30 Mayıs 2021

Weird Fantasies 01: Some Stories


* * * * * *


* * * * * *

So I have some fairly dark and weird fantasies, and I write them down on my blog, and on the blog I try and keep them divided into actual true stories and peculiar fantasies, because, I don’t know, um… people seemed to be interested which was which?

So basically, this collection and the “Lots about Me” ones are kind of linked, in that “Lots about Me” is the true stories from the blog, and these are fantasies.

Mainly just to be tidy!

But just to warn, um, some of these can be a bit dark, like exploring pain and consent and stuff like that… so maybe just to say that first? Like the ones in this first bit are kind of typical, as in, a mix of just taking about stuff, and of describing things I fantasise about happening, but some of these are really quite dark longings, that’s all.

Anyways. Um, if you’re interested, then stories!

* * * * * *


* * * * * *

We go skinny dipping. It’s after a party, at someone’s house, and there’s a pool, so we decide to. Where we is me and three guys. It’s all nice, flirty fun. We’re looking at each other, and one dude keeps touching my arm as we talk, and I think we’re all getting along.

One guy gets out first, and then a bit later the rest of us do too. I get out, and I’m standing there all dripping and naked, and then I’m, “oh no, where are my clothes?”

They all say they hid them, and they’ll only tell me where if I suck all three of them off.

I kind of go, “Oh,” and, “That’s pretty horrible of you to try and make me do that.”

They know, they say. One guy looks a bit guilty, like he was only playing a joke, but the other two seem serious. They’re looking at me pretty leerily as I stand there.

“This is really mean,” I say. “You’re awful people.”

Yes, they say, they agree. So am I going to or not?

“Okay,” I say, really only because the whole blackmail thing is kind of sexy. “But only if you lick me out too.”

They look at each other, then shrug and say yes.

“Lick me out first,” I say, and now they know they’re getting what they want, they seem willing enough. They say yes, all right. I mean, we’ve all just been in the pool, so everyone’s clean, so why not, I suppose.

There are deck chair kind of things around the pool, so I lie on one, and they take turns licking me. The second guy doesn’t seem to want to as much, so I hold onto his hair and keep him there longer. Just because he deserves it.

They lick me, and I think about trying to pretend I haven’t come when I do, just so they have to keep going, but I can’t ever hide when I come, because noisy, so I don’t. And because it would be stupid to lose a really good orgasm just for a trick like that, and it feels like this is going to be a good orgasm.

And it is.

I come, and almost faint, just because the blackmail thing is really turning me on, and then I put a chair cushion on the ground, and kneel there and suck them all off, like I said I would. They sit on the deck-chairs, and I do them one at a time, and that’s fun too.

I suck them off, and by now they’ve got a bit distracted because I’m going along with what they wanted, and have stopped paying attention to their own clothes, so as the last guy finishes in my mouth, I grab his jeans from beside him, and then run off towards the house.

I mean, I could have sooner, but I liked the game. I wanted to be blackmailed into giving them head. So I let him finish.

I think that’s pretty nice of me.

I run towards the house, and can see people inside. There’s still people in there, because the party is still winding down. I run halfway there, then stop and put on the guy’s jeans. They fit well enough to wear, although they could use a belt. Then I go inside with my arm kind of over my tits.

“Hey,” I say. “Could someone give me a hand, please? There’s three guys outside who hid my clothes while I was swimming, and are saying I have to put out to get everything back.”

There’s all sorts of shock and outrage, and everyone gets up to go and save me. Which they do. Because ashamed, caught dudes, who give my clothes back right away. And who vaguely try and say it was all just a harmless game, and we’ve all been giving each other head so it wasn’t like I minded.

“Um, yuk,” I say. “No way.”

Then I kind of wipe my mouth, and check for drips. I should have done that sooner, I suppose, but no-one seems to notice.

There’s outrage, güvenilir bahis and shouting, and people saying what assholes they are and someone should call the police. But I’ve got my things back, so I pull my top back on, and then go inside and change out of the guy’s jeans. There’s still people out by the pool shouting at the guys when I’m done, which I think is kind of funny.

Anyway, I go home with someone else, and suck him off too. And he doesn’t hide my clothes, either, and in the morning I’m so grateful for that I do him again, just to say thank you.

* * * * * *


* * * * * *

I wake up, and find two men in my bedroom, kneeling on my bed, holding me down, and looking at me.

I open my eyes, and jump, surprised.

I look at them. I should be scared, but I’m not. I’m excited.

They’re holding my wrists, and my legs. I just sleep in shorts when it’s a warm night, so they’re looking at my tits too.

They’re looking at those quite carefully.

“What do you want?” I say.

They look at each other.

“You,” one says.

One slides his hand up my leg, inside my shorts, inside me, too. He pushes his fingers into me, and I’m embarrassed how wet I am, in an awful situation like this.

The other one takes out his cock, and holds it out towards my face.

“Go on,” he said.

I shake my head.

“Do it,” he says.

“Make me.”

He twists his hand into my hair, and pulls me against him. I open my mouth, and suck him, all hard and hot and there. I suck, and the other one slides his fingers into me, and I moan, despite myself.

After a moment, one tries to pull my shorts down.

“No,” I gasp, and stop sucking. I struggle. I try to pull free. They laugh, and hold me down, and tug off my shorts and turn me over.

One kneels on me, holding my arms. The other lies on my hips.

His cock is out. I can feel it against my leg. He moves, he moves me, and it’s down between my legs.

He slides. He pushes.

“That’s my ass,” I gasp.

“I know,” he says.

He pushes. He pushes into me there. It hurts, and feels wonderful too.

He pushes inside me, and his friend holds me down, and he fucks me, until I can’t think. Until I forget I’m supposed to be struggling, and wriggle free, and kneel up, so he can go into me better.

I kneel there and fuck him back, as roughly as he’s fucking me. I want him. I need him inside me. He comes, filling me all sticky and hot, and then he disappears and his friend slides into me too.

They both fuck me, and when they’re done, they push me onto the bed, and go to the door. They walk out, leaving me there. They both go down the hall to the house’s front door.

It opens, and I hear voices, people saying goodbye.

My boyfriend lets his friend out, and says thanks, and drive safe, and see you next time, and then he comes back to bed and kisses me, and then we go to sleep.

And, um, I guess we’d done anal earlier that night, too, which is why I could just do it without being lubed. Fantasies don’t always make sense…

* * * * * *


* * * * * *

I work in a shoe shop, as a sales assistant. One quiet day a beautiful woman comes in. She has perfect legs and perfect clothes and a perfect bag, too. Blah designer, whatever. I’m impressed by her, is what I mean.

She asks to try something on, and I go and get it. She’s a size smaller than me, of course, but that just makes her more perfect.

She sits down and I kneel in front of her and hold out the shoe to her.

“Just put it on me,” she says, and extends her foot, and I do.

I’m careful, so I don’t tickle. I hold her ankle and foot. I slide the shoe on, carefully, and then she reaches down and grabs my hand and slides it higher up her leg.

Her leg is warm and smooth and slippery-silky. Her skin is exciting to touch.

She slides my hand, making me stroke her, and she watches me as she does. I want to stroke her. I suppose she can see it in my eyes. She slides my hand higher, onto her knee, past her knee, and inside her thigh. She slides it higher and gasps, staring at me, as my fingertips move on her skin.

She shifts her knee. She moves it further apart. There’s an invitation there, but before I can decide quite what to do, she reaches forward, and twists her other hand tightly into my hair, and pulls me forward, onto herself.

She holds me between her legs. She slides her undies sideways, and türkçe bahis pulls my mouth onto her pussy, and doesn’t let go of my hair.

She’s wet. She’s wet and slippery and sweetly exciting. Her taste is one I want in my mouth. I open it, and suck and lick at her, and she holds me there by my hair, just hard enough it hurts.

I can’t see very well, not past her legs and skirt. I’m kneeling on the floor in my shop, in the middle of a mall. I just hope no-one else comes in.

She holds me there, and I lick her, and after a few minutes she closes her eyes and comes.

Then she lets me go, and takes the shoe off, and hands it back, and says, “Thank you.”

And then she leaves. Just like that.

She stands up and gets her bag, and leaves, and I never see her again.

* * * * * *


* * * * * *

I quite like giving blowjobs lying on my back, on a bed or something, with my head at the edge and maybe kind of hanging off a bit. I quite like doing it while I’m dressed or mostly dressed, too.

I like it because it feels classier, somehow. Like more sophisticated and elegant and feminine than all the frantic bobbing up and down. Like Jimmy Choo, rather than Converse. I think it feels that way because he’s offering himself to me, and I’m thoughtfully accepting him. Because I’m lapping at him daintily, and tasting him, and pleasuring him. Not just sucking on him all frantic and dribbly.

Like it’s not as sweaty and uncouth as a blowie usually is, I think, and sometimes I like that.

Sometimes I don’t, but sometimes I do.

And also! You can do it with wet hair, if you need to, which is good! Like, without your hair getting in your way, or putting it up wet so then it tangles. It saves waiting while you dry it if you get all horny in the shower or something! Yay!

But um, anyways…

So I like it like that, with me lying down. And also, I like him standing up. I don’t know why, but giving people head with them standing up is kind of nice. Like so they’re all there, above you, and in charge… maybe that? And also, sucking him off that way is slower usually. At least… um, it is the way I do it? Blush. Like it’s sort of more licky, and kissy and touchy, and one guy told me it was much sexier to watch too, because how I’m lying there and he can see all of me, and not just the top of my head, and also because I’m lifting up onto his cock, like looking all needy and desperate to have him in my mouth.

Which, um, I probably was.

But it was still a nice thing to hear.

And also, its way easier for me to suck his balls, too. Or, um, whatever I might want to lick back there. If he kneels on the edge of the bed beside me with one knee, or whatever.

And if I start masturbating, which basically, I usually do when I give people head, then if I do it’s better for him if he wants to watch. Which usually people seem to want to do. And especially, because I’ve got clothes on, if I’m wearing a dress or skirt, I can pull it up all slowly and teasily and show him underneath. I like doing that, I like the teasing, and I like the slippery silkiness of hems sliding up my legs all slow and sexy too. And then being bare. And then touching myself.

But um, also, I like doing this with jeans on, and the idea of a half-hidden hand in jeans so he can’t really see. I like both!

So anyways, I like all of that.

I like feeling elegant.

I like it for all of those things, but most of all I like it because it’s really easy for him to come on my neck.

Because I like pearl necklaces. I just really, really like them. I adore them. And yep, I know it’s kind of like fingering, and one of those things that seems a bit twee, and like you’re supposed to grow out of it once you start having proper sex. But then again, I like fingering too, so maybe that means something.

I like pearl necklaces. I like how semen feels as it lands on my neck. I like it all sudden and warm and hot, landing there. I like the idea of it too. Of what it is and where. And I like it splashing, all drippy and splatty, and I like the runny, how it drips and slips down me, and then how it goes crunchy as it dries.

I mean, I like it in my mouth, too. Or whatever. But I especially, absolutely like it on my neck, and it seems like people don’t do that enough, not just on their own, without being organized and asked to.

So I ask!

Or not ask, just do. Um, actually.

And it seems fairer, too. Like güvenilir bahis siteleri I can still suck his balls as he does, which is apparently worth the not coming in my mouth part, I hear! So yay for that.

But I get him to finish there, which I like.

Because somehow it just seems more elegant, lying there, still dressed, with his semen on me there. It feels like necks are elegant, somehow, like still sexy, unlike elbows, but sexily elegant in their own wonderful way. And maybe because pearl necklaces seem like elegant jewellery too. Something to do with all of that.

But mostly, I just like doing it, and I like how it feels.

That’s mostly why!

* * * * * *


* * * * * *

So in this, I have a friend who I have sex with sometimes, and we’re in her bed, and talking, like talking after we’ve had sex, but talking because we will again soon. And because of that we’re talking about sex a bit, I suppose.

Blah, something like that. How it starts isn’t really the point.

Anyways, I happen to say I secretly want to lick semen out of someone else’s pussy, and she says she secretly wants it done to her.

“Oh,” I say, surprised. “Oh shit, we so should.”

She thinks so too. She seems really into the idea. She looks at me, and grins at me, and then she says, all breathlessly excited, “Well I have housemates. Who are guys.”

“Would they?” I say, kind of excited too.

“Well, they fuck me any other time I ask,” she says. “So I can’t think why not. Want me to ask them?”

I nod. I’m too excited to speak.

She gets up and goes to ask. She’s gone for about two minutes, and comes back with four guys.

“Um,” I say, kind of pulling bits of sheet over myself. “Hi?”

“Everyone was home,” my friend says. “And that one doesn’t live here but he’s a friend of that one’s.”

I nod. I’m still under the sheet, a bit embarrassed.

“So I asked,” my friend says. “And they were all into it. Like really into it. So I thought, well, why only one. Why not everyone. Is that okay?”

I shrug. I think why not. It isn’t me they’re going to fuck.

I move the sheet, and the guys all get undressed, and then we all think about it for a moment and decide how this is going to work.

In the end, my friend lies on her back, and I kneel over her, like we’re sixty-nining, which oddly enough we actually were a little while ago. The housemates fuck her, and I lick her while they do, and lick them sometimes, when I can.

And she licks me as well. Of course.

Anyways. They all each come pretty quickly. Because watching us lick each other out, I suppose. They watch us lick, and watch each other fuck her, and everyone seems really into it. The first one comes inside her, and then moves out the way, and she squeezes so it drips out, and I carefully lick it all up. I’m desperately excited to finally be doing this, obviously. I’m excited by the taste, by the mix of her and him. I’d always imagined it when I tasted a cock that’s been inside me, but it’s better because it’s her, and different to me, and there’s more sexy happening right now, too.

When I’m done licking, the second guy starts, and we do the same with him. Then the third guy, bit that’s a bit messy, because while he’s fucking her, we all come. Her, because she’s having sex, and me because I’m being licked, and that happens all at once, kind of suddenly, so I’m distracted when he comes too, and it kind of goes all over my face and her leg as well as in her.

I lick her leg, then she turns me around and licks my face, then we’re about to do the last guy when she says, hey, someone should come inside me, too.

I’m not sure, but I let her talk me into it. The last guy fucks me, and comes inside me, and then she licks me out, and it is nice, and sexy, feeling a tongue lapping it out of me. It’s probably just the idea of it, really, and I’m not sure I can actually feel much different to normally being licked, but the idea is sexy, and I really like it.

I like it, and everyone likes it, so much we all do it again. Then a friend of theirs turns up, so we do him, too.

It’s just a big orgy, really.

Oh, and when this is being an actual fantasy, if you see what I mean, then sometimes she also licks my ass, and I get really moany and into that, and that turns everyone on. And sometimes she also says I’m into anal, and they have sex with me there as well, and then she licks it out of my ass. But that’s only for when I’m feeling really dirty. Because that’s kind of, um, perverted a bit.

Not that I wouldn’t adore someone doing it to me, I mean, but it is kind of perverted.

So anyways. Um, there you go! Weird fantasies!

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