28 Haziran 2021

Varsha from Dubai in an Indian village-2


Varsha from Dubai in an Indian village-2deletedNext day when I woke up, I could find that Ajay had already woken up, freshened himself and was all set to go to the tailor’s. I understood his excitement and quickly took bath and wore the last set of fresh clothes that I had red tunic top and black leggings of course with a pair of red bra and panty Ajay was quite impressed by my tight leggings and took some time to admire it.He even touched it around the back of my thighs as if having a look at what material it was. We then went to the restaurant and had a quick breakfast and were on our way to the tailor shop. We found Raju in the shop, sitting on the front table but the girl who assisted him that day was missing. Raju’s eyes gleamed on looking at us. He welcomed us in and took out a large plastic cover from a cupboard from it, he took my clothes.They looked quite impressive, with bright colours and it looked like Raju was quite a skilled tailor. I asked him as to how much it would cost us. He told me that I could first try it on and that he would make alterations if required and only after I felt everything comfortable would he take the money. I thought to myself that with such skimpy clothes I would never feel comfortable. I was about to put all the clothes into the bag so that I can take them home for trialRaju stopped me and said madam, why don’t you try them here itself? He pointed to one corner of the shop where there was a small door you can try these clothes here in that trial room madam, so that if any changes are required, I can do them right now. It is sort of a small room, but I hope you can adjust madam. Ajay also told me that it would be better as we need not come again and again for corrections.Now I had to stand in those raunchy clothes in front of these hungry guys.All this got me excited, ironically. I accepted to it and asked Ajay which dress he wants me to try out first. He took out a gagra choli with bold orange and blue stripes running over its length. Anyone could clearly tell by looking at it that the neckline was seriously deep. It was a deep V all the down to the bottom. Add to this, it was backless and sleeveless. I took it and went into the trial room it was very small with no place to even move your hands around.It had just one hook to hang the clothes and one dim bulb was all the lighting it had. I quickly removed my tunic top and tried on the choli. It had two string knots, one around the neck and one at the back. I managed to put both of them but I couldn’t put the knot at my back tightly as I could not reach there. I bent down to see that a lot of bra is jutting out of the choli which did not look good but I did not want to remove it and show my cleavage to the tailor and Ajay.Then I removed my leggings and wore on the lehenga it was not too lengthy as it was meant to be low waist. So I had to push down my panty right down to my hip bone and wore the lehenga. I then stepped out to show off my body to the two guys waiting outside. I stepped out and immediately their eyes started wandering all over canlı bahis my body. Raju then asked me, how do you feel madam? Is it comfortable? I must admit, you look gorgeous in this dress.Oh thanks sir but I think the choli is a bit tight and also I am not able to reach for the strings at my back hmm, let me see, madam why are you still wearing the bra? That must have been the reason for the tightness and as for the knots, you can always ask Ajay or someone else to put them for you since I was only trying them on I did not care to remove the bra please remove your bra and try them on madam it doesn’t matter.I think they will fit me if I wear them without the bra and I insist that you try them without bra madam. You can never be sure if it fits perfectly unless you try them hhhmm ok and that’s fine but don’t you think the clothes are a little see through? Not at all madam these are top quality materials they are light, best suited for summer and with this and I went back to the trial room. I removed the choli and then the bra, kept the bra on the hook and then wore back the choli.I was already very excited and my small perky nipples had become taut. I could clearly trace them over the choli also my entire chest was now visible due to the deep cleavage. Now I stepped out again and I could see Ajay’s dick pushing hard against his pants but he wasn’t bold enough to make his moves in front of Raju. So all that he could do was sit and stare at my body also and I found that the shutters had been pulled down when Raju came near me.I looked at the closed shutters and back at him. He seemed to understand my query and replied since you are trying out the clothes madam, I do not wish to have any other customer interrupting us. So I pulled down the shutters. Now, how do feel about the choli madam? Ya now they fit nicely. Ok madam, now let me just check of they are loose anywhere saying this, he put both his hands to the side of my breasts and pulled the choli a little bit in the process.He touched and felt the sides of my breasts. Due to this unexpected move, a moan escaped my mouth. He then did the same all over my breasts, even on my nipples. This man was openly m*****ing me and I don’t know why, but I couldn’t put up any resistance to it. He then put his hands in the v line and traced it all over to feel my naked flesh and he made me turn around and told me madam, you have indeed tied the knots very awkwardly.Let me tie them perfectly for you saying so, he removed the knot around my neck and tied them back then he rubbed his hand on my back to reach the other knot. He untied it, and then shook the choli and then shook the choli as if trying to even the creases in the process he lifted the choli around my breasts high enough to get a glimpse of the side view of my breasts. He then tied them back again.I turned around to face him again what about the lehenga madam? Is it alright? It’s fine, but it is very low waist and sort of pressing against my hip bones and let me see and he knelt down and his face was right at the level of my pussy. He bahis siteleri traced the waistline of the lehenga and said you have worn your panty also at the same level madam it is your panty that’s hurting your soft skin but I can’t wear them any lower than this and well that’s the whole point madam.You don’t need to wear any underwear for this at all but then, let me first take a look and the lehenga had an elastic at the hip and not a thread knot. So he just pushed two fingers on either sides and pushed down the lehenga by some two inches, revealing a lot of my panty. I had not shaved after coming to the village. Little did I know that I had to stand in such an obscene pose in front of a total stranger and he then rubbed his palm there for just a moment and then raised the lehenga back to my hip bone? Now the panty was too low and I certainly wasn’t feeling comfortable. I told Raju about it and he told me that best thing was to not wear any innerwear during summer at all.I then stood in front of Ajay in that dress, asking him how I looked but it was more like exhibiting my body to him.He was mesmerised and I could clearly see a small wet patch on his pant, which still held his raging hard on. Raju had wisely worn a jeans pant so that his pant would not show off any tent made by his erection but I am sure both the guys had severe problems in having their dicks within those tight pants.Next Ajay gave me other lehenga choli which was a designer one with brown and yellow designs over green background. I went to the trial room and since he only hook that it had for hanging clothes was already congested.I took my old clothes and the tunic top, black leggings and my red bra and I also removed my panty along with it and kept it at the front table along with the rest of the new clothes.I went back into the trial room and tried to remove the choli that I was wearing but since Raju had tied it very tightly and I was not able to. I went out to Raju and asked him to untie the knots. He untied the knot behind my neck and let it fall. I almost fell off exposing the top part of my breasts but out of reflex.I cupped my breasts and so could hold on to the choli. Now he untied the knot on my back also, rubbing his hand all over my back.I held on to the loose choli over my body, giving the guys some nice view of the side portion of my body, with just a hint of my breasts and walked back to the trial room and now I had a problem. To close the door and bolt it, i need to take my hand off the choli but once I do that, it is sure to fall off. Seeing this Raju came towards the trial room and closed the door from the outside so that I can bolt it from the inside. I somehow managed to do so without letting my choli fall off. Now I put on the new choli. This one had hooks on the back but it was so small that a little bit of my breasts were coming out of it from underneath the choli. I managed to put my breasts completely in by pulling them up. Now it was such that my nipples were just covered even some 2 millimetres less would start to show off my nipples……I bahis şirketleri then pulled down the lehenga and wore the other one, both of them being elastic at the waist. I could myself clearly make out the shape of my legs from the lehenga as the material was so see through thankfully, there were some designs right over my breasts in the choli, and over the pussy in the lehenga, which hid my private parts. I again went out and Raju ran his hands all over me again in the pretence of checking if the dress fits me.Now the saree Raju told me that I could just wear the blouse alone, as petticoat was stitched to the same measurements as my lehengas and the sarees were readymade ones. I quickly took one blouse it was a white one with some golden threads on it for designs. I went to the trial room, removed the choli and wore on the blouse and it was a front open one and but it had only two hooks it was so small over my breasts that.I had a very hard time covering my nipples. I came out and Raju once again started inspecting me. This time though, since the blouse was so small, while he was inspecting the blouse cups, he slightly let his finger in and placed n right over my nipples! He was startled as he never expected that but he remained calm as if nothing happened and while inspecting the other cup too he let his finger slightly in to get a good feel of my small perky nipples.This time he let his finger stay there for a while and even though he was not moving his fingers around, I was being driven crazy but I somehow resisted and quickly moved off to try the other blouse and get this thing done now it was a black colour backless blouse. I quickly removed the current blouse and put on the new blouse and it was sort of long in the front side, extending a little to my abdomen unlike the previous blouse which did not even cover my breasts. It had a string behind my neck and a string connecting the sleeves but there were no strings joining any part of my back! So even if I bend down, the blouse would come off my body, revealing my entire breasts. I thought that Raju must have forgotten to stitch strings at the back and so I opened the door and went to him to show it. I complained to him that he did not put any strings in the back but he remained calm and told me madam.This is the way this blouse is see, it has strings on the backside here, connecting the sleeves, which you can tighten to fit you perfectly. This is a brand new model madam it will cover your body, but will also let air pass through. I told him but if I bend down, this will no longer stick to my body it will come off, revealing me completely! No madam, it won’t come off completely.It will still cover your breasts try it if you want but I was certainly sure that if I bend, this guy would get an unrestricted view of my breasts, and I did not want to give a free show to him and so I just said hmm ok. I think you are right then its fine but let me just have a look at it madam, because I am starting to get doubts after what you said saying so, he caught the bottom part of the blouse, and before I could do anything.He just lifted the free end up. I shrieked and at once kept my hands over the blouse to stop him from lifting it above my breasts but I think he had already got a glimpse of it.TBC

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