30 Mayıs 2021

We Met Online


We met online. At thirty-one, he was fourteen years younger than me, but I didn’t mind that at all. He wasn’t like all of the other younger men I’d chatted with online. I’d grown bored them. They just wanted to have cyber sex and role play. They all seemed shallow and uninteresting when compared to Glen. And he didn’t seem to mind that I was older, so what the heck.

We didn’t talk about sex at all, at least not for a long time—several weeks in fact. When we did, well let’s face it, it’s easy to say things online. My online creed was “If my lover wants it, and it doesn’t hurt me, then why not do it?” I actually believed that I could back that up, even though I had never been put to the test.

After all, what do men usually want to hear? Most, at least those I’ve met online, want to hear that the woman swallows, likes getting fucked in the ass, and would not object to a threesome with another woman. That’s about it. They are neither imaginative nor challenging.

The swallowing part was no problem for me. I’d always loved that, starting with the first time I’d done it when I was a teenager. For some reason, I just loved cum.

The ass thing was a little more of a challenge though. I’d done it a couple of times, and it was “okay”. For some reason though, I was never able to relax enough to really enjoy it. But I tried—honest I did.

I’d never been with another woman. It had never even been a fantasy of mine. But I was convinced I could do it if I had to—for the right man, and with the right woman. In fact, I must confess that I just couldn’t see the big deal about it. The thought of it didn’t turn me on, but it didn’t repulse me either.

When the subject of sex first came up in one of my chats with Glen, I didn’t hesitate to recite my creed to him, “If my lover wants it, and it doesn’t hurt me, then why not do it?”

His response puzzled me. “Dee, you said that very casually, but I’d really like you to take a few minutes and think about it. I’m going to go up and take a quick shower. When I come back, if you say it again, I’ll take you at your word. But you might want to consider adding some caveats to that statement. There are some very strange and weird and perverted sexual appetites out there. And you never know, my own might just fall into one of those categories.”

While he was away from his computer, I did what he asked. I thought about all of the pictures I’d seen on porn sites, and things I’d heard of people doing. He was right. There were some things that I wouldn’t want to do—no, that I wouldn’t do, period. As I pondered them though, I made a conscious decision to keep my list of caveats as short as possible, exempting only those things I found most repulsing. I didn’t want to stifle my lover’s creativity or restrict his freedom to explore new things. I liked variety and surprises too much for that.

When he returned, I listed for him those things I felt I had to exempt: Scat games of any kind, sex with animals, sex with minors, sex with dead people, and anything resulting in serious injury.

After giving me a big “Bravo”, he asked if I was sure I didn’t want to add anything else to the list. I couldn’t think of any, so I told him “No”. And then I asked him a question, “Why, what do you like that I might want to add to the list?”

He just laughed and said, “That’s hardly the point. It would please me very much if you didn’t add anything. But you may wish later that you had. I think it’s time that we begin discussing a face to face meeting.”

“You don’t even know what I look like.”

“Dee, I don’t care what you look like. But if you care what I look like, I’ll send you a picture of myself—and yes, with all of my clothes on lol”.

I pondered that for a few seconds before saying, “I’m tall at 5’10”, and a bit overweight, but not too much. I’m not obese or anything—just a few extra pounds around the midsection and butt. I have shoulder-length light brown hair (dyed), and blue eyes.” And then I hesitated for a few seconds before adding, “And 36Ds, if you’re interested.” God! I couldn’t believe I just typed that.

“You sound delicious. I’m 6’1″, 195, black hair (not dyed lol), blue eyes, not in the best physical shape of my life, but I do work out everyday, so I’m not too flabby. Oh, and 6.5″ thick, if you’re interested lol.”

“That’s good enough for me.” I said, “I don’t need to see a picture of you.”

“Nor I you. Now, do you feel that we’ve reached a point in our relationship where we can discuss meeting, or would you rather give it more time?”

After only a few seconds of thinking about that, I answered, “No, I’m ready for that.” Of course, that was a bold-faced lie. I wasn’t ready for that—didn’t know if I’d ever be. But I did want to meet him, ready or not. And I knew that he only lived two hundred miles from me, so it wouldn’t be that difficult. That made the whole thing almost too real—almost surreal.

Before I knew it, we had a date. We were going to meet for dinner at a nice steak house in illegal bahis North Dallas. It was only a forty-five minute drive for me, but over twice that far for him. He didn’t seem to mind though. “How will I know you?” I asked him.

“Wear black. I don’t care what. I’ll be in tan slacks, white shirt, and a gray sport coat. Whoever gets there first will wait at the door.”

And so we met. He was waiting at the door when I arrived. He wasn’t a handsome man, but his looks pleased me greatly. He was ordinary—just like me.

Our conversation was no different in person than it had been online, except that his deep-set eyes seemed to penetrate my soul. They made me feel warm and special and sexy and appreciated. And when he told me I was beautiful, it made me feel beautiful.

It wasn’t until the waiter brought the small tray containing the check that I got my first taste of what being with Glen was going to be like. He leaned over the table, glanced at the check, then peered into my eyes, his massaging my heart, “Dee, I want you to get up and go to the lady’s room. Remove your panties and bring them to me.”

I heard what he said, but it took me several seconds to realize that he wasn’t kidding. He was absolutely serious. I returned his stare, questioning him, but he never wavered. He was simply waiting for me to comply, and the look in his eyes showed no hint of doubt that I would. So I did.

When I returned from the lady’s room, my panties wadded up in my hand, I gave them to him in a way that I hoped no one else would see them. But instead of putting them in his pocket as I expected, he held them up and let them dangle from his fingers. I felt my face flush even more than it already was as he casually let them slide from his fingers and onto the check tray.

And then, just as casually, he took a small roll of money from his pocket and peeled off some bills, placing them on top of my panties. Without speaking, he got up and offered me his hand, escorted me to my car, kissed me on the cheek, and said “We’re going to get along just fine. Drive carefully on your way home.” And then he was gone.


Okay, I admit it. I wanted to fuck Glen. I’d never had anyone take control of me the way he had done. I’d never felt helpless to refuse a man something. And I’d never had a man make such an odd request of me, especially with that look in his eyes that told me he knew I was going to obey. Gawd! That was just too hot for words. Yes . . . hell yes . . . I wanted to fuck him. I readily admit it.

Our second meeting was even more intense. Again, I did as he wanted. I went without panties under my slacks. It was a different restaurant, Bar-B-Q this time, but in North Dallas again. And again, he was waiting for me just outside the door. But instead of going inside immediately, he took my hand and led me around the corner. “I want you to give me an appetizer.” He said.

“An appetizer?”

“Yes, I want you to put your hand inside your slacks, dip your fingers inside yourself, and let me taste you.”

I was stunned, but without any conscious effort on my part, my hand obeyed him, my eyes held by his the entire time. Even as my slickened fingers slid between his lips and he sucked them, I couldn’t think of anything other than how sexy and alive he made me feel.

We ate, chatted casually, and then he walked me to my car. This time, he kissed me lightly on the lips. “Drive carefully.” And then he was gone.

Now though, I didn’t just want to fuck Glen. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to take me—to control me—to make me his. I’d never felt that before. I’d never wanted to give up control of myself to someone—totally submit to someone. But that is how I felt. I was his for the taking, and it excited me beyond words that he knew it—that he had known it from the start—even before I did.


During our online chat the next night, I didn’t have to tell Glen how I felt—what I wanted. He already knew. “Dee, you are going to accompany me to a party Saturday night. You’ll wear white slacks, black belt, black low-cut pullover, plain black choker, white socks and white sneakers—no bra, no panties . . . oh, and shave my pussy for me. Understand?”


“Yes what?”

I wanted to hesitate, to get upset, to refuse him, but I couldn’t. My mind was still whirling with what he’d just said . . . my pussy . . . shave MY pussy for me. “Yes, Sir.” I said obediently.

“Good girl.” And then he told me to park my car at the mall in North Dallas and he’d pick me up from there. I didn’t see him online again prior to our date.


Jessica, our hostess, met us at the door. She offered her cheek to Glen, and he kissed it politely. And then she looked at me, boldly eying me from head to toe. “Nice”, she said to Glen. “And nice tits too. May I?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. But that was nothing compared to the shock I got when Glen leaned closer, slid his hand around my waist, and whispered, “Don’t move.” illegal bahis siteleri And then he said to her, “Please, be my guest.”

She locked her eyes on mine, daring me to resist as she tugged my shirt from under the waistband of my slacks and slid her hands under it. As she cupped my breasts and kneaded them with her fingers, I turned my head and looked at Glen. His eyes commanded me not to protest. “Very nice. Is she shaven?” She asked Glen.

“Of course, but I haven’t had the pleasure yet.”

She raised an eyebrow, and then said to me, “You’re a lucky girl. Take care not to disappoint him.” She released my breasts and slid her hands from under my top. “Enjoy the party and please, consider my home your own . . . both of you.”

And then Glen whispered to me, “Tuck your shirt in. You did fine. I’m very proud of you.”

After that shocking and very intense beginning, the rest of the party was actually rather boring. It was just a party. People were gathered into small groups, laughing, telling jokes, catching up on happenings since they’d last seen each other, but nothing out of the ordinary at all. I was relieved by the generic nature of it. Still, I was tense and nervous throughout our two hours there. I was still waiting for the next shoe to drop. I never did.

I was back in my car before I allowed my self to take a deep breath. “Holy shit! What the fuck was that?”

That night, as I lay in my bed and stared up into the darkness, I was finally able to answer my own question. “Hot! That’s what it was.”


I didn’t think Glen could say or do anything that would catch me off guard after that. I thought I was prepared for anything he could ask—no, demand of me. And I was eager to see what that would be. I was wrong though. He did surprise me.

“Dee, our next meeting is on you. You decide when and where we are to meet. And you decide what we are to do when we get there. But there are two things.”


“First, we’re not ready to meet in private yet. We’re not ready for sex.”

“Okay, and the other thing?”

“You have to surprise me with something erotic. Think bold and wild and sexual and erotic. I want you to use your imagination.”


I racked my brain for two days, but everything I came up with just struck me as lame. I knew it would take something dramatic to impress Glen. The things he’d already had me do were proof of that. But what could I do—what could I surprise him with? Finally, I went online and chatted it up with several men. To hold there interest long enough for me to explain the situation and ask them for ideas, I gave them the sexual banter they wanted.

I came away from it with several ideas, but I decided not to put all of my eggs in one basket. I’d combine them, hoping that if one thing wasn’t erotic or bold enough for Glen, perhaps another one would be.

I waited until I’d researched everything and purchased what I needed before telling Glen where and when to meet me. I’d chosen the Million Dollar Saloon on Greenville Avenue in North Dallas. I’d never been in a topless bar, but I knew women who had. They said their husbands enjoyed taking them there—that it was exciting to their husbands—and to them as well. And the Million Dollar Saloon was a classy place.

When I told Glen where to meet me, he made no comment either way. He simply agreed. I knew Glen liked black, so I wore a black, knee-length dress with a plunging neck line, a black choker, no bra, and medium high heels. I did wear panties though—but not just any panties. They were black leather, with a vibe strategically placed over my clit.

I waited until we were seated and sipping our beer to initiate phase two. I reached into my purse and retrieved the small rectangular device. Then I called our waitress over. I’d chosen a topless bar for more than one reason. I figured a waitress in such an establishment would be less likely to be put off by what I was going to ask of her.

When she arrived at our table, I asked her boldly, making no attempt to keep what I was saying private. “I’m wearing vibe panties. This is the remote control.” I said, handing the device to her. “There’s an extra twenty in tip for you if you will surprise me with it every once in the while.”

She stared at me for a couple of seconds and then glanced at Glen. I wasn’t sure she was going to agree to do it, but then she turned back to me and asked, “Nice, but are you sure you don’t him to have it?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Okay, what the hell.” And she took the remote, turned and walked away.

Glen’s expression and smile told me instantly that he was pleased, but he didn’t know that I had more in store for him.

After two beers, I switched to bottled water. I didn’t want to risk a DWI on the way home. Our waitress did her job well. I never knew when the vibe on my clit was going to come alive, nor for how long. When Glen happened to be looking at me when it did, he could tell, and he would grin canlı bahis siteleri and wink at me.

After buying Glen one table dance from very attractive young blond dancer with awesome tits that looked more real than most in the room, I told him it was time to go. I tried to pay our tab, but Glen wouldn’t let me, except for the extra twenty to the waitress for the vibe action. “That’s your thing, so you pay for it.” He told me with a grin.

I’d arrived at the bar first and parked in the back. Glen had found my car and parked nearby. “So, are you ready for your surprise?” I asked him when we reached my car.

He looked puzzled. I knew he was thinking that the topless bar and vibe thing were all I’d come up with. But I hadn’t been convinced that those were enough. They were nice, and I’d found both erotic, but neither was very dramatic.


I unlocked my car and started it without getting in. And then I hit the button that rolled my driver’s side window down. When it reached the bottom, I closed the door, turned to him, and began removing my shoes, tossing them into the car.

I was scared shitless, but I didn’t feel that I needed to hide that fact from Glen. If I had read him correctly, my nervousness would only add to his enjoyment of what I was about to do. I locked my eyes on his, and then began raising the hem of my dress.

It was difficult to keep looking up at him while I slid the black leather panties down my legs and stepped out of them, but I managed. I tossed them inside my Mustang, and then turned back to him, raising my dress higher and higher until it was around my waist. “Better step back.” I cooed.

When he had taken a couple of steps back, I spread my feet out wide and began to focus all of my attention on relaxing and breathing. Finally, I began to pee.

I hadn’t gone to the bathroom all evening and it had gotten quite uncomfortable, but I hadn’t let on. I wanted to save it so that I would need to go really badly, both to make it easier to do, and to make sure he got a good show. I didn’t know if he would find that erotic, but that wasn’t really the point. The fact that I was being bold would offset any aversion he might have to it. I was sure of that.

I peed for a long time, flooding the asphalt around me, drenching my legs and feet. Glen watched with a huge smile on his face. Just as my gushing began to subside, and before I was finished, he stepped forward, put his hand behind my neck and pulled me to him. He kissed me passionately, offering me his tongue for the first time.

When he withdrew, he peered down into my eyes and said in a low voice that brought my still dripping pussy alive, “You have pleased me, Dee. I loved it—all of it, everything. Well done.” And then he released me, opened my car door and said, “Drive carefully.”

I couldn’t wait until I got home. My pussy was still wet with pee, but I didn’t care. I began rubbing my clit and fingering myself while I drove. Each time I would get close to orgasm, I’d stop. I was afraid to do that while driving.

When I pulled into a parking place in front of my apartment though, I dove two fingers inside my pussy and used my other hand on my wanton clit. I came in seconds, my moans of ecstasy echoing between the tall buildings.


“I think it’s time for us to spend the night together. Do you agree?” He asked me within seconds of logging on the next evening.

“Yes. I’d love that.”

“Do you like camping?”

“I haven’t been in years, but yes, I love it.”

“Good, then I’ll make the arrangements for the weekend after next.”

“I have to wait two weeks?” I typed, frustrated that I wouldn’t get to see him sooner.

“For the camping, yes. But we can get together this weekend if you want. If we do though, it’s on you again. You have to come up with another surprise for me.”

I agreed, even though I had no idea what I could surprise him with. “Okay, but I’ll have to let you know later when and where. I’ll have to think of something special.”

“Judging from how well you did last night, I have no doubt you’ll think of something fantastic.”

“Which part did you like most?”

“I told you. I loved it all, but I must confess that I enjoyed the ending the most.”

“Okay. I need to know those things.”

“No you don’t. You don’t need to know what I like and don’t like. You only need to use your imagination and be bold and willing to try things.”

“Okay then, that’s what I’ll do.”


By Sunday afternoon, I had made up my mind what I was going to do for Glen, but I had no idea how to do it. Finally, out of desperation, I drove to Plano, a suburb on the north side of Dallas. It took me a bit of driving around, but I finally managed to locate the home where Glen had taken me to the party.

Jessica Beasley opened the door and I was relieved that she recognized me. Her face lit up with a smile, “Dee, it’s great to see you again. Please come in and tell me what brings you to my door.”

A few minutes later, we were sitting in her den, sipping ice tea while I told her my plan, and my dilemma. I was nervous and had to force myself to tell her, but when I was finished, she let out a loud laugh, “He’ll love it.”

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