28 Haziran 2021

what a parasite, a fool, a jerk, this is an attack


what a parasite, a fool, a jerk, this is an attackhello, hey, hi, … hello. hey. hi. bare with me everybody, no, I don’t mean do a undies, or underwear mass transit walk, or naked bike ride with me, & being of which I myself have yet to do either, or both, & PROVIDED THAT I MYSELF HAVE THAT BEING OF A SECRET-SERVICE DETACHMENT TO BE BORROWED FROM MY ‘BIG-BROTHER’ BEING OF THE FORMER, OR EX HISTORICAL BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A., & just in case there are any closet-j.w.g./john-wayne-gacy, or closet-j.d./jeffrey-dahmers copycats, or wannabes(like the ones of those male weirdo characters with their sacriledgious, blasphemous selves being of whom are, or is however said affiliated, or associated with, &/or representing the l.g.b.t./lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender alternative lifestyle preference community who be scoping, & stalking me any, &/or every chance, or opportunity that they themselves get to attempt to do so upon premises of properties for a public facility of a mass transit of a public transportation system with all of it’s bus, &/or train routes, & being of the same of the said in question, &/or being of the previous, or prior mentioned who be as usual quite regularly attempting to crowd that being of my private little space area/s for that being of the same for atmospheres thereof, & likewise, or as well do that being of the same when it comes to that being of some, or such atmospheres of places of businesses be it being of some, or of such public, or private) out there attempting to go upon that being of some kind of a k**napping, or human-trafficking gig, anyway though, & on to other things as our ‘kissing-cousins’ being of the brits as in English across the great waters of the atlantic would say, & now that I myself have gotten that out of my system, pardon the pun, none intended, or none had been meant, & most certainly no offense is meant to be possibly directed against any past, present, or future sexual-assault, or ****, or m*****ation victims when I myself being of that of my person had mentioned that last I assure you, but then now that we have gotten that being of some, or of such of the preliminaries out of the way, & don’t attempt to kill the messenger, well hopefully nobody would attempt to do so literally as that would be some kind, izmir escortlar sort, or type of a hate-crime of a civil, &/or human rights violation offense being of which is punishable by law, so if you value your rights, &/or freedoms to come, & go as you please like I myself do with, or without having to make some, or such scheduled appointment/s with female, or women p.o./probation-officer, &/or female, or women shrinks, hah-hah, heh-heh, then don’t attempt to assault, or attack anybody else unless of course it is a matter of some, or of such self-defense, I repeat, or let me being of that of the person of I myself repeat that, UNLESS OF COURSE IT IS A MATTER OF SOME, OR OF SUCH SELF-DEFENSE, speaking of some, or such hate-crimes, & now that it comes to mind, but then that is the topic of discussion, or subject matter for that being of the present given moment in time being of which I myself am hoping to bring to light, & what is hidden in the dark will come to light, & as we have witnessed in some, or such due regard, or in reference to so far as concerning that being of a major news headline story, & being of this particular one, I think you all being among yourselves know which one I myself am talking about, & being of which I myself am about to get into shortly after.this one particular bone-head, brain-dead, butt-head modern day fred flintstone, &/or barney rubbles stone-age caveman male character being of a real jerk, or excuse my language, &/or pardon my French, d-_-ck-head-pr-_-ck wasting that being of the American taxpayer’s dollar to conduct a police investigation over a self concocted scam, or scheme that he himself had composed to boost that being of his profit margins of a monetary financial aspect, & of the not so believeable sort, or type, & not so friendly one either compared on to the cartoon male characters, & being of a one gay guy, homosexual, or faggot by that being of the name of a one jesse smollett, I mean like what a poot-butt, or piss-ant, NO, THAT WAS NOT MEANT TO SOUND, &/OR SEEM RACIST, NOT BY A LONG SHOT, OR NOT IN ANY REGARD AS HE HIMSELF BEING OF THAT ONE PARTICULAR CELEBRITY HAD LITERALLY, OR ACTUALLY ADMITTED TO BEING A COCK-SUCKING, & BALLS-LICKING HOMOSEXUAL, HOMO, OR FAGGOT, www.Godhatesfags.com, anyway though, or izmir escort bayan regardless, here it is being of some, or of such a case, &/or situation whereas he himself had betrayed that being of the general public’s, or the people at large’s trust, & just think how it does quite a bit of some, or of such creditable damage to that being of the persons of some, or of such real hate-crime-victims, & whereas he himself should pay through the nose, NO, NOT LITERALLY, OR ACTUALLY PAY THROUGH THE NOSE IN A PHYSICAL KIND OF WAY SO AS NOT TO VALIDATE, VERIFY, OR CONFIRM THAT BEING OF ANY POSSIBLE, &/OR POTENTIAL PRESENCE OF ANY CLOSET-HATEMONGERS WITHIN OUR OWN ‘WINDY-CITY’ BEING OF WHOM ARE, OR IS, I MUST ADMIT LURKING IN THE SHADOWS SOMEWHERE ABOUT, BUT THEN NEVERTHELESS THAT DOESN’T, OR DON’T GIVE ANYBODY THAT BEING OF THE RIGHT TO GO ABOUT TELLING THAT BEING OF A LIE CLAIMING THAT SOMEBODY ELSE HAS ATTACKED ONE BEING OF ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL PERSON IN SOME KIND OF A PHYSICAL WAY, NO, IT DOESN’T, DOES NOT, DON’T, OR DO NOT, & whereas this elstupido dumbkoff, or goofy, drunk, hype, well whatever, or however said, should, in other words, should be charged with, or to that being of the max for his own concocted hate-crime orchestrated, &/or initiated against that being of the intelligence of each, & everyone of us Chicagoans, &/or foreigners within our own great metropolis for that being of the Midwest within that being of the State of Illinois whereas his fabricate hoax is inexcusable as well as it is unacceptable.HOW DARE A MALE CHARACTER OF A CELEBRITY DO THAT WITHIN THAT BEING OF THE GREAT METROPOLIS OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS?!!! HE HIMSELF IS OF SOME SORT/S, OR OF SUCH TYPE/S OF THE LOWEST OF THE LOW!!! how ridiculous is that, well I myself am not saying that he himself being of this homo, faggot, queer, or gunk should be put, placed, or positioned in front of a firing squad, hah-hah, heh-heh, God forbid, & as we live within a democratic republic, or a democracy to simply say being as it is of the continental U.S.A., United States of America, but then he himself should without a doubt make some kind of restitution to reimburse, or compensate that being of the city of metropolitan Chicago, Illinois for that being of his selfish betrayal of the people’s, izmir bayan escort or the public’s trust, & therefore behind what he himself had pulled whereas I myself from there personally feel, or believe that he himself is not only a poor representation of manhood, I mean after all he himself is a cock-sucking, &/or balls-licking homo, or faggot, but then likewise whereas he himself is a poor, pathetic, pitiful excuse of a human being to have attempted to cause even further division within that being of the atmosphere/s of a major metropolitan u.s. city.& whereas his actions does not reflect some, or such of the character being of which makes up our fair city, neither, or nor should it regardless of how this here is that being of the city of one of those roaring twenties gangstas, or hoodlums of old, &/or a bootlegger, & yet this queer had chosen that being of our city within that being of the Midwest of the U.S.A., United States of America, to hold us hostage with that being of his nonsense, & whereas we Chicagoans do not appreciate this being as it is of some, or of such an offense, & whereas he himself owes not only some, or such reimbursement, or compensation to our own metropolis, or metropolitan city, but then likewise whereas he himself owes Chicagoans, or illinoisians a public apology for that being of his, in other words, foolishness.this here is a slap in the face of any americans wherever within that being of the continental U.S.A., United States of America, to have done something just ever so outrageous, or ridiculous, I mean I know that the global community is living in a rather desperate time-frame-period of human history, but then whereas I myself being of that of my person hadn’t, or didn’t think that that being of the atmosphere of our times worldwide was that bad, & whereas somebody feels that desperate to increase one’s wallet, &/or as well as bank account/s by fictitiously fabricating this fib, or lie to attempt a money-making scheme, or scam to attempt to do so with some, or such ulterior, selfish motives, & whereas he himself has played all americans like just so much gullible ignorant cattle, BUT THEN NEVERTHELESS WHEREAS NOW THAT BEING OF THE JOKE IS UPON THIS ONE PARTICULAR CLOWN ACTOR, I mean whereas he himself was doing nothing, but fooling himself, & I myself can not begin to fathomed as to what could have possibly possessed this jerk, poot-butt, or piss-ant, or punk to have gone to these here extremes to attempt to fatten his wallet, &/or bank account/s, …

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