6 Temmuz 2021

you reap what you sow 2


you reap what you sow 2we both refused the conditions of the counsellor but was the only matter we agreed on for the following 5 days,we had sex and was worse than usual,so….after all,we are going back.Naomi welcome us in and again we seat on the same lounge,me and Andrea are tensed as the conditions we accepted are sort of weird but we can not keep living together as we are and if we divorce our conservative oldies would take our house and companies cushie jobs away.So here we are…Naomi serve the sparkling again and again make us feel as comfortable as the previous time,Jhon come along and his arrival coincide with a second round of sparkling.Me,Naomi and John talk very little,Andrea is talking a lot and joking,the counsellors listen to her and laugh more than they should,John apologize for the broken air conditioning system,then gets and ask if is ok by us for him to take his shirt off and remain in a single.Everybody agree but Andrea seem to be a bit embarrassed so Naomi say”Andrea you look a bit tense,get Alex to give you a relaxing neck massage”I start to massage my wife with a certain pleasure but after a minute Naomi say”That is not how a massage is done,please let John show you how to do it”John black huge hands start to massage the neck of my wife before she had the time to say anything,he certainly massage her differently from me.His black,long and thick fingers encircle almost completely Andrea neck and throat.He is obviously strong enough to snap her neck in a second but his touch is gentle and yet powerful.My wife never had hands on her but mine and now John blac palms are gliding on the white shoulders,the thumb of one hand is kneading the back of my wife neck and the 4 fingers caress the collarbone,the other bursa escort hand engulfed my wife throat.Andrea nipples have harden up like i never seen,they are almost poking through the bra and blouse.John slide his big black hand from the throat to the shoulder moving a side the white blouse as Naomi bring to Andrea lips more sparkling,my wife open the mouth and close the eyes..I get up to stop all this but John look at me very menacingly and Naomi very smoothly remind me the house rules,””””i can not interfere with my wife treatment””””“”””Only my wife can stop it””””So i seat down and watch Naomi undoing Andrea blouse to uncover the peach bra.I can not believe that Andrea is letting this happening but now John long black fingers are caressing my white wife cleavage.Naomi pull the top of the cup of the bra to let John enjoy the view of the hard nipples then she play with nipples through the bra,Andrea moan at the pulling and pinching but let Naomi abuse her tits freely.Just now i start to wonder if the sparkling has been boosted because Naomi is really squeezing my young wife sensitive nipples as hard as she can. Naomi take the blouse off Andrea,pull John huge dick out and slide it inside my pretty wife bra.I can see precum wetting the bra from inside as the cock rub the hard nipple.Naomi give a hand job to John inside my wife bra while John huge black hands are abusing at will my young wife firm tits.Naomi push Andrea on the lounge and say”Accordingly to what you told last week you should be in your most fertile days ,correct?”Andrea confirm it and Naomi scream”Come bursa escort bayan guys”The back door open and 4 big black man enter the room,they are covered with tattoos and they look like nightmares ,Naomi say”Is all your guys,do whatever you want to her,the harder the better but make sure you cum inside her and don’t cover her while i record”Then to me”Don’t worry,she will survive,she will be just a bit different from now”Andrea is been put on a small table, one guy is fucking her mouth standing behind her head,i can see the huge cock dilating the throat and moving inside.The table is just high enough for the guys to fuck my wife in total ease,the first black man is penetrating the tight pussy as rough as possible,Naomi has given the camera to a guy and is taking part in the ride by pulling my white wife pussy big labias apart,Naomi pinch and twist the warm labias as if she wanted to rip them off the abused pussy., the first black guy cum deep in my beloved wife pussy,the second guy start to fuck and cum as Andrea rich her first vaginal orgasm ever.Her clit is extremely sensitive and i was never allowed to touch it after an orgasm but my wife open her legs as wide as possible for the next guy and pull his hand on her mound,the guy fuck her while is playing with her sore and sensitive clit.Andrea orgasm several time but the guy did not so he keep fucking her while he abuse her tits and clit.They put my wife at the top him and a second guy fuck her ass,when is about to cum slide in her gaping vagina and flood her warm ,fertile womb with black spunk,John keep fucking her and ask her what she is,my wife says that she his slut.”yes you are my fuck slut and i will knock you up and pimp you out to my friend,ok?Andrea “Yes make me pregnant ,cum inside me,cum,cum inside your escort bursa fuck”Finally John signal to Naomi that is close to cum,Naomi make me go close to the guy and without been told i start to wank his huge ,black hard snake,i can feel his hardness in my 2 hands while is going in and out of my beloved wife ruined pussy.My power over him is total at the moment,i am edging him,then i kneel behind him and start to lick his balls,i can not resist the desire and i start to rim him,i passionately begin to french kiss his asshole, my tongue and lips clean him up from days of use,Naomi sits on my beautiful wife face ,pull and squeeze her nipples as makes Andrea lick and suck her pussy and ass until Naomi cum cover my wife face but instead of getting up she say”Andrea,you dirty slut,get your mouth wide open and make sure you don’t lose a drip”I get up to watch this while i am wanking and i see Naomi liquid golden stream filling my wife mouth,Andrea swallow all.Naomi say”A real toilet whore,now lick and suck clean all my hairy pussy and ass,i want to feel your warm lips and sweet tongue make love to my dirty ,rotten holes while i slap your sore and ruined tits.I can’t hold anymore,i increase the pace of my hand job on the black hard snake,i know his head his banging on my wife open cervix,deep inside her warm, white womb,suddenly i feel the snake shaking and contracting,i can really feel the black monster pulsating in my hands as i make it pumping loads of black spunk in my slutty wife womb ,flooding the gates to Andrea fertile uterus.My whore wife also feel the monster pulsating inside her vagina and start milking it and say “Yes,yeeeess,fuck me,fuck me hard,i am your fuck slut,i love youuu”then climax with yet another orgasm.Naomi was right,i never had so much fun and my wife did too.I hope that John will pimp my pregnant wife out at our house. I guess i could invite my wife (much)younger sister ,when she is not busy with her church friends.

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