6 Kasım 2021

The Secretary(Merry Christmas)

Big Tits

The Secretary(Merry Christmas)It was Friday December 23, and the boss just dumped a pile of paper work on my desk to get done before our year-end in 8 days. I was hoping to take a few days off over the Christmas week,but guess not now. As I sorted through the paper work some of it was insurance stuff. I just hate insurance paperwork, and I knew that asshole of an agent would be gone. Agent’s have the easiest jobs, they take time off, take your money, and cry about how hard they work. Well the only good thing about this agent was his secretary.She was a doll, in her upper 40’s with a hour glass figure, blonde hair, soft brown eyes. Whenshe got up to walk all eyes were on her as she just dripped in sex. Her assets were perfect36 C breast, slim waist, perfect ass and legs, you could tell she worked out a lot to keep herbody looking that nice.I grabbed the phone and gave the agent’s office a call. I knew that she would answer, and she did. I asked her if Rusty was in, knowing just what her response would be. She said no he was gone till Wednesday, that figure the asshole never worked. I told her that I had some papers to drop off and how long would she be there. She said she was leaving around 4:00. I looked at my watch it was 3:00, and told her that I would be leaving shortly and should be at her office around 3:30 or so. We said our good byes and I hung up. I grabbed what papers I need, made a couple of quick calls, and one to my wife telling her I was running late. I locked up and headed for my truck.What a miserable day it was outside half rain half snow and all slop. It was slow going and I got to the agent’s office around 3:45. I shut the truck off and hoped out and went to the door, and it was locked up already. I knocked on the door about a 100 times, and no answer. I grabbed my cell phone and call, but got just the recording tell that the office was closed, and the times it was to be opened. I just hate them fucking machines.I had noticed when I pulled up that her car was still in her parking space by the side door. So I walk to the side door and turned the knob it was locked, but I pushed on it and the door opened, whoever left last didn’t secure the latch. I stepped in side and close the door behind me tightly.I stood there for a few seconds, fethiye escort letting my eyes get adjusted to the darkness. I walked forward through the hallway, and stopped at the end and listened. It sounded like someone was sobbing or crying softly. I stepped into the room and saw Stacey sitting at a banquet table with a couple of candles lite, some music playing and all the lights in the back off.I said Stacey are you ok. She jumped up asking who was there. I said it was me Thom, you remember I call you telling you that I was on my way over to drop off these papers to Rusty.She said O O yea sorry I forgot. I took the papers and threw them on Rusty’s desk, and went back and sat down next to Stacey.She was sipping on a glass of wine trying to unwind, I could see that she was upset. So I ask her what the problem was. She just shook her head. So I sat there quietly for a few minutes, and asked again. She started to softly cry and laid her story out.It seem that she and her husband were not getting along very well, and she has not heard from her son in over 6 months. She and her daughter-in-law never did see eye to eye, and that caused some problems. She said that this is not going to be a very happy Christmas for me.I listen to all that she had to say, and told her I knew just what she needed. As she dried the tears in her eyes, she said what. I told her to stand up, and she did. WOW she had on a black dress that was thigh high, and fit her just like a glove, showing off all her good qualities. I said what you need is a good hug, and I step forward and gave her the best hug that I could give. She had her arms wrapped around my neck, squeezing me back.Here I am holding the woman of my dreams in my arms, and my mind goes completely blank. So like a dummy I let go of her, and sit back down in the chair. I keep kick my self in the ass for not taking advantage of this opportunity that I had with her. But lack of experience in doing this with another woman other than my wife really showed.We chatted for a few minutes, and then I had another real great idea, and told well I guess it is time for me to go. DUH!!! that was real smart move on my part.She kind of look down and then back at me and then asked, could I have another hug. BINGO the light escort fethiye clicked on, and I though here is my one chance don’t blow it. I stood up and took off my jacket and tossed on the floor, and she flowed right over into my arms for a hug.I rubbed my hands over her back and down to her cheeks, I could tell that she had a thong on, and not much else under the dress as it felt real smooth. She loosen her hands from my neck and looked me in the eyes, and drew her lips up to mine and we meet in a very passionate kiss. I open my mouth a little bit and could feel her tongue flicker in and out, what a big turn on.As our tongues continued to dance together, I unhooked her dress and slowly move the zipper down. When I meet no resistance doing that I moved up and unhooked her bra. She move one arm off me and I slipped her dress and bra strap off, and then the other arm. Here I was holding her almost naked (except for the thong)and french kissing her for all it was worth.Suddenly she broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes, and said this not fair. I must have look at her blankly, because she said that I was fully clothed and she was all most naked. We remedy this quickly as she helped me strip, and she took off her thong. I just love how a woman can do that so gracefully.She pushed me into the chair and sat on my lap. I got my first real good chance to see her up close naked, GOD what a site. I can’t figure what is the matter with her husband to not take care of a goddess like this. As we french kiss with passion, my hand was slowly massaging her breast and play with her nipple. They was so hard I felt like I was playing with a couple of bullets. As I played with her breast and tweaked her nipples, she would moan softly in my mouth. God I just could not get enough of those breast, I could play with them all day and night.As I played with her nipples the bumps on her areola grew more intense. As my fingers rubbed over those bumps, I was able to read what those bumps mean in braille. It said suck here. So I started to work my way down. Softly kissing and nibbling on her neck, and then down to her breast. As my tongue and lips worked her nipple over, I moved my hand down to her legs. She parted them just like Moses did to the red sea, and I started fethiye escort bayan to stroke her inner thighs softly, till I finally got to her outer lips. She had a nicely shaven pussy with a land strip just above her pussylips.As I rubbed the lips, she was starting to get worked up, and I could start to feel some moisture on the lips. I spread the lips and my fingers enter her pussy, and she was soaking wet. I started out slowly, and worked the speed up faster, then slowed back down. I move finger up to her clit, and rubbed that in a steady motion. I had one finger slowly stroking her asshole. Suddenly she grabbed my head and brought me up for a hard kiss, and broke the kiss off and held me tightly, as her body start to shake in an orgasm. Next thing I knew my hand was wet and full of her juices.Finally I could not take it anymore. I picked her up and set her on the table. I got on my knees and spread her legs and dove right in and start to lick her pussy. I licked in and out, up and down, and around and around, as fast as I could. Man did she taste good, I felt like a bear attacking a bee hive and licking up all the honey, but not getting stung. Suddenly she locked her legs around my head, drawing me in tighter. It was getting hard to breathe, and then my face got flooded with her juices.She relaxed her legs and I got free, she reached down grabbing my head, looking to my eyes, she said put it in me now. Well I may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but I did not have to be asked twice. I stood up spread her legs and slammed my cock into her sopping wet pussy. She was so hot that I think that my nuts were starting to boil in my sack. As I was banging away at her, she keep saying fuck me harder over and over.Finally I said Stacey I going to cum, and she gave a real loud moan and said cum with me now.I buried my cock as deep as I could and let off the biggest blast that I ever did. I think that I saw some wax blow out of her ears from my orgasm. We held that position for a few minutes, till finally my legs started to give way and I had to sit down.She was laying there with her legs apart, and some of my cum was leaking out. What a breath taking site. She sat up and smiled at me, then said she had to go to the bathroom. As she walk to the bathroom, I thought what a vision of lovingness. As she walked back out, I was watching her again, man I could watch her walk around this office nude for the rest of my life. Just watching her made my cock was start to grow hard again.

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