14 Kasım 2021

Why you should always check.


Why you should always check.True story.For a while, I was sort of seeing this college girl, we’ll call her Ashley. I say “sort of” because we weren’t really exclusive, and we didn’t really get together for much other than sex and the occasional lunch.It was great for a while, the first few weeks were amazing. Some of the best blowjobs I’d ever had, and she was always wanting to try new things. She could do some of the most amazing things with her tongue and I wondered where she learned them, but was afraid that she’d come up with some astronomical amount of men she’d slept with, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know that.As it was, she knew that I was fairly new to sex in general, this happening shortly after my previous story took place, she played with me a bit. We never had istanbul escort sex at her place, it was always either at mine or a friend of hers, one time even in a church parking lot, but don’t tell anyone ;).Anyway, she taught me a lot of new things, and one day she finally invited me back to her place. “Score!” I thought. I was wrong. Horribly wrong.We got to her place and everything started out great. Nice music, early evening, and some of the sexiest damn lengerie I’ve ever seen. We got to our business, her pumping away at my cock for a bit with a little tongueing and sucking before the condom came on and we started to do our thing. She liked to lay down on her side while I lifted her other avcılar escort leg up and did her that way. She was a cheerleader in highschool, and the flexibility showed. After a while of having some fun, she reached into her night stand and pulled out some toys. “OK,” I thought, it’s no big deal, right? Wrong.She wanted to introduce them into our sex, which I was fine with until I was pumping away and I feel something slide across my ass and touch my asshole. It wasn’t her hand, and it was a little cold since not many didlos I know of are warm all the time. It startled me and I pulled back, losing a bit of my hard on in the process. After a brief and heartfelt objection on my part, she agreed not to do that again. She started sucking şirinevler escort me again to make me hard when her boyfriend came home.Yes, boyfriend. Not me. And not happy.I didn’t see or hear him until I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and barely managed to dodge the knife aimed at my head. I moved enough to get about an inch and a half cut on my right shoulder. Needless to say, boner went away quickly. Bleeding now and having experienced the biggest buzzkill in my life, I wasn’t too happy. Neither was he, after all, he had missed my head.He came at me again, and this time I was read for him. I’ve taken several years of martial arts and finally they paid off. I was able to disarm and pin him without too much of a struggle. After a really good twist on his arm, which very nearly dislocted the shoulder and left him in severe pain, I grabbed my clothes and left. Needless to say, I never saw Ashley again. Or her boyfriend. I have a scar to remind me to make sure that the girls I’m banging never have a boyfriend. She said she didn’t have one, but who hasn’t been known to fudge the facts here and there?

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