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The school counselor, part 1


The school counselor, part 1The school counselor, part 1I knelt in front of the graffiti covered panel. The light flickered on and off above me. I saw my name written there. Wendy. It smelt, a mixture of urine, sweat and jizz. I watched the hole near my face. Waiting. I didn’t wait long. A cock was pushed through. I grabbed it, sucking on it hungrily. It was hard, veined. Black. I ran my tongue around it, then opened my mouth, closing my lips over the bulbous head. I pulled it, not very gently, pulling it through the hole. The Glory-hole. My Glory-hole. I kept hold of the cock, Pushed my ass against the panel, pushed back, feeling the hard cock against my pussy. I was wet, wet with excitement. Excitement and anticipation. The cock stretched me, and then penetrated me. I didn’t know who was fucking me, I didn’t care. I was a Glory-hole slut. Here to be used, used by anyone that cared to. The guy came, I felt his hot cum deep inside me. He withdrew. Leaving me empty, and unsatisfied. Then another cock was pushed through the hole. My Glory-hole. It was white, and not as big, I bent to suck it, even as the other guys cum dripped out of me, running down my legs. I didn’t care, I was the Glory-………The alarm sounded loud on the bedside table beside me. I groaned, and hit the snooze button. I lay back in the goose feathered pillows. I just wore a pair of panties. Wet panties. I reached down between my legs. I was soaking.I showered, then after applying my make up, dressed carefully. Designer underwear, silk and lace. Expensive. Transparent. I fastened the suspender belt around my waist, the fed the suspenders under my knickers. I rolled my eight denier stockings up my legs, and clipped them into place. I buckled the ankle straps of my red heels. I stood, and looked into the full length mirror. I looked hard at myself. I was fifty, but looked younger, a lot younger. It took a lot of hard work, the gym three times a week, swimming. I had a good figure, firm ass. Long toned legs. My tits were eye turners. My nipples red under the material of my bra. My pussy clearly visible through my knickers, the material so fine. My pussy waxed, silky smooth. I slipped a crisp white blouse on, buttoning it. I selected a grey suite, stepping into the short gray skirt. I pulled the half zip up. Carrying the jacket, I walked downstairs, and out into the sunshine. “Good morning counselor,” A student said, as I walked along the corridor, towards my office. “Morning Wendy,” the faculty secretary said, as I checked my in tray, collecting its contents. It was time, my first counseling session of the morning. I walked towards where I would give a lecture on student finances. The captain of the football team walked past in the opposite direction, talking to another foot-baller. Both young, and oozing testosterone.“Now that is a milf I’d like to fuck,” I heard him say after he’d past me. I smiled to myself, “and this milf would love you to fuck her I thought.”The students were already seated, but stood as I entered the lecture room. I indicated them to sit. I took my seat, and in doing so treated those that were paying attention to a glimpse of my knickers, and those at the front to the sight of my pussy. I made it look like an accident, of course. And of course it was an accident, a woman in my position would never deliberately flash her students, would she! I recrossed my legs, giving those that hadn’t believed their eyes the first time a second fleeting, and Oh so tantalizing glimpse of panties encased cunt. I had their attention now. They concentrated all their attention on me. Did they think I was a milf I wondered, instantly knowing the answer. I got up, illustrated a few points on the white board, dropping the white board marker. I bent over to recover it. My skirt rode up, giving a glimpse of thigh above my stocking tops. I wondered if they could see my panties. I heard a gasp from one or two students. Again I smiled inwardly. My pussy tingled, I was excited. “Mustn’t get carried away,” I thought.“Did you see when she bent over, fucking hell, you could see her ass, and she wears stockings. Wow.” I heard one young man say as he left the room. I poured myself a coffee in the staff room. A couple of the other staff were already there. They looked up, as I sat down demurely. “Ah Wendy, don’t know if you’ve heard anything, it seems our football team are planning a party.” One of them said.“No nothing, a party? Aren’t they a little young, and its not as if any of them are planning on getting married.” I said.“No its some kind of initiation, that captain of the football team is probably behind it. We’d like to stop it obviously, but really need something firmer than a rumor.” “Obviously, that sort of thing is disgusting, and especially in our students. It could reflect badly on the college,” I said. “But where would they go for such a thing.” I asked.“There’s a place just outside of town, near Charlie’s Angels nightclub.”“Then why doesn’t the Police close it down?” I asked.“Not i*****l Wendy.”“Well it should be, I shall write to the mayor, disgusting.” I said.As I left I heard one of them say to the other, “now little Mrs prim and proper is on the case we can……” I drove. As I drove a plan formed in my mind. I turned right, and headed east. I soon found Charlie’s Angels nightclub. I parked up, looking right and left. The club was open, but as I sat there for half an hour I didn’t see anyone go in, or come out. I took a deep breath, got out of the car, crossed the road. I didn’t go into the club, but into the sex shop opposite. I brought some clothes, clothes so I would blend in with the women I’d seen in the street. A very short pvc skirt, with a full length zip. Crotchless panties, red, with a red quarter cup bra. I looked at myself in the full length mirror in the changing room. Another woman came in, and caught me checking myself out. “You sure look good love, but the skirt, you should have brought the smaller one, I’ll get it.”She was back in a couple of seconds. I changed them over. She was right. This one was tighter, and shorter, my crotch almost level with the hem. I put a sheer black blouse over the bra. My breasts visible through the material, a deep breath and my nipples would pop out. “Now that is perfect,” my new found friend said. “You just need fishnets.”“I’ve already got them,” I turned. Undid the packet. Then rolled them up my legs. They were hold-ups, and finished by my pussy, even so, the tops were just visible. I slipped the cheap pair of high heels on, black patent, with ankle straps.“You working tonight?” My new friend asked. “No, well, I might be. Just going in the club over the road, to see what’s available.” I replied.“Ask for Gary, he’s always on the look out for girls. And you sweetie are just what he likes.”“Good, I need the money,” I lied. “Tell me, some one told me there’s a place near here that caters for stags do’s, don’t happen to know it do you?”“Sure, worked there myself a few times, ask Gary, that’s his place as well. Its good money, but you sure you want that sort of stuff, stick to stripping, and a hostess work,” she said.“Thanks for the advice.”I picked up my clothes, I’d drop them in my car.I walked across the street, looking like some common whore. Exactly what I wanted. “Hi honey, not seen you before,” the driver of a car said, as he pulled up beside me.He was in his canlı bahis forties. Not what I wanted. I wanted something altogether younger.I leaned in the window, giving him a close up view of my breasts, as the bra struggled to contain them.“Look honey, I’ve got a booking, but maybe later, yeah! I purred.He pulled away. Happy with my “look” I entered the lions den. A stripper at the bar went through her routine. The club was half empty, no one gave me a second glance. As far as they were concerned I was exactly as I seemed. A whore, just another whore. No one would recognize me , or remember me. “Hi,” I said to the young girl behind the bar. She was topless, and wearing just a pair of satin shorts, the gripped her every curve. “Lime and soda, and plenty of ice,” I asked. She turned, and bent to get me a glass. Her shorts rode up her ass, and between her legs, her pussy was clearly outlined. She stood up, poured my drink. “$2.50,” she said.I handed the money over, then returned my purse to my shoulder bag.“Not seen you here before,” she said.“No, just moved here. Looking for work, Got told to ask for Gary.” I said.He’s in his office, just go through there, where it says staff only, I’ll buzz you through. Office is at the end of the corridor. Good luck.”Gary was older than I’d expected. Must be at least sixty. “Hi, I’m Wendy, I was told to ask for you,” I said.“What do want?” He asked.“Looking for work, a friend said you were looking for girls.” “Then you came on the right day. I need a girl for tonight. Interested?”“Yeah, very. What’s the job?”“Two gigs, need a stripper here for a couple of sets, then a bit of hostess work. Still interested?“Yep, but I need an outfit,” I said. “Lets have a look at you first.”I unbuttoned my blouse, then threw it on the chair, next I unzipped my skirt, it joined my blouse. I turned one eighty. “Nice,” he said. “take your panties off love,”I did as he asked, slowly. “Now I can see you ain’t no fucking copper. Right love, you danced before?”“Of course,” I lied again. Well I had danced, but he wasn’t asking if I could do ballroom. I could strip, I’d stripped for my husband, for boyfriends.“OK, good enough, it’s a trial tonight, see how you do, see if the punters like you.Now hostess, you know what that means don‘t ya, they can touch you up, but anything else, you take them to the private booths, you can fuck their brains out there. They pay at the bar, you get 50%.”I nodded.“Anything else?” He asked.“Yeah, you want anyone for parties?” I asked.“You want to do parties, fucking hell, yes. I’ve got one the night after next, college boys, you sure?”“I’m sure, but I want to wear a mask, that ok?” I asked.“Mask what sort of fucking mask?”“A black one, just over my eyes.” I said.“Whatever, they’re be ten of them, can you handle ten?”“I can handle twenty!” I boasted.“Ok, now you’ve given me a hard on, blow me.”I squatted down, dressed just in my heels, and stockings. His cock wasn’t very impressive, not big, not thick. Just average. I preferred young guys, college boys. This guy was older than my husband, but I needed him, needed this job. Not for the money, but the sex. I wanted to fuck young guys, and if that meant sucking his dick, then suck it I would. He came, quickly, thank heaven for small mercies. I swallowed, he’d expect that, I didn’t mind. It got me the job.I found the changing room, a clothes rail outside. I selected an outfit. A purple thong with a side clip for a quick release, a purple cup-less bra, and a purple cloak, edged with fox fur. The crème de la crème was the purple mask and feathered headdress that went with it. I found a pair of ankle boots. These would do fine. No one would recognize me. By the time it was my turn the club had filled up, it was packed. My music played, “I am Titanium” and I walked out, suddenly terrified. My legs felt like they were made of jelly. I forced myself to move, and then move again. My cloak opened, before I really wanted it too. A cheer rang out, as they glimpsed my tits. That cheer gave me courage, I moved, swayed. And finally danced. I twirled the cloak, flashing my tits, teasing, then untied it, and dropped it to the floor, my nipples were hard in the cup-less bra. I had great tits I knew, and now everyone in the club knew it too. I turned my back on the punters, bent over, grabbing my ankles, keeping my legs straight. They loved it, I kept myself fit. Was flexible. I stayed holding my ankle, held the position, then with one hand, reached up, and unclipped the thong. It didn’t fall, it was held in place by my thighs, and by the fact it was pulled up hard into my pussy, and my arse. I slowly pulled it away, still without moving. The noise of the crowd told me I was being appreciated, at last it was gone, and my assets were on view, I stood, and faced my fans. I squatted, opening my legs, showing my pussy, then opened my lips using my fingers. I let them see my pink for a few seconds, then quickly snapped my legs shut. I did the rounds, and soon my garter was full with notes, a few fives from the cheapskates, a lot of tens, loads of twenties, and more than a few fifties. I’d made good money. I returned, after replacing the thong and cup-less bra. I’d kept the headdress on, and still wore it. Hands wandered, my ass was pinched. “Ouch.” “Private dance love?” A punter asked. I looked at him, early twenties, sporty. He was with a couple of mates, about the same age.“Of course, why don’t you go and pay at the bar, then we’ll go and find somewhere private,” I told him.The three of them were hunks. Definitely sporty types. Well defined muscles under tight shirts. I recognized two of them, they had been at the college where I worked. This was so thrilling. I was going to fuck two of my students. I was wet just thinking about.“Two rules guys, and two only. Rule one, my headdress stays on, try and remove it, and I’ll bite your fucking balls off, clear?” I asked.“Clear, but that’s the reason we picked you, its so sexy!” They chimed.“Good, rule two. Nothing goes up my ass, apart from your tongues if you really must.”They nodded, and as they nodded I unclipped my thong, it fell to the floor. I sat on one of the sofas, keeping my right foot firmly on the carpet, I raised my left leg, opening my legs, and my wet pussy to view. “Whose first?”They were eager, rushing to strip down. I watched as three gorgeous boys stripped for me. Fuck, I’d do this for free, hell, I’d pay Gary. Better not tell him that though!The first boy had his cock in front of my face, I took that as an invitation, an invitation to suck his wonderfully hard cock. His mates soon busied themselves with my pussy, my tits, still held in the cup-less bra, my nipples hard and erect.I took the cock away, “come on, time to switch,” they moved around. I sucked them each in turn, then it was time to fuck, that’s what they’d paid for. I got on all fours, one of them moved behind me, I turned, “remember in my cunt.” He penetrated me, swiftly, I gasped as his eight inches forced its way inside me. “Oh fuck, yes,” I managed to murmur, before a cock pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth, and was spit roasted. The reserve stood waiting his turn. They fucked me remorsefully. I was in heaven. They switched again, this time, the boy was more gentle, fucking me with more finesse, and managing to hit my G-spot in the process. I came, then came again. The bahis siteleri barmaid came in, bringing more drinks, she smiled at me as my tits swung beneath me. She stood and watched for a minute or two. I wondered if she was going to join us. She didn’t. The boys didn’t hesitate, and kept fucking. At last they’d all taken their turn, in my mouth, in my cunt. I’d had my pleasure too, coming multiple times, always noisily. Now they wanted to come. I didn’t want any on my headdress, I wanted to wear this all evening. So I did what any good whore would do, I sucked, and swallowed. They were happy, happy but somewhat poorer. “Wow, that was fucking great, we’ll have you again love,” one of them gushed. I was changing back into the clothes I brought earlier. Earlier! I looked at my watch. That was yesterday, the day I’d become a stripper and a whore. I’d stripped, then been fucked by three young guys, followed by two more, even younger, both just out of their teens. Two older types had tried to book me, but my shift was at an end, thankfully. If I wanted to be fucked by old men, I could go home and have hubby take care of business. I zipped the skirt up, then buttoned the blouse over the red quarter bra. I walked outside, the crotch-less panties allowing the cool night air to breathe on my pussy, still wet not only from my own juices, but from where on of the boys had ejaculated deep inside me. A few girls stood on street corners, neon lights gaudily lit the night. A Police car slowly cruised past. I walked to my car, got in, locking the door. I drove away, I was tired, and I had work in the morning, work as the pillar of society who counseled boys at the local college. I laughed, turned the radio up, and drove.Part 2.“I knew you’d be back!” Gary said as he greeted me. “Of course, you did say the job was mine!” I laughed. “You still on for that party tomorrow night?” He asked. “You bet, looking forward to it,” I replied.“Good, but its fifteen now, still ok?”“I told you last night, I can handle twenty,” I said, wondering if I really could handle even ten. It was a fantasy. A fantasy I was anxious to experience.I walked to the bar. The young barmaid from yesterday was again serving, the one who had watched me being fucked, spit roasted. “Hi sweetie, what can I get you? She asked.“Same as always, soda and lime,” I said. I watched as she made the drink, plenty of ice I noticed. She was as yesterday, topless, but tonight wore white satin shorts, very brief, very tight, the outline of her pussy clearly visible.I was about to take my drink into the changing room, when I saw a young guy I knew. Fuck. He’d already seen me. He was a friend of my friends son. “Hi Wendy,” he said, “fancy meeting you here.” He looked at me with hungry eyes, as he looked me up and down. I was dressed liked a slut, I had hoped I’d blend in here. The ultra short mini skirt, light tan tonight, and a tight black Lycra top. No bra, and just a thong. I’d worn a raincoat when I walked out of the house, and got into my car. The coat was in the car, so I could hardly pretend I wandered in by mistake. Fuck, and this only my second night. “And you too, but nice to see you,” I said brazing it out.“Look Wendy, would you mind not mentioning to anybody you saw me here. It wouldn’t go down well……….” He left the sentence hanging in the air.“No, no of course not, I won’t say a word. We were never here,” I said walking him to a quiet corner, away from the stage where Julie was spreading her legs so the punters could get a better view of her shaven cunt, as she peeled back her outer labia. “So what are you doing here,” I asked.“Oh you know, just popped in for a drink, I didn’t know this was a………..”“I’m sure you didn’t,” I said.“Its so embarrassing,” he said.“Don’t I know it. I have to come here every so often, to advise the owners son, you know in my work. But look I don’t want the college finding out, its rather delicate. You see, I’m moonlighting, and they wouldn’t like it, the college I mean. You do understand don’t you. So I’ll keep your secret, if you…….”“God, yes, yes Wendy, I never thought………anyway, I must go.”As I span round on my stool, I saw two women being fucked in a booth. Now Gary had told me, that was a no, no. Something made me look closer. “Fuck me” I thought, that’s Stephanie, my friend Steph. Jesus. Just then she looked up, as a Mediterranean looking guy pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. The girl at the bar was watching her, as were several of the customers. She smiled at me. Recognized me? Another girl was in the booth, also being fucked. I couldn’t see her clearly, but there was something familiar about her. I walked towards the door, and said goodbye to the guy, whose name I still hadn’t remembered, then headed for the changing room, hoping she’d not seen me, but fearing she had.I sat down at the dressing table. I’d already stripped off to do my makeup. “Had I really seen Steph being fucked in the club?” I asked myself, as I applied my eye liner. “No couldn’t have been!” I thought. “But it was her,” I had no doubts. My best friend, married mother of two teenagers. “Fuck, you just never know,” I said out loud.“Never know what?” A voice answered.I looked up. It was my friend from yesterday. The girl from the sex shop.“Oh hi,” I said. “Look thanks for pointing me over here. As you can see, I got the job!”“I saw, last night I mean, watched your performance, little rusty at first, but not bad, so what do you never know?” She asked.“Oh, only that I just watched a woman being fucked out front, in one of the booths. She looked familiar, must have worked with her somewhere,” I said.“Well, the two you are talking about are Steph and Suzie.”Suzie, of coarse Suzie. That’s why she looked so familiar. “I’ve just been introduced. She’s just done some work for Gary’ mate Baz.” She continued.“Baz?” I asked.“Dirty little bastard, worse than Gary in that respect. Makes porno films, amongst other things. So which one did you work with?”“Oh Steph,” I replied.I danced, wearing a black mask. Stripped, and writhed on the stage. I had their attention, held it, and worked the stage. A youngster on the edge of the stage, watched me, I danced for him, keeping eye contact. He should, I knew have been at home studying. His final exams were just two weeks off, but he was here, watching his counselor spread her pussy. I showed him pink, slipped a finger inside myself, then two. His eyes were on stalks, he watched, as on all fours, I crawled towards him. I kissed him lightly on the lips, then popped my two wet fingers in his mouth. He blushed deep red. And so he should, this morning he’d been looking up my skirt as I discussed the importance of a good CV. Tonight he’d watched me dance naked, then sucked my fingers hot and wet from my cunt. I walked around the club wearing just heels and my mask, and of course a garter on each thigh. Garters that were now full of bank notes. He was there beside me, my young student.“Can I……….” he said summoning his courage. “Can I have a private dance please.”I looked at him, from behind my mask. He shouldn’t be here. He was too young, and should be studying. But I wasn’t his mother, his tutor, yes, mother no.“You pay at the bar, while you’re there, tell the barmaid to bring me a drink sweetie,” I said.He was nervous, I wondered if he was a virgin. That would be nice. I squeezed his cock thorough bahis şirketleri his trousers, then sat back, legs spread, while he undressed. His cock was hard. I guided him between my legs, then changed my mind, and knelt instead, closing my painted lips over that young cock. He shivered, and his cock throbbed. I pinched it hard, at its base. His urge to come subsided. I stared again, slowly. He was hard again, thanks to my tongue. The barmaid delivered my drink as I sucked him. I stopped, and took a mouth full of the cold liquid, and smiled my thanks. Then as she watched, pushed the boy wonder onto his back, and straddled him, I sank down his cock, but before I had it all, he came. His come was hot, as I felt it flood me. He groaned, and I took another sip of my lime and soda, then handed the girl the empty glass. She smiled, and left, as I dismounted from the softening cock.“It’ll be better next time,” I said. “First time is always like that.”“I hope so, I’m going to a party tomorrow night with my mates,” he said.“Then you’ll be fine, I’ll be there. Look, I’ll blow you first, then you’ll be fine. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you’re ok sweetie.”“A counselor at my college always calls me sweetie, and she’s gorgeous, just like you, thanks,” he said.I ate my lunch. Tuna salad. I wasn’t hungry. I was nervous, and excited, all at the same time. “fucking” football team, they are unmanageable. Too much testosterone.”I listened, as my colleagues discussed the dreaded football team. My team.“And today, they are even worse, thank God its Friday, maybe they’re get it out of their systems tonight.” One continued. “Perhaps they’ll get it out of there systems at the party.”“You would say that, you’re a man. I think its disgusting. Can’t we give them all detention?” I asked.“All evening, come on Wendy, there is a limit to what we can do,” he answered. My pussy was wet, my stomach was doing cartwheels. I picked up my tray, my hands trembling. Trembling with excitement I walked away form the table. “Talk about a prude, and her a looker as well……….”The house wasn’t far from the club. I arrived early, as it would never do for the football team to see me going in. I dressed, or rather undressed. I peeled off the leather mini skirt I was wearing, and stood in my heels, with just the black body on. I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I looked good. Toned, my breasts contained by the see through mesh. “Fuck, you look good Wendy!” Gary said, making me jump.“Glad you approve boss,” I replied. “I could just fuck you myself, right now!”“Well, if you want to, but do we have time?” I asked, knowing the answer.“Sadly not, the little bastards are here, give them twenty minutes, then come out. I’ll tell them again the mask rule,” he said.“Thanks Gary.” I said.“Leroy will be outside if you need him, just shout gorgeous.!”I undid the poppers on the crotch of my body, then rolled it off, as Gary watched. I kept the heels on. I pulled up a Crotchless thong, red nylon. Cheap. Next a matching cup-less red bra. My makeup was done. Scarlet red lips. Gary licked his lips, his cock hard in his trousers, where I hoped it would stay. I didn’t want to fuck him. I wanted younger meat, but if this job required it, then fuck him I would. My dream job. I pulled my mask into place, checked it was secure. I was ready. “Corr, fucking hell, look at the tits on that,” I heard one of them say.“And what an ass!” Another said.I walked around showing myself to them. I reached the bar. It was the topless barmaid, she smiled, and served me my usual drink, without me asking. She wore a thong, the strings pulled high on her hips, her camel toe made my throat go dry.I sipped my drink.“Are you joining us?” I asked.“You never know!” She replied.“Right boys, time we got started, remember, three rules,” I shouted over the room.They groaned.“Rule number one, my mask stays on, if anyone even tries to take if off, this party is over. Rule two, nothing goes up my bum except your tongues, if you want to. Rule three, there are no other rules.” I yelled.They cheered now, and I knew I had them. There were twelve, led by the husky football captain. He would have to wait. I had a promise to keep. I wiggled my finger at him. He shuffled towards me, red faced.“Now this naughty boy has fucked me before,” I said, loud enough so they could all hear. “So, as he is a retuning customer, he gets a blow job to kick things off!”I sucked his cock, keeping a grip on the shafts base, holding back his urge to come. He had more control this time. I took it gently, trying to ensure his lasting pleasure. “Come on Chris,” his mates called. “Oh for fuck sake, you going to take all night!”He lasted, lasted as my tongue licked his hard cock, his balls. I felt his cock throb. He’s done well. Lasted. I let him come. He tasted only slightly salty. I caught it all, then opened my mouth, so his mates could see, then swallowed, again showing my now empty mouth. I smiled at him. “You did well sweetie!”He was pleased, I could tell. His coming the breaking of the dam. They were suddenly all over me. I had no control over them. They pushed me back, onto my back, forcing my legs apart. “Get off, you fucking twat,” I heard the football captain shout, “I’m fucking her first!”He was between my legs, his young cock hard. He pushed it against my pussy, it slipped in. He pushed hard, pushing it all the way into me. Then he fucked me, pumping furiously, nothing gentle. Nothing loving. His cock pulled almost out, then thrust straight back in. I arched my back so he could go deeper. He was sweating, as he continued to fuck me, his biceps bulging. Finally he came, I felt it hot inside me, jets spurted deep. Then he rolled off me. Another replaced him, before I had time to get my breath. Another furious fucking, this time, a cock in my mouth as well. I was in heaven, two young boys cocks, with more to follow. Lots more.I lost count of how many had fucked me, didn’t know, didn’t care. They had me until midnight, they could have me all night. I opened my eyes, to see Chris, the boy from the other night, the one who had already had a blow job. He penetrated me, his cock inside me.“Hello sweetie,” I said.“Thanks for earlier,” he said. “Thanks very much, Wendy.”I almost tensed up. Fuck. Did he know? Had he guessed.“You don’t mind if I call you that do you, only I have a fantasy woman at school, she’s called Wendy.” He said.“You naughty boy, call me Wendy if you want,” I said relieved.I looked away, as a cock was offered to my face, sucking on it. The boy came quickly, to be replaced by another. “Turn over Wendy,” Chris whispered. “I want to fuck you from behind.”I obliged. Got on my knees. His cock was quickly inside me again, another cock in my mouth, so hard. They spit roasted me, then spit roasted me again, as two more boys replaced those that were spent. I was sweating. Come ran down my legs. I had come in my hair. Come on my mask. Come on my tits, on my ass. “Time for a break, ten minutes.” I heard a female voice call. The barmaid, Sara.They pulled away from me, like the obedient well behaved boys they were.I stood up, my legs like jelly. Bowed. I walked to the bar, and drank a long cool glass of soda and lime, then another. “Thanks,” I managed to say.“You’re welcome.” She replied.She handed me a pack of baby wipes. I took them to the toilet, used them, cleaned my body with them, mopped my used cunt. Checked my mask, ensured it was till tied tight. I was ready. Ready to be used. The school counselor, the football team slut. I returned, anxious to fuck again. I kissed the barmaid on the lips. “Thanks.”

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