20 Kasım 2020

White Christmas…


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White Christmas…My birthday is exactly a week before Christmas eve, and my girlfriend (our first Christmas together) and I spent it doing simple things. Seeing a movie, dinner, Christmas shopping and people watching. I found myself staring at her, watching her watch, as a sexy half smile began, before quickly fading away. A hot guy walked by, who had been smiling her direction. This only made things worse for me. I had been married, and much of the reason we split was a kink of mine, in which we tried. In the end, she was not a fan, and indeed it was the end!My girlfriend knew I had seen it, and blushed with a smile. She knew I was not the jealous sort, but I had not told her yet, about this kink, this thing that drives me wild in a way like nothing else.As we sat there, I decided to ease into it, by jokingly telling her to go for it and that I even think she has a chance. I had her blushing more, but also cracking up. I looked her in the eye, and asked her very seriously, “What would you do if you had a boyfriend who actually let you go for it, with guys like that?”, then I remained serious but in a teasing way, “Because I saw it! You looked at him like you wanted to show off your naughty parts and you damn well know it!”.Again, she was cracking up, and is so sexy when she laughs. I figured I wouldn’t get the response I wanted unless I got serious again, as she responded with, “Oh, if I was single, he’d already have my number!”. I responded with, “Go for it. It’d be so hot to see you action, hitting on a guy. Just tell him I’m your brother. She figured I was joking, so I set her straight. Amsterdam Escort Shemale We sat there for a while as I explained how I once watched my ex-wife in bed with another man. How watching her do her thing from another angle was the most arousing thing ever. That being with her afterward was like being together for the first time all over again, except without the awkwardness! I told her I liked the challenge of someone rocking her world so much that it made me jealous, and challenge me to work harder, and ensure I have her quivering and calling for god just as much, ore more! I told her I wanted it to be so good that she forgot I was even watching, and once she remembered, it only turned her on more, knowing how much I was going to give it to her, for getting fucked so hard. I loved the idea of her knowing that the more she got it from these random lovers, that the more her own man is going to give it to her!My girlfriend was in shock. It took her quite a while to even believe me. Once she did, and we both began getting aroused, and wanting to talk much, MUCH more about it, we got out of there, and went home to talk in private, with the kind of anticipation you would think we were heading home to screw! Yet, as the conversation continue in the car, and I became aware that she was feeling like the luckiest woman on the planet, and could not wait to actually fuck another guy, we barely made it into the house before having sex all night long.We would stop, and the pillow talk would get us so excited that we would begin going back at it every 10 or 15 minutes! rotterdam Escort Shemale She could not get enough of my excitement at the idea of her in bed with another man. “What are the rules? Am I allowed to even blow another guy?”, she asked me. I told her I refused to answer, and that she would just have to decide in the heat of the moment, if she’s willing to risk our relationship over putting cock in her mouth. She laughed and knew the answer, and it led to more fucking. I’d tell her while she was riding me, how I can’t wait to watch her riding another guy like this, and it would only make her wetter and wetter! We didn’t even count, but the orgasms we both had that night were something of envy, by the average person! Best birthday ever!!!!!!A week later, on Christmas Eve, we found ourselves back at the mall, daring to shop with the last-minute rush. We loved it. Yes, we are kinky as fuck, but also love the atmosphere and magic of Christmas Eve. We split up to shop for each other, and she warned me it’d be awhile. We planned to meet back up in 2 or 3 hours, as I was heading across the street to some other stores, anyhow. I knew I was going to score, as I got her some nice personal gifts and some fun sex toys, including a buzzer toy that I could buzz her crotch with while at the bar watching over her as she goes on dates for new sex buddies. We planned on her telling guys she was cheating, and looking for a steady affair. It turned us on.We met back up, did some more traditional Christmas things, including loved ones, before going back home. We exchanged gifts, Amsterdam Escort and she was in love with the sex toys! She LOVED my idea of being flirted on by some new hot guy who she was anticipating getting naked with, while I buzzed her pussy from the next booth over, while listening to her tell this guy how she can’t help being addicted to cheating, and how hot forbidden sex is, not to mention hot hung guys like him. But her gift had mine beat, as she took me to the computer, turning on a video of our spare bedroom. A moment later she and some random guy are in there making out, falling on the bed, removing clothes, and the next thing I know, his cock is in her mouth. She had been wearing the same clothes as she had on at the mall. She met this guy there, took him back to our place, and had her way with him! As did he, with her! After she got his dick hard with her mouth, she placed a condom over it, and sat down on top of it, gasping from the size of it. She rode herself to orgasm number 1 within minutes. All in all, it looked like she came several times, just as much as she does with me, on average. If they had more time, he might have broken records! Once he came, he pulled and dripped all over her breasts, with just a little splashing over her cheek, which I could tell made her excited. She said knowing she made her man cum is almost enough to make her cum. I couldn’t believe it though, she even pulled him down and placed his penis in her mouth, finishing him off, and cleaning up.I jokingly asked if she had brushed! I was so hard; I could not wait to be inside of her. We fucked until Santa arrived, and then fucked some more. Talk about a white Christmas ;-)It was the best and most orgasmic Christmas of all time, and what a fucking new year to cum ;-)For a story with over 400,000 words and counting go to… above the dead . comShort films available there too!

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