

With tears streaming down her flushed cheeks, my daughter reluctantly closed her eyes and slowly began to let her hands wander over her tiny body. Her fingers pinched and tugged at her hard puckered little nipples. I motioned for Eric to move closer.

Looking at my son, standing at the foot of the bed, naked, I said, “So, little boy, is this what you have been lusting after?” His eyes never left his sister’s body as he shook his head in acknowledgement.

“You see Kitten, kadıköy escort you see what you have done here? This is what happens to bad little girls. When you act like a slut, you are treated like a slut.” Hearing my words, she turned her head away from me as if she were embarrassed. No matter what her inner dialog was at that point, her little body was responding to the stimulation all on it’s own. “Now baby, ask your brother what he would like to see.”

Still in shock about what was happening here, she kept her head facing to the wall and remained silent. But I was determined, and half crazed with anger, to teach her a much-needed lesson. I reached out and grabbed a fist full of her long blonde hair. I pulled her head right up off of the bed, and looked directly into her eyes. “Don’t make me say it again.”

I reached out for Eric’s arm and pulled him right up next to his sister’s face. He gave me a quick glance and then turned his attention back to Kristen. “Well sis, you heard him, now ask me what I want.” His aggressive tone actually surprised me for a moment. He pulled his arm back as if he were going to slap her face, making her reluctantly respond.

“What is it that you want from me Eric?” she asked with her voice shaking, making her sound like a young little girl instead of the slut she looked like.

“I want to see you finger that wet pussy,” Eric firmly told her. “Finger fuck that cunt.” Every passing second seemed to make my son more confident and more aroused making him assert his control over the sex toy in front of him. Somehow, the scene in front of me that started out as a strict lesson was unfolding and developing into an unbelievably erotic display. I couldn’t control my own body; I felt my cock pressing hard against the silk boxer shorts beneath my pants.

I continued to watch my son as he expertly took control of his sister. Before long, he had her sliding her tiny finger in and out of her pussy with her back arched, head thrown back, and biting at her bottom lip trying hopelessly to contain her excitement. I stepped back a bit to take the whole thing in while I removed my shirt and unbuttoned my trousers. When I heard my daughter begin to moan out loud, I let my pants hit the floor, and moved back closer to the action. Despite her effort to hold back, my little girl was being betrayed by her own body. Her nipples stood at full attention, and her hand was spreading wetness from her tight little cunt onto both of her thighs.

“That’s a good girl. That’s right Kitten, fuck your pussy for us.” Any fight she had, was now gone, she truly was Daddy’s little slut.

“Eric, move between your sister’s legs, Daddy wants to see you lick that bald little cunt.” He obeyed and quickly got on his knees between her thighs. I watched as he grabbed her legs and spread them wider than I ever imagined she could. She certainly was not lacking flexibility. “That’s it son, this is what you wanted, now show your sister what a little brother’s tongue can do.”

I reached out and took her wrists into my hand, removing her fingers from her little fuck hole. I pinned her arms high up over her head causing her again to arch that back. I could resist no longer. I used my other hand to grab hold of my rock hard cock and press it to her soft full lips. Without hesitation, she opened her little girl mouth and let the head of my cock slip into her mouth. I felt her wiggle her warm tongue on the sensitive under side of my head. Slowly I began to slide my cock in and out of her willing mouth, gradually pushing more and more of my big dick into her.

I watched in amazement as I fucked my daughter’s pretty face. I moved my hand from the base of my cock, and placed it on her throat. “Relax your throat baby, take Daddy all the way,” I told her. Her big blue eyes looked up at me as I massaged her neck. She closed her eyes, and I felt her throat relax. I pushed the head of my big cock right into the back of her throat. I felt her swallow and then was overtaken by the vibrations caused from her moaning. God, my little Kitten is a good fucking cock sucker!

I had to pull my cock, dripping with precum out of her soft wet mouth before I exploded. I looked down and saw my son devouring her tiny pussy. He frantically licked and sucked at her clit. I could tell by her breathing and moaning that she was very close to cumming herself. Not so fast, I thought, this was supposed to be punishment. “OK, stop Eric. Don’t let your little slut cum, not just yet.” He looked up at me, face all wet, and smiled as if he could read my mind.

“Oh God, no please don’t stop,” she cried out.

“Not yet Kitten, not yet.”

Eric sat up and watched as I reached for that wet bald pussy. “Hold her open for me Eric,” I instructed. He pushed her knees maltepe escort bayan open and up toward her shoulders. While he held her tight in that position, I used my right hand to pinch hard on her swollen clit. My left hand pulled back and then spanked her; my open hand slapped right down on that wet pussy. I heard her gasp.

As I pulled my left hand back, I nodded at my son, who quickly dove back down and lapped his tongue all over her pussy including the clit that still was being pinched between my thumb and forefinger. As soon as he sat back up, my hand was spanking that soaking wet cunt again, this time a little harder. My little fucktoy daughter screamed out. Eric and I repeated this suck and slap game for several minutes driving her insane. But, again just before she could release and cum, we stopped and I let go of her rock hard clit.

I know she was responding to every touch of her young body, but her words actually caught me off guard for a moment when she yelled out, “Fuck me! Please Daddy, fuck me like a whore!”

Both Eric and I froze for a second. I was shocked to hear my Kitten actually begging, she was actually begging her very own brother and father to fuck her. Once this thought sunk in, any restraint that I may have had left was out the window. She really had become a little slut. Well, who better to use this hot slut than the two men who loved her most?

With that, I laid down flat on my back in the center of the bed. I pulled her up and grabbed her by the hips placing her on my lap. She instinctively bent down and kissed me on the lips. For a moment, I kept my lips together, but when I felt her warm soft tongue attempting to part my lips, I opened my mouth for her and shoved my tongue deep into her mouth. She responded by moaning onto my tongue and sliding her very wet pussy up and down the shaft of my hard cock.

As soon as she pulled her mouth off of mine, I told Eric to put Daddy’s dick into his sister. I held firmly both of her arms behind her back. My son without hesitation reached up and wrapped his hand around my cock and took his other hand and parted the lips of Kristen’s cunt. When my cock head actually began pushing into my little girl, I honestly couldn’t believe how tight she was. She felt like a very wet, very hot vice gripping my big hard cock. As soon as I was in her, I released her arms. I wanted to grab her hips to help me push deeper into her tight hole.

She was not only moaning and crying out, but she actually was grinding her narrow hips on top of me. She was fucking her Daddy, no question. “That’s Daddy’s girl. Fuck Daddy’s big hard cock baby.” “But, Kitten, we can’t leave Eric out, not after he licked your pussy so nice.”

She turned her head to look over her shoulder at her brother. He was watching up close at her cunt sliding up and down my fuck pole. I reached around her and pulled her ass cheeks open wide, and told her to arch her back. As soon as she did, I felt the warm breath and soft wet tongue of my son grazing over my cock every time I pulled out of my daughter’s pussy. He was tonguing her from her puckered virgin asshole to my dick and back. Each time his tongue went back to her tight hole, I could feel her cunt muscles tighten up around my cock.

“Oh my God, yes! Please don’t stop Eric, tongue fuck my ass.” Her words made my cock twitch inside her pussy. I heard his muffled moans as his tongue pressed into that tight hole. After several minutes of this, I held her still, pinning her flat against my chest.

I looked over her shoulder to catch the eye of my son. He obviously had the same thought running through his head as I did, because he quickly moved up onto his knees and spread his sister’s ass cheeks open wide. I could feel his saliva dripping from her ass down to her pussy and around my cock. As he slowly pushed into her ass, she squealed in my ear. I felt every last inch of him pressing into her, separated from my own dick by merely a thin layer of skin.

My son and I began to rhythmically fuck my little girl as deep as we both could get. Frankly, I was surprised how long my son was able to last. We continued fucking her for nearly 30 minutes before I heard Eric scream out, “Oh fuck! I am going to cum!” Two seconds later I actually felt his cock explode and fill my Kitten’s ass full of his hot cum. That was all it took for me. I emptied my balls right into my daughter’s hot cunt. As I was cumming, I reached down and pinched her swollen clit as hard as I could between my finger and thumb.

My good little whore actually asked me, well, she begged really, to let her cum. I couldn’t help but smile to myself at this. “Yes baby, now you can cum for Daddy.” Her already tight cunt squeezed even harder around my cock and she bit my neck and squealed. She soon collapsed on top of me, with her brother still lying on her back.

I held her head on my chest as the three of us fell asleep. I have to say, I know it’s wrong, but there was no way I could ever go back to just being a platonic father, not now. The potential made my brain swirl.

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