30 Eylül 2021

Watching a Friend


Watching a FriendBored, Amy put on a summer skirt, a light blouse and sandals and left her apartment. She started walking to Renee’s house. The evening enveloped her like a silk robe. Light breezes blew and lifted her hem now and again. Amy smiled. Renee’s house was a cute little bungalow with a fenced back yard and a gazebo perfect for sitting outdoors on warm summer nights. Amy hoped that Renee would be home and interested in splitting a bottle of wine, gossiping, and maybe playing some cards.Twenty minutes later and at the start of sunset, Amy reached Renee’s. Though Renee’s car was parked in front of the house, the bungalow was dark. Amy let out a sigh of disappointment. It was possible that Renee had a date, but she hadn’t mentioned it.Amy walked alongside the house toward the detached garage. She envisioned Renee sitting in her gazebo, nibbling on carrots while reading a book, oblivious to everything around her. Amy peeked between the pickets of the stockade fence. Ten feet away saw Renee standing on the bench seat holding on to the rafters above. Her skirt bunched up around her waist and her shapely ass was completely naked. Confused, Amy frowned and decided against calling out to her. Instead, she slipped into the narrow space between the garage and the fence for a better look. “Oh Baby,” Renee said.A full head of short dark hair covered Renee’s secret garden. Amy gulped hard and felt a pleasant warmth between her legs. She stared as hands cupped Renee’s ass cheeks. Her friend pushed her hips forward and grunted as she tossed her head back. Renee was getting licked. Mesmerized, Amy’s pulse and breathing quickened. Her pussy felt warmer and she spread her own legs. Still fully stretched, Renee grunted and moaned and hissed with pleasure. Her hips twisted this way and that. She kept her thighs wide spread. Amy leaned back against the garage, maintaining her line of sight. She put one foot up, bracing it against the fence and slid her skirt up to her thigh. The hands reached the elastic on Renee’s flimsy summer skirt, and pulled it down all the way – over her hips and thighs and knees and off. From her belly down Renee was şişli escort completely exposed.Amy touched her underwear. She gasped as her clit sent a shock through her body and her fingertips got wet. Her panties were already soaked. She watched as the mystery hands kneaded her friend’s ass flesh, fingers exploring the ravine between her cheeks.“Oh, Baby, yeah,” Renee said.They shifted positions and a man worked his mouth over Renee’s hips and unbuttoned her blouse. He kissed her all over, straining upward, placing his lips under and all around her breasts, teasing her by not touching her nipples. Amy watched the man’s cock blossom; it went from semi-hard to fully erect and then became completely engorged. She swallowed hard. Oh to have a man that got hard while licking my pussy, she thought. As Renee received her delicious tongue lashing, Amy reached down pushed aside her panties. Her finger gently parted her pussy lips dipped into her honey-pot. A sigh of satisfaction escaped her lips. She imagined it was her getting licked or standing beside Renee, and the finger inside her was not her own, but the man’s. She twirled her finger in her cunt as she slid it in out a few times. Amy inhaled sharply. Oh that feels good, she thought. She pulled sopping wet finger out and quickly began massaging her swollen clit. With ease, she slipped her middle finger deep inside curling it to touch the spot.The man took Renee’s open shirt from behind and flipped it over her head so she could not see. “How do you like that?” The voice was deep and smooth and masculine. “Exciting, isn’t it? Someone you know could come for a surprise visit and see you nude and horny like this. All they would have to do is look over the fence – and you would never know.” Amy watched as the man’s hand went to Renee’s crotch. His mouth appeared to be attached to her clit, but now he had his fingers working her snatch as well. Amy let herself imagine what Renee must be feeling. A hot masculine tongue on her clit and his fingers fucking her pussy, she must be on the edge. Amy could barely take it anymore. She stopped abruptly and without thinking too much, hooked şişli escort bayan her thumbs in the waistband and stripped off both her panties and skirt. A soft breeze caressed her bare pussy and made her tremble. The act of being half naked outdoors and where she shouldn’t be added thrill. Instead of letting her clothes lie in the dirt, she picked them up. With a deep breath she walked to the far end of the garage and hung her clothes on the fence. Her heart banging inside her chest, she stripped of her top and placed it on her skirt.With a hard swallow and hammering heart, naked but for her thin strappy sandals, Amy walked away from her clothes and toward the driveway end of the garage. She looked toward the sidewalk where a streetlight had come on illuminating her position. The chances were slim, but any dog walker or bike rider would be able to easily see her pale form clearly. Her pussy drooled. She put her back against the rough garage, on foot up on the fence and stared at the gazebo.Renee grunted and groaned loud enough to be heard across the yard. The man tormented her by touching and kissing her lightly on her thighs, ass, pussy and belly. Occasionally he would follow up with a quick and unexpected smack on her ass.Her pussy completely open to the breeze, Amy went at it with both hands. With one hand, she fucked her pussy with the other she massaged and teased her own clit. She drifted back and forth between building up her own orgasm and getting distracted by Renee and the man.Apparently frustrated, Renee let go of the beams above her. She tossed her blouse onto the lawn, grabbed the man by his thick, dark hair and pulled his face to her pussy. His head moved slightly. Renee’s breasts bounced; her belly heaved.“Oh, YEAH,” Renee shouted as he brought her to a momentary Nirvana. Renee shook and jiggled like Jell-O on a roller-coaster. Her heavy breathing was clearly audible. Amy wasn’t quite on the pace that Renee was, but then she didn’t have the advantage of a tongue on her clit. With six short grunts, Renee came and gently pulled the man’s face from her quim. Amy froze, hoping that she’d only witnessed the previews and not the whole show. She was pretty close to cumming herself, but could use a few more minutes of this excellent live porn show. Renee climbed down from the seat and motioned for the man to get up. Grabbed the roof beam of the gazebo. It was his turn to stand naked and bare to the evening. Renee grabbed his ass and ran her tongue and lips over his erection. Amy fucked her cunt with two fingers curled and rubbing her g-spot. Her hand was sopping wet and her shoulder ached. Every time she was on the verge, she heard something from the street which interrupted her orgasm.She watched Renee’s head bobbing on cock and was jealous. She would cum faster with a nice cock in her mouth. Not just a nice cock, but a nice cock attached to a nice guy. Again, she thought she heard something from the street, but ignored it. Dirty girl, she thought, let them watch my show – I want to cum.Renee alternately stroked and sucked the bouncing dick in front of her, teasing him as he had done to her.]He chanted, “mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” as if it were a magic orgasm inducing incantation. Pussy juice has gotten on Amy’s wrist and it was wetting her thigh. Another evening breeze blew and kissed her bare ass like a gentle lover. She rocked back and forth on her own finger and twiddling her clit with her other hand. The pressure, the heat built like a grease fire in her groin. For the first time, she heard the man groan. A masculine gurgle filled the yard.Amy saw a rope of cum shoot from his cock and land on Renee’s face and tits. That pushed her over the edge. Amy yipped and gasped and shuddered with a knee quaking, thigh trembling orgasm that was so intense she had to grab the fence post to steady herself. Neither Renee nor the man appeared to hear her. Amy couldn’t stop. She squatted between the fence and garage and continued finger fucking her cunt. Wave after wave of orgasm crashed through her until she was shattered, paralyzed and could do nothing but curl up naked on a soft patch of moss. Her body fluttered and hummed micro-orgasms continued. She didn’t care if she was seen. At the moment she was incapable of movement – and probably even of speech. Soon, she knew she would have to get up, retrieve her clothes and leave. But for now, she could only lie in the glow of the streetlight and wait for recovery.

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