30 Haziran 2021

Waiting can be enjoyable


Waiting can be enjoyableA few days ago, at the airport. A girl probably in her mid twenties was sitting, waiting for her flight. Seats in the waiting area were limited but luck favored me. I got to sit just beside her. I had an hour to kill, but little did I know that I would find an hour too short a time.Just as I took my seat, she stopped reading her Mills and Boon to move her bag go give me space. I acknowledged her. She repositioned herself and got back to her book. She was sitting crossed legged with her right foot over her left. I was to her left. I began to watch a movie on my phone.Less than ten minutes had passed and I noticed that she was no longer as composed as she was when I had first taken my seat. It was probably what she was reading in the novel.Her breathing had changed. She had pushed her pelvis ahead, towards the edge of her chair and she had leaned back. The spine of her book was now pressed firmly against where her legs crossed. She had a little crease on her forehead pendik escort and she was completely focused on her book. And I on her.The movie had been watching was barely of any importance to me now. I was well aware of what was to follow, and I had no intention to miss any of it.A few more minutes passed with her sitting like that. She held the book with her left hand, pressing it down against her crossed legs. Her right hand rested just above her left elbow and her fingers were gently caressing her smooth skin. It seemed like she was just grazing her arm with her fingers. But as she was doing that, it allowed her to lightly play with her left nipple with her thumb. All very covert. No one shooting a quick glance towards her would notice anything worth noticing. She was now more into the book than the author had probably intended.I got up to stretch my legs and doing so took in all the details. She was slim with a beautiful face and her hair curled over her ears and ended at her escort pendik shoulder. The top she was wearing was not too tight nor too loose. It moved ever so slightly as her thumb tickled her nipple. Barely noticeable.I might have had a little smile on my face as I sat down again. I had been right.As if right on cue, she changed her position. She now held the book with both hands. Her thumbs were on the bottom margin and the book rested in her palms. Her legs were in the same position. Right over left. Instead of the book spine it was now her knuckles that pressed tightly just where the zipper of her jeans was.Her dangling foot had making circles in the air. It had begun. Her thighs squeezed as her legs moved. Or as we know it, her foot moves as she clenched her thighs. The game continued with quick squeezes followed by short pauses. She was well practiced at it. But so was I at knowing. Her breathing was deep. Her chest was moving with every breath. The short pauses between squeezes pendik escort bayan were getting shorter and her foot was bouncing further.Only ten minutes remained to my flight. I was full of anticipation. Breathing as hard as she was. Would she let herself enjoy the result of her works for the last fifty minutes. She would. She had heard the announcement same as me.Her pace had quickened and the squeezes had become stronger. She was looking at the book, but she had stopped reading it. She could not focus on it any longer. By now she had folded her left hand into a fist that she pressed even harder into her crotch. With a final big squeeze of her thighs she doubled up forward with a jerk. She shuddered a little. She leaned back after a few seconds, uncrossed her legs and stretched them out. She had worked them hard.She got up and turned to pick up her bag. Her top was creased where she had wedged it between her legs. Her face was relaxed and she has a gentle smile. I was smiling too, but she did not look towards me. I watched her shapely legs as she walked away towards the gate.Would she be seated next to me in the flight too? I thought as I picked up my bag and went in the same direction. Probably not.

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