2 Aralık 2021

Wife and Boss


Wife and BossBefore moving from Cleveland Ohio to Jax. Fla. I worked for a heating and air conditioning co., my wife Veronika worked for a local school district. I started working part time at an adult movie theater in the evenings, a friend from high school worked the day shift and got me to work the evening shift 4 nights a week. Ronnie would drop me off then pick me up at11 pm, once in a while she would park in front and come to watch movies, the counter was against wall between theater and lobby with a 3×3 opening to look over theater, it had a curtain to keep light but could stand behind curtain and watch movie or couples.One evening Ronnie got there about 9:30, we talked then she asked if she could sit in back row under window and watch movie, I told her sure but fuck under turn style when she squatted down to do so, her skirt spread open, being a wrap around type her legs clear to her upper thighs were exposed, was she had worn thigh highs and sheer thong. I watched as she eased into back row and sat under window, an she sat her skirt opened again and I told her leave it, I can look at your legs she smiled up at me said ok, spread her legs more, slid down a little and slid fingers inside her thong and started watching movie. I glanced at screen and it showed a white wife, wedding rings and all getting fucke d by three black guys and her husband watching, looking back at Veronika I could see she was finger fucking her self and treating hard. About that time I heard front door open, looked and Mickey, the owner came in, he was in his early 40 s and dressed like a wise guy. He always looked thru window to see how many customers there were, I wasn’t worried about him seeing Ronnie since we had been going to a friend’s home a couple times a month to watch hard porn movies and Stan and I would fuck her several times of fuck her and she would blow us. Kick asked how many in as he came behind counter, told him just a few now, when he opened curtain asked who’s the hot cunt under window showing off all of her legs, told him Veronika, my wife and smiled, he asked if he could meet her, say hi I told him sure as he was moving out from behind counter and into aisle. I got behind curtain and watched him move next to Veronika, before she could move he sat next to her said hello, I’m Mickey, Owner here and Ken s boss, held his hand out to shake her’s, as he did was his hand slide over her bare thigh above thing’s heard Ronnie say nice to meet istanbul escort you as they shook hands. When she started to pull skirt closed, Kick told pleas, don’t cover those georgus legs up, watched as she let skirt fall open again and heard Mick say much better, as he slid his arm across seat back. He looked up at me, I smiled as he winked then asked her ass she enjoying the movie, Ronnie nodded yes and said very much, I knew Mick could see her cunt in the low light and her sheer blouse with no bra he could see her hard nipples. I watched as he started moving his fingers up and down the side of her neck, then we they talked low heard him ask is she watches movies here often, she told him first time as he looked at her legs and I noticed her arm moving, knew she was rubbing her cunt again. Watched as Mick looked at me moved his hand rubbing her neck forward and start rubbing her right it around her nipple, she stiffened a few seconds then relaxed as he took her nipple between thumb and forefinger and squeezed. When she let her head fall back some Kick out his left hand on her thigh right at top of thigh high, I could see his fingers moving around her bare thigh, getting closer to her cunt, he said something I couldn’t hear but when she moved her left hand to his lap, knew he had told her to get his dick out. As I watched she got zipper down and was pulling his dick out, when it was out I was amazed at the size, looked at least 10″ long and 7″ around and uncut, heard him tell her strike it then with her hand going up and down it she spread her legs wider, Mick just slid fingers under her thing and started rubbing her pussy lips and clit, when she raised her ass up I knew he had slid fingers in her cunt.I looked at her hand jerking Micks cock and saw her slide skin back off head and use pre cum to lube it. Thought dam he has a lot of precum, he whispered something to her as he pulled her head towards him,then door opened and I had to look, an old guy came in asked if it was too late, told him he’s and as he left I looked thru curtain again, Ronnie was kneeling on her seat, skirt up and over her ass, thing down by her knees, her tit s out and hanging down, Mick was finger fucking her and she was holding his dick with her left hand, wedding rings glittering, she had his balls in her right hand and was bobbing her mouth up and down his cock, taking more than half in avcılar escort her mouth. Kick looked at me smiled gave me a thumbs up then asked Veronika if she enjoys sucking cocks she nodded yes and mumbled around his dick a lot, heard him ask if she swallows all the fun and again nodded yes. He told her to slow down enjoy his dick in her mouth, he sure is enjoying the way she s sucking it. Movie ended, last customer left and I Sent to lock doors, as I walked back to counter, Mick and Veronika walked into lobby, Veronika with just her heels and thigh highs on, Mick with his dick out and Ronnie holding it, told me to finish locking up and he led her into his office off lobby, she smiled at me kicked her lips and went in Mick left door open a little, figured so I could watch them. Made sure everything was good in theater, turned lights off then Sent to lobby, looked thru door and Mick was holding Veronikas head, telling her suck it he’s cumming, she moved her mouth so her lips formed a tight ring around cock head and her cheeks hollowed, knew Mick was dumping his cum in her mouth and she was sucking his balls dry, she swallowed several times trying to keep up with cum pumping out. As I watched Ronnie nursed on Kicks cock as it shrunk, heard him tell her you are one he’ll of a cock sucker, making sure you get every drop, would you like some more cum? She looked at him asked now, he told her yes, Said he would like her to give his driver and body guards blow jobs, she asked now, told her yes to get Ken, she hesitated then got up and came to door still only wearing her heels and thighs, came out said I knew you were cool with this, Mick wants you, he wants me to suck 3 more cocks tonight, should I, told her you started it and you don’t say no to Mick. We walked back into office, Mick had taken his pants o of and was fixing a drink, told me to go get the boys in car, your wife’s going to show them her cock sucking talents, her nipples were sticking out a 1/2 inch and swollen, knew she was not as hell. I went out to car, told guys Mick wants all 3 of you inside, I locked door and followed them to office, as we went in heard from them holy fuck, dam then I saw Mick and Ronnie standing by bar, Mick had arm around her playing with her tits which at time were 38d , she was striking his dick which was semi hard, then told them this is Veronika Ken s hot fucking wife, said she just gave me hottest blow job I can şirinevler escort remember, and now she wants more cock to suck, ain’t that right cock sucker, Ronnie smiled said yes then he told me to get everyone a beer, to Veronika he said pick a cock and start sucking, then by the way she will suck your balls dry and swallow every drop. As I came back with a six pack, saw the 3 men had stripped pants off, Veronika was on knees in front of 1 sitting on couch, her lips around base of guys cock and sucking it, she was squeezing his balls with one hand fingering his sex with other, Mick said look how she s making sure she gets all the cum out of Abes balls, about then her her swallowing with her lips right around head of cock. She kept his dick in her mouth until it was soft, sat up asked whose next, Frank sat in front of her, spread legs and shook dick at her, told come get it cock sucker, she leaned forward and slid her mouth down to base, started bobbing head, took about 10 minutes and he was squeezing her head, telling her eat my cum cock sucker, cheeks puffed out and could see her swallowing. After letting cock slip out of her mouth, she stood up got a beer, Mick asked her how she liked the taste of the guys cum, she smiled said delicious, told her got another cock to suck, she took his dick in hand asked not this one again? Mick laughed looked at me said Christ Ken you do have a cock sucking cunt for a wife, going to help her get all the cock and cum she wants. Then Ronnie got on her knees between Jimmy’s legs took his cock and started sucking it, Abeasked if her mouth ever gets tired, Veronika told him not yet and went back to sucking cock. Watched as Mick got behind her, looked at me and asked if it was ok to fuck my wife, I told at this point, after she’s sucked 4 cock s dry and swallowed a long of cum? I’m going to worry about her cunt getting fucked ? Mick lifted her ass, told her keep sucking, saw him pour oil in her ass crack, then on his dick looked at me smiled asked who said I was going to fuck her cunt, the out head of his dick against her ass hole and started pushing in, Jimmy was holding her head telling her Don t bite, Frank and Abe were on either side holding her, each had a fit in hand and other arm around her. Watched as Mick slid cock in her ass, said he always ducks New girls and wives up their ass. Then as he pushed last few inches in so he was balls deep, said but this is the first fucking time I’ve fucke d a wife this young up her virgin was and started pumping cock in and out of her ass. Longer be fucke d her ass, calmer she got, Jimmy told her swallow cunt and started cumming in her mouth, she swallowed all. This is getting long and need to help wife dress for Friday night church meeting, will finish in another post later

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