15 Kasım 2021

womanly experience 8 – forest punishment


womanly experience 8 – forest punishmentSo we were walking through the forest one day. My father was out fishing and looking for a good spot next to the river while I lingered behind him. That day I wore Dr. Marten’s boots, black nylons, a black thong that was more like a string, a short black skirt, no bra (had smaller tits back then), a t-shirt, and a blue hoodie with a “daddy’s girl” print on it.He finally found a spot and started fishing. I was quite bored and the book I brought was not interesting. Finally I had to go to pee so I said that to him and walked a bit further away. I lowered my nylons and thong and crouched down to piss like a girl. It was cold and I was freshly shaved so my penis was quite small.When I stood up I decided to masturbate since I was bored anyway. I started arousing my penis with one hand while I played with my tits under my clothes with the other. In no time my hand was full of my cock that is quite large when erect and I was slowly stroking it while playing with my boobs and nipples.There was no chance anybody would come by so I undressed my t-shirt and hoodie for easier access to my tits. I was doing it all slowly because I wasn’t in a hurry. Gently stroking with one hand and squeezing my nipples with the fingers of my other hands. At one moment I bent forward so I could finger my ass.Someone suddenly grabbed my shoulder, straightened me, and turned me around. It was my father with an angry look on his face. He wanted to know what am I doing. I was missing for too much and he got worried and went after me. He was angry because he had to stop fishing because I could keep my lust at bay. He called me a slut.He dragged me to a fallen tree and ordered me to lie down on it. I did as ordered and instantly felt the cold wetness of it on my naked anadolu yakası escort tummy and tits. I knew begging wouldn’t help so I kept my mouth shut while my father found a suitable branch he could use as a cane.Without any warning he landed the first stroke as I cried out. He wordlessly landed stroke after stroke on my bottom as I cried and screamed and finally begged for mercy. He was done after 30 or so strokes and my bottom was red and full with cane marks.He got me up and ripped off my thongs while trying to get me clothed. He finally managed to get up my nylons and in his rage dragged me to the place where he was fishing leaving my t-shirt and hoodie back in the forest.Then he realized one of his fishing rods was gone. A large fish probably bit and dragged it into the water. He was really angry now and wanted revenge. He led me to a tree and made me hug it. On the other side he tied my arms with a piece of a rope. I could feel the wet moss and tree bark pressing against my tits, nipples, and skin.He then lowered my nylons (and tore them on a few places) and skirt under my knees. I was fully naked and tied to a tree with my penis pushed against the tree. I tried to move my lower body a bit away from the tree to get into a more comfortable position but he noticed this and with two more pieces of the rope he tied me quite hard against the tree. He tied my legs and around my waist. I was pushing hard against the tree and it was not a nice feeling at all.He went back to fishing and left me there, in his sight, tied to a tree, next to the river. The cold air and tree made me need to piss again. I told him I have to do it but he didn’t care at all. I soon couldn’t bear it anymore so I let it go. I could feel the warm piss flowing pendik escort down the tree and my legs over my remaining clothes. I was miserable.I was trembling from the cold a bit later. My nipples were hard from the cold and I had goosebumps all over my body. He still didn’t care but wore his jacket. Despite the cold I got an erection some time later. Being bound like that had something sexual in it for me. But that was not good because as my penis got hard there was not much space for it between me and the tree. It was pulsating against the bark and brushing it while I whined from the pain that caused.The erection was finally gone and I was sure there will be bruises on my penis. My father also started packing and when he was done he went away without saying a word. I was afraid he will leave me there over the night or something. I started crying and tried to get loose but couldn’t manage it. There was a bit of a hope still left so I didn’t start crying for help.After around 15 minutes he got back. I was happy for that but not for a long time. He untied me and told me to stand there and be quiet. I did and looked down on my body that was dirty from the bark and moss. My skin was red and sore in places. I had goosebumps everywhere.He picked some nettle and stuffed it into my nylons and pulled them up. It was stinging me and I cried. He told me to shut up and bear with it as a man and hoped that I will be one as I was supposed to. He ordered me to walk to the car and we left even my skirt there.When we reached the car I had only my boots and nylons on which were full with nettle. I could hardly walk because of all the pain. He then tied my hands behind my back so that I couldn’t remove the nettle or play with myself (as he said) and pushed me on the tuzla escort back seat of the car.I couldn’t cover my tits so I lied down crying from the pain and hoping he will drive home fast. He didn’t. When we finally arrived it was dark outside. He let me out of the car and made me wait half naked at the door while he slowly unpacked his things.I tried to hide my tits and turn my back while a few cars passed but I’m sure they realized I was quite naked. One even sounded his horn. I was very ashamed and just wanted to get inside and wash myself. He let me in a bit later and untied my arms. Then I was sent to the bathroom to wash myself.My legs, penis, scrotum, and ass were full with nettle marks with the addition of cane marks on my bottom. It was hurting like hell while I washed myself. When I got out of the shower I went naked to my room to get some clothes. He was waiting there so I tried to hide my tits and penis with my hands.He told me to stand straight and unhide it all. He hold a long speech about his hatred towards my sex change and how I should be a man. When he was done he ordered me over his knees and spanked me as additional punishment. Stroke after stroke on my already hurting butt brought out tears in no time.I was finally put on my knees in a corner as he went to shower himself and then to bed. Corner time always turns me on, especially when there is some remnants of pain from punishment tingling. When I heard him snoring I slowly started to stroke my penis.I thought the punishment of that day was quite erotic and my nipples went hard. I played with them for some time and went back to stroking my penis. Then I exploded on the floor with a huge amount of cum and joy spreading through my body. I couldn’t leave the room so I decided to lick the cum rather than leave it there.That all made me forget the horrors of the day so I found another pair of thongs and went to sleep. I got a fever by the morning from all the exposure to the cold. My father had to take my to a doctor for another horrible experience there. But that’s another story…

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