30 Eylül 2021

Your walk


Your walkYou are walking through the park, enjoying nature, not a care in the world. You come to asecluded spot in the park but you don’t worry because you hear a jogger approaching frombehind. Joggers are nice people.Just as you let your guard down and the jogger is about to pass you, he tackles you frombehind. He is big and his hands and arms envelope you. He drags you into the bushes whereyour first instinct is to scream.But you don’t scream loudly because he puts one of his big hands over your mouth and tellsyou in a powerful whisper, “If you scream, I’ll strangle you.”You’re paralyzed with fear.You are lying on the ground and he’s directly over you, one of his hands on your mouth,the other unzipping his pants. He doesn’t get undressed. He only pulls his Blackcock out.It’s large and he moves so that it’s right over your face.”Blow me,” he says. You’re afraid of what might happen if you don’t. So you stretch yourneck up to meet him. You take it into your mouth. He begins to swell. You can feel hiserection filling your mouth. Your tongue almost has no room to move. Breathing becomeshard.You hope he pulls out but instead, he takes your face in his hands and jams himself deeperinto your mouth and throat. A sense of panic sets in. You feel like you might gag or chokeand you can’t seem to get enough air through your nose.He doesn’t care. He just wants you under his complete control and he wants to get as hardas he can. Your warm, wet mouth excites him. You feel the end of his swollen cock jamminginto the back of your throat. You whimper şişli escort but he doesn’t care about your panic or yourdiscomfort or your humiliation.You kick frantically…so hard to breath… You start to cry.It seems to go on forever and you wish he’d just cum in your mouth and get it over with.But he has other plans. “Your teeth are hurting me, bitch,” he says. He slaps your face.Your tears fly off in the direction of his slap.Finally, he pulls himself out. You gasp for air, choking from the tears and snot. You canstill taste him even though he’s out. You cry out loud and try to get to your feet.”I said shut up.” He slaps you again, so hard that it knocks you back to the ground. Heviolently rips your t-shirt. It hurts but he tears it completely off your body.Your bra hooks in front and he yanks it apart. Your breasts are exposed and he roughlygrabs one in his large hand. He squeezes and it hurts. You grimace and try to pull away.You can’t help screaming again and he puts both hands on your neck.He begins to squeeze and you feel your air cut off again. You get light headed and yourvision becomes blurry. You don’t know it at the time, but you pass out briefly.When you come back to your senses, he is lying on top of you. Your pants have been tornoff and your panties are gone. You don’t seem to have much strength in your arms. Yourknees are bent up and spread apart. But he’s not inside you yet.No, please don’t,” You say. Tears are flowing again. You try to hit him but you feel soweak. You shake your head back and forth as şişli escort bayan if to make it all go away by some kind ofwillpower. But he’s still there, holding you down, reaching for his hard Blackcock.You feel him rub his cock between your legs. You are tight and you know it’s going tohurt. You brace yourself for what you know is going to happen and what you know you can’tstop.You whimper some more but not loudly enough for him to care. He positions the end of hiscock between your lips and smears it back and forth, trying to get both of you wet.He must have dripped some pre-cum because it doesn’t feel completely dry. He reaches onehand to your face. “Open your mouth, bitch.” You do and he sticks his fingers in yourmouth to get them wet.Using your own spit, he rubs himself and your pussy. You hate it but you feel a tingledeep inside. “This can’t be possible,” you think. But your pussy wants this.He begins to push his cock into you. He’s big and you’re not prepared. It hurts so bad butthere’s nothing you can do. He has you held down so tightly and you are afraid to angerhim.You feel him slide deeper and deeper into your vagina. It seems like it will never stop.Finally, you feel his upper legs against your own. He’s in all the way. You feel soviolated and abused and ashamed, as if this were all your fault.He fucks you. His cock hardens even more because you are so tight around him. He pushesyour knees even higher, spreading your opening even wider than it already was. He wants tobe as deeply inside you as he can.He begins mecidiyeköy escort a rhythmic pumping. You feel your breasts jiggle back and forth to his motions.You strain with all your might to push him away. You have some strength in your arms againbut he’s holding your wrists above your head.His cock punishes your pussy. You feel him completely bottomed out, poking your insidesbecause there’s simply not enough room inside of you to take all of him.He slows his thrusting slightly and bends his head down toward your breasts. He manages totake your right nipple into his mouth. He bites it, hard. You almost scream partly out ofpain and partly from a perverse kind of pleasure.You hate yourself for it but now that he’s inside you, now that the **** is complete, nowthat your pussy has gotten used to his huge cock, you want it to continue.He humps for a few more strokes and then you can tell that he’s going to cum. He pauses atthe point where he’s the most deeply embedded in your cunt, and you feel powerful squirtsof cum, pulsing into you. He quickens his strokes and the spurting subsides. He’sfinished.He waits a moment, sucking and biting your nipples. He pulls out and stands over you.Then, to make his **** even more degrading, he tells you, “Suck your juices off my cock.”You have no choice but to get to your knees and take his softening cock back into yourmouth. You can taste his cum and your own wetness on him. There is still a little bit ofsemen dribbling from the tip of his penis.He pushes you back to the ground and pulls his pants up. He turns and walks away. You liethere, your clothes torn and s**ttered, your pussy wet and dilated and hatefullyunsatisfied. You finger yourself to the awful memory of your ****, savoring the moments and the danger and the powerlessness.

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