5 Haziran 2021

Wild Taxi Ride


Hi there, My name is Tere and this story happened in a Club in Houston, TX. I was having fun partying with my friends at this Club and meeting different guys and just dancing and having fun.

I met this guy, I will call Cowboy and we danced and partied together the rest of the time the club was opened. Before the last call for drinks was called, Cowboy asked me if I would leave with him. My friend had driven to the club so I told him, I needed to let her know if I was going to leave the club with him. He told me he had come to the club with his brother and sister-in-law so he would call a taxi for us. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but didn’t even know where we were heading to.

Needless to say, we hopped into this taxi at the club and he told the taxi driver to go to his address. Well, as the driver was taking off from the club, Cowboy and I started kissing each other, and he begged me to go down on him in the taxi, to see what the taxi driver would do. I told him that the taxi driver would demetevler escort probably kill over dead, because he was an old black man about 70 years old with no teeth in his head.

Anyway, Cowboy pulled out his cock and I bent down and pulled his cock into my mouth and started licking and sucking on him. I was so turned on by this, and Cowboy decided to take off my blouse and bra and give the taxi driver something to really see. The taxi driver was driving all over the place, and having to back up and turn around because he was really getting confused and driving the wrong way. You see, I doubt if he had seen anything so wild in all his days of driving a taxi, and this night he was in for a wild show.

Cowboy told me to pull off my jeans and hop on top of him, so I did, having only my thongs on. These tiny thongs were not hiding much of my body, and the driver just pulls over and sits there watching as we are teasing each other with our bodies. Cowboy pulls off dikmen escort my panties, and his jeans and pulls me on top of his cock, and slowly stuffs his cock deep inside of my pussy. As soon as I have his cock all the way in me, he starts lifting me up to the end of his cock, and then sliding me back down. We start doing this with lots of force and soon we are screaming out as we are coming together.

Cowboy asked the taxi driver if he is enjoying the show, and the taxi driver says, yes, I have never seen anything like this since I have been driving a taxi. The taxi driver pulls out his cock and shows us how hard he is and starts masturbating in the front seat. Soon he is shooting his come into the air, and letting out a scream that tells us he has come.

Cowboy and I go at each other one more time, with him fucking me up the ass doggie style while the old guy in the front seat is licking my tits and biting on them. As soon as we come, Cowboy tells the taxi driver to start ankara escort the car again and take us to the house. As soon as we pull up to the house, Cowboy gives the taxi driver the fee and a tip, and we get out of the taxi with our clothes and run into the house.

We are at Cowboy’s house and we go into his room and drop our clothes. We get on the bed and start fucking each other over and over and over. We try so many different positions that night, and end up sleeping in each others arms for a few hours. We wake up and start licking and sucking and fucking each other again and again. I soon tell Cowboy that I do need to get home, and he says ok, we will go ahead and get on the road and I will take you home. We end up at my friends house and tell her about the hot ride in the taxi. Her and the guy she picked up that night, are getting really turned on by hearing about what we did the night before.

I will never forget the night I had my wild taxi ride, and because it was the only taxi ride I have ever had, I know that taxi driver will never forget what happened that night in that taxi cab.

I hope you enjoyed listening to this story and go ahead and tell me what you think about this story and all the others I have written. Take the time to vote and let me know what you think.

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