5 Haziran 2021

You Just Never Know


Laurie stirred sleeplessly as Paul lay peacefully by her side, softly snoring. Bastard, she thought. She smiled as she thought of the night she’d put him through though. At the three times he’d fucked her. Once in the ass, of course. At how incredulous Paul had been when she’d shared the story with him of his friend Howie and Howie’s son Harvey double penetrating her in Mexico. Of how Harvey had slipped from her ass and she’d found both their cocks in her pussy at the same time. She giggled at the comment she’d drawn from Paul when she’d asked if he could imagine sharing her in the same way with his son, David. Paul had said that he and David didn’t even talk to each other anymore let alone share teenage girls in bed.

She sighed as she looked to the mirror laying on the nightstand next to their bed. There was just enough cocaine residue left for her to scrape it together and form one final line. She lifted the mirror and, as slowly as was feasible, used her gold straw to snort the single line of white powder from it. She wanted to savor it and make the experience of sucking it into her nasal passage so that it could work its’ way to her brain last as long as possible.

She stood from the bed and softly padded naked to the restroom where she splashed water on her face and examined her reflection in the mirror. She was exactly one week from her nineteenth birthday, and despite the complete recklessness with which she lived her life, she didn’t look a day over fifteen. Her sister Kelli would be a senior at St. Edward’s Academy in the fall and most people upon meeting them together guessed Laurie to be the younger of the two.

She ran her fingers through the hair that she had only recently dyed blonde. Damn, she thought. I look good as a blonde. Then she giggled as she thought about how good she also looked as a brunette and how good she’d probably look as a redhead as well. She looked good however, and she wasn’t shy about knowing it. Smooth, blemish free brown skin. Lean, tightly muscled. Just a trace of a vein running down the side of each bicep. Rigid six-pack abs accentuated by a one-karat diamond navel ring. Small, firm breasts that stood out proudly, with brown, thimble sized nipples. Nipples that got so hard they could be used to cut glass. Hairless pussy lips that could not give away the fact that she was no natural blonde. Thin brown pussy lips. Pussy lips that looked almost virginal and gave no sign that they’d had a countless number of cocks shoved into them.

She looked closer in the mirror, and noted her dilated pupils and blue eyes. Blue eyes? Shit, she thought. No wonder my eyes are bugging me. She scanned the sink, counter top until she spotted her lens case. She tried to remove her right contact first, but it was stuck to her eye, so she squirted a few of the rewetting drops the optometrist had given her into it. She gave them a chance to work, and then she squirted a few drops into her left eye. She held her head back for a few moments so the drops would have the opportunity to soak into her eyes. Then she looked forward again and successfully removed the right contact and placed it into its’ case. She had no problem with the left contact and as soon as her eyes were clear she was looking into the mirror and seeing that her eyes were back to their natural mocha color.

“Maybe I can sleep now,” she said aloud.

She softly tiptoed back to Paul’s bed and slipped under the sheet with him. Almost upon reflex, her hand drifted over to his cock. To her amazement, it was hard. She giggled and gave it a couple of strokes as she thought aloud, “My God. This guy’s cock is medical phenomenon.”

She lowered her lips to it and kissed the tip. She pulled his foreskin down and licked around the head. Then she circled her lips around it and slowly moved it into her mouth. As she began to move her lips up and down over the length of his shaft, she felt him stir and begin to waken. She let his cock fall from between her lips and continued to stroke it with her hand as she looked up to see him looking down at her with his hands folded behind his head. She smiled and has her hand persisted with its’ work she said, “Morning, Daddy.”

Paul grunted. Part from the pleasure she was giving him, and part from her use of the word daddy. He let his eyes fall on the mirror lying upon the nightstand and the gold straw and razor blade that lay next to it. Then, between gritted teeth, he said, “If I were your daddy, I’d have to spank that ass of yours for the way you behave.”

She took him into her mouth again and moved her lips down and back up over the length of his cock four times before lifting her head up again and going back to work with her hand. As her palm resumed its’ strokes, she said, “Perhaps that’s what I need. Perhaps that’s what she needs too.”

“Huh?” he said as he fought to control his urge to come in her hand.

Laurie kissed the tip of his cock. Then she kissed his lower stomach below the navel. She moved higher and kissed his stomach above the navel. Then she cebeci escort moved higher still and kissed his chest near the sternum. He gasped as she took one of his nipples into her mouth and softly sucked it hard. He gripped her hair hard with each hand and pulled her face up to his. After they had kissed, long and hard, he broke away and said, “What did you mean by that comment?”

“What comment?” Laurie said as she tried to kiss him again.

But Paul turned his lips from hers to avoid the kiss and said, “You said, ‘Perhaps that’s what SHE needs too.'”

Laurie smiled demurely and said, “What do you think I meant?”

Exasperated, Paul sighed and said, “If I knew, I wouldn’t need to ask. Now what did you mean?”

“If I need a spanking for my behavior, maybe Daddy’s REAL little girl needs a spanking too.” She paused before adding, “For similar behavior.”

Paul looked at the mirror and other paraphernalia again and said, “You mean?”

“Yep. Daddy’s little girl likes to get wired.”

Paul hesitated before shrugging and saying, “Cleo isn’t a little girl and she has her own life.”

“What makes you think I was talking about Cleo?”

“Whom else would you be talking about?”

Laurie giggled.

“No.” Paul said.

Laurie giggled again and said, “Oh yes, yes, yes. Not just Cleopatra, but baby girl Natasha has handled that straw too.”

Paul shook his head and said, “I don’t believe you.”

Laurie smiled as she kissed her way back down to his nipples and took one back into her mouth. Yes he does, she thought. And as she felt his cock grow even harder in her hand, she thought, and it’s turning him on thinking about it.

She let her lips leave his nipple and kiss their way down his stomach and on to his cock. Just before she took him into his mouth, she looked up at him and said, “Not only can she handle a straw, but she’s good kisser too.”

Then she immediately closed her lips around Paul’s cock and took him full into her mouth. Just as immediately, he was blowing his load into her mouth and spraying the back of her throat with his cum. Once she had finished swallowing his semen, Laurie looked up to Paul and said, “My. My. Didn’t we cum quick. I think I’ve found something new to throttle your engine.”

Paul grunted and to Laurie’s surprise immediately pulled her over his legs so that her firm round ass was perfectly accessible. With that, he brought the palm of his hand down across her left ass cheek. When she squealed with pain and shock, he brought it down again. This time even harder. After two more firm slaps on her ass, he said, “Tell me you were lying.”

Through gritted teeth, she said, “I wasn’t lying.”

Three more quick slaps and tears were streaming down Laurie’s face. “Alright,” she cried. “I was lying.”

Three additional slaps came down upon Laurie’s ass as Paul said, “Don’t patronize me, little girl. Tell me the truth.”


Slap. Slap. Slap. “Then stop lying.”

“I’m not lying. She snorted cocaine and she let me kiss her. That’s the truth.”

Paul released Laurie and let her drop to her knees on the floor beside the bed. He was already growing hard again even before she took him back into her mouth. He gasped as the tip of his cock touched the back of her throat and said, “What else did she do?”

She bobbed her head up and down on his cock four times before letting him slip from between her lips and said, “You know what else she did.” If only an implied one, her first lie.

He closed his eyes as she took him back into her mouth. She smiled inwardly despite the pain she was in and thought, he’s imagining what we did. Then she slowly worked her lips up and down the length of his shaft until he was as hard as she had ever felt him be. When she let him slip out of her mouth again, she took him in her hand and began to stroke as she said, “You want to hear about it, don’t you?”

He silently shook his head, and she said, “Oh yes you do. You want to hear all about the way she laid back on the bed and moaned as I sucked her nipples. The way she cried out like a whore when I kissed her pussy and fucked her with my tongue.”

Her strokes grew a little faster as she continued to talk, “You want to hear all about that, don’t you?”

He shook his head again and softly, with no conviction, whispered, “No.”

“Yeah you do. And you want to hear about the way she screamed and writhed and sweated the sheets wet while I made her cum. You want to hear all about that.”

She took him back in her mouth, expecting him to spray the back of her throat again. But, he didn’t. He humped his hips up to fuck her lips, but he didn’t cum again. After about five minutes of sucking she knew he wasn’t going to cum in her mouth again, so she lifted her lips from his penis and positioned the lips of her pussy at the tip of his cock. Then she slowly eased herself down until he was fully inside her. This was better she thought as she rode up and down his cock. All the çin çin escort time taunting and teasing about the fiction fuck she’d shared with his daughter, Natasha. Until, finally, she’d aroused him to the point that he was about to erupt inside her.

And erupt he did. Again, and again, and again. Shooting inside her until there was nothing left to shoot and they both collapsed in a heap. Her head resting on his shoulder as she playfully brushed her thumb back and forth across one of his nipples. Before she drifted off to sleep, Paul asked, “Did you really make love to Natasha?”

Laurie smiled and told him the truth. “No. But, you just never know when I might.”

To herself, she thought, and now I know he wants me to do it. I bet he might even want to be there.


Laurie held her bag in her right hand as she used her left to knock on the door to the penthouse suite of the Sheraton Fiesta Hotel of South Padre Island, TX. After a moment, Natasha answered the door in a yellow, oversized tee shirt that barely covered her panties. From the way Natasha’s breasts swung freely from side to side, Laurie could easily see that she had no bra on underneath the tee shirt. Her light brown hair looked disheveled as if she had been sleeping. Natasha looked at her nervously, but moved aside and said, “Hi, Laurie. How was your friend?”

“Delicious. Too bad he had to get home to his wife,” Laurie said as she stepped into the suite. “Gee, Nat. I figured you and Frankie would be out soaking up the sun instead of still laying in bed.”

As soon as Laurie dropped her bag, Natasha stifled a yawn and said, “We went dancing last night. We were out pretty late.”

“Really? Where’s Frankie?”

“She met a boy and went to his room,” Natasha said as she crawled back into bed.

“What about you, Nat,” Laurie said as she sat on the bed next to where Natasha now lay. “Didn’t you meet a boy too?”

“Of course,” Nat said through another yawn. “But, mine had to leave early and go to work.”

“Poor you,” Laurie said as she softly stroked Natasha’s hair. “Frankie got to go get laid, and you had to come back here alone after your guy left you at the club.”

Nat smiled and said, “Who said anything about him leaving me at the club? I just said he left early.”

“Uh-huh,” Laurie said. “So, you’re telling me you brought a guy back here?”

“Well,” Nat said and then paused.

“That’s right,” Laurie said. “You came back here alone, didn’t you?”

Nat giggled and said, “No, Laurie. I didn’t.”

“Right,” Laurie said. “So you got fucked this morning then?”

Nat had rolled onto her back as Laurie continued to stroke her hair. She sighed as Laurie’s hand shifted and she caressed her neck. “Huh,” Laurie said. “I didn’t hear your answer.”

“Yeah, Laurie. I got fucked this morning.”

Laurie lowered her lips to Natasha’s. Their lips brushed softly together and Natasha’s parted. Laurie slowly began to suck Natasha’s top lip, softly massaging it with her tongue. Natasha moaned as Laurie’s hand drifted down and she cupped one of Natasha’s breasts in her hand. She slowly rubbed the nipple erect through the fabric of Natasha’s tee shirt as she slipped her tongue into Natasha’s mouth. Nat met it with her own tongue and allowed Laurie’s tongue to lead hers through a slow waltz inside her mouth.

She gasped when Laurie broke the kiss and grasped the hem of her tee shirt. She sat up and let Laurie lift it over her head, exposing naked torso and creamy white breasts. Laurie leaned forward and as she pushed Natasha back into the prone, she softly took one of her nipples between her lips. Nat moaned again and she arched her back as the hand that had previously been cupping her breast was now slipping into her panties.

She gasped louder than before as Laurie’s fingers parted the folded lips of her moist pussy and Laurie’s index finger slowly entered her. She groaned as Laurie worked the finger in and out several times. Each time she stroked it in and then stroked it out, the finger moved a little more slowly than it had on the previous stroke.

Natasha found herself almost in agony as she cried out for Laurie to get on with it. Laurie smiled and let the nipple she had been sucking fall from her lips. She kissed Nat’s neck very softly and then even more softly kissed her ear. As she was kissing it, she whispered into it, “Lift your hips, baby.”

Natasha obeyed and raised her ass off the mattress and Laurie slowly rolled Natasha’s panties down her smooth creamy white thighs with the hand that wasn’t working a finger in and out of Natasha’s pussy. Once Laurie had the panties down below her knees, Natasha began to bicycle her feet until she was able to pedal off the panties and kick them away.

Laurie kneeled next to the bed and pulled Nat so that her ass was against the edge, and she slowly began to suck on Nat’s clit that was proudly protruding through its’ fleshy hood, just like a small cock.

Laurie sucked.

Nat moaned.

Laurie ankara escort sucked harder.

Nat moaned louder.

As she sucked even harder, Laurie entered Natasha’s pussy with two fingers and began to drive them in and out of her, sucking harder and harder as she drove the fingers in and out, faster and faster.

Natasha lost control and put her feet flat against the side of the bed and pushed against it as she forcefully began to grind her pussy up into Laurie’s face. Soon, guttural sounds were coming from deep inside her throat. She gripped and dug her fingers into the sheets as she humped up against Laurie’s sucking lips and thrusting fingers until she was exploding into the morning and screaming like an organ grinder’s angry monkey that wanted to be released from its’ leash.

And, finally, she was released by the orgasm Laurie brought her. It came in waves, each one a little more intense than the other, that reached an inevitable peak and slowly eased down. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Even the lesbian sex she’d had with Cleo had not been this good. At the end she sighed and freed her grip on the sheets so she could pull Laurie up to her. Their lips met and parted. Their tongues touched lightly, then more forcefully. Then their tongues retracted and they exchanged sucking each other’s top lip before they broke the kiss and Natasha said, “My God, Laurie. That was out of this world.”

Laurie giggled and said, “You definitely owe me.”

“Shit,” Natasha said. “I do, but I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to do that to you.”

“We’ll have a lot of fun with you trying,” Laurie said. “Got any blow?”

Nat shook her head.

“What the fuck,” Laurie said. “What about all the shit Frankie and I brought back with us from Mexico?”

Nat giggled and said, “We had a party.”

Laurie rolled her eyes and said, “That must have been some party. I only took a little bit of it up to Dallas with me and we brought a lot back with us.”

Nat shrugged and said, “Yeah, I guess we got carried away.” Then she licked her lips and said, “Don’t you have any of yours left?”

Laurie shook her head and said, “Nope. I snorted everything I had. Don’t worry though. I can make a call and have some brought over here to us. I’m broke though, so unless you got some money. We’ll have to fuck for it.”

Nat laughed and said, “I have money.”

Laurie smiled and said, “Yeah, I know. As long as there is an ATM handy, YOU’VE got money.”

Nat shrugged and said defensively, “Am I supposed to be sorry I have a trust fund?”

Laurie shook her head and said, “Nope. I sure wouldn’t be sorry about it.”

“Then drop it.”

“Down, girlfriend,” Laurie said. “I was just funning with you. Hang on while I make that call.”

As Laurie reached for the phone, she rolled off of Nat and lay prone on the bed. Nat lay next to her and stroked her straight, bleached, blonde hair. While Laurie talked, Nat moved her hair aside and kissed her neck. She kissed her way down the neck and playfully bit one of Laurie’s nipples through the material of her sport bra. Just as Nat was beginning to lift up on the bottom edge of Laurie’s navy blue sport bra, Laurie hanged up the phone freeing her hand so that Nat could lift the top over her head leaving her only wearing her form fitting navy blue gym shorts. Nat tossed the sport bra aside and hooked the gym shorts with her thumbs. Before she removed the shorts, Nat was able to see that they were very damp at the spot between Laurie’s legs.

Once she had them removed, Nat kissed Laurie’s right thigh and then her left one. Laurie ran her fingers through Nat’s hair and said, “You got five hundred bucks? He’s bringing over a fourth of an ounce.”

Nat kissed her way higher up Laurie’s thighs before lifting her face and saying, “How much is that?”

Laurie sucked in her breath and gasped as Nat traced the tip of her tongue over the outer lips of her pussy. Through gritted teeth, she said, “Seven grams.”

Nat circled the tip of her tongue around and then flicked it across Laurie’s clit. Then she lifted her head again and said, “Yeah, I have five hundred dollars.”

Then she went back to slowly flicking her tongue across Laurie’s exposed clit. Laurie gasped again and said, “Ah. Good. Of course, you could always keep your money and we could fuck him for it anyway.”

She opened her legs as Nat didn’t answer and let Nat dip her tongue further. Driving it deep into her, licking and exploring her insides. As Nat explored, she discovered some thick white fluid. Fluid much thicker and odder tasting than Laurie’s juices were. She lifted her face out of Laurie’s pussy and said, “Laurie! You had sex this morning!”

“Jesus, Nat” Laurie said as she pushed her ass along the bed and moved to lift it back up into Natasha’s face. “Yeah I did. How’s he taste?”

Nat made a face and said, “You could have cleaned up.”

Laurie laughed and said, “That’s what you’re tongue is for. Besides, you can never get it all. That’s how I know you were lying about getting fucked this morning. I didn’t find ANYTHING inside you.”

Nat gave the length of Laurie’s pussy a slow lick before looking at her again and saying, “I know you don’t believe in them, but some girls have their lovers wear condoms.”

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