5 Kasım 2021

The Train Journey – Part 3


The Train Journey – Part 3Entering the bathroom, I can see her silhouetted through the glass of the shower cubicle and start to slide back the door to join her.“There’s a vibrator on the side of the bath” she says “bring it in with you, would you please”. Looking around I spot a beautifully shaped glass phallic ornament and pick it up.“What do you want me to do with this?” I question her avidly – her response surprises me….“On no, I’m the one who’s going to use that, just come in here and see”.With more than a little curiosity I join her in the shower and she takes the dildo from me.“OK – now soap me all over” she whispers “whilst I soap you”.Picking up the soap I stand behind her and start to rub it all over her back, my hands running up and down her spine, occasionally sliding around the front to soap her breasts, my fingers playing with her nipples as they move over them. Now I move down, across her belly and into her pubis, rubbing my fingers over it in the soapy foam. She feels so smooth and soft to my hands as I move on, down between her legs and soap all over her pussy, running my fingers up and down those soft lips.She turns now and starts to soap my chest and stomach, scratching me ever so slightly with her fingernails as they move over my skin. Slipping her hands down, she starts to soap my balls, rubbing the smooth flesh of my sac between her fingers. My cock starts to harden as she soaps my balls and her hands transfer onto it, sliding up and down its full length. gaziantep escort bayan I, in turn, pay attention to her back, running my hands up and down onto her buttocks, where I slide my soapy fingers over her cheeks, squeezing them gently as I go.“Now…turn around!”Her sudden, forceful demand makes me jump as she turns me by the shoulders, my back to her now, her hands coming around me and taking hold of my cock as she pulls my buttocks against her belly. Her hands are soaping my cock now, up and down, up and down, as it grows harder and harder. Pushing me away slightly she starts to slide one hands over my buttocks soaping them vigorously until they are covered in foam, whilst maintaining an iron grip of my now massively erect penis.“Now I want you to lean against the wall” She starts to push on my shoulders. Resting my hands on the wall I wonder what she has in mind, when suddenly I feel her fingers on my ass, running them all over me and soaping my tight orifice.“Open your legs” she orders and I obey….wondering how this little scenario will play out.I can feel her fingers sliding under my balls and playing with them gently. As she slides her fingers back and forth over them I can feel a finger against the tight hole of my ass “Ever had a finger up here?” she questions me…“Only my own” I reply.“Well I think it’s time I had a go,” she murmurs, as she gently slide her soapy finger into my rectum.The feeling was incredible – my cock grew harder and harder as her finger slid into me. I hear a groan escape past my lips and my legs are quite weak with the feelings of pleasure washing over me as she massages my prostate. She slides her finger out but then I feel her pushing into me again; this time two fingers. I have never had a sensation like this before and I am hoping it will never stop as suddenly I feel her move away from me.“Oh Goddd……..Don’t stop now” I hear myself say, a flash of blind panic quivering in my voice.“Oh, don’t worry your little head…I haven’t finished yet” she replies as I feel her hands again on my ass.This time there is something else there too – I remember the beautiful glass dildo and as quickly as the thought enters my mind, the dildo enters my ass, made more difficult because it is a lot thicker than her fingers and not soft and pliable. I tense myself for the insertion, then suddenly amazed to discover that the muscles in my anus are starting to relax, the dildo sliding in further and further, on each push, my cock standing up like a huge flagpole.The sensations washing over me are something never experienced before and my legs feel quite weak with the effort of trying to hold me up. The dildo feels a long way up my ass now and she starts to push it in and out with long slow strokes. This is just too much and I start to moan and groan with the pleasure of it all. Her free hand slides around to grasp hold of my cock and she masturbates me, timing the movement of her hand with that of the dildo in and out of my ass. I can’t hold back for long and with a huge groan, I suddenly start to ejaculate a never ending stream of cum, shooting against the wall to be washed away by the force of water from the shower-head above. “You didn’t give me so much to swallow” she murmurs with a little chuckle “perhaps we should use this whenever we have sex in the future”.I am unable to reply, my head swimming; my legs unwilling to hold me up any longer – I can’t remember when I last had such an ejaculation, it was unbelievable.“Told you it was my turn, didn’t I” she says, now laughing openly. “Now let’s finish this shower and see what’s for dinner”. I can hardly stand as she finishes washing me and then turns off the water. Stepping out she collects two towels and tosses one to me.“Come on slow coach, dry me off, I’m hungry after all that effort”. I can only just step out of the shower and she laughs at my visible exhaustion. “Shagged out are you?” “I think I am”, I reply in little more than a whisper.“Well you’re not much good if you can’t take a little old dildo” she responds. I am lost for words now and just move over to her to start towelling her dry, looking at the smug satisfied grin on her face and just starting to work out how I can repay her, in spades, for that amazing experience.After we are dry and I have recovered from my ‘ordeal’, I tell her what I am going to do to her after dinner – but of course – that is an entirely different story!!Then we’ll see who can take a little old dildo best!!!!!———————————————————————-

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