5 Kasım 2021

The rest of the story…


The rest of the story…This morning I was hard at work and decided to take a little break. Since I work from home my schedule is really flexible. I was checking my messages and noticed a link from a friend of mine. So I watched the video thinking I would get right back to work…wrong! The video got me so hot and horny I could not even think about getting back to work. If you missed my previous post check out “My work day is done.” You can watch the video for yourself and see what you think.So the video left me with wet panties and a strong desire to get laid. I left on the wet panties and threw on a sexy short skirt and blouse with no bra. I headed to Lowe’s figuring there might be some guys there that I could tempt. I went to the garden dept. since I actually needed some topsoil for my veggie garden and what did my horny eyes see but a really nice looking guy with a body to die for! I put on my best sexy face and strolled over to him to strike up a conversation. He filled anadolu yakası escort out his jeans really well and my eyes kept wandering to his groin area, imagining what kind of package he had in there.I asked him if he would be kind enough to help me load a couple of bags of heavy topsoil into my car, and of course he agreed to help. As I bent over to make room in the trunk for the soil I could feel his eyes undressing me as he checked out my ass. I knew he was hooked so I turned around and gave him my bedroom eyes as I touched his biceps and said, “I sure could use these muscles to help me unload this when I get home. I’m only a few minutes from here, would you be able to help me out?”He smiled at me and agreed to follow me home. After unloading the topsoil I invited him in for a glass of ice tea. We talked for a little while then I leaned over and kissed him to say thanks for helping me. He must have been as horny as ataşehir escort I was because that little kiss turned into a really serious one. Next thing I knew we were locked in an embrace on the sofa and he had unbuttoned my blouse. I wasn’t wearing a bra so he dove right in and began nibbling on my tits and sucking my nipples. My hand found it’s way to his zipper and I managed to undo his belt and unsnap his jeans. His boxer shorts could not contain the monster inside and out popped a great looking cock. I couldn’t resist going down on it so I pushed him away from my breasts and dove for is cock. He didn’t seem to mind as I took as much as I could into my mouth. He layed back moaning and I just kept sucking and licking and taking a little more into my mouth and throat with each bob of my head.Then he picked me up and pulled me off of him, forcing me onto my back on the sofa. His cock was throbbing and standing straight up in the air. He ümraniye escort ripped of my skirt and panties and slid that hard cock into my moist pussy. Just a little at first then gradually deeper and deeper. When it was all the way in he started pounding me. It felt so good. He was in really good shape, had a nice washboard stomach and big muscles. He kept up a really good pace and wouldn’t let up at all. We never got into any other positions…I was just on my back on the sofa and he hammered me harder and deeper with every thrust. I couldn’t believe how long he kept up that pace and I actually screamed suddenly as a big orgasm snuck up on me and hit me all at once!!! That threw him into a frenzy and he pounded harder and faster then pulled out and let a huge load go all over my breasts and face. He rubbed his cock on my lips and I licked him clean. It was one of those encounters where the sex is fast and furious but wonderful. I thanked him for the great sex and for helping me with the topsoil. He left me his number and hopefully we will see each other again. Mission accomplished…I just love being a sexy redhead; you guys are so easy to seduce! I don’t know if it’s the red hair, the freckles, pale skin or if just that I am a nymphomaniac. Whatever it is…it’s working for me and I love it!!!

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