27 Ekim 2021

Used Again and Again…


Used Again and Again…Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had gotten them selves into some serious trouble, they had been led out of our high school in hand cuffs and off to jail. A few other want to be thugs tried to take their place, even getting me to allow them to have sexual intercourse with them.When school let out for the summer my tryst with them ended, when school let back in I was left pretty much alone. Every now and then some one would crack a joke about me being a fuck boy, but I ignored them mostly. Sometimes I would go to the other side of town and find a sex partner to satisfy my desire.One day though I was coming back from the park when I saw a familiar face, it was another school mate named Archie. He saw me about the same time and quickly headed my way to greet me. After we exchanged greetings Archie suggested that we go over to his house and play some video games.Always eager to play video games I agreed and follow gleefully along, one we reached Archie’s home we went to his room and begin to play. We were having such a good time that I let my guard down and during a break in the game Archie unexpectedly grabbed me and tried to kiss me.Before I could stop him I was on my back with Archie on top of me grinding away as he tried to forcefully get his tongue into my buca escort mouth. My hands trapped between our bodies only left me the option of twisting my head from side to side.Once I freed my hands and arms Archie took hold of them and held them tightly together. Archie was dry fucking me on the bed and I was trying to twist away and get from beneath him. Finally Archie stopped and looked at me saying ‘…why you fighting, I saw the pictures of you getting fucked in that class room. We could be through by now if you weren’t trying to play cute.I looked up at him, all the while feeling his huge penis throbbed against my thighs and said ‘…I don’t know what you’re talking about and why you acting like some girl…’ Archie laughed saying ‘…you’re the bitch that’s gonna give up that ass or I’ll show the pictures I found in that hiding place.Archie got up and went over to his chest and took out a photo and tossed it in the bed and then turned and locked his bedroom door. I got up off the bed and straighten out my clothes, I picked up the picture and almost passed out.There I was on the floor, plainly recognizable, my legs and arms embracing Charlie as his penis could be seen between my thighs. It no mistake as to what was going on, I was being fucked buca escort bayan by Charlie and it appears that I was enjoying it.I looked at Archie as he slowly undid his belt and exposed his rock hard penis and started to slowly stroke it. Archie said to me ‘… there’s some grease on the night stand…’ I wearily looked at him and the night stand and thought for a moment before I started to remove my clothes.Archie smiled broadly and continue to get undress, soon he joined me on the bed as I spread some of the grease into and around my bung hole. Archie took hold of the jar of grease and smeared a copious amount over his throbbing tool.When he was finished Archie leaned over to me and kissed my lips, then he said ‘…lets do this right, I want you to put your legs around me and hold me tight, just like int that picture…’ Archie climbed over me and I lifted my legs and placed my arms around his shoulders.Archie guided his male member to my anal opening and slowly begin to slip inside my anal canal, once his huge penile past my outer sphincter muscle ring I gasp in pain. Archie quickly took advantage and dropped his lips to mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth and started to dart around playing tag with my tongue.Soon Archie had captured escort buca my tongue, I surrendered, and begin to suck strongly on it. Grinding and hunching Archie sunk his eight inches of man meat into me. Archie slipped his arms under my legs and lifted the up till he had my knees pressed against my shoulders and his penis balls deep in my rectum. We rutted back and forth for what seemed to be hours, Archie shot two or three loads into me and never stopped to rest. My butt hole was aching as were my thighs and hips, I tried to squeeze my buttocks together to get him to come and finish, but all he did was skeet and pick up the pace.We were both covered with sweat, the bed was creaking, my bung hole and Archie’s male member was making all types of wet slurping sucking sounds. Finally Archie whispered ‘…hold me tight, tighter kiss me I’m gonna cum hard..do it now…’ As I did what he asked I could feel his penis explode and my bung hole fill with a flood of semen and heard it squish from around his penile shaft.We laid there together sweating and panting as his penis squirted his seed into my anus. Archie kissed me passionately as we both tried to catch our breath. I don’t know who went to sleep first I only know that we were awaken by the bedroom door opening and Archie’s step farther standing over us saying ‘…what have we here, my step son fucking a gay dude…tell me boy is that boi pussy tight or you done bust it open…’Archie laughed and slowly pulled from my anus and said ‘…check it out if you want, I don’t think you can get it up…

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