25 Haziran 2021



UNCLE GEORGE ELKINUncle George ElkinBy: Londebaaz ChohanAs I remember uncle George Elkin; my mom’s brother was a tall, active man. Whenever he would show up at our house, he always took me, my younger brother and Dad; outside and we played some ball game or just ran in the backyard and had fun. It was the summer break at school and I remember him come to our house to stay for almost a week because his house was undergoing some repairs. While mom and dad went to work, he would spend a lot of time; working in the back yard taking care of some thing or the other or he was busy in the farm land; dad had acquired next to our home. When he came inside the house, he was always soaked wet in the sweat and I loved to see him come into the house sweaty and shirtless. Though, it was rare but I remember him wrestling with me and my younger brother in the field; all being shirtless and him strong grabbing me, man handling me and more, which felt very sexy and enjoying to say the least.Mom had arranged for uncle George to stay in the basement; where dad had his workshop along with exercise equipment; bikes and balls etc., all stored too. One afternoon as I went down to lift weights or do some exercise; I saw uncle come out of the bathroom. The dumb bell almost dropped from my hands to notice him totally naked and all wet. He just showed no concern at all and stayed naked like that while we talked a little about the weights and exercises. Then he had me lay down on the bench for the bench presses; came over my head for spotting me. He stood exactly over my head with his big and thick, cut manly dick which looked beautiful hanging down very close to my face. Surely my huge boy cock had gone hard as hell in my shorts; that he positively noticed and smiled in a special way; saying a lot with his eyes. Once, the repairs in his house was all done; he took the permission from my parents for me to visit him for helping him to set up the things in his house. Here also I noticed, uncle working mostly shirtless and in his jeans only. Whenever we shall take a break; I remember uncle Elkin would sit down or stretch on the sofa; he always unfastened his jeans before clicking the TV on to watch some sports or else. His fly being open; I could see his pink skin very clearly and figure out that he did not wear an underwear like I did, which somehow felt very sexy to me. One evening as I noticed his skin peeping through the half opened fly; I dared to ask him, why he did not like to wear underwear beneath his jeans and he only giggled loud in response and shook his legs quite vigorously until his thick, big rubber looking canlı bahis dick poked out and he said; just because of this and we both laughed, although I did not understand a shit; what he meant by his response. It was about a month or so later; I rode on my bike to his house. The weather had changed considerably and it was getting dark relatively much soon. I had to come see him because my mother had given me something to deliver to him. Uncle was shirtless and only in his jeans when he answered the door. He urged me to stay for dinner and called my Dad to tell him. I could hear them talk on the phone but after the conversation was over; he told me that he had my dad’s words and I could spend the night here and go back home in the morning safely. After the dinner we sat and talked about growing up, sex, sports, girls and he also added some adult jokes which I could never tell anyone at home to the family. It really felt great to have the independence to be myself. As we sat in front of the TV; I noticed him doing the same with the fly of his jeans. I remember telling him, if he remembered that some time back I had asked him; why he did that and he answered but confessed that honestly I did not understand the reason. He gave me staring look and without uttering a word he undid his fly completely. His thick beef dick slopped out and was moving all around struggling to get hard and he pulled out his nuts also to hang in the open air. Without any shyness, he said that it felt better like this and told me to touch and see for myself. I have no explanation, why but the next second; his almost semi hard meat pole was in my hand. Not even a spur of moment had passed and without asking me if I liked what I did or if I would like to do more; he asked me to go ahead and lick it. Nice boy I was and am even now; I obeyed him and did lick his sword shaped, thick meat dong all over from balls to top end. Then he asked me to take his dick in my mouth and his hands came on my head to show me how to bob my head all around, so I could suck him off, nice. He kept encouraging me to take more of it in my mouth while breathing through my nose to avoid gagging and choking. Although his cock was much thicker and longer than any of my class mates at school; I think I performed better and sucked him the best I ever did before; making him cum eventually in my mouth, all over my face too while some spilled onto my shirt as well. He showed a lot of caring and helped me to take off my shirt; saying that it should go to the washing machine immediately. Now I was shirtless like him, which felt great. He even helped bahis siteleri me open my jeans fly as well, which I did not resist to be with my uncle Elkin; the way he was. Now my big boy cock was poking out also just like him. Soon he pulled my jeans off my legs and both stark naked; we lay there on the sofa watching the football game. Uncle told me to rest a while because before sleeping; he wanted to show me some interesting things to do and learn.Being naked in his arms; I was feeling horny as fuck while his body warmth rubbed against mine. It also felt like an absolute freedom of being naked like that and knowing I was learning the things that are only known to the adults and had no desire not to obey my dear uncle. We lay there for no less than an hour before getting up to go to the kitchen where uncle had a nice cold salad platter and a big wine bottle waiting in the refrigerator. I vividly remember uncle telling me to always eat light when in a mood to learn and enjoy new and interesting things. After diner, while he cleared the table; he asked me to place the ice bucket and the glasses on the center table in the family room and he brought the bottle of Russian Vodka. I think we did justice; knowing that it was not possible to finish the whole bottle before going upstairs to the bedroom and not be drunk and neither I, nor uncle George was going to be drunk and miss the opportunity of him showing me those interesting things to do. The vodka sure had removed all remaining feelings of shame; I must say and admit.In my own wisdom, it was so obvious that the new interesting things to do was about the sex and so coming upstairs, I went directly to the bathroom and after emptying my bladder; I came totally naked back to the bedroom. Sure, I saw uncle Elkin had also stripped off totally and sitting against the headboard with his legs stretched on the bed and his cock, already hard; standing up in his lap towards the heavens. I could see Uncle George’s eyes popping when he saw me standing naked in full view and his eyes focused on my sex muscle length and width. He commented on my strong thighs as I neared him on the bed and did not dither to take hold of my at least 6 limp inches of man meat. Lovingly he held it up and inspected it all around like he had never seen an uncut cock ever before. He played a while with my loose hanging foreskin; making my hormones stir and produce the full hard stiff erection quickly. I do not know why I have a feeling that my show’er erected length, which never crossed beyond 8”; today positively looked close to 10” at least and the balls; holding at bahis şirketleri least a week’s load were hung far lower too.Uncle Elkin; while inspecting my cock, just mumbled some words to it, which I could not comprehend and he abruptly kissed my hard dong. In the same motion he pulled back my already stretched foreskin and took it in his open mouth making me feel and moan about his warm breath kind of effecting not only the cock and balls but my whole body in total. Uncle had such expertise of this cock sucking act that in less than a minute I was teetering at the edge of a sword; ready to cum and fill his mouth with my sex juices for him to enjoy. He was giving me the best ever feelings in my balls and cock shaft making it all wet; even the underside of the balls while constantly repeating for me, not to cum yet. After having enjoyed for about 10 minutes he took the position on his knees and hands, making me keep standing on the bedroom floor between his legs. With his hand flung back he held my hard cock and pulled me near his ass hole which was almost open and visible in the middle. Surprisingly, with no eyes on the back of his head; he was still so perfectly on target to rub my hard cock helmet on his hole making it shiny and slimy; coated with the lube seeping out of my cock slit. I think it is only natural for a man to fill the hole when he sees one; with his cock in particular and of course, I did the same when he yelled ‘now’. I used all the forces at my disposal and slammed right on in his ass making my cock slide all the way; full 10 inches deep in his loosely stretched asshole. Truly, he was not tight; may be because of having this done to him since how long but, I can even recall today and enjoy the heat, the grip of his inner rectal walls. It was a blessing to be inside his ass and fucking him for as long as I could until uncle George kept barking to do it faster and fill up his intestines with my man seed to germinate inside him. I remember growling very loud and finally crushing my balls on his hole as they spilled all of the brew inside him. This was such an intense orgasm that I was still on my feet when the euphoria of orgasm engulfed me and I dropped on his back. He let me lay there and enjoyed till his ass flexed and milked my every last drop and finally pulled me on the bed and we slept naked in each other’s arms. Next morning, he bought me a new shirt and made me promise to visit him much more often. Needless to say; he let me practice on his ass for couple of years to use it with my tongue and cock until it was time for me to leave home and move away to college. Nevertheless, I did not miss seeing him and of course playing sex with him whenever I visited home; always winning his thanks and gratitude.The End. Your comments are very much appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan. November 22, 2018

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