30 Mayıs 2021



This is a work of pure fiction. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Marie waited anxiously in the hotel suite he had rented. This was to be her weekend of freedom. Her “other half” had bought the story of her going out of town and her sister and her best friend were going to baby sit her kids. All that was out of her mind as she stood sipping a stiff drink wearing only a bathrobe. Marie was told that Alan’s corporate jet would land 30 minutes ago, that he would rent a car and be there directly.

She wanted to wait for him to get there before she got dressed for dinner, Alan had told her it was a very important business dinner, to bring her best dress, hose, shoes, the works, and after dinner the weekend would be theirs. She waited and her emotions shifted from joy and almost anger, “Where is he?” she thought to herself as she sipped more on her drink. Suddenly she heard a car stopping in front of the room, as she looked out the window she saw Alan climb out of the convertible Corvette looking better than she had ever seen him, all emotions of being upset with him were gone in one brief second. She studied his body as he unpacked his bags from the trunk; “God this is going to be great” ran threw her mind. As he approached the door, Marie swung it open and engulfed Alan in a huge hug, forgetting that she was still only wearing a bathrobe. Their lips melt and his bags fell as he wrapped his arms around her and felt her moist lips against his. Alan quickly realized what Marie was wearing and kind of pushed her inside the door, their tongues entwined in a deep kiss as they stepped threw the door. As they broke from the kiss, Alan quickly grabbed his bags and closed the door. Their eyes met and soon after there lips met again also, even more passionate than the first.

Alan pulled away placing his hands on Marie’s shoulders. He reminded her that they had a very important dinner first before the fun could really start, and as much as he hated it, they needed to get ready. The suite had two bathrooms, a full kitchen and more than enough room for them both to dress without running into each other. Alan took a shower in one bathroom while Marie dressed and did her makeup in the master bath. While doing her makeup, Marie couldn’t help but think what a waste this dinner was, she was alone with her man and now she had to get dresses and go to a fancy dinner with people she had never met. At least Alan had paid to have the bar and kitchen stocked before they arrived. As Marie finished her makeup, she finished her drink, looked at herself in the mirror and said to herself “I look this good, and I have to go to dinner?” She finished off her low cut, knee-high black dress and makeup with dark red lipstick as Alan walked in the room finishing up his tie. He was awestruck with her beauty, her hair, her eyes, her figure in the tight black dress, her legs in the black hose and high heels, and more than anything, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her dark red lips. Thoughts of canceling the dinner danced threw his head, but this was his job. But damn did Marie look sexually hot. Marie caught Alan staring at her as she finished her lipstick, she new she looked good, and the site of Alan in his suit and tie, God this was going to be along dinner.

The moment of uncomfortable silence was broken when Alan’s cell phone rang. He snapped back into reality and answered it, going to the other room. Shortly thereafter, Alan returned güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri minus the phone, he placed his hands on Marie’s hips and said, ” I have some news, the dinner has been cancelled, and we don’t need to go”. With that, Marie leapt at Alan engrossing him in another passionate kiss, she withdrew enough to say that she didn’t want to go anyway, and that now the weekend could start.

As they continued to kiss heavily, they moved from the bedroom to the main living area. Marie undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt as they went. By the time they arrived, Alan’s shirt was completely undone and Marie was busy kissing his chest. Alan moved from kissing her delicious red lips to kissing and sucking lightly on Marie’s bare neck. As they embraced, Alan slowly started to raise Marie’s dress to feel her beautiful legs through those gorgeous black stockings. As her dress reached her thighs, Marie forced Alan’s hands away, and said “Not just yet, I have a surprise for you under there and its not time yet.” Alan quickly began deeply kissing Marie again and noticed she was sliding lower, no longer able to hold her kiss he let go. Marie fell to her knees, looked up at Alan and said, “I’m having my dinner, here or somewhere else.”

With that she quickly undid Alan’s zipper and freeing his dick from the constraints of his pants. Marie just handled his dick and admired it for a minute, God how she missed this dick. Marie then quickly took his dick into her mouth, not just the tip, but all that would fit. She almost gagged when it grew even larger while in her mouth, but this was what she had waited for. She expertly sucked on Alan’s member while he stood there stroking her hair. She stopped long enough to ask if he was enjoying this as mush as she was, he eagerly responded with an overwhelming yes. In her mind, she had told herself she didn’t like to give head, but this time was different, Alan’s dick tasted wonderful and she was getting very aroused having his hard cock in her mouth, pressing against her throat. Alan had removed the shoulder straps to Marie’s dress saying “I want to see those tits while you suck my dick.”

With the straps removed and his knees bent, Alan could now play with Marie’s big succulent breasts while she was enjoying his cock and balls. Suddenly Alan felt light headed, he pushed Marie off his dick and said “honey this is great, but I have to set down, this is to arousing” Marie sprung to her feet holding on to Alan’s cock with one hand. They briefly kissed and then as they were moving to the couch, Alan undid the rest of Marie’s dress allowing it to fall to the ground. He was shocked to see her wearing a black bustier, no bra, and that she had on no panties; she coyly smiled and said, “It would have been an interesting dinner”

Alan positioned himself of the sofa to allow Marie to continue to suck his dick while giving himself room to grab her tits. As Marie continued to perform an amazing feet of oral sex on him, Alan managed to get her on the couch as well and could now reach between her legs while she continued with what was becoming the best blow job of his life. When Marie felt his hands on her ass, she eagerly spread her legs in hope that he would touch her pussy. And touch it he did. Marie almost had an orgasm when he first touched the delicate walls of her pussy; he went straight for her clit and started to massage it aggressively. With this, Marie said güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “don’t start nothing you aint willing to finish.”

“Oh trust me, I’ll finish it after you do” Alan replied. And with a groan of ecstasy, Marie was back on Alan’s cock.

“Before you cum, let me know, I want every drop in my mouth” she stated as Alan now placed two fingers in her wet pussy and still kept pressure on her clit.

When Alan felt the sensation he could no longer hold, he moaned “here it is, I’m cumming” and Marie took all his cock in her mouth as his dick exploded sperm into her mouth and down her throat. Marie was amazed to find that she actually liked the taste of Alan’s cum, and after much milking, was disappointed it was over. Alan let her swallow his cum then kissed her deeply, thanking her for that welcome. He then rolled her off of the couch in the blink of an eye and had his head between her legs.

With a coy grin on his face, Alan said, “turn about is fair play, and while I’m eating your pussy, my dick is going to be recharging itself, then the fun REALLY starts.”

“Stop talking and eat my pussy, make me cum on your face, then fuck me till dawn” was all Marie could say. She thought to herself “I think I love him, but right now, I just want to fuck him.”

Alan was buried in Marie’s wet pussy, his tongue dancing from side to side, in and out of her love hole, sucking and biting on her clit. Marie was in heaven, her man was eating her pussy, she was about to cum, and it wasn’t even dark yet. She lost her train of thought when she cummed, closing her thighs around Alan’s head. He eagerly lapped at her pussy as she came, he licked and she came, it seemed to both of them that it would never end. But Marie did stop cumming, and released Alan’s head from her thighs. She slid down and kissed him deeply again, his hands now kneading her breasts.

As the kiss broke, Marie asked “Is that cock recharged, your tongue was great, but my pussy needs more” Without speaking a word and never losing eye contact and tongue contact with Marie, Alan plunged his hard again member into her awaiting pussy. She bit down lightly on his tongue. “Was he always this big” she thought, “God that hurts so good!” came out of her mouth. And with that Alan started pumping his dick into her pussy, and it grew even harder, and she could tell. Marie hadn’t had sex like this in almost a year and damn did she miss it. Rhythmically Alan continued to fuck Marie’s pussy as she came over and over again, he pumped fast, he pumped slow, and she just loved it. All the while tonguing on her tits, neck and ears. Suddenly Alan grabbed Marie in his arms and rolled over so she was now on top of him. “Put your tits in my face as you ride my dick,” he whispered, and Marie did just that. Riding up and down on his love pole, feeling it slide easily in and out of her wet pussy, his tongue and lips alternating between her breasts. With a shuddering scream, Marie came yet again, Alan’s dick even wetter from her own juice. “Come inside me” She said as Alan’s dick grew larger approaching orgasm. When he came, she could feel his dick explode in side of her, feel his sperm on the sides of her pussy. She collapsed on top of him and said, “How was dinner?” He replied, there never was a dinner, I just wanted to get you all dressed up first to undress you. They kissed and laughed and finally Alan’s dick slid out of her pussy.

“Lets güvenilir bahis şirketleri make a drink and take a shower, I could use the refreshment of the cool water” Alan said. The drinks were made and while enjoying the shower, they almost got carried away again. But Alan said, “lets watch some movies” While kind of disappointed, Marie had to agree, she could use the rest.

Alan popped in a tape he had in one of his bags and the two sit on the couch, Marie in a green lace teddy and stockings, Alan in silk boxers. They shared popcorn and drinks as the movie started, but this wasn’t a movie Marie was expecting, she new instantly this was a fuck flick. “If I have to watch this, I might need a dick to play with,” Marie said. “Fine, use mine, because if my fingers need to walk, it’s your pussy they will walk too” with that they kissed again, spilling the popcorn but not caring. Alan could have entered her again, but she said, “Lets watch the movie!” So they did, and while Alan was pawing all over Marie, she started thinking about the movie. “Lover, if you put your dick in my from behind, we can both still watch the movie”. A second later they were on the floor and Alan’s dick was at the opening of her pussy. He rammed it in hard, and got scolded “Slow, or no movement at all, I am watching this movie and want to feel you dick in me while I do, so slow down.”

Her mind raced with the movie, women fucking two, three and four men, she thought “I can barely handle this one, mush less any more” Marie expected to her the women scream when they were fucked in the ass, she remembered her first time, how much it hurt. But they seemed to be enjoying it, and the men were playing with their pussies while they rammed them in the ass. She thought, maybe it didn’t hurt THAT bad, but damn that’s a big dick to put up my ass. Alan brought her back asking if they could change positions, his knees were getting sore; he wanted to sit on the couch and have her sit on his dick facing the TV. “OK, my knees are starting to hurt also” was her reply. Effortlessly they moved on to the couch and soon his dick was back inside her pussy, but she couldn’t take her thoughts off those girls taking it in the ass. “You thought cum tasted bad and it didn’t, in fact you could use some more,” her conscious told her. “Fuck it, its my weekend” was her answer to that. She pulled herself off of Alan’s still hard dick and in one motion turned around to face him and was right back on the love pole.

“Alan, I want you to fuck me in the ass” she whispered. Alan instantly withdrew his cock from her dripping snatch and said “just like this, let me grease it up, then we do it just like this, you facing me with my dick in your ass.” They kissed as he applied jelly to his raging member and a drop to the opening of her ass. Then he lowered her ass onto his slippery dick. As the head broke through the opening of her ass, she thought it was a mistake, then she felt his fingers in her pussy and her mind was distracted. With his hand in her pussy, and his lips on her tits, she completely forgot about the dick being rammed into her once fucked ass. When she did realize it, she found herself enjoying it. Alan pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy as she now slid her asshole effortlessly up and down his dick. She felt an orgasmic wave come over her as Alan pinched her clit, she had never imagined it could feel this good. After her orgasm, she said “don’t come in my ass, come on my chest and tits so I can rub it all over myself. Not a minute later, her big beautiful tits were getting a shower of hot cum from Alan’s dick, she didn’t even mind the couple of drops that hit her in the mouth, in fact, she liked it.

After another shower, they went to bed.

To be continued…

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