6 Kasım 2021

The Vacation


The VacationAfter the amazing day of the wrestling championship, and their special night together, Big Daddy asked his new best buddy, The Awesome One, to come away with him on a vacation that he already had booked to an exclusive luxury resort on a remote Caribbean island. It would be a romantic man on man getaway for the two of them, a chance to explore their budding bromance, their rapidly developing feelings of deep friendship, mutual trust and love, and their slowly awakening erotic feelings for each other. A chance to further explore their very masculine sexual attraction to one another and take their relationship to another level..And so it was, just a week or so later, that they met at the airport and boarded a flight together for their exotic destination, each man feeling excited, but a little nervous at the prospect of spending 7 days alone together. They chatted during the flight, got to know each others backgrounds better, and soon they were in a land of sunshine, blue skies and palm trees. A shuttle car whisked them to their resort hotel, which was very impressive, and sat on its own, on a private stretch of white sand beach and rolling sand dunes. They were too early to check in to their room yet, it was still not noon, so the hotel suggested they change in the locker room, store their luggage at the front desk, then and head to the beach for a while.In the locker room Richard pulled a pair of long, baggy swim shorts from his suitcase. “Don’t put those on dude, I got a present for ya” Alex sad, and tossed him a very small package. Richard looked at it in confusion, then ripped it open. Inside was a very skimpy pair of bikini Speedos, in shiny bright blue Lycra. Richard blushed, just looking at them “I can’t wear these on a public beach man!” he said, embarrassed Alex laughed “Sure you can. Lots of guys wear Speedos here, and besides, I have a matching pair, see!”, and he pulled an identical pair from his case. Alex quickly stripped and put his blue bikini on and Richard had to admit he looked really hot in it, it clung to his cute ass and accentuated the bulge of his package nicely. Hesitantly Richard stepped into his own bikini, tucking his penis inside, it felt very snug around his testicles. Alex whistled, “Wow, you look super hot in those man!”They walked out onto the beach, Richard still feeling embarrassed. Alex was correct, a lot of the guys were wearing Speedos, though not all as skimpy as theirs. Quite a few of the guys were obviously checking out the two of them, and liking what they saw. They spread their towels out on the sand and lay down. “Gotta have some sun tan oil on you buddy” Alex said, pulling a bottle from his beach bag. He squirted a generous amount of a fragrant oil on Richards chest and started to rub it in with strong, sensual strokes, massaging his young friends chest as he worked the warm, slippery oil into his skin. He massaged it into his chest, his arms, his belly, then up his legs… Richard felt himself getting more and more aroused. His partners strong, masculine hands felt soooo good, as they spread the warm oil all over him, rubbing it into every inch of his bare skin, he could feel his arousal growing, his manhood responding, his penis swelling inside the skimpy bikini, an erection forming and growing, tenting the bikini, getting harder, bigger. He moaned bakırköy escort softly. Alex grinned “Looks like your enjoying It so far! Now for your back” He rolled Richard over so that he was laying face down and started applying the oil to his back. Now Richard felt his boner pressed against the straining fabric of the bikini, pressed into the hot sand, and his body rocked on the and as Alex rubbed his back. He moaned some more. “Stop, Stop, enough!” he called out, then more quietly “Any more of that and I’m gonna cum right here!” He turned over and sat up. He had a huge bulging tent and a big, wet, sticky spot on the front of his Speedo. “Your turn now” Richard returned the favor, oiling up Alex’s body, with much the same results. When both men were thoroughly covered in oil, and both fully erect and totally turned on, they decided that maybe they should go jump in the ocean to cool off.They ran across the sand to the surf together, running a little funny because they both still had major boners in their Speedos, laughing and giggling like k**s as they ran. They plunged into the water together, and there was a lot of horseplay, wet bodies crashing together, a lot of underwater grabbing of crotches, underwater fondling and groping as they laughed and splashed around. Finally they left the water. Their room should be ready now. Wrapping towels around their waists to mask the hard-ons still tenting out the font of their new swimwear they made their way back into the hotel. Their room was ready, and their luggage already delivered there.They were on the 15th floor, in a suite. They walked into the living room area first, and as soon as the door shut behind them they fell upon each other, kissing each other deeply and passionately, hands all over each other. Each could taste the salt from the ocean on the others lips and skin. Quickly they ripped each others bikini off and stood together naked, just inside the door, kissing and kissing, tongues locked together. Their erect penises brushed together and the tips of their two penises touched together as they kissed, it was like their penises were kissing too as their piss slits rubbed together. Then they pulled each other closer, so their bodies were like one, their two cocks snuggled together between their bellies, and they held each other very, very tight and kissed hard and long.Finally they broke the kiss. Alex reached out and picked Richard up in his arms, picked him right up off the floor and held him in his arms. He leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips again, then walked with him, carrying him to the bedroom. He carried him over he threshold and into the big bedroom. The wall on the far side was floor to ceiling, wall to wall glass overlooking the ocean, the curtains were wide open, flooding the room with sunlight, but no-one could look in on the 15th floor. They stood for a minute, two naked lovers, basking in the light, admiring the view, then Alex carried Richard over to the huge bed and laid him gently down on the cool white sheets. He climbed on the bed with him and knelt between his thighs.Alex kissed Richard on the lips, the nose, the cheek, the ear, the neck, all over his chest. He flicked his tongue over each nipple, then ran his lips down the center of his chest and belly to his belly button. beşiktaş escort He kissed his belly button then kept going down. He kissed his patch of pubic hair, then took his hard cock gently in one hand and touched the very tip of it with the tip of his tongue. He ran his tongue over the piss slit and around Richard’s cock head, then up and down his hard shaft. Richard moaned with pleasure. Alex licked each o his testicles. Richard was moaning louder and grunting “Oh fuck, oh yesss, oh man!” Gently Alex opened his mouth and sucked both of Richards balls right into his mouth at once. He sucked on them softly while he gently stroked Richards cock with his fingertips. Richard was panting and breathing very heavy. Then Alex lifted his head and closed his lips over Richard’s cock head. Slowly, slowly he lowered his head. Inch by inch he took Richards throbbing cock deeper and deeper into his hot mouth till it was almost all the way in. He circled his thumb and forefinger of his right hand around the base of the shaft and cradled Richard’s balls with his left hand.Alex began to suck Richards cock, running his tongue over the sensitive underside of the shaft as he sucked him, and stroking the base of his cock with his right hand and fondling his balls with his left hand at the same time. Gradually he increased the pace, sucking his buddy off harder and faster, bobbing his head up and down on his hard cock. Richard squirmed and yelled out in warning “fuckkk, I’m gonna cummmm!” but Alex kept his cock firmly in his mouth. Richard let out a long cry, his hips raised up off the bed, and he started to cum right in his buddies mouth. Still Alex kept his mouth closed around his friends pulsing cock. Stream after stream of cum shot down his throat and he swallowed most of it. Richard had the most intense orgasm, cumming right into his lovers mouth. He had never had a blow job before, and the feeling was incredible. After it was over, Alex licked the last of the cum from his dick.The lay nestled in each others arms for a while, kissing and cuddling. Then Richard said “I want to do that to you” “Are you sure” Alex asked” “Yes, buddy, it was incredible, and I want to make it incredible for you, I want to suck your cock” Richard assured him. “Well don’t try to take it in too far at first, and I won’t cum in your mouth the very first time” Alex suggested. Richard copied just what Alex had done to him, moving slowly down his lovers body, kissing and running his tongue over him. He could feel Alex’ getting more and more aroused. Finally he lay between his legs, staring at his fully erect cock. It looked so big close up! He leant forward and licked and kissed it, Alex moaned and his cock twitched. Richard licked and then sucked his big, hairy balls, Alex moaned louder. Finally Richard took the big penis in his mouth, he could hardly believe it, he was actually sucking a cock for the first time in his life! He could not get it all the way in, but it did not matter, he sucked enthusiastically on the top half of Alex’s cock and stroked the bottom half with his fist. Alex’s breathing got faster and faster till suddenly he wrenched his cock out of the young mans mouth, and bucked his hips and shot spurt after spurt of cum all over Richards neck and chest!They lay together in a tangled, beylikdüzü escort naked, sweaty heap for a while, even sleeping together for a while. When they awoke, Alex suggested a shower. They walked hand in hand into the marble bathroom. Plenty of room for both of them in the enormous custom walk-in shower. They stood together under the cascading hot water and kissed again, hands caressing each others wet, naked body. Then slowly they began to lather each other up with soap, rubbing a rich lather into each others skin, all over each other as they continued to kiss. Soon they were both hard again, soaping and stroking each others cock, soaping and caressing each others balls. Alex ran a soapy hand over Richards cute little bubble butt, soaping up his butt cheeks. Richard was surprised to find that he liked the feel of his buddy’s hand running over his ass, caressing it. Gradually Alex moved his hand into Richards ass crack, working the rich, soapy lather between his butt cheeks. Slowly his fingers moved deeper and deeper between the cheeks. He held Richard in his arms and kissed him, and softly stroked his cock with one hand while his other hand worked up and down the young mans ass crack. Finally his fingertips were deep between the ass cheeks, the tip of one finger oh-so-gently rubbing on the tender little asshole. Richard flinched at this, but Alex paused, whispered re-assurances in his ear, then kissed him again. He bent Richard over a little at the waist and very gently he massaged the young mans asshole, rubbing it with his soapy fingertip, getting Richard to relax, relax, relax. Richard almost did not notice the instant when the finger slipped just barely inside him, just inside his little boy hole, Alex held it there, perfectly still for a moment. Then slowly, slowly he began to move, in a little more, then in and out a little, then a little more. Soon he was finger fucking Richards asshole while masturbating him at the same time, holding him tight and kissing him under the shower, his soapy, slippery finger. Richard felt things he had never felt before, good things, good feelings. He gasped with pleasure and wiggled his ass. Alex finger fucked him harder, slipping two fingers up inside his tight little man hole and wanking his hard cock harder and harder as his frigged his ass. Suddenly Richard started to cum, and cum, and cum! He blasted semen all over the shower stall, overwhelmed by an incredible wave of orgasmic feeling, emptying his balls, draining them, as Alex fingered his asshole. Afterwards he spluttered “Oh fuck, Alex, that was incredible!”Alex was horny as hell after fingering his young friend and watching him cum like that. He moved behind him and rubbed his hard, aching cock on his young buddy’s butt cheeks, pressing the stiff shaft of his ramrod into the crack of his friends butt. Richard bent forward slightly and Alex grabbed his hips. His cock was vertical between Richards ass cheeks, his cock-head pointing up at Richards back. Slowly he started sliding his man-meat up and down in the crack, fucking Richards ass-crack. Richard pushed back against him and wiggled his ass. Alex groaned with pleasure and started humping, thrusting, grinding, harder, faster, till suddenly his toes curled and his back arched and he thrust his hips forward one last time and stared to cum all over his buddy’s back, shooting stream after stream of hot jizz all down his back.They cleaned up again in the shower, then dried each other off, then hopped back into bed. “Let’s order room service for dinner” Richard suggested “Yes, something with chocolate sauce, so than I can eat it off your body!” Alex replied

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