1 Aralık 2021

Venetian Blinds (3)


Venetian Blinds (3)[ Once again, this is written for, and dedicated to, Megan. The woman who cuckolds me so very well, and to all the black guys who have done such wonderful things to her beautiful pussy! ]It didn’t bother me that William preferred to enjoy Megan by himself, rather than have me ‘in the mix’, so to speak, complicating the simple, but deeply profound, and all-consuming elegance, of a good fuck. Besides, I had found that there was a whole other level of exhilaration in NOT being with Megan at those times; and being merely a voyeur, and so whenever she would go over to William’s house (usually later at night when it was dark), I’d take up my place setting on the edge of our bed, and, with the lights switched off, and with the Venetian blinds open, and William’s curtain open as well, I’d set silently watching as he’d fuck my wife with that truly massive, and incredibly black (ebony was the perfect word to describe it’s dark tint) cock—and, as I sat there like that in the dark, I’d take my considerably smaller member in hand, and stroke it.It depended on the wind direction, but sometimes, as I sat there, I could barely hear the sound of Megan moaning loudly as William fucked her pussy hard; as he always seemed to do, and which Megan had admitted she loved so much! ‘Yeah,’ I’d say, setting there, hearing that, and stroking my cock as I did, ‘fuck her,’ I’d say, as if William could hear me, and just the sound of my voice saying those words sent through me a deep, quivering shudder of lust. In many ways, I was at very close to the zenith of my happiness as a cuckold husband at that moment.William knew, of course, that he and my wife were being watched by me, and I think they both enjoyed thrill of being watched from afar; and I think William istanbul escort enjoyed knowing I was observing him fucking Megan, and that he had my full cooperation, as well as full consent! What man wouldn’t find such a situation unique, but none the less compelling, and even hugely enjoyable?So, an hour went by. I’d grown very sexually frustrated and antsy, so I had stopped stroking my cock, so that I could remain, more or less, in some sort of control over that potent force. I’d left the bedroom and had a drink of water; and returning to the bedroom, I could see Megan and William stretched out across the rumpled sheets of his bed. I wondered if they were through fucking yet; but they soon answered that question by resuming where they had left off earlier; and this time, Megan took William’s long, thick black cock from behind, and I had a particularly good viewpoint in which to see the action!My cock, though I’d teased it without much mercy earlier, sprang to attention once again, and though only (at best) it jutted upwards at about 5 inches )give or take), it was genuinely firm; and this time, after watching William roughly fucking Megan, I couldn’t hold back from ejaculating any longer, and so, as I usually did, I came in the palm of my free hand—feeling it’s hot touch as it spurted out in seven or eight urgent bursts—and then, and only then, did I begin to feel that warm post-orgasmic glow, that is especially welcome to a cuckold husband who’s wife has just been fucking someone else other than him! The release, as well as the relief, were both very welcome. I sighed as I stood up and headed for our bathroom; where I rinsed my sperm off my hand, and down the sink drain (along with all avcılar escort the other loads of sperm I’d spent since marrying Megan. But rather than feeling down about that, I felt much better, and even happy. Yes. The word ‘happy’ was not all too strong of a word to chose in describing my mood at that moment. Though Megan had fucked William, she’d be returning home again. To me. Eventually. And I’d still be her husband, though that word was being applied rather differently in my case than in the case of other married men. It suited me just fine.I eventually closed the Venetian blinds and turned on the reading light my the bed and settled in for a read; while Megan was still over on William’s bed; and very likely still going strong!About an hour later I heard Megan coming up the stairs. I looked up and smiled at her as she walked in (looking a little tired; her hair slightly disheveled). I set my book down and gave her my full and undivided attention.”Hey, babe,” she said, in that fetchingly affectionate term she always used with me.”Hey,” I replied. By then I could catch the faint whiff of William on her, as well as the unmistakable aroma of her pussy juices.”Come here,” I said, stretching out my arms in her direction, and though I knew she was likely wanting to take a quick shower, I wanted to hold her for a while. She knelt down on the mattress and came in my direction, and as she did, I put my arms around her and tucked my face between her beautiful breasts. Her smooth warmth was like a medicine on me; a tonic for melancholy; and I breathed in her distinctive body aroma; the aroma that had nothing to do with perfumes, or scented soaps, but came directly from her, from somewhere deep with in.”God I love you,” I said, mumbling şirinevler escort it between her full breasts.I let go of her and she reclined back next to me on the sheets, and I ran my finger tips lightly down from between her breasts to her neatly trimmed pubic hair, and then, on down to her very moist pussy. I gently inserted a couple of fingers, and then lifted them to my face and inhaled her wonderfully musky scent, which was now mixed with William’s sperm. I licked my fingers, and savored that marvelous cocktail of pussy juice and sperm!I kissed my way down her tummy, and then rolled between her legs and lapped my tongue between Megan’s well-fucked pussy lips; and my cock grew stiff as I tasted her deliciousness. I felt high. But it was the most natural high one could ever have. Any other sort of d**g would have paled in comparison to how I felt at that very moment.But it was very late at that point, and I let Megan have her shower; and then, soon after that, her damp blonde hair laying across the pillow, she was asleep in no time—pleasantly exhausted from fucking William! I could have jacked off again, but I didn’t want to wake Megan up, so I eventually fell asleep as well, and when I woke up I felt the lingering exhilaration of the night before. Megan was still asleep. I leaned over and kissed her on one of her gorgeously shaped buttock, and then quietly left the room, and left her there to rest.I fixed a cup of coffee and took it out onto the back raised deck and sat down in one of the patio chairs. As I sipped it, I happened to see William, and I waved; and he waved back in return! Why not be friendly? Why not be good neighbors? Especially since we were sharing my wife together! It made perfect sense! There was no reason there couldn’t be a strong accord between the three of us.So, setting there in the warm early morning air, I kept sipping my coffee, and I felt very pleased; pleased with myself; pleased with Megan; and pleased with William, too. If there was anything close to perfection on this planet, I told myself, then this had to be it.The End

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