16 Kasım 2021



TheaterOne day I went to a XXX theater wearing a short skirt and a tube top no bra and a thong.when went to take a seat there was acouple men spread out strokeing there cocks so I sat right behind them.I spread my legs and let the men take a look.One man quickly got up and sat next to me rubbing my thigh up to istanbul escort my wet pussy pulling down my thong to my ankles.Another man got up sat next to me and grabbed my wet thong sniffing it.The first man grabbed my hand and started me jerking him avcılar escort off.A third man turned around infront of me and stuck his dick in my face,So i slided it into my mouth sucking him slowly.As I leaned forward the 2nd man put his face under my ass as pulled me down on his şirinevler escort face.As I jerked off the first man he came on skirt and quickly pulled his pants up and left,the third man pounding my face came twice in my mouth swallowing both loads.As the 2nd man eat my pussy I squirted into his mouth then he sat up and slid his cock into my dripping cunt.After the third man finshed in my mouth the 2nd man rammed his cock inside me over and over again then at the last second he pulled out and came all over the back of my skirt.cleaning himself off he left me covered in cum and tired.ANOTHER STORY FROM MY LIFE NEXT WEEK.

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